See Kid Detmer In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery: Adventures In The 32nd Century’ #3

This week IDW is releasing two Star Trek comics, with new issues from the Adventures in the 32nd Century and Mirror War series. And we have five-page previews for both comics arriving tomorrow.

Star Trek: Discovery—Adventures in the 32nd Century #3 (of 4)

Written by Mike Johnson, art by Angel Hernandez.


The exclusive comics tie-in to the hit show continues here! The spotlight falls on Lt. Commander Detmer, as she faces a new threat to Discovery and its crew that only she can handle!

Cover A:

A cover by Angel Hernadez

Variant cover:

RI cover by Aaron Harvey

Five-page preview: 

Star Trek: The Mirror War #6 (of 8)

Written by David Tipton & Scott Tipton, art by Gavin Smith.

The Empire launches a dual attack on the standing Cardassian-Klingon Armada and the Klingon homeworld, with Picard and the I.S.S. Enterprise as the tip of the spear, headed for Cardassia…

A cover:

A cover by JK Woodward

B cover:

B cover by Amanda Madriaga

NOTE: There is also a retail incentive cover variant cover by Mark Alvarado.

Five-page preview: 

New comics arriving Wednesday

Star Trek: Discovery—Adventures in the 32nd Century #3 and Star Trek: The Mirror War #6 will be released on May 4, each at a retail price of $3.99. You can pre-order each. Discovery: 20% discount at TFAW or digital edition at Amazon/comiXology) or Mirror War: 20% discount at TFAW or digital edition at Amazon/comiXology)

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The First Comic.. is that No Man Sky meets Star Trek Discovery?

The War… Guys, even in Star Trek do not post your entire life on Spacebook. Stolen ID can break your necks, even there

I got to say, Kid Detmer on a mission of exploration in the 23rd century seems a great read (and looks great in TOS colors)… hopefully they can bring some of that to the 32nd century

aaawwww…no look at the space orca’s?

Fascinating. I can imagine that story being a basis for a future preschool Star Trek show on Nickelodeon in the same vein as Dora the Explorer.