Toymaker TOMY To Make 32-Inch Die-Cast ‘Star Trek’ USS Enterprise Weighing 20 Pounds

TOMY International is jumping into Star Trek with something big… and heavy. The toymaker has announced a die-cast model for the USS Enterprise that they hope to deliver next year if they can gather enough pre-orders through a crowdfunding campaign that kicks off today.

20 pounds of Enterprise

TOMY has announced a new collaboration with Paramount to develop a number of Star Trek products, starting with a limited edition highly-detailed 1/350 scale premium die-cast U.S.S. Enterprise model from The Original Series. Made of 90% die-cast metal, the model includes precision detailing and decorations with over 70 LED lights and a premium stand with collector packaging. The Enterprise model measures 32″ and weighs almost 20 lbs.

TOMY 32″ die-cast USS Enterprise

The lights replicate the effects seen in the series, including a lit hangar bay, bridge lights, and glowing impulse drive. “This TOMY Prestige Select crowd-funded NCC-1701 Enterprise will be the centerpiece of any avid Star Trek fan’s collection,” said Bill Walters, SVP Brand Leader of TOMY International. “The quality of this die-cast replica, based on the 11-foot TV series NCC-1701 Star Trek Enterprise on exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute, is over 32 inches long and weighs in nearly 20 pounds.”

This video shows off the prototype with the lights in action.

TOMY designers worked with modeler and Star Trek consultant Gary Kerr, who consulted on the 2016 Smithsonian restoration project for the original Enterprise model. “This model represents the culmination of my 30+ years of research and data related to the studio model,” said Kerr. “The saucer separation capability, designed with input from well-known starship designers, sets this model apart from all previous efforts. The level of detail, saucer separation, working lights, and overall die-cast metal construction demonstrate extraordinary attention to detail.”

The stand accommodates for saucer separation display

The TOMY U.S.S. Enterprise will be priced at $599 USD (continental United States only). They have begun a crowdfunding campaign today for pre-orders, which runs from June 7, 2022 to July 8, 2022. Pre-orders will only be charged in July if they reach the goal of 5,000 pieces ordered. Production will begin in the fall with deliveries scheduled for the summer of 2023. You can register your pre-order now at

TOMY plans more Star Trek products across several collector toy categories, including other crowd-funded Starships, die-cast vehicles, and collector plush.

TOMY 32″ die-cast USS Enterprise

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That seam where the saucer separates ruins it, especially for $600.

That’s kind of a thing for me too…I mean it’s a cool idea but can’t help but be distracted by it. If there were an option…would be nice.

I emailed Tomy about that- they said the seam will be much less pronounced on the production model.

Haha same! Just got the e-mail back today. So need to think about it, wish there was a way to power it externally and I keep getting distracted by the saucer separation line as well but maybe it will be lessened in final.

You know, if I ever found myself single again, I probably would. And then build a whole Trek media room around it.

If I ordered this I might find myself single again…


Honey, I’m ordering a twenty pound model of the Starship Enterprise. $600 bucks, plus shipping (I’m assuming).
My @$$!! <fade to black, losing consciousness >

Me too… I feel your pain.

LOL!!! Me too!

My God that’s a big… amount of money.

In a world where brass replica steam train locomotives run $750 and the individual train cars run a few hundred each, this isn’t an extraordinary indulgence.

It doesn’t require taking over a garage or half a basement either.

Just saying….

Really? 600 bucks for a 32 inch die cast replica is a lot? I think QMX is charging like 10 grand for their Star Trek replicas. Compared this 600 bucks Tomy replica is a steal.

I don’t like the huge seam on the saucer either but as a DC-area resident, I can tell you that paint job is 100% museum-accurate to the real 11 foot model.

For $600 that’s actually…not bad a price point at all. Especially when you consider price of commissioning a build of a 1/350 Polar Lights kit with lights (will set you back at least $1k, maybe even $2k). Also consider the ridiculous prices of the large-scale QMX ships from years ago, which ran from $5k-10k.

Now convincing my spouse that this is a good idea for me to purchase? That’s a whole other matter :)

Continental US only……that’s me stuffed as I am I’m in the UK!

I hear your pain Doug… I’m in Canada. What gives?? Guess that leaves all us Trekkies anywhere outside the U.S. stranded at Starbase 1 !!

I always seen these complaints, yet there and multiple shipping/forwarding services that will give you a U.S. purchase address and then ship you any legal product overseas. It’s not rocket science.

Maybe it’s a problem with the video or pix, but the engine nacelle colors are really weird and completely wrong. For $600, this model should closely match the lighting effects of the original.

I’m sure it will. You can’t go by screen accuracy. I’m sure they didn’t color correct any of the images. Plus this is a prototype so I am sure things will improve if/when they go into production.

Talking about saucer separation, I wonder if we’ll ever see that actually happen in SNW?

I don’t understand the affection for die-cast metal. That requires large seams, soft detail, and excessive weight (though admittedly it also provides strength). I’d be happier with a high quality plastic material that could capture sharper detail. Hopefully the soft detail won’t be so obvious with the large scale of this model.

If they did.this for the movie version it the Enterprise D, I’d be tempted. I say this as someone that doesn’t tend to collect Star Trek memorabilia.

Looks more accurate than my Master Replicas model, and comes in about $400.00 cheaper. Not wild about the design of the stand, but it seems like a pretty good buy to me.

Really? I thought the MS Enterprise was pretty accurate. It looks like an incredible piece.

I wished I could have purchase it back then, but unfortunately I was still in college and could no way afford it. Hopefully if this campaign goes through this will make up for that miss!

Where do you find this more accurate than MR? I also own one and I was thinking the opposite. Maybe the paint job is closer, but that’s about it. Obviously the shooting model had no saucer separation line, which I find a major distraction. The bridge turboshaft is too high compared to the shooting model (even if more accurate for a 947′ interior layout). The use of metal also introduces distracting seams and exaggerated recesses for the saucer lighting. I agree it’s a decent buy for the price, but overall I think MR did a better job.

they should make an Enterprise-D version….it’d be 1/2 to a 1/3 the cost of the DIY Eaglemoss one

NCC 1701-D had a saucer that could separate, but since when was that the case for the original E or even the refit Enterprise… ? Who’s bright idea was this? All it does is severely hampers the esthetics of the model…

Gene Roddenberry originally wanted saucer separation as a feature on The Enterprise, but since it was cost prohibitive FX wise he gave up on the idea.

So introducing that feature in the model is away the creators are recognizing Gene’s original intentions.

The saucer separation was planned for TMP (or maybe even Phase II?), therefore it makes sense.
And since TNG used leftover-ideas from Phase II, this is one of these.

Maybe they could show it on Strange New Worlds?

Of course it’s not open to any other country in the world. You’d have hit your goal already if you were.

So true so true. I think the amount to ship worldwide was probably logistically/cost prohibitive? I don’t know but I agree they should have made it open to people internationally. I mean why not Canada or Europe? Or Asia since that’s where it will be made anyway.

Sounds amazing! If I still collected Star Trek merchandise, this would definitely be on my list. But for $600, that’s more of a bucket list lol.

Love the idea but as a model builder I’m going to build, paint and light up a 1:350 PL enterprise anyway so I’ll pass. Now if I had no taken I would totally preorder.

As soon as they have a Refit Enterprise – I’m there!!!!

Would have ordered it imediately, but I’m not in the US

Catering only to the US market. I would have backed this but no shiping to Canada is pretty lame :(

I’d pay this much for the refit 32″.

Weird choice thought to do this in metal?

I can’t afford it. But, I would rather spend the 600 on this than the 400 on the playmobile toy.

I would rather one half this size personally. 32″ is like…where the fuck am I going to put that?

Diamond Select is more your speed then, at exactly half the size. :)

It’s a nice chunk of change, but for what it is, and compared to the prices of similar offerings over the years, that’s a downright steal (especially with shipping already included). This kind of finished model is typically priced in the thousands, not the hundreds.
When QMX released their Refit around the same size as this it went for $5000. Chronicle Collectibles was taking orders for a 1701-D 8 inches smaller than this for $2000. HeroCollector’s diecast Enterprise kit (also several inches shorter than this), which you have to put together yourself out of 120 boxes, is $1550. This 20 pound finished & lit model is somehow only $100 more shipped than the recent Playmobil toy. And Gary Kerr, who consulted on the restoration of the original model at the Smithsonian, worked with Tomy on this. The price is shockingly low all things considered. I am absolutely in.