Podcast: All Access Star Trek Looks Forward To ‘Strange New Worlds’ And Up For This Week’s ‘Picard’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 88 - TrekMovie

[Picard review starts at 15:24]

Tony and Laurie start off by previewing Star Trek: Strange New Worlds via Rebecca Romijn’s TrekMovie interview, as well as discussing outdoor promotions, an upcoming Paley Center New York exhibition and screening, and more. Tony and Laurie then discuss the latest Orville news and give an update on the May theatrical showings of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

The podcasters then focus on reviewing Star Trek: Picard’s “Mercy” and give some predictions about how the season is going to wrap up in just two weeks.

They wrap it up with a look at a real holographic doctor giving a Vulcan salute on the ISS and a revisiting of last year’s All Access interview with Mary Wiseman and Noah Averbach-Katz (in honor of his birthday).


Interview: Rebecca Romijn On Number One’s Secret And Why ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Is For Moms

‘Strange New Worlds’ campaign in NYC subway: video and poster ads [TM Twitter]

The Visionary Universe of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds [Paley Center NYC]

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Panel Talks New Aliens, Expanding The Enterprise, Time Travel, And More

Kate Mulgrew And ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Producers Tease More Chakotay, And A “Metamurfosis”

Wil Wheaton Has Post-‘Nemesis’ Wesley Headcanon, And A Detailed ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Pitch

‘The Orville’ Blasts Off With New Poster For ‘New Horizons’

‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition’ New Videos & Theatrical Showings Update

The Shuttle Pod Examines ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition’

Trailer for The Final Countdown [YouTube]


Tony: NASA Doctor “holoported” to the International Space Station [NASA]

Laurie: Noah Averbach-Katz and Mary Wiseman cheek-to-cheek on All Access Star Trek

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I really enjoy listening to your podcast each week. Here’s a theory, we’ll soon see, the Doctor Teresa dies in a heroic sacrifice, Rios feels guilty and takes Ricardo to the 25th century. Later Ricardo joins Starfleet Academy.

I thought of that after we recorded the podcast and totally agree. Here are what I think are the three options:

  1. Rios stays
  2. Theresa dies, Rios takes Ricardo to the future
  3. Theresa dies, Rios stays to raise Ricardo, and Ricardo becomes a history-making astronaut

Laurie asked about how powerless Q got into the FBI and the response was he is infinitely smart. I have to disagree there. Q was ‘human’ for a while and was utterly useless on the D.

He still had all the knowledge of Q in that episode. Sure, he couldn’t change the gravitational constant of the universe as a human, but he still had knowledge that wasn’t available to mere mortals. And, because of that episode, he now has a little bit of experience functioning as a human.

So the Q have no knowledge about sleeping, eating, and back pain, but they are knowledgable about early 21st century FBI security measures? Checks out.

This conversation just reinforces my feeling that they are skipping scenes that would be a lot of fun to see. I want to see Q bluffing his way into a secret FBI bunker, Q acting like a Freudian psychiatrist at Europa, Q calling an Uber, Q figuring out how to get money, etc. Plus the whole gang dressing for the gala.

I like the way you think. Yes, more of that Voyage Home kind of stuff would be fun.

Question: How do other Soongs come to be? I’m talking about Arik, Altan and Noonian, though there may be others. Does Adam Soong already have one or more children (the normal way)? Do you think he’ll get married late in life and have a child? Or does Kore have his DNA and eventually have children?

The character is named Adam on purpose he is supposed to be the first of this line as it were. However at this point it isn’t clear how the line carries on it could be any of the possibilities you mentioned

The Rios storyline frustrates me to no end. Here is a character who could be interesting but they´re not giving him anything interesting. And why in all that is holy did he take the doctor and her kid to the ship!? If BorgJurati wanted to kill/assimilate Picard it would be easier for her to just pretend to be full on Agnes again get back to Picard and the gang and kill/assimilate him there?

A side question from Sweden, why are there no sidewalks? Is that common in the U.S? That´s messed up.

Most streets have sidewalks in the USA and certainly in urban areas. I was talking about the location where Soong lives looks like Malibu California which is a very affluent area and that houses are spread apart and many of the roads tend not to have sidewalks.

RE: The combat boots. The red fancy dress plus combat boots outfit for Juratti is almost exactly the same as Harley Quinn’s outfit (Margot Robbie) in the end of The Suicide Squad movie. For a show that is taking from The X Files, Twin Peaks, and other genre shows, why not take from a more current movie as well?

Ha I always thought the red dress was a fun Chris De Burgh (Borg) “Lady in Red” Reference.

I don’t think the Queen was originally responsible for the Confederation timeline. Before Picard went back in time, Q was able to keep Renee off of the Europa mission without any interference. The Queen is just using her knowledge of that timeline for her own ends. I assume she isn’t actually planning to let that timeline unfold though, since the Confederation wipes out the Borg.

As ever thanks for the podcast. I love listening to your comments and observations and it’s become a feature of my Saturday mornings (usually over breakfast), having watched the latest episode here in the UK on the Friday night. Like you both, I enjoyed his weeks better than last and in particular the Vulcan encounter, which remined me obviously of “Carbon Creek” but also ET when Elliot was out alone in a similarly fog shrouded forest.

So you’ve both seen the first couple of SNW’s.. Can’t wait to hear your reaction. I totally understand the review embargo but if I happened to bump into you I think I’d chance my luck and ask if you were smiling (hopefully for the right reasons) when you left the screening.

Thank you so much, Scott. Really happy that you listen every week and enjoy it. That made my day.

Cheers Laurie

I thinking we have two Q’s and at least three time lines.

Q had to know about Picard going back in time because he was on the ship just as the time warp was happening. If he didn’t want Picard going back he just could have stopped it or reset the timeline. He did have his powers. I think the Q who changed the past (who is now powerless) is always wearing modern clothing and future Q (who has powers) is always wearing the dark clothing. I suspect the Soong/Kore sub plot might be a future Q lifeline for Picard to undo some of the mess he made by bringing the Queen back in time. I wouldn’t completely rule out Kore being the Queen from episode 1. I think Kore’s unique genetic make up has another part to play.

I think Q was originally successful talking Renée out of the mission creating the bad timeline from episode 1/2/3. I can’t imagine the Queen wants a timeline where the Borg were defeated and she was the star of extermination day. She wants to change it to where, yes the xenophobic Earth exists, but the Borg are more powerful and perhaps were ultimately successful assimilating Earth.

I still have hopes the story will wrap up in a satisfying way. Sure some of the finer story details could have used more refinement. The doctor could have been brought on board La Sirena to treat Picard for example. Instead of Rios showing off (Is he the worst Starfleet captain in history??). But I have been somewhat impressed by how some innocuous lines or actions have interesting repercussions later on. The next episode has a lot of weight on it.

As I said on the pod I’m not sure it’s all going to make sense so your elaborate theory may connect everything, but that assumes everything will get connected in the end. Sadly I’m not sure it will be, but good thinking nonetheless

Don’t forget that by this time in the season the time travel expert Terry Matalas was deep involved in developing season 3 which was being shot back to back with season 2. So
We should not expect tightly knit time travel logic.


You made my weekend better. I couldn’t stop laughing about Kore walking off with no shoes.

Thank you, I needed that.

Ha! I have a lot of nightmares in which I am unhappily shoeless, so I couldn’t help but take note.