Preview ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Episode 209 With New Photos And Trailer From “Hide And Seek”

The penultimate episode of Star Trek: Picard season two arrives this week and we have details, new photos, a trailer, and a clip to get you started.

“Hide and Seek”

The ninth episode of Picard’s new season is titled “Hide and Seek.” Episode 209 was written by Matt Okumura & Chris Derrick and directed by Michael Weaver. It debuts on Paramount+ on Thursday, April 28.


Picard and his crew fight for their lives as they come under attack from a new incarnation of an old enemy. But to survive, Picard must first face the ghosts of his past. Seven and Raffi have a final showdown with Jurati.

New Photos:

Orla Brady as Tallinn and Patrick Stewart as Picard 

Orla Brady as Tallinn and Patrick Stewart as Picard 

Dillon Von Halle as Young Picard 

Patrick Stewart as Picard and Orla Brady as Tallinn

Patrick Stewart as Picard and Orla Brady as Tallinn

Patrick Stewart as Picard 


A trailer was released on social media and


A clip was shown at the end of The Ready Room (starting at 32:53).

All photos by Trae Patton and Nicole Wilder/Paramount+ 

New episodes of Star Trek: Picard premiere on Thursdays on Paramount+ in the U.S. and on Fridays where Paramount+ is available around the world. In Canada, it airs on CTV Sci-Fi Channel on streams on Crave on Thursdays. Picard is also available on Fridays on Amazon Prime Video around the world.

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so we’re doing a siege/shoutout as the finale … how … cerebral — well at least that pseudo-drone-shot looked nice …

Finale is next week.
Oh, I guess you’re able to see a video that I can’t.

Don’t you think its a little too soon to be lamenting a finale you haven’t seen yet? Jesus.

this season started off very strong and then faded away like a fart in the wind. Things could always change in the last 2 episodes, but I’ve lost my faith. The show seems to have fallen victim to the same thing Discovery has, Stretching plot points out razor thin to fill time.I’m of the opinion that the Covid Production restrictions have taken its toll on the quality of these shows, I can give them a pass for that. Its kind of like the writers strike during season 2 of TNG, Only their excuse for poor quality is a world wide pandemic.

There are still plenty of quality shows being produced…just not current Trek. Those first two episodes were definitely a jump in quality over the first season but even in episode 2 I saw the cracks showing…something felt ‘off’.

The opening scene with Q was gold though. I loved that scene. The music, the dark undertones, DeLancie still has a powerful presence. He’s been not nearly used enough in the season. Maybe I’m wrong and Q only works in small bursts but can’t see how it’s worse than what we have seen so far. I’m not hating it, I’m just a bit underwhelmed to say the least. So far. Still two episodes left!

Indeed, I’ve been underwhelmed here as well with the quality. Like Discovery, I’m not compelled to watch the next episode because of the lackluster dialogue and writing in general. I stopped watching Discovery after episode 3 this season and wasn’t at all bothered by it. I feel the same about this season of Picard although I’ve decided to see this one through.

Could you describe that in detail because I don’t understand how the pandemic would stand in the way of good writing. I rather would think you even have more time to figure out good stuff. And you say it fails at the same point where discovery failed but discovery started before the pandemic..

If the last two episodes can be as good as first two then that’s still enough to save face IMO. The middle episodes while not terrible, were a meandering mess at times.

I’m sorry that’s how its come across to you. For me, the momentum never let up, and I haven’t yet been let down. I’m absolutely loving this season, and I’m ready to trust Matalas with more Trek output.

I wholeheartedly agree with you Scott. This season has been fantastic- a total 180 from the awful first season.

More like a 360… ;)

Really happy you are enjoying it Scott!

I’m enjoying this season very much and I also agree about Matalas.


I agree, Scott. I’m also loving every second of season 2. I’m having a hard time understanding what all the complaining is about.

No excuses. These are paid professionals. Poor writing is simply poor writing. There is no spinning this to make excuses for their ‘work’.

In defense of the people who Like this season. There is No debating about If its legit to like it or not. It is.
Poorly written or not.

All I’m going to say is killing off Q really sucks. I’m all for character development. I’m even for a Picard/Q friendship, but the show’s writers keep spitting in the faces of us, who’ve appreciated Star Trek since our childhood. I’m tired of rewarding it. If there weren’t other shows on CBS we follow, I’d be asking my husband to cancel Paramount Plus. This was sold to fans as something to anticipate, but season two of Picard just continues to disappoint.

Yeah, Star Trek Picard is not a show that does justice to the ‘character’ of Picard, it comes across as a Patrick Stewart wish list…which would be find if it worked with who the character always was but this show has come across like it’s written by people who don’t know Star Trek or how to write the character and it also seems like Patrick has forgotten how to play Picard. That has really bugged me the whole time. The performance does not come across as an older version of the character he played before.

Very well put, Sarah. I’m two episodes behind, so yesterday I sat down to watch them, started to, then just turned the tv off altogether. Such a bummer, since the first episode had me so excited. The writers have dropped the ball in a big way, imo, as Kurtzman-Trek has done with every live-action offering thus far (also imo), and this makes me very concerned SNW will follow in these same footsteps. So much talent in the actors here, both old and new, and so much wasted opportunity. Very frustrating and sad. So glad Obi-Wan is starting soon. And I agree, if Paramount + wasn’t the only place for me to find all old Trek and Twilight Zone (also looking forward to checking out 1883), I’d cancel in a heartbeat.

I’d be ok with Guinan and Picard helping Q with whatever his problem is – and as a reward – Q makes Picard fully human again. It would deflate the end of S1 a bit – but they’ve mostly hand waved the whole Picard is a synth thing this season anyways. I had an idea for S3 ending if Q didn’t die – where they help Q and Picard gets made into a member of the Q. Then he has to go back to the farpoint mission and he finds out he was the Q who was guiding him down the right paths the entire time.End of S3.

That’s a very cool senario… Hope the one at the will be so good a story (and to some: new canon).

I wonder how the story of young Picard will fit into the main plot?!? Otherwise I wonder what that has to do with time travelling or an alternate timeline.
I sense a bootstrap-paradox wich is very obvious. By correcting or preventing the changes of the timeline they will cause it. But it should be clear from the beginning which events led to the alternate timeline.

It is a deep, slowly paced character study… … … … … Lmao

For future seasons: such character studies should be related to the main plot and serve the story instead of popping out of nowhere.
We had Picard reliving his trauma with the Borg in First Contact and Kirk morning about the loss of David in The Undiscovered Country as part of the story.

I wonder if the writers and cast are aware of how poorly received this season has been after the first two episodes. It’s being trashed on every site I read about it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they are aware. Many are active on social media and people have been commenting about it on there. There’s a lot of positive comments as well though…A trek message board I’m active in has also posted mainly positive comments and ratings about the season, with acknowledgement that things aren’t as good as they were in the first two.

I don’t think the season has always been been great, but I don’t think it’s been absolutely horrible either. It’s not just one or the other to me. Some things have worked well and I think have been good, I think some other things have been bad.

This day and age how could they not? Alex Kurtzman himself said he reads all the big Star Trek boards and social media which obviously includes this one since he’s known and given interviews on it as far back as 2008. It was really clear they knew first season how badly it went and why Michael Chabon answered questions about all the plotholes and issues in it.

And yeah, it’s being trashed everywhere, especially on YouTube. That’s not a huge surprise, but I mean even the more balanced sites seem to mostly hate it. Trekyards just put a video out saying specifically how disappointing it’s been. And yeah, it’s been pretty disappointing.

I kindve had a bad feeling when, before the season 2 premiere, people involved with the show were hyping up season 3 instead of season 2. I get now it’s because of the tng cast..but still I saw “we can’t wait for you to see season 3” and not really the same about season 2 – right before season 2 was going to premiere!

I really don’t think the season has been horrible, except for 2.7, but yea it hasn’t really been great for this back half and I wish I was better. I think the story, as presented, just completely lost focus and became uninteresting as a result

My experience has been the reverse. Most online circles I inhabit and every Trekkie I know in person are raving about this season. I was startled to see adverse reactions when checking out the comments here and at Trekcore because, with the exception of the usual usernames who pop up all at once once or twice a year at the /r/startrek subreddit, everything I’ve seen has been overwhelmingly positive.

Are you being serious? Check out the reviews and comments at Tor dot com – knowledgeable sci fi and Trek folk, and a heavily moderated comments section — and you’ll find plenty of disappointment in the reception there, too. I guess there’s also a component of Trek fans who embrace everything Paramount+ puts out– maybe it’s more about the community and “glass half full & everything is awesome” rather than closely parsing the material. That’s cool too, maybe the coolest.

I have to say, there is a fan in me who has somewhat enjoyed watching Spiner and de Lancie join the poopshow and amuse themselves (hopefully). And I dig Santiago, they should maybe keep in the Trek fold going forward. Alison Pill is obviously talented, she’s been known for a while, but I haven’t been impressed much with any of the Borg shenanigans. Annie W.’s hammy take on the queen is OK, nothing special. Raffi and Seven are just killing time. Am I moved by Picard’s haunted past? Not so much. And the show keeps trying to impose a more light-hearted tone on what is dark subject matter which adds further disorientation to the plot whiplash. Oh well, it’s a bit more amusing than waiting 12 episodes for Discovery to talk to the giant jellyfish while the tragic guy tries to do the thing with his thing.

I wonder if Paramount Plus is aware that they could’ve gotten the exact same number of subscribers if they’d simply remastered DS9 and VOY and made either no new shows or just Disco and the cartoons. Saved so much money in the process, too.

The point is to reach new fans as well though. And we have no idea how many subscribers are watching what specific shows so that’s hard to say. In fact we have no idea how many are watching any of these shows, but I guess enough if they keep renewing them.

And as much as I want DS9 and VOY remastered too I still want new shows (although I would definitely prefer having those over Discovery and Picard at least). And even if remastering got millions of fans to sign up to watch those, once they are finished most would cancel again anyway. So you still need the new shows to keep fans subscribing all year. That really only happens if there is constantly new content to watch.

I was just getting ready to edit my comment to remove “either no new shows or” to avoid this exact comment! Ha. Yes, they need new viewers for sure, so yes, Disco and the cartoons are incredibly important for the long-term.

But at the end of the day, Picard is for the old fans, and it’s clear by now that spending the $30-$50 million to remaster 300+ hours of two well-regarded shows rather than spend $200+ million to make 30 hours of one new show centered around an old character and, ultimately, not very good, would’ve been a better cost-benefit for P+’s Star Trek strategy. It’s about subscribers, and if there’s one thing Netflix reports have shown it’s that people will gladly keep a subscription to watch Star Trek reruns. It’s incredibly hard to argue that people will come back to rewatch Star Trek: Picard, but DS9 and Voyager? Absolutely, and those shows were still bringing in new viewers when on Netflix.

This is almost certainly hindsight now, of course, but even still, they’re spending a lot more on legacy stuff than they ought to… that’s why I think rebooting TOS via SNW is ultimately the right play. You get to put a new skin suit over the old bones.

AGAIN though, it’s really hard to say either way unless we know how many people are watching the show. If it’s, say a million subscribers, then yes you may have a point. If it’s TEN million, then no, I don’t think you have a point lol. And I’m just throwing numbers out, I have no idea. But if they are getting the numbers they want from the show, then I don’t see how you can say it was a mistake to make it. We just don’t know. BUT I have a feeling if Patrick Stewart said he wants to do another season, they wouldn’t hesitate which says a lot.

But yes, I do agree with you remastering DS9 and VOY would be a benefit for Paramount+, the question is will it be a big enough one? They don’t seem to think so, at least at the moment. But I have no doubt fans are watching the old shows religiously of course, the question is how many are NOT watching these shows due to the lower definition viewing? Or how many more will be watching it versus fans who watch them now? So while I agree with you it would definitely excite the fanbase, I don’t think it’s that simple either. I think Paramount is just happy with the views the old shows are getting now while I do think it will be easier to get new and younger fans to watch those though and why it would be a benefit. It comes down to how many do they think they will get?

Lastly, I know we talked a lot in another thread about SNW being a ‘reboot’ for TOS, but I still have a huge doubt on that. Besides the fact you’re literally the only one even suggesting this, I still think this show is 99% for old fans and if they rock the boat TOO much, it will be Discovery all over again. Best example being when they casually added Spock’s name at the Chicago convention and fans went into a nerd rage over it lol. I had no issues with it personally but looking at how much it upsetted people to the point some spokesman had to clarify it was a ‘mistake’ kind of proves how hard it will be to do anything that goes against hard canon too much.

And this was just a name which A. We already knew he had another one and B. Been part of beta canon for decades now. I only see a lot of heartache if they change canon too much and this time they can’t throw the Enterprise 900 years into the future if they displease fans too much like with Discovery.

But don’t get me wrong, I can see some crazy canon conflicts coming at warp 9 already. I can also see all the bitching a lot of it will bring too, which is why you either REBOOT it for real if you want to be more loose with canon or don’t bother. That way you can give Spock any damn name you want. ;)

Meh. DS9 is my favorite Trek show so I would love a remaster, but from a business pov for them I’d probably watch once and that’s it – or maybe not. I never even paid attention to the tng remaster when it was released and I love tng (2nd favorite) Plus DS9 already exists. I prefer new content. As it is, I’m subscribed to paramount year round now. I like all of the new Trek shows, doing a rewatch of some of the old stuff off and on while I’m there, and watch other stuff on the app too – but it’s 100 percent the new Trek content that keeps me subscribed.

Picard season 2 is what happens when writers who have a three episode story are asked to stretch it to ten. Essentially this is like taking Star Trek IV The Voyage Home and making it a ten hour story. It wasn’t necessary.

New Star Trek relies on one consistent idea: stomp down the characters and make them come back but not quite all the way. I think this era of Trek will be the “Great Undoing.” Somehow Picard has retroactively wrecked TNG for a lot of us because this how it all ends? And we now know that when watching old trek.

Speak for yourself. Nothing can ruin TNG for me. If Nemesis didn’t, this surely won’t.

I agree. It’s like saying Star Trek V ruined TOS. You can still love one but hate the other. There are a lot of truly awful episodes in every series but it still doesn’t stop your love of the overall show (assuming you like it in the first place).

NOW that said, I can understand if people have issues with Picard the character, turning him into a synth, not as commanding and all of that. I still like Picard as a character and still my second favorite Captain behind Kirk but I have to admit he has not been given the best light on this show either.

Good grief Nemesis was bad.. That was one of the only times that I was disappointed with a Star Trek movie. And that includes Star Trek Into Darkness..

Essentially this is like taking Star Trek IV The Voyage Home and making it a ten hour story. It wasn’t necessary.

Basically this is The Voyage Home turning into First Contact. But if it was only that.
Imagine Kirk being in 1987 and then reliving a trauma and having daddy-issues out of nowhere, which is not related to the story and doesn’t serve it…

PICARD ruined TNG for you?! How, exactly? That’s just…sad.

If you are really so impressionable that a television show today can ruin the experience and nostalgia for another show you love from 35 years ago, you might be indulging yourself in the absurd and being a bit dramatic.

Well, this whole series would probably have been better off as a two-hour TV movie, but whatever. Fingers crossed for the third season.

I agree, I think that it’s partly the writers and partly the execs at Paramount pushing out as much Star Trek as they can so a new episode is released every week all year long.

At this point just waiting for this season to end and hoping that third season will do this show real justice for once.

I’m still looking forward to the final two episodes and how they resolve this erratic story line. But I remember how bad I thought the final two were in first season so I’m very conflicted at this point after a very conflicted season, put it that way.

Yeeeah. I can point out individual scenes and performances I’ve enjoyed this season, but not a single episode that hangs together so well that I’d watch over again all the way through. Here’s hoping that the third time’s the charm.

I’ll watch of course, but I’m glad it’s almost over. It’s just been horrendous. So may problems, I’m not sure where to even start. Looking forward to Strange New Worlds… in part because one of the reasons I like Trek is because it is not a contemporary police procedural show… which is what every episode this season has felt like after the first two eps.

OMG. The comments are so negative. Argh.

Because a lot of us think it’s bad. Some really really bad.

I just don’t understand why people that think the show is bad decide to torture themselves. It’s easy. Stop watching and just avoid it. That is exactly what I did with The Orville. Could not stand the show and dropped out after the 5th episode. I don’t feel like I HAVE to watch and complain about a show I do not like. But I guess that is what Trek fans do, right? Complain, complain, complain. They have been doing it since they announced TNG. I remember the uproar when the cast of TNG was first announced. “A Klingon on the bridge???” or “A bald Captain???” With each iteration of Trek, people will complain. That is what fans do. Then, 10 years later, they end up loving that same show that everyone hated. *cough* cough* Enterprise. Any time that the show runners try to do something different so you don’t have a carbon copy of the original – people will complain. Case in point, Strange New Worlds. “Yeah! Trek is going back to it’s roots!” “Yay! Episodic series!” …just wait, once it debuts, people will jump all over it.
The problem, the fan base is so divided on what it wants. Personally, I love all incarnations of Trek. I think each has it’s merits. I like character studies like Picard. I think it is nice to peel away the layers to see who he is. I like seeing how Seven has changed since Voyager. I have no problem with time travel. It is a staple in Trek. I actually wrote a treatment for a Trek movie that crosses all of the Trek series up to Voyager at the time. It involved time travel. I found it quite good… but, I know it wouldn’t be to everyone’s tastes. Which is fine. I would rather have someone say that it’s not their thing and not watch it than to “torture” themselves and continue watching.
Someone compared it to a sports team. Even when your team is doing poorly, you boo them but continue to watch them play. I am not that way. I am a Montreal Canadiens fan. I would watch all the games. But this season they sucked. So I didn’t watch the games. I am still a fan, but I am not going to torture myself and force myself to watch them lose game after game and constantly complain about it. That is what I don’t understand. If you don’t like something…why watch? I just doesn’t make sense!

Is Star Trek: Picard actually a character study, or did the people making it just say it’s a character study?

To me, it plays as a character study. I do not know if the show runners have said it. But I watch it as an insight into a character. I am finding out about his past. We are going to into his subconscience. I see a flashing out of the character. I see the same in Seven – we saw her journey from Borg drone to becoming more human. And now, after all these years, we see the person she has become. I love the character arcs. I think with the other characters, you see their journey from the first season and where they are now. Rios left Starfleet because his lose of faith but returned because of Picard. Raffi going from Picards first officer to how it affected her when Picard left and how she has picked herself up. But you can see see the damage. And Alison Pills acting this season is very very good. I disliked her character the first season. There are wasted characters like Elnor. That’s the way I view it anyway.

Yeah the people making it originally called it a ‘character study’ but if it is, it’s not a very good one. ;)

I keep watching it because it’s my hope it will make sense at the end and I can be like, “oh, so that’s what it all means, I was wrong the whole time.” It’s a weird season and I don’t get it but I just can’t let go of it yet.

“With each iteration of Trek, people will complain.”

OK, so what am I missing? You just said it all right here lol. You went to a diatribe of how fans been complaining about every new show, so are you shocked now the new shows are getting the same issues. It’s been happening since 1987 man, the internet simply didn’t exist back then and even THEN we knew how much fans had issue with that show and the others.

The funny thing is I agree with 90% of your post. I love nearly everything about Star Trek too. But I’ve always been critical about ALL of it as well, because I’m not an apologist either. I will support every faction of this franchise as I have always done. But that doesn’t mean I simply overlook anything that I think is bad. And yes I think Picard is bad. Guess what there was a time I thought TNG was bad too. And DS9. And Enterprise. Today I love all those shows. DS9 went from my least favorite show to my favorite today for over 20 years now. What does that tell you? That no one mind is made up, we are simply commenting on what we don’t like right now. You’re completely missing the point in all of this. If I was here just to complain about a new show and convince myself to hate it, then that would’ve been the case with 80% of the past shows. I’m not doing anything differently with this show I did with the six previous ones. You just happen to read these lol.

This is what frankly gets annoying. Picard is not being treated any differently than every show before it has. You admitted that but yet still bothered by it?? You know the score man, seriously.It’s been happening for decades, right? Did you expect people to not share their feelings just because they love Picard as a character? Picard was also in Nemesis lol. Twenty years later people are still moaning about that movie too because they thought it sucked, right? So what do you expect??

But if a show is good, really good, it will bare out in time. Picard is in season 2, which frankly EVERY show has been given the ringer this early because most Trek shows are still finding their way by then. Unfortunately this show is done after next season so it will have to live or die by these very short seasons. But as you ALSO mentioned, if it’s good, ultimately fans will accept it, but that will take time and for the show to be completed to bare that out. You know how this works dude. ;)

Actually I shouldn’t have said every show had many complaints in season 2 since Lower Decks seem to be the only show since TOS where most fans were mostly pleased with that season overall, but that’s obviously an exception. But it also proves when MOST fans like something, they express it proudly, even *gasp*, here! And proof not everyone is out to get ‘NuTrek’ either. People simply don’t like some of it and expressing themselves as they SHOULD!

It’s not that many of you. It’s the same people commenting over and over and over and over again. Just look at the user names and count. Same people. Every thread.

And folks like me just avoid this commenting section like a plague so you won’t see my name much.

Peace out.

It’s a small community here, so yeah I don’t think what people say here are representative of what the fanbase thinks as a whole. I used to be the one to point that out every time. The poster seem upset that a lot of people here are complaining about the show because a lot of people HERE are not happy with it. And it’s the ‘same people’ because it’s a small board. It’s the ‘same people commenting’ in every thread lol. If you want a larger click of people you should go to a place like Reddit that has a large base of posters with a more diverse opinions and accepting of pretty much every show. But even there, you will still find a lot of complaints there too of course. I post there a lot too. And I been here ten years now and the last six of them since I been a more active poster I recognize 80-90% of the handles on pretty much every thread.

Same time, people can’t believe it’s ONLY this board either since you can go to any message board discussing this show and see a lot of complaints about it.

If folks like you can’t stand people voicing their opinion because you simply don’t like it, then yeah, you simply shouldn’t be here. What else can be said? That’s why message boards exist. I don’t come here for an echo chamber I generally want to hear what other’s think, even if I don’t agree with it. AS long as no one is insulting you for your opinions, then you have to live with everything else. Or take your own advice and just avoid the comments sections. It’s a site full of long time and hardcore Trek fans who has been overly passionate about everything for 50 years now and has moaned about every show starting with TNG as you mentioned. You know the deal man! Either accept it at this point or move on. This is the way lol.

Trekmovie comments section tends to be quite negative. I have mixed feelings about this season but have enjoyed it on the whole. Some Trek fans just love to hyperbolic doom mongering and self pity.

I wanna more episodes, more series! I am a Brazilian guy who follows all ST saga, since 1977, the year that came here at Brazil TV!
Good job fellows!
Best regards!

Anyone still following this??? You kidding me? There’s nothing there, literally just some people running around in front of cameras O.o I’m being gentle here, btw.

Wow, the way that interview ended I wonder if this is going Blake’s 7… :(

I’ve completely given up on Picard this season. Patiently waiting for SNW and Picard Se. 3. This season was such a massive disappointment and not even worth ranting about at this point.

Unwatchable. But I got through it. Lifelong Star Trek fan but I despise the mediocrity that this show has dragged the Picard legacy down to. What a waste of potential. The creative seem should not be rehired for any other Trek show. This season was just depressingly dumb and poorly executed across just about every front.