Podcast: All Access Star Trek Previews ‘Strange New Worlds’ And Reviews ‘Picard’ “Hide And Seek”

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 89 - TrekMovie

[Picard review starts at 25:29]

Tony and Laurie extract every bit of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds info they can from Tony’s junket interviews with the cast and talk about how some of the characters are like (or not like) their counterparts on The Original Series. They also cover the latest promotions and news on the international release of the series that debuts next week. The pod team also quickly covers the upcoming release of Lower Decks season 2 on Blu-ray/DVD, the Enterprise panel at Missions Chicago, and what it’s like being on Star Trek: The Cruise.

Then they dig into “Hide and Seek,” this week’s episode of Star Trek: Picard, happy the show is picking up the pace as we head towards the season two finale next week.

They wrap up with a look at how holodeck-like technology is being used on Star Trek: Discovery and Strange New Worlds and an outtake from The Original Series of Nichelle Nichols singing a love song to Spock.


Interview: Anson Mount On Pike’s Command Style And The Politics Of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Interview: Ethan Peck On Listening To Nimoy’s Voice To Get Spock Right For ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Interview: Jess Bush & Babs Olusanmokun On New Chapel & M’Benga In ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Interview: Celia Rose Gooding, Christina Chong, And Melissa Navia Talk ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Celia Rose Gooding awards [Tony nominee, Grammy winner]

Watch: New ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ TV Spot And More Promotions

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Cast Strikes Hero Poses In New Publicity Shots

Watch Introduction To ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Featurette And Clip + Update On International Release

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 2 Arrives On Blu-ray/DVD In July

‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ Actors Say Season 5 Would Have “Crushed It,” Defend “Naff” Theme Song

Travel Log: ‘Star Trek: The Cruise’ Is Voyage Worth Taking

Voyager episodes with friendly collectives: “Survival Instinct” and “Unity

Picard’s mother Yvette in Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s “Where No One Has Gone Before”


Tony: Why PXO created a real-life ‘Holodeck’ for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Laurie: Lt. Uhura Flirts with Spock Through Song in Star Trek Outtake

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One thing that mystifies me about this season is what the point of the “Assignment: Earth” connection was. Her being a Supervisor has gone nowhere–she’s just a member of the team, and the Renee Picard storyline was pretty much dropped. And one of the most fascinating aspects of the season–Q’s dilemma–has been hiding in the background so that the season could focus on less interesting storylines like the Raffi-Seven adventures and Rios’s love-life.

There is much to enjoy about this season, but narratively it’s a big mess. It’s like a Chris Chibnall season of Doctor Who: good and great moments along the way, but frustratingly incomplete overall. Of its three most fascinating plotlines (Q, Picard’s mom, Jurati’s Borgification), only the latter has been front and center throughout the season. The characters spun their wheels in place for five episodes instead of advancing the plots and utilizing De Lancie. Meanwhile, the Guinan scenes added very little to the mythos, despite the actor’s talent; Briones and Evagoria have been far too under-utilized; and Seven has spent a lot of time arguing with Raffi instead of having anything interesting to do.

It’s frustrating because it’s NOT a bad season. There’s a powerful story being told here about depression, sadness, fascism, transformation. It’s just not being told well or consistently. I wish it were, because I’m someone who can enjoy all 12 Star Trek series to date. My threshold is low when it comes to finding things to enjoy about Star Trek. But this season isn’t what it could be.

Easter eggs

The producers really just grab things from Star Trek past not to build on them, not to expand the mythology, not to give us a new spin, they do it for easter eggs, and that’s it.

There’s no depth to anything they do, oh look we’ll hire the same actor as Ducane, no connection whatsoever, but fans will love the easter egg

Let’s mention Gary Seven, no we won’t delve into that story that is ripe for expansion, we’ll use it keep Not-Laris around and have her do nothing

Q is back! he’s dying! Let’s use him to quote episode titles and be grumpier than normal

OMG it’s that Bajorian tablet on his desk in the preview – yep we found it out back in the box of props, let’s put it here

And on and on

Agreed! Same here with enjoying trek, but this season is a massive misfire.

Haven’t seen any of these, but is is likely the Supervisor / Gary 7 stuff is here just to sort of set the stage for the following season? What’s the point of planning and executing so far in advance unless there’ some kind of grand unified whatsis intended? (not that there’s anything right with that idea, given the parties involved.)

Picard is bloody awful

None of them seem worried about Queen Agnes flying away with the ship. No ship means they are stuck in the past no?
I´m increasingly getting the feeling that there will be alot that doesn´t make a whole lot of sense after next weeks episode. As of right now too many storylines don´t add upp.

I think for now they’re just relieved that 21st century Earth isn’t going to be assimilated. But, I’m sure they’ll worry about not having a ship before long.

I assumed that Picard did remember that his mom committed suicide, but he didn’t remember that he saw her hanging, or that he let her out of the room. He probably assumed that her suicide was related to the abuse he thought she was receiving from his dad.

I hope at some point he gets to sit down with Troi and talk about what he told himself happened and how he constructed it. I think you’re probably right on this one, more or less.

Rogue Elements explained the brain scan hologram thing.

IIRC that was in the context of activating the “self-scan” function to create a new hologram, and it used the transporter to do it, and it was only a “rudimentary” brain scan. This implies the ship is constantly scanning every passenger at every point in time including a detailed brain scan including what they are thinking about at any given time. Or as I said in the pod “sci-fi magic.”

Was Raffi scanning Elnor with a tricorder while he died? Could that be where his brain scan came from? I guess the Confederation can also have more advanced technology.

In theory but I don’t remember any Star Trek technology that was capable of mind reading at that level of detail. So yes maybe the Confederation had superior brain scanning capabilities because they were evil and they needed to read people’s minds. And as regular listeners know I’m not a big nitpicker and I do often enjoy coming up with some headcanon but it just seemed like sci-fi magic to me to get closure on this particular arc and there were smarter ways to do it IMHO.

Maybe it is a variation on the Klingon mind-sifter?

FYI: Picard Season 2 Soundtrack now available for download…

Thanks again for another great podcast and also for thinking about the international fans, who like me here in the UK, won’t be able to see SNW until it’s likely to have finished it’s run. Despite not being able to view, I can’t wait to hear both of your reactions to the show which I believe you will be posting in the next day or so.

Looking ahead, I’d also love to see Trekmovie cover Enterprise a little more than it has to date; something I’ve suggested recently to the Shuttle pod crew. Personally, I think it’s a great series that while it had its share of problems both on and off screen, often feels like Star Trek’s unloved relation, which from my point of view, seems unfair. I do get a thrill when Enterprise Easter eggs appear whether that be in Discovery, LDS, the Kelvin movies or the episode of Picard you’ve just reviewed in which a model of the “proposed” Season 5 NX-01 refit (complete with secondary hull) was sitting on a table next to young Picard.

we will try to pay more attention to ENT in the future. As for the NX01, we didn’t mention that in the pod, but it and other nods were listed in the website review. there were a few easter eggs Young Picard played with

Thanks again Tony.

I have to agree with the Enterprise panel. The quality of that show was steadily improving. The last season was quite good. Maybe it will be rediscovered someday. I know when I viewed it a few years ago for the first time since it’s inception it changed my mind. Same with Voyager. Wasn’t a fan initially, but at some point I got message. Different points in time, I suppose. Anyway, thanks for keeping up the good work on the pod.

Picard is absolutely terrible but it’s not as bad as Discovery. This latest episode demonstrates how bloody awful this season has become with the whiny young Picard and the overacting of almost every cast member. Stewart said himself he’s done acting and has taken creative control of the show to nose dive it right into the ground. Seriously, anyone who thinks this show is good needs to see a doctor for medication