See Quark Head Off For Adventure In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Ferengi’

This week IDW continues its new series of extra-long one-off issues focusing on the memorable aliens of the Star Trek franchise. Following February’s Klingon issue, this month’s focus is the Ferengi with the return of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Quark. The new series is written by Christina Rice with art by Andy Price. And we have a five-page preview for the issue that arrives tomorrow.

Star Trek: Ferengi


Follow Quark on an unforgettable adventure to Ferenginar, where mother, brother, and brother challenge the very core beliefs of Ferengi culture. Witness Ferengi history change forever in this can’t-miss issue!

Cover A:

Cover A by Andy Price

NOTE: There is also a variant cover by Alexandra Beguez.

Five-page preview: 

The Ferengi Arrive Wednesday

Star Trek: Ferengi will be released on April 20 at a retail price of $7.99. You can pre-order with a 20% discount at TFAW. Or pick up the digital edition at Amazon/comiXology.

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Looks like Quark’s having a nightmare?

Wow that makes me miss DS9, especially that last panel showing Worf, JADZIA Dax, and Sisko in his baseball gear. But I will be getting this comic for sure.

This looks top notch!

That box quark sits on: self sealing stem bolts.

This comic looks awesome. IDW has been sliding in quality lately, with far too many stories set in the mirror universe instead of involving the characters fans know and care about. This looks like a return to form.

it does seem like a story they already did in DS9 though – but still… agree that I’d almost rather see an episodic rehash than another mirror tale

Quark and adventure seems to be a contradiction. Jist sayin…

Man, I really miss Quark! It would be great to see him on one of the shows again, live action or animated I don’t care!

$7.99 for a comic book. I thought when it went from .25 cents to .30 was outrageous.

Sigh I’m old.