Watch Opening Titles For ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

We are now less than a week away from the launch of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on Paramount+ and more insights into the series are coming out this morning, including a look at the opening title sequence and another video featurette introducing the show.

Strange New Title Sequence

On Friday morning Strange New Worlds star Anson Mount (Captain Pike) revealed the opening title sequence for the show. He also expressed that it was an honor for him to perform the classic “Space, the final frontier…” narration.  Watch it below. [Also available internationally at]

More From Inside The Show

Paramount+ also released a 22-minute introductory video hosted by Wil Wheaton. This includes the 8-minute featurette released yesterday, along with more footage and additional interviews with Anson Mount, showrunners Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers, and Celia Rose Gooding (Uhura). There is also a segment with Jeff Russo talking about composing the theme for the series.

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love it!
Love It!!

Looks beautiful, though the theme seems a bit muddled. Would have preferred something like this aka a refresh of the existing TOS theme:

Still though, very nice and nice to see a proper ship opening sequence again. Now, if they can just give the Ent straight nacelle pylons/struts again like the classic Connie… but that’s just me being picky ;)

Hope it’s a good show *fingers crossed*

That sounds a lot like TOS. Well good news, friend! There’s 3 seasons’ worth of all that goodness!

The Cage had all those before TOS’ 3 seasons though tbf. Should match up or be closer.

“Looks beautiful, though the theme seems a bit muddled.”

Initially I wasn’t too impressed either but it is growing on me (10+ viewings so far)… And it IS a refreshed version of the TOS theme. It’s TOS done in Two Steps From Hell style if you ask me…

The rhythm of the main part reminds me of the 90s Hercules theme :-)

And the final TOS them towards the end is somewhat reminiscent of the X-Files (that one had already been in the trailers)…

So… stock music. Yeah, I can hear that. Ah well, the visuals are a nice enough continuation of the Prodigy/Voyager approaches to a title sequence.

I chose not to listen the theme just yet.
Next Thursday, when the show starts.

You’re in for a real treat!

It’s definitely a variation on the theme, not simply a more intense reorchestration. The half note at the end of the first triplet is a higher note, not the original middle C-flat (I think that’s what it is). The recapitulation of the phrase the second around resolves on the middle C but then deviates again after that.

But – it’s a different crew, a different captain, so it’s ok. It’s actually thematically quite lovely in that, it does feel incomplete, because this ship hasn’t yet reached it’s first, best destiny yet. It’s kind of there, you can sense it, but it hasn’t been fufilled yet.

It’s not “Beyond the Rim of Starlight” but getting close :D

It’s growing on me…

We’ve all heard the original so many times that it is hard-wired into our expectations.

I’m going to give this one a few episodes before any critiques.

I agree. I would have liked the theme to have been grander. Hearing “Space, the final frontier…” though. Now, that got me!

Anson does a very good job with the narration. the music and visuals after the narration is very meh and not that exciting

Man, I disagree about the narration 100%. It sounds like Mount took some evil lessons from Harrison Ford’s BLADE RUNNER narration and tanked the delivery. Any chance that was just his first readthrough? Even Nimoy’s read of the material at the end of TWOK was better than this.

This was the one thing I was sure they couldn’t mess up. And the visuals are living down to expectations.

I agree with kmart. It sounded like Mount was half-asleep and needed a stimulant. Why were there no “titles,” like the name of the show (the words at the end were part of a promo, not part of the show’s opening) and “starring Anson Mount” and so on?

This is probably a “clean” credits sequence without the names added yet. We saw the same with the Prodigy opening titles unveiling.

Mount is very much a natural delivery American television and film actor of his generation.

He’s not from the Shakespearean theatre tradition that either Shatner or Stewart were formed in.

It’s generally a positive, but this may be one of the drawbacks in Mount’s style of performance.

I love the visuals (always up of gratuitous shots of the E), but the score feels kinda meh on first listen. It’s like when a non-licensed production is trying to evoke the original Star Trek theme, but skews it just enough to protect it in a court of law. I would have leaned into the original theme more. Really own it.

Beautiful visuals; theme is undistinguished / unmemorable / not BOLD!




I am not a huge fan of this Jeff Russo.

Agreed. He’s a good composer but not a good Trek composer. All of the the series have main title scores that are not memorable and sound similar to each other and anything else on tv, in my opinion.

I haven’t care for any of his Trek work. Too generic.

And, once again, I have to throw something over my lap….BRING. IT. ON.

So on Anson’s instagram… he says that they recorded this while Shatner was in orbit!

That just gave me thrilling Nerd chills. So cool.

Shatner was never in orbit. He was briefly in space, for about 3 minutes, not likely long enough to record the monologue. Maybe they intentionally timed it just right, I don’t know.

That was a suborbital flight, but that’s still awesome to hear!

It took me a decade to love the themes for DS9 and Voyager, this feels like it will grow on me much quicker.

Although, part of me was hoping that, in the same way TNG stole the theme from the TOS movies, SNW would use a re-arranged version of the Giacchino theme from the Abrams movies, which is easily one of the bright spots of that trilogy.

While I rarely warmed to VOYAGER itself, I loved the opening music instantly. It (and the visuals) totally embodied the theme of the show: little ship lost on the edge of the final frontier, far from home. There’s a reason Goldsmith got paid the big bucks: he could set the phone book to music, and it would work. By comparison the SNW theme is *sigh* a muddled mess, only really coming to life when Courage’s music takes over. And the visuals are pretty, but cartoonish. Still hope the best for the show, but these opening titles are a real disappointment.

(That said, I hated Giaccino’s endlessly repetitive theme for Trek 2009, and am delighted that Russo went nowhere near it.)

Yeah, my feelings too. There really isn’t a stand out theme beyond the existing TOS bits. The visuals as well don’t feel grounded. I showed the directors edition of The Motion Picture to a friend Wednesday evening and we were discussing just how bland most special effects are these days. They lack the ingenuity, inspiration and genius of someone like Douglas Trumbull. These artists don’t appear to have any real education or understanding of how these vehicles would actually function, they just know how to use their CGI software to make things move. Are they given an education in movie lenses and the like? Shot composition? I just don’t get that from the effects in this introduction or in the clips of the show I’ve seen so far. Unlike the physical model from TMP this CGI model just doesn’t feel real and with the right textures and attention to lighting / movement, CGI can definitely feel just as real as any physical model.

Giacchino’s is the best Trek theme since TNG, bar none. It’s not even close.

I liked Giacchino’s Star Trek theme most when he re-used it in Doctor Strange ;)

I love the Dr. Strange score but I’ve never heard any Trek 09-like cues in it. Which pieces are you referring to?

And TNG is a re-arrangement of Goldsmith’s TMP score.

You are, of course, welcome to feel that way. Obviously, I don’t, but that doesn’t mean you’re wrong. FWIW there hasn’t been a time I haven’t teared-up during the pre-credits sequence in UP, and a lot of that is due to Giacchino’s music, so my feelings about his work on the Abrams Trek films are nothing personal.

Since the TNG theme just peed all over the TMP theme, sounding offspeed and chintzy by comparison, you’re setting the goalpost crossbar below the actual playing field.

They had to hastily get Goldsmith to rework the TMP theme for TNG after Dennis McCarthy’s original main theme (which sounds like ’70s Saturday morning TV music) was disliked by Roddenberry & Co.

Well, to be honest, McCarthy’s TNG theme is pretty awful.

I didn’t think Goldsmith was involved at all; I remember around the time of TFF somebody asked him about TMP’s use of it and he said he thought it sounded pretty good (then again, JG was always very gracious and forgiving; when somebody asked him about other composers stealing from his work (looking at you, James Horner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), he said he was flattered.

Love Giacchino, his “Incredibles” one of my favorite soundtracks, but yeah, his Star Trek theme disappointed me. It was kinda “down” and gloomy.

I thought that just as TNG used the theme from TMP, “Enterprise” should have used the theme from “First Contact.”

That choice would have actually fit, because FC’s theme is what I consider ‘graduation day’ music (and no, that’s generally not a flattering description, and I apply it to quite a lot of John Williams less edgy work as well as his less intellectual sounding work), and thematically that sort of sound represents what ENT aspired to do.

Absolutely loved it! It’s going to be even better after a few episodes of the show, but I already know I’m gonna get excited for it every time

I’m predicting 30 executive producer credits.

I would not be surprised, but hopefully they return to classic Trek in every way, including the opening credits featuring the cast.

Using everyone’s names is a feature of new Trek. Classic Trek had two names in the first season and only added a 3rd for the 2nd and 3rd season.

What DO all those producers do anyway?

Spectacular opening credits, excellent voiceover by Anson Mount, and awesome remix of the TOS theme!


Interesting that he said “five year mission” instead of changing that part like Picard did. I wonder if that means that the plan is for five seasons, which would still end them a couple of years before TOS.

This version has “five yr mission” AND “where no one” together. It’s a blend of TOS & TNG which is a nod to both while being unique, & I like that. I’d presume they’d welcome it going much further than 5 yrs.

At 10 eps per season, that’s likely 6 months or less than real mission time, so they can go 10 years easily before we’d need to start to question that.

I am so optimistic about this series though, that I am expecting them to shift to major movies at some point — probably after the traditional Trek seven season run.

A bit dangerous going to warp between two moons and a planet!

This is the best opening title that I have seen on any Trek series, all the beauty shots of the Big E set me all a-flutter!!

It comes in third-best for me. Prodigy and Voyager are still above but it’s great!

We need the DS9 and VOY openings in HD!!!!

I haven’t seen Prodigy, and yeah Voyager title is pretty damn good – well except for that part where Voyager has an out of scale reflection from the rings of a planet, that didn’t look right, unless maybe it was a dwarf planet or something….

That’s the first thing I thought about at the end actually. Should they really be going to warp between the moons and the planet? Reminded me the scene in The Last Jedi when they warped the ship into a Star Destroyer to destroy it.

They’ll be millions of miles between them. Plenty of space for a good helmsman.

Cool titles, but I’m a bit confused by the five-year mission part. Ever since Into Darkness introduced the idea that no five-year mission had been completed before (which means certainly not before the divergence point when Nero arrived), I kind of figured the reason Kirk & Co. came back as heroes between TOS and TMP was because they were the first to complete such a mission. If that’s the case, then I’m not sure why Pike’s on a five-year mission. What defines such a mission, especially since he’s been captain since at least 2254, which is 6 years before this show takes place? My interpretation of a five-year mission has been one in which they don’t return to Earth for the duration (barring time-travel episodes like “Tomorrow is Yesterday” and “Assignment: Earth”). If that’s the case, then a five-year mission that begins in 2260 would make sense. And maybe the mission gets cut short when Pike has to confront his fate, paving the way for Kirk’s tenure.

Pike doesn’t meet his fate until after Kirk’s mission begins.

Correct, Legate. 😊

Shhhhh, the current production team doesn’t know that detail. They know Trek at a surface level.

In the prime universe, we don’t know whether Kirk’s Enterprise was the first to successfully complete a five-year mission. It’s never been addressed before on screen. Given that the Enterprise was launched in 2245 under April, and Pike took command in 2250, I think it’s reasonable to assume that there were successful five-year missions before Kirk. But again, we don’t know for sure.

Haha, I know. Was just making a joke.

Into Darkness did not introduce that concept. The novelization to Star Trek The Motion Picture explained that Kirk was the first captain to actually complete the mission and return mostly intact.

Personally that would make it much more interesting to me to see what the hell happened to the rest of the fleet.

Into Darkness is in a different universe.

Discovery has already established that Pike was first officer on the Enterprise under Robert April (2245-2250), when he became the captain. Michael Burnham mentions the Enterprise was away in its five-year mission during the Klingon War, so prévios five-year missions ARE canon. What is NOT canon is the idea that Kirk was the first captain to complete one of those.

To my understanding, the many many Star Trek books are not canon.

even the one written by Roddenberry :| (TMP novelization)

Having just recently reread that book after several years, I have to say THANK GOD.

With the Deltan “oath of celibacy” backstory stuff and the ‘New Humans’ business (both 100% pure Roddenberry), let’s hope TMP isn’t canon.

Didn’t Pike complete two five year missions?

It’s just me, but I like to think that the “Five Year Mission” concept came along later. Originally, the Constitution-class was meant to ‘show the flag’ in Federation and nearby territory. So just because Pike was in command for five or more years doesn’t mean he was given a single mission.

Then something happened that the Federation decided to really push out beyond the confines of its little corner of the Alpha Quadrant. I was hoping Strange New Worlds would set that up, with Pike & Co. starting to see that there are weird and dangerous worlds beyond the Federation and as the series comes to an end the Five Year Mission program is announced. But it seems unlikely now.


Looks phenomenal, the music score is growing on me the more I listen to it. Hopefully they add some sound FX to the final mix.

I had goosebumps every step of the way! LOVE IT!!!!!

Mount’s narration is spot on. The Enterprise is stunning. The music will probably grow on me. There is a space western/adventure feel to it.

Nice to see space looking colourful again. I always preferred the original TOS planet colours and not the remastered toned down ones, even if pink planets aren’t completely realistic.

Nice to see space at all. Picard Season 2 has been Los Angeles Trek.

This gave me goosebumps. Excellent. Hopefully the show will be as good.

It’s like Dr. Seuss designed an intro.

I see the ship.

I see the ship.

I see the ship up close.

I see the ship far away.

I see the ship in green light.

I see the ship in orange light.

Where’s the ship?


Also, the music sounds like someone was trying to play the TOS theme but couldn’t remember how it went past the first half-dozen notes.

So I guess when you see a Monet painting, you just see blotches of paint…

Well, now I do!

Bravo! Chris, do you need some suntan lotion? You just got burned!

If you say so, champ.

You made my weekend. Every time I read this, I start laughing. :D

Heh. I’m usually not a big fan of fan-snark, but aside from the fact that I largely agree, this was pretty funny.

I’m not crying ! YOU’RE crying!

To be fair all the main titles for trek shows have been pretty good for current era trek shows. That’s a positive most of us might agree at least.

Yea, the vast majority of fans are with you on that.

I rather liked (and still like) the Discovery theme music, if not the title design. I very much liked the melancholy of the Picard season 1 theme, but consider season 2 to be a muddle, as (unfortunately) I do this. So, it’s a mixed bag.

The second half of Picard season 2 has left a sour taste in my mouth. I’ve heard people blame covid for the dip in quality of the season but considering the track record of stretching plot threads razor thin in modern live action trek and other lazy writing tropes that I can go on and on about, I’m cautiously optimistic about SNW… and thats to put it mildly.

Here’s to a return of the spirit of classic trek! Fingers crossed!

Can’t blame covid for a dip in quality since so many other show have been hitting it out of the park (Better Call Saul comes to mind) but I think you nailed it: stretching plot threads razor thin. We really didn’t need 10 episodes to tell the story that’s unfolding in Picard season 2.

I love, I mean really, really love, the music and narration. They nailed that!!!

Regarding the E itself, I will withhold judgement until I see more, but three comments:

First, the ship needs a carwash? I mean how does a ship get dirty like that in space, and dust and dirt should fall off in cold vacuum.

Secondly, is it just me, or does space itself seem like there’s a lot of atmosphere and cloudiness that slightly blur most of the space scenes.

Finally, I prefer at least in some scenes with the lighting to see a lighter almost white E (like TMP E’s drydock scene), not a silver E…it looks too much like a silver metal diecast ship to me.

Regardless of these critiques on the E, I am really stoked to get to E1 next week!

Well, I agree with all of this, but when I made similar comments on these forums some time back, you dusted me for it!

It’s a shame, because I mostly like the Eaves design, but the lighting and rendering make the ship look like it’s stitched together out of iron plates. Why couldn’t it have been TMP-beautiful instead?

Hey Michael, well I guess now that I am seeing this in like every freaking scene in the intro, I appreciate your point more. I didn’t see that all the time in DSC, so I may have given it more of a free pass than I should have.

As Fonzie would say, I was “wrooooooooooong” :-)

Well, this is probably a trekmovie first, the three of us agreeing on something. Can I stand the strain?

“I love it when a plan comes together!” :-)

Actually, dust and dirt would “fall” towards the strongest source of gravitational force, which in open space would be the ship.

And that might not be dust. It could be weathering from radiation and heat (we see the Enterprise hull glowing red hot in one sequence.) The Space Shuttles all looked dingy after a couple of re-entries. That was heat weathering, not dirt.

Now that’s a viable point.

NASA has studied this on the space station, and this simply isn’t true. Settling dust is simply not a problem. Keep in mind that dust in space does not settle on surfaces like it does on Earth–it’s not slowly sinking, it hits the surface at relative speeds measured in km/s. Additionally there is very little friction in space in regards to dust attached to the ship, so every time the ship moved only the very very tiniest portions of duck would stick due to the infinitesimal amount of gravity from the ship holding it…unless it’s a truly massive ship (Death Star).

I mean, technically Starfleet ships have shields/navigational deflectors to repel any particles on a collision course.
Then again, any “dirt” would be so small relative to the ship’s size that you probably wouldn’t be able to see it from a distance. So more likely damage to the hull as Thorny suggested.
Or the producers simply made an artistic decision to have the hull look dirty, just like it’s an artistic decision to have smudges on the lenses in space shots or to fog up space shots.

Agreed, let’s go with Thorny’s suggestion so we don’t have to worry about it. :-)

@1:12 in the credits. I slowed the YouTube version down to .25 speed and used a straight edge from the center of the bridge to the perimeter of the saucer. The saucer is rotating around the bridge. I hope this is not a Discovery carryover.

No, that’s just an optical illusion.

That is some insane determination to try and find even the smallest thing wrong to complain about.

Give it a rest. It’s a fairly obvious observation from the observant eye, not a complaint. It’s probably an optical illusion as New Horizon said, or perhaps there is a GoPro behind the bridge filming the Enterprise turning.

That said, I hope that Discovery’s spinning saucer section hasn’t made it into SNW because it was a horrible McGuffin.

DSC’s saucer rotating is Busch League compared to the Trek McGuffin’s of Trek Backwards Time Travel through Sun Slingshot, Katra’s, Warp 14 and Protomotter. LOL

Pretty ship. Lifeless music, with no melodic energy.

Ditto. Very harsh.

Nice. Fine. I liked the closeups. But gravely disappointed they used the “Space the final frontier” bit. They should have left that alone. IF they had to do it this would have been the perfect opportunity to return to the classic “…where no man has gone before.” Instead of the more vague and frankly incorrect, “no one”. Which means they will be be encountering no life forms whatsoever.

I agree. Since aliens are practically everywhere, “no one” is actually inaccurate. If they didn’t want to use the “man” of TOS, they should have at least gone with “human” instead of “one.” More accurate and would have finally corrected TNG’s original politically correct error.

Yep. Even “human” works better if they decided they had to have the narration. Since I knew they wouldn’t have the stones to use the original it was just better to not use it at all.

“Human” is nonsensical. It gets rid of the sexism but it doesn’t include Spock, Hemmer etc… No one is correct, from Starfleet’s POV… Of course you can still say… well, aliens are already there wherever they are going… But then you’d have to say “where no starfleet officer has gone before” and that’s lame… “no one” is the best solution, officially approve by GR himself. And no, it’s not an “error”, it’s a decision, a choice, a message…

I agree. Not sure what the issue is with “one,” unless of course you a dude and/or a real stickler for TOS opening and really just want it to be “man,” but you are not courageous enough to come out and say that, so you look for other minor reasons to criticize “one.”

If someone thinks it should be the masculine form, “man” as in TOS, just say it and stick by your opinion. No need for the gamesmanship. We can accept that opinion, even if many of us we disagree with it.

The problem with your assessment is that it is not a masculine or feminine thing. It is a term that has for ages and ages referred to all humans. There is nothing wrong or sexist about it. Therefore, the change made no sense.

Agree to disagree. No “one” is nonsensical. Always has been. It means they will find no life where they are going. If one is going to decide to abandon the concept that “man” refers to ALL human kind then it is consistent to be just as rigid with the “no one” meaning no one is there. But the fact is when used in this context “man” is hardly a sexist term. It refers to all humans. Period. The same is true of “mankind.” And using “no man has gone before” does not preclude the possibility that Spock or Hemmer or any other non-human. They are still going where no human has gone before. It works the best on every level. Being approved by GR doesn’t help. He’s made plenty of questionable decisions. Including being against the casting of Stewart.

You honestly expect them to withdraw on the inclusion front. changing it back from “one” to “man” in 2022??? And “man” is a double lie: first there are women on board, second, there are loads of aliens on board. So “no one” is the only correct – not just politically correct – version. You could fill in “starfleet officer”, but that’s uninspired.

And no, I’m glad they included the narration. I would have been grievously disppointed if they hadn’t.

I think some older fans would like 1960s gender roles to make a comeback. It was fine to have a woman serving food and coffee as a yeoman or even be a nurse or communications officer, but heaven forbid she be at the helm or a first officer.
At least GR got around the producer’s sexism by having Uhura occasionally take over the nav position when needed. That was pretty cool! By 1987 things had changed appropriately both on set and in the TNG opening narrative.
Btw, in the real world during the 1960s it was common to call human rated spacecraft like Mercury, Gemini and Apollo – manned spacecraft. NASA and other space agencies changed that sometime in the 1980s or 90s. In fact NASA got rid of the Manned Spacecraft Center name for its operations in Houston in the 1970s. It is now known as the Johnson Space Center or JSC.


And I think that some younger fans are too quick to make bad assumptions with little to no information to back up those takes. And many are so very arrogant that they think their view is the one and only “correct” way to see things and as such find it extremely difficult to try and understand other points of view.

I did not expect them to change it back for what I think are obvious reasons. That is why it would have been better to just drop the narration. And no, “man” is not a lie. Using ‘man’ in this context is a part of the language. It refers to all humans. Just like ‘mankind’ does. It is not a term that omits females. The only way you could change it to make sense is to say “where no human has gone before.” Which, as you say, is uninspired.

I actually really like it. The music is fun, the visuals are beautiful. I can’t wait to see it in 4K and on a large TV screen. That’s going to be a treat. I feel the wonder and excitement that the USS Enterprise has always brought me.


As an afterthought memberberry. Meh. This seems to be a thing with these new shows, the Courage’s fanfare is basically “grafted” onto the Discovery’s theme, it doesn’t even fit there, and is followed by that ominous low brass stabs. Bleh.

Happy Friday Everyone! What a great way to begin the weekend!

Great job by Anson Mount and I assumed he was going to get to narrate those famous words and when the Enterprise full view first appears after he says, “Where no one has gone before”… spectacular!

Agree with most of the comments, I liked the visuals of the Enterprise traveling through space and I too thought about them going to warp between planets…. haha too funny! The naysayers will have a field day with that one!

Overall great job, IMHO the visuals of the Enterprise flying through space reminded me of the opening of Voyager and Prodigy! The music was maybe a little underwhelming but I will have to listen and watch a few episodes before I give a verdict.

Btw, I am sure people are happy it didnt start with, It’s Been a Long Road! (Although it really has – 1964 to 2022)

Absolutely LOVE the visuals, and the narration. The theme leaves me utterly cold, a soulless mechanical echo of prior greatness. This is no future classic theme alas. Fingers crossed the actual in-episode scoring is far stronger, colourful and less synthetic sounding,

Wow. I like it. Its a good and strange mix of all previous Trek shows, 50+ years into one song. I feel the new, the past, present, and future. This is actually very cool.

If I was a teenager now, listening to this theme would seriously push me to join USSF. Maybe is the military drum beat and my joy to be a fan. Like Picard Season 2 Opening theme, I hear more military less diplomacy, and I think that is very accurate for our current domestic issues.

I need to listen to this song all week. It is a weird and fascinating variant. I can hear TOS, TNG, Voyager, Discovery, Prodigy, Enterprise Parallel Universe, all into one song!

Visuals, same vibes. I see a Voyager and Prodigy. In one of the shots, the ship is moving exactly like the NX-01 Enterprise. :D

Anson Mount is the highlight. I actually enjoy his voice over. It is powerful. You could clearly tell he is very proud to be leading this show. And he is truly enjoying to be the new captain.

Can’t wait for next week. Look forward to watching Picard finale and Strange New Worlds premiere!!! 🖖🏼

Yes, the scenes feel like a sequel to ENT. I wonder if the theme-song of ENT fits to these scenes? 🤔😉

Very likely, at some point a YouTuber will upload the Enterprise version!

trekcore did it over on their twitter and it fits perfectly

It’s lacking the “oomph” that many of the other Trek themes have, especially since it heavily uses the original TOS composition. For all the movie’s faults, Giacchino’s version nails it, I wish they either just used that or something closer to that.

I only listened to it on a laptop, but perhaps Mount’s voice also needs a bit of extra reverb or something else to make it pop a bit more.

I think he’s trying to set his version apart from Shatner’s and Stewart’s. He’s going to be the most mellow of the Enterprise captains. And I mean all this in a good way.

I was not a big fan of Giacchino’s theme (IMO it would fit a western (yeah yeah I know, TOS is a space western), it didn’t have that sci-fi vibe that Goldsmith themes have), but I’ve gotta hand it to him – it’s catchy and memorable.

Is the end of that short doc full of new images and scenes? Maybe I hadn’t seen those, but they look soooooooooo sweet.

My inner geek approves….


Opening narration: so so glad it’s there. But it’s very bland in its execution. No wonder or excitement, which is a missed opportunity.

Visuals: stunning (perhaps a bit too Prodigy/cartoony)

Music: beige. The driving rhythm is great, but there is no theme. No melody. It doesn’t go anywhere. Again, missed opportunity.

Overall, there are some really good bits, but it doesn’t hang together. It stinks of committee writing. It’s not bad by any means. But it’s just a bit……meh.

I don’t want to sound negative, and I am more excited about SNW than any modern Trek. I just feel they could have done better.

Effects look great, with some shots seemingly taken right off the covers of those classic Trek book covers from the 70’s and 80’s. Anson Mount’s recitation of the Star Trek creed is well read. Theme music is meh to me; the variations on the classic theme work to varying effect and the whole just feels like less than the sum of its parts.

The big question is the quality of the writing which is what this show will ultimately live and die on. My hope is that the more episodic nature of the show will make it easier to move past shows that maybe don’t work as well and that we at least have a few memorable episodes sprinkled in there. I’m not holding my breath given the creative team’s track record but I do sincerely hope they get it right.

Those textures on the hull are horrendous!

Agreed ! Some really bizarre choices were made to make everything look so embossed and dirty, the hull plating looks really strange, dark and gappy, but yet also shiny and reflective? The motion of the ship as it flies past is also kinda lifeless and static, they could’ve done with some more motion blurs to give it some more life. Overall I get video game vibes from this, and not in a good way.

Really hope they get the time to re-do some of these shots; 00:45- 00:58 in particular.
It’s giving me season 1 of discovery effects quality.

i am a StarTrek fan from the very first days of TOS. these characters are a part of my life. i know there are many who feel that way as well. thank you for making the circle complete.

Jeff Russo has had the unenviable task of composing three – four? Is it four? -new Star Trek theme songs in roughly as many years. I think he’s done very well distinguishing between them, although he loves his string sections, which is honestly refreshing after the brass-centric Berman years (which I also love, and I play a brass instrument).

This time around, he’s keeping the rhythm of the TOS melody but changing the notes. A nice little solution for an immediate prequel.

And the twinkle at the end is cute af.

Three: Discovery, Picard and Strange New Worlds.
Chris Westlake composed the Lower Decks main theme.
Michael Giacchino composed the Prodigy main theme.

I don’t quite understand why Secret Hideout is so enamored with Jeff Russo. His work is nothing to write home about in my opinion. Picard Season 1 is probably his best work, but they bastardized it with Season 2.

The theme is just OK, but I love everything else. I like the closeups and how big they made the ship look.

This is the best opening title and theme of all the new Star Trek series. I liked how they mixed in the original theme with new music. They are really going for a nostalgia feel with this.

It’s pretty good in my opinion. But Jeff Russo is no Jerry Goldsmith. Voyager’s theme is in an entirely different league.

Glad to hear those words again and this time from Captain Pike. I was hoping for the narratiojn from the Early Voyages comics, but this will do. Spock already said a variation of these words in the movies.

The opening theme feels a little like the remix modern Doctor Who opening to me: the original is there, but a bit off. Yes, I understand remixes, and I get that this is a different generation of the ship’s crew, but it will take a little getting used to. For me at least.

I think the opening monologue is a little flat and needs more conviction.

By ‘a little flat’ I mean Sir Patrick’s had more gusto. Shatner’s was a little matter-of-fact, and I understand context, so I’d like I little more verve, but that’s just me.

Anyone think some of the CGI is off a little? Some parts of it look like out of a 90s sci Fi bmovie…other parts look amazing.

Think Picard still had the best opening theme song out of all new trek…this one is similar to discovery…it’s ok, not earth shattering

The opening score feels a little New Who to me.

No, I find the CGI to be off a whole lot, not a little. Some of these vendors have done stupendous, credible yet dazzling work, but not for Trek. These show look horrible. The Borg cube in Picard wasn’t even up to the level of a 90s video game, and DSC’s ship stuff in the seasons I watched was excrement. Why is everything so mushy and dirty-looking and blue? They’re in a vaccum — in SPACE!

I don’t know somewhere between the Abrams movies and the start of Discovery the visual effects of Trek got muddled. I mean Trek used pride itself on the quality of its visual effects back in TNG days, while having the occasional cheesy bits, the effects almost always had that smooth clean edge. After Discovery it seems like the edict for the space shots is to make them more fuzzy, dirty and less clear. The ship CGI effects also leave a lot to be desired, maybe they should have done what The Orville did in its first season and built a model of the ships and get a better idea of size and movement from those models and incorporate them into the final CGI models.

I find the CGI of the Enterprise in DSC season 2 looked better. Altough I like that they changed the design a since then a bit to get closer to the TOS-Enterprise.

I keep thinking this weird look is very intentional; there’s no reason for things to look this bad otherwise, given the tools and the talent involved. And unlike the way it was back in the 90s, by now CG people have been educated with photographic art understanding as well as computer knowledge, so factors like depth of field and contrast and real-world stuff should be baked in to their worldview — as should the fact that space is black and a vacuum, not a dirty fishtank. Sometimes this stuff looks like seaQuest through a dirty screen door.

YES!!!!!!!! Finally!!! GOT! IT! RIGHT!!!!!!!