Watch Introduction To ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Featurette And Clip + Update On International Release

The new series Strange New Worlds launches in just one week. To prep fans for what is to come, Paramount+ has released a video taking you inside the series. Plus we have an update on how (some) fans overseas can see the show.

Sneak peek at Strange New Worlds

As part of The Ready Room this week, Paramount+ included a featurette called “The 55-Year Pickup” all about how Strange New Worlds is built around creating a series featuring Captain Pike, Number One, and Mr. Spock, who were all part of the first Star Trek pilot “The Cage.” Members of the cast and creatives talk about the show and there is also some new footage. In addition, at the end of The Ready Room [26:40], there is a clip from the first episode of the season, featuring Pike approaching the USS Enterprise in spacedock.

You can watch it all below with the featurette starting at 2:02. [Also available internationally at]

SNW coming to New Zealand And India; UK/Europe have to wait

As previously reported, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds debuts on Thursday, May 5 exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., Latin America, Australia and the Nordics. The series will air on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and stream on Crave in Canada.

TrekMovie has now confirmed that the series will also debut in New Zealand on TVNZ the same day, with a premiere on Thursday at 7 pm. TVNZ also has all four seasons of Discovery. And in India, the series will also premiere on May 5, on the Voot Select channel.

Strange New Worlds will arrive via Paramount+ in select countries in Europe this year as well as in South Korea. The launch of Paramount+ in the UK is expected this summer with a date expected to be announced in the near future. That will be followed later in the year by launches in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France.

Paramount and Comcast are also launching a joint venture streaming service called SkyShowtime in 2022 in other European markets including Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. This service will include Paramount+ original series, but it hasn’t been confirmed which (if any) Star Trek shows will be part of it.

Paramount has expressed plans to expand Paramount+ into Africa, Asia, and the Middle East starting in 2023.

As new information becomes available on international releases of Strange New Worlds, we will provide updates on

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The more I see of this, the more excited I get. It looks amazing, I get a good vibe from the characters and the people playing them, and I’m excited to see episodic Trek again while still getting to see character change and growth over time.

I hope they manage the balance nicely. 20 years ago, it seemed like people were lamenting a lack of arcs in Voyager, but I think that’s just because DS9 didn’t handle serialized stories the way Disco and Picard do, and Voyager largely stopped putting in much effort to evolve characters who weren’t Seven or the Doctor after season 4. The mission of doing a concise story of the week but having character growth layered in has led to some wonderful results in the best of TNG and Voyager.

The issue with Voyager wasn’t that it was purely episodic (compared to salt DS9), but that character development was just all over the place. It’s one thing to destroy a shuttle in one episode and for it to magically reappear in other, but it’s quite another thing to have two characters completely lose trust in each other (Chakotay and Janeway during/after the events of “Equinox”) and then for that development to be completely ignore by the next episode.

Based on everything that has been written and said, it very much appears that the creators/show-runner fully recognize the need to have serialized character arcs, will still maintaining a largely episodic nature.

It really is infuriating that the UK won’t get this from launch. The UK and Ireland are one Trek’s biggest markets and Paramount really needs to get its finger out.

It’s getting embarrassing now, hopefully they release it on ITunes and Pluto again like they did with Discovery.

It’s disgraceful. Well there’s ways around it. Way to go encouraging piracy Paramount.

Couldn’t have put in better myself Stuart. That Paramount didn’t make sure that their biggest market for ST out with North America (by far) wasn’t able to tune in to this landmark series continues to amaze. As I recall Germany is 2nd after the UK and Australia/New Zealand 3rd. In most other countries and territories ST isn’t that well known a property.

As you are no doubt aware ST’s popularity in the UK stems from TOS being broadcast here in 1969 just after the series finished, where just like in syndication in the US, it was repeated over and over throughout the 70’s with many watching the episodes 7-8 times over.

What is going on with people calling this “infuriating” or “disgraceful”?

I just wish they would stop with the UK/Europe have to wait headlines. We do NOT have to wait! I can watch it at the same time as the US,if I so choose,but I choose not to. I’ll watch it whenever I feel like it,lol.

Looks like Pike is not too happy returning to the Enterprise.

He is NOT looking forward to the YouTube comments!

Maybe from the more toxic part the fanbase on social media and YouTube which is the minority of the fanbase that just blindly hate and parrot the same lies and bs that has been said about each of the new shows from like 2 main YouTubers and some of the stuff said by this part of fanbase is reused crap that can be traced back to hate and bs said about each of the shows made after tas aka tng,ds9,voy,ent and even the first Star Trek film in 79

Or maybe some are more critical than yourself, and prefer a modicum of intelligence and characters that make sense in their Star Trek. Something we admittedly were used to taking for granted in the past. The only toxic fans are those that shit down discussion as they cannot bear something they might love not being loved by others.

To quote “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield,” you’re two of a kind.

I have lost faith in both Discovery and Picard. I place no blame on the actors or production values of both shows. It’s the storytelling that has been uninspiring. That being said, I am cautiously optimistic about SNW. Please get this new series right.

Akiva Goldsman, the main guy behind Picard season 2, is Executive Producer of Strange New Worlds. He wrote the pilot of SNW.

I thought Matalas was the main guy running Picard Season 2.

I’m not well versed on all the interworkings. I know Matalas is showrunner, but I’ve gleamed from somewhere that he worked on season 3 and handed off season 2. It would be interesting to see who is responsible for the mess we’re seeing over and over again.

I was under the impression he was the show runner for season 2 & 3. So he would be mainly responsible for what we are seeing. And Kurtzman to an extent for giving him the keys to the show.

Goldsman has written a lot of bad stuff, yes. But he also wrote Fringe, Cinderella Man, A Beautiful Mind, and The Client, so there is talent from time to time. Plus, he also was the executive producer of Short Treks, which was fantastic. So I am hopeful that SNW will work.

My sentiments exactly, Jack. Well said.

Look for SNW to become one of the most pirated shows in Europe if they are not able to find a solution similar to Discovery season 4 (which aired Fri/Sat/Sun at 9 on their free live streaming service pluto TV).

If I can buy them weekly off iTunes like I did for Disco S4 i will.

I tried Discovery on pluto TV here in Germany. The streaming quality was horrible. But they released the season at the same time on amazon video for purchase (each week one episode got released one day after the US broadcast).

> “I tried Discovery on pluto TV here in Germany. The streaming quality was horrible”

It was fine enough for me. Definitely watchable, but not horrible. The worst offender was some banding in darker shots.

When Discovery season 4 launched they made it sound like the launch of Paramount+ over here was imminent and now they are saying sometime this summer. At this point it wouldn’t surprise me if it ends up being closer to 2023. While having it for free on Pluto TV is helpful for most, it doesn’t work for those in Ireland who don’t have access to that service for some weird reason. We get screwed over either way.

“Cool” and “You Bet”. This is exactly how to respond to your captain in a military organization.

Starfleet is not a actuall military organization is is a pseudo military organization that is more for space exploration and diplomatic and peacekeeping missions and scientific endeavors there is a reason it barely holds its own in wars and that’s cause it is not a military

Cause Trek has been full of “Aye Aye Sir” all the damn time, every episode.

Starfleet isn’t a military organization. It’s paramilitary, but it’s primarily for exploration. So although there are ranks, court martials, and weapons, it’s not strictly military. One need only watch TOS to see Scotty drinking on the job, McCoy ranting angrily at Spock and calling out Kirk’s bad decisions, and so forth. La Forge builds a model ship in Engineering. Riker would sit in chairs in a very casual way. And so forth. Not military, so people saying “You bet” would not at all be out of place. All that being said… it also would not be out of place in an actual military organization, as anyone who has ever been in the military could attest to. The real military is nothing like how it’s portrayed in movies and on TV. Those in the military are people first, soldiers second, despite Hollywood’s tendency to paint them all like machines.

I think the main thing is the writer’s don’t have a handle on, or don’t want to present a firm chain of command concept. Their characters (Bad Robot, Secret Hideout) always seem to be “off duty” except maybe during an emergency. Even then, Uhura and Spock had a love spat during a chase in one of the Kelvin movies. Shatner was particularly good at being casual at times, especially with Spock and McCoy, but very much in command on the bridge. But all shows seem to be soap operas now, so Star Trek as a workplace drama isn’t that unusual.

Looks great. Please don’t suck.

Amen to that.



Fourthed with vigor!

Amazing. I shall give Strange a try on Cinco De Mayo.

As a Life Long Star Trek Fan I can honestly say this is looking fantastic. I am so fiull of hope that they get this right and from what I have seen this appears to be the case. Discoverys 1st season was just so so at best. Season 2 got back to more Trek and with Pike. Season 3 and 4 were ok, Picard Season 1 was ok. Season 2 is much better and can’t wait for season 3.

I want to be excited for this, but I’ve been burned by six awful live action series. Akiva Goldsman wrote this. The man behind Picard. The man behind Discovery.

I love the designs shown so far. While my $10 for three months of Paramount last I’ll tune in for the first two and hope for the best.

I’m worried I’m fully nitpicky at this point. Is anyone else bothered that Pike flies in a shuttle all the way up to the Enterprise and then beams in? It makes me wonder why shuttles are ever used.

Me too, Nearly everything I see should get me jazzed for the show but I’m tempered with all that Secret Hideout has made before it. The only thing that is giving me hope is that Prodigy is the only thing they did that doesn’t suck. So that proves Secret Hideout is capable of making not crap. The question remains… Was Prodigy a mistake or a new trend?

Yay! Can’t wait to watch this for free on TVNZ Ondemand here in New Zealand

I love that they called the shuttle Stamets :-) After that talented scientist who disappeared with his ship, all hands lost, only about a year ago… Pike and Spock know better though…:-)

2 years prior in 2257 the epiloge of the dsc season 2 finale with spock doing the log entry and them leaving drydock after the repairs to the enterprise was in 2258 and strange new worlds season 1 takes place in 2259 and not disappeared the ship was listed destroyed and all hands killed

I believe that Strange New Worlds will end up being the series that defines this era of Star Trek.

The Secret Hideout era or the TOS era?

So we have to wait in the UK. Very well thought out there, and just encourages piracy and torrenting…

Anybody know the age rating for SNW? This’ll be the litmus test for me as to whether – beyond the visual nods to TOS – this show is aimed at families this time around, or if they still want to only appeal to mid teens up.

Hoping this show is the first of NuTrek to have the class and restraint to stay away from curiously 21st Century 4th wall busting cussing and colloquialisms… I think we all know it’s going to be more of the same though, once the thrill of the surface gloss has faded. God I hope I’m wrong. We need a decent Trek show that fully embraces its past and appeals to all age groups in these dark times.

Because cursing is a specifically 21st century thing? And Prodigy doesn’t have any cursing.

According to the trailer TV-MA

I hope he usually speaks more clearly, and this is just him muttering to himself.

Disgusting what Paramount is doing. Germany and UK are the two main markets for Star Trek besides the USA and no sign of a release date for SNW there.

To be fair, the release is supposed to be sometimes this year, which is a sign of a release-date.

And calling it “disgusting” goes beyond hyperbole in my opinion.

55 years later, Star Trek as it was originally conceived gets to benefit from every advancement made in production values to date as well as every socio-cultural advancements made since the ’60s. No more misogynist Pike, lol.

This looks very good. I hope they don’t ignore Chapel’s past from “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”, as that’s a great episode and one of the only times TOS paid any attention to the character. So far, it doesn’t seem that SNW jibes with that episode, but I guess we’ll see.

That is something that was pretty obvious. I need to go back and see if they mentioned how long ago she was involved with Dr, Corby. Not sure if it was before or after this show’s setting.

so in a week who are we gonna be crushing on more, La’an or nurse Chapel?


I think I just had a Trekgasm….

The Writers Guild could take calling this a pickup of the original pilot into consideration if the Roddenberry estate wants more credit and royalties than from other spinoffs. Probably just like on what happend on the 2012 reboot of Dallas, that also continued three characters from the original series, the credits may be required to be “Created by Gene Roddenberry; Developed by Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman, and Jenny Lumet” and NOT “Created by Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman, and Jenny Lumet; Based Upon Star Trek Created by Gene Roddenberry”.

A combination of Star Trek The Motion Picture and Star Trek TNG’s All Good Things. I hope the pilot episode is over an hour.

I do not understand the convoluted approach to Canadians.

The series is made by Paramount, Paramount+ is available in Canada, why is the series streaming in another platform?

I have Netflix and Prime and Disney+ and Paramount+ which covers all needs.. doesn’t Paramount want to keep me streaming their content? I got it for Halo and hopefully for new Start Trek Series, but as it stands I will cancel it after Halo Concludes and since no new Star Trek Series will air on it.

The internet is Global, there is no reason why to stream your own series on your own Streaming service… it sounds to me like corporate scams.