Watch: New Trailer For ‘The Orville: New Horizons’

The third season of The Orville is on our list of most anticipated things for 2022, and it is arriving in less than a month. And today Hulu revealed the first trailer.

New Horizons trailer

The new season is being called “New Horizons” by Hulu, the new home for the series which ran for two seasons on Fox.

Check out the brand new trailer…

The Orville: New Horizons premieres Thursday, June 2, 2022. The new season will consist of ten episodes which will be longer (60 minutes+) than when the show was on broadcast television. New episodes will be released weekly only on Hulu in the USA. Internationally The Orville is also on Star on Disney+ in select markets.

Here is the official synopsis:

Set 400 years in the future, “The Orville: New Horizons” finds the crew of the U.S.S. Orville continuing their mission of exploration, as they navigate both the mysteries of the universe and the complexities of their own interpersonal relationships.

The New Horizons ensemble cast includes Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, J. Lee, Mark Jackson, Chad L. Coleman, Jessica Szohr, and Anne Winters.

Hulu also released this new key art today…

ICYMI: Sneak Peek

In February Hulu released this sneak peek at the opening for the first episode of the season.

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Looks better than previous seasons. Can’t believe that they still have on the cast that creepy bad actor with the red hair and beard — looks like someone out of a cheap fan production. He always takes me out of the show.

May watch the next time I do Hulu for a couple months.

You know, it’s so much a copy of Trek now that Paramount should just buy and fund the show and put it on P+.

Scott Grimes? He’s one of the funnier actors on the show. And he’s great on American Dad.

I get it, you’re not a Scott Grimes fan. But I don’t think he’s creepy or a bad actor – I also don’t think he “looks like someone out of a cheap fan production.”

He was in Band of Brothers and a bunch of stuff since — and, as a kid, he was on TNG (sure, most of his scenes were cut).

Yeah, he’s neither creepy nor a bad actor. Scott Grimes is a nice guy who’s hilarious. Calling him creepy is just trolling.

I’ll have to agree with you on this one Lorna.

I have no problem with Scott Grimes either. First saw him as a kid in Critters.

It’s simply my personal opinion in reacting to the character and actor’s work.

If it makes someone’s day to score points here by claiming that is “trolling” then I am truly happy to give them a congratulatory pat on the back — “winning!” lol

Got to give him credit: he married Adrianne Palicki in real life.

And divorced like a week later.


Yea, there is that! Good point!

Scott Grimes can’t be *too* creepy considering that he was/maybe still is married to Adrianne Palicki.


Looks like someone realized turning the camera that you can see a display is more visually exciting that a guy standing in front of a door. Too bad SNW does it better with functional display screens… and is actually about exploring the unknown and the final frontier.
But uh… TNG does make good comedy so might have an audience. I do like Lower Decks.
They should make fun of some really bad political analogies and some nonsensical time loops. Like have the Captain not feel bad at all about the time he destroyed a PU fleet on behalf an evil collective or left the Romulans all too die while he obsessed about AI synths that he pretty much used as slaves, or save everyone from World War 3 but instead go back in time to see his aunt or something and give her a pep talk.

I have been a lurker for years now but never felt the need to post because you guys already say most of what I think. Congrats, you’re the one to finally make me post! Good job!

What’s not a so good job is you bashing TNG and time travel in EVERY. SINGLE. POST. you make. We get it, you don’t like that and that’s perfectly ok. But you constantly bashing it in threads that have nothing to do with TNG or time travel is really annoying.

That being said, have a nice day and hi everybody :P (and I can’t wait for The Orville season 3. It looks awesome!)

Apologies but I feel after Enterprise and Discovery that you have to really hit the writers again and again to get a point across. I recommend you just ignore my posts if it isn’t striking a nerve.
Did Picard season 2 learn the mistakes of season 1? No.
Did Discovery learn the mistakes of ignoring the prequel concept of Enterprise? No.
It’s only after total bashing time and time again that you get a SNW and even then you know there is some writer that is like “let’s have Pike play detective in a holodeck all episode!” and “you know what would be cool, going back in time again and again to reset the episode that nothing really matters before ex deus machina with 500 other starships shows up to save the day!”
If you aren’t that writer, awesome, just ignore the posts.

I admit that I know where you are coming from. One of the reasons I lurk and don’t post is because I absolutely HATE the writing on Discovery. I loathe it with all my beings! lol And I know I wouldn’t shut up about it and would be repeating the same things over and over.

And don’t get me started on Picard. Unlike you, I really like time travel stories when well done (and I admit it’s not well done most of the time in general, not just Trek) and season 2 of Picard was absolutely horrible.

And that’s why I am looking forward to The Orville. I wasn’t a really big fan of season 1 because of the stupid jokes (I really like humor in things I watch but I don’t like MacFarlane’s humor, generally speaking), but season 2 was great and I expect season 3 to be even better.

The only thing the Orville is lacking, is time travel! :P

Actually there was a phenomenal two-parter near the end of Season 2 of Orville where they did time travel involving Adrianne Palecki’s character. It was written so much better than Picard S2. You really believed in what was at stake and what was needed to reset the timeline.

As Orville has gone on the comedy has gotten less and the acting and drama have gotten better. Then you factor in Frakes directing episodes, Brannon Braga as a producer, and appearances by numerous Trek actors, and what you have is an episodic Star Trek series by another name.

““let’s have Pike play detective in a holodeck all episode!”

LOL, awesome!

The comedy and drama never worked well together on this show. Other shows like Stargate or Farcape did it so much better. Especially the references to 20th/21st century pop culture feel out of place. Might give it a try, but this show is mostly just boring.

Long trailer. But it didn’t hook me. They are heading deeper into the TNG homage instead of doing more of what worked for them in season one. They need to lean into the jokes more. A lot more. Set them apart from what we’ve seen before.

So still not getting Hulu for this.

Can’t really speak for others but the comedy is the one thing that doesn’t really work about this show. It always feels like it’s forced into the script at the last minute or was an ad-lib on set. I for one am glad they turned it down for the seconds season and we got way better episodes for it.

I feel like this is the Fan consensus but I could be wrong there of course.

Sascha I agree with you 100%. Most of the comedy felt out of place. I don’t know who writes their episodes, but S2 was better than Picard or Discovery.

The show was sold based on the comedy. That was how it was marketed. And it did work. When they removed the comedy it just became a TNG clone. Sure, it was better than what Secret Hideout was doing. But it was not what was sold and it lost the main element that set it apart from Trek and other sci-fi. Jokes that worked. Based on what we saw in the first two LDX seasons I’d wager that there were more laughs in the first season of The Orville than there will be in how ever many seasons LDX runs. That is the show Seth should have helmed. It for sure would have been tons better. Assuming AK didn’t limit Seth and the writing staff’s imaginations.

I thought it was going to be 11 episodes. When did that change? As of today, the Wikipedia page still says 11.

wiki is wrong. It originally was 11 but ended up as 10 after covid shutdown/restart

Oh. Thanks.

While I am here, I’d like to tell you how much I enjoy your reviews. As I said in an earlier post, I lurk here since I found your reviews a few years ago and got hooked on the humor, little jabs and great analysis. I also really liked the funny picture captions, but I get how it must be a lot of work finding something funny that might not be worth it after all. Well, it was worth it to me and I miss them! lol But good job!

Ok, I am finished sucking up, let’s get back to lurking! Or not, we’ll see :P

Final season. Enjoy.

Last I checked, it wasn’t about volume, it was about quality. Do they not get to ‘win’ unless they get to 178 eps or 7 seasons or something?

Quality is a very subjective term.

Where does it say final season?

A recent article here said there are currently “no plans” for a fourth season. Seth MacFarlane has other projects that demand his attention, one of them apparently a TV version of the “Ted” movies (foul-mouthed talking teddy bear). Also, I’m not sure of the correct terminology but the article also said that last summer the actors were “released” from their contracts or obligations or something.

SNW is fun, but this is still my favourite modern Trek show – followed by LD and Prodigy (SNW’s place on the list is still TBD).

I hope they don’t totally abandon the comedy.

This isn’t a Trek show.

Exactly. You can wish it for this and Galaxy Quest but they’re not Trek, just accept it for what it is. Also that “and may the Force be with you” line was….whew…yeah… I admit, this show filled a void for some people but with SNW and Lower Decks, they check off both boxes of what this show was trying be at first and now have pivoted to. Just my thoughts though, happy for everyone who love it and are looking forward to the 3rd season. Babylon 5 was ultimately good for Star Trek and I’m sure when you crunch the numbers or look at polls, The Orville is the same for Trek now.

No one needs to “accept” anything. A person can call it whatever they want, and you have no say in it. Move on.

That really depends on how you look at it. It’s not a Trek show when it comes to the IP or the series continuity. But in spirit it it definitely is one for me.

If you take something like discovery that have the IP but don’t fit into the established continuity and don’t have the spirt, all you’re left with is the IP, which is arguably the least important thing for the enjoyment of a show.

Well… They all but abandoned the comedy in season 2. The few gags that appeared in the trailer were awful. So I’d say it is likely they abandoned the comedy completely.

Which is most unfortunate. The comedy in season 1 was the best part of the show.

A neat time to be alive with 3 flavours of (live action) Trek — Nostalgia Trek: The Orville, Strange New Worlds, Trauma Trek: Discovery, and Nostalgia Trauma Trek: Picard (though signaling a move to pure NT now that JL has resolved his issues about Maman and the Romulan whatever.)

What about Star Trek Prodigy?

Geez, I’m the one who is usually airing his conflicted feelings about Seth MacFarlane and hating on Family Guy. But after not loving season 1 of this show, I have no qualms about saying this looks marvelous. The production values are great, I’ve developed some affection for the cast (Norm MacDonald’s last performance!), the storyline got some real stakes last season and they look to be kicking that up again this year. Trailer is kinda just taking the same general epic togetherness tact as SNW did in its marketing, but it works.

Norm MacDonald’s last performance!

I just wanted to mention (since you seem to be a Norm fan based on this) that it was revealed he taped a final Netflix special in secret before he died so look forward to one last laugh fest from Norm..

Wow that trailer was VERY impressive! Always liked the show but never really gung-ho about it. But season 2 was a huge improvement over season 1 (which I thought was mostly OK) and this one looks like it will be bigger and more serious than the first two. If so, I’m more up for it. It is feeling more and more like Star Trek. I feel this will be the show’s last year, but hope I’m wrong if they knock it out of the park!

I’m loving the feel of this show, and agree that the second season was a huge improvement to an already very fun first season! Hoping and praying for lots mOReVILLE!!! 😁

A good number of TNG vets working behind the scenes on Season three of The Orville, that new Bridge has had Doug Drexler all over it! 🙂

Any news on Australian release? It used to be on SBS Free-to-Air here but I’m assuming that will be no more. Why no mention from Disney+ for downunder?

Two Words: Can’t Wait.

Somebody needs to take a THREE KINGS approach to space battles, where you limit the shots and aren’t drowning in explosions and every damn hit counts so you feel it, like the can opener shot in TWOK (I know that sounds like the limitations TNG had in early seasons, but so be it.) This is all so much overkill, and it seems like the credibility in the visuals is the only thing that is taking a real hit. Color me disappointed, and that’s coming from somebody who liked a fair amount of s1 and some of s2.

Seth would’ve made a proper showrunner for Nu-Trek, in my humble opinion. And bring the Okudas into it. People that KNOW it, and love it.

That I can certainly agree with. I would love to see how he ran Star Trek. And the Okudas are back on Picard season 3 at least, so that’s a great thing! In fact a lot of the old guard is working on that show now and yes, it definitely shows (even if the quality of the stories are pretty lackluster). Fingers crossed for season 3!

Seth should have been the driving force behind LDX. The show very likely would have been funny.

I dunno if I’d go that far. The war storyline is working and his reverence and attitude are delightful, but some of those plots of the week and one-liners make Voyager look like The Sopranos in comparison.

Do the special effects in The Orville look better than what we’re getting in ST: Picard and ST: Strange New Worlds?

There was a thread about that awhile back. Some thought it looked like trash others like myself thought they looked ok.

I absolutely think so.

I was re-watching SNW’s premiere earlier this week and I noticed a “different look” to the FX used in the epilogue when the Enterprise was docked at the Starbase with the biospheres.
It may have been my imagination, but Quite honestly it reminded me of vintage science fiction artwork. Some may have thought it was poor looking and archaic, but I thought it looked really fantastic. Just my 2 cents worth!

With SNW out this kinda looks redundant now. The momentum has pretty much fizzled out at this point which is a shame because it was a decent show. Oh well.

I disagree. I find The Orville still leaps and bounds more fun, and very worthy of the Trek moniker that a large part of the fan base bestowed on this “parody” that easily holds its own. If anything, SNW feels like they’re heavily influenced by the direction that McFarlane dared to take with his iteration, but still weighed down a bit by the disaster that is Discovery. I’ll always have my fingers crossed for more of this feel-good show!

And I must disagree I find the characters boring and their quirks and personalities cringy, and writing that has a story where the m shows main faction is destroyed just because two main characters don’t go on a date is just poor.
The large part of the fanbase believe it or not isn’t YouTube or on the internet all the time, most trek fans i know roll their eyes when you say the orville, truth is the show could have been so much more if it did it’s own thing but when fans start wanting to call it Star Trek because they can’t accept new trek isn’t the same as the 90s Trek the show was shoved on a path where it will never be able to stand on its own without being labelled the Star Trek fan show.

“most trek fans i know roll their eyes when you say the orville”

Most Trek fans I know roll their eyes at Trek fans that roll their eyes when you say “The Orville”… 😉

Seriously though, is “fans start wanting to call it Star Trek because they can’t accept new trek isn’t the same as the 90s Trek” supposed to be an argument against the fact that a good amount of the two franchises’ fan base is _shared_ because what _appeared_ to have started out as a parody has in many people’s eyes done a better job at carrying on the essence of a brighter vision of our future than “new Trek” has done since Discovery almost eliminated that most crucial part of Trek through the most pathos-laden, abysmal excuse of writing?

And with ALL of their excessive talk of “butterflies” this latest season on Picard, I’d say that The Orville has effectively done a far superior job at showing (not just telling!) the sci-fi concept of the butterfly effect with the very example you give, of two people’s second date not happening having the potential of altering EVERYBODY’S future in the most extreme of ways! 🦋

Agree to disagree, then?! 🤷‍♂️

We were enjoying it in our household but a three year hiatus between seasons is a lot.

More, since in Canada the only way to see it is on Disney+, we’ll probably wait and drop another streaming subscription and pick up Disney for a few months.

If streamers thought they were going to reduce churn, so far it’s not working in our household. Amazon Prime is the only one we keep year round and that’s because we need it for shopping delivery to get quick delivery out to some extended family.

Wow, it’s been a long time. Looking so forward to more Orville, the show that always leaves me with a smile on my face. After what became of DSC and PIC, I appreciate this show even more.

Wholeheartedly agree! 🖖😁

Wow, that is a great trailer. S3 looks like a massive improvement iver what we saw in S1, but considering it’s been over 3 years since the S2 finale, I guess the post production values should look fantastic.
SNW, ObiWan and The Orville all premiering in about month. Pretty cool!
Haha Seth sounds like he had a voice makeover for S3, sounding very captain-like. Not unlike Captain Pike in SNW. Definitely, not like Stewie or Peter Griffin haha!

Pretty cool the way they put Yaphit in a space suit. R.I.P. Norm Macdonald.

I was wondering what they are going to do about Yaphit.

I guess kill him off or say that he left to be on another ship. Maybe Dana Carvey could do the voice.

Norm voiced Death on Family Guy one time but when Norm didn’t return (not sure why) Adam Corola took over.

Best star trek on tv right now.

Have to admit the Ozymandias reading is a little cringe inducing. I really love “The Orville”, but it can be inconsistent. From dull interpersonal story episodes that seem to only entertain Seth McFarlane, to big VFX-laden episodes and some fun sci-fi ideas. The trailer does make this feel like a farewell season. Even if it’s not, it’s going to be years before they come back to it again.

It feels like it might be serialized… not a fan of that

I’m looking forward to this final season airing so my favorite Star Trek site can stop covering this show.

Or you can just make the individual choice not to click on the threads with Orville in the title. I know, not easy, but it can done with a little willpower. And guess what, you’re still getting Star Trek news just the same!

What!? A Trailer that you can watch outside the US … someone should tell P+ that this is indeed possible …

As for the Trailer itself: it’s not the most well put together trailer but after a pretty good first and a good second season I’m still optimistic for this.

The Orville has felt more like Trek to me than anything Paramount/CBS has done. The Orville captures the humanity of Trek better.

Personally, can’t wait for this and hope they end up changing their minds and do a S4.

Very nice