See Linus Come Of Age In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery: Adventures In The 32nd Century’ #4

This week IDW wraps up the Adventures in the 32nd Century mini-series with the fourth and final issue. And we have five-page preview for the Linus-focused comic.

Star Trek: Discovery—Adventures in the 32nd Century #4 (of 4)

Written by Mike Johnson, art by Angel Hernandez.


The exclusive comics tie-in to the hit show concludes here. It’s finally time for Linus to shine! Discovery’s enigmatic science officer proves to be much more than just the average Saurian in this original tale of the far future.


There will be two covers: A cover by Angel Hernandez, and a retail incentive cover variant cover by Aaron Harvey.

A cover by Angel Hernandez

RI cover by Aaron Harvey

Five-page preview: 

New comic arrives Wednesday

Star Trek: Discovery—Adventures in the 32nd Century #4 will be released on June 8 at a retail price of $3.99. You can pre-order each. Discovery: 20% discount at TFAW or digital edition at Amazon/comiXology.

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Great! Maybe this will make up for the disappointments that were issues 1 and 2 since it’s about a character worth reading about.

Lorna Dune, in principle all the characters are or should be “worth” reading about.

I would like to know more about all the background stew are in Discovery, but this seems the only venue where it will happen in a way that shows us who they are.

Somehow Discovery is still struggling to show, rather than tell, us who their large ensemble of characters are.

I’ve been rewatching Discovery S4 with one of our teens and we’re about have way through. Contrasting it with SNW, it seems so slow paced (when it was like a bullet in its early seasons).

I quite enjoyed the season but there still need to be adjustments to the way that characters are revealed. Nothing is lacking in the skills of any of the cast, but they are often struggling to deliver dumps of character exposition that are out of place in the action.

All that room to breathe still somehow ends up giving us stilted speeches of character backstory. It feels like paragraphs out of the show’s bible are being given to the characters to read.

Even the season’s antagonist largely told us over and over what his personal loss and motivation were. The flashback helped, but it wasn’t as compelling as it might have been.

Likewise in the episode about the cadets, my teen was writhing when Tilly forced them to stop to explain to one another their origins to get past their prejudices. It was entirely appropriate for the moral lesson of that specific episode, but because it happens all the time in Discovery, my teen was impatient and exasperated rather than engaged in the outcome.

I loved issue 1 but I love Grudge,lol. Issue 2 was ok,still not gotten issue 3 yet. Gotta wait till I get to the US again and get both issue 3 and of course this one,since Linus is my favorite character. They should’ve kept this going,I’d love an issue 5 with Reno,for instance.

I luv Linus! He’s a joy every time he’s on screen & we need more. David Benjamin Tomlinson does such a great job!

Should be interesting to read. Can’t wait to get my hands on this issue. Linus seems like a interesting character and the most interesting one since Saru.

I really enjoyed this one. Unfortunately most of these have lacked any substance, but this one gives us genuine insight into the character of Linus, a good story, and some really touching moments.

I just wish it was longer, and that the other issues actually had some substance like this one.

Makes me wonder if in the future Linus never got to meet with the Voth of maybe the Voth never came back to Earth. I hope it is the former rather than the later.

Maybe we find out the Voth were part of the Federation, we just haven’t been back in contact with them yet. Linus would make an interesting re-Contact specialist.