Watch Sneak Peek Of ‘The Orville: New Horizons’ Episode 2 “Shadow Realms”

After a long hiatus, The Orville returned last week with a whole new look and a new tone (see TrekMovie review). The 10-episode New Horizons season returns on Thursday with the second episode which looks like it has a horror angle. We have a brand new sneak peek of “Shadow Realms,” plus another video going inside the first episode “Electric Sheep.”

Sneak peek at “Shadow Realms”

Inside “Electric Sheep”

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I don’t watch the show, but….pointed ears? It’s different because they have ruffles, right?
Asking for a friend.

I don’t watch either, but it looks to me like they put Bajoran nose crinkles on Vulcan ears and said “Genius!”

It’s Talla Keyali, a Xelayan, same race as the much missed Alara Kitan. Those guys have, like, superhuman strength.

Yeah, with Xelayans, I always have to think of Mount Seleya on Vulcan :-) Mere coincidence…

Talla has grown on me in the meantime, though. Both she and Alara, good characters.

“[Xelayans] have, like, superhuman strength.”

But not on their own world, right? Only in a place with a “lighter” gravity than that of Earth or of some similar world?

I’m not sure what effect, if any, gravity has on a being’s physical strength. When Armstrong and Aldrin were on the moon, did they have increased strength?

Well, this show you aren’t watching is basically Star Trek in everything but name. And no transporters, but that’s about it. Answering for a friend. :-)

I know they can’t have transporters, because if they did, Paramount would sue them. But it would be kind of a nice dig at Paramount if the characters were boarding a shuttle and someone said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had some kind of doo-hickey that would, like, ‘beam’ us over there?”

They don’t have transporters but they’ve shown a character being ‘transported’ by an alien species at least once. I’m not sure it’s for legal reasons since they’d presumably just tweak the concept like they have everything else. If anything I suspect McFarlane and the writers saw the shuttle flights as an opportunity for banter between characters and they do some pretty epic landing sequences too.

And where’s review? ;)

In the absence of a review to comment upon, I just wanted to say this is probably the most Brannon Braga episode of “The Orville” I’ve ever seen and the most borrowed plot yet. The plot borrows from TNG’s “Genesis” and “Identity Crisis”; and Voyager’s “The Void”. But most of the episode feels like Alien, very horror focused with some jump-scares (after far too-much time spent on establishing the relationships). Unfortunately the creature CGI is terrible and tons of things don’t make sense, especially the end of the episode where the monsters just run off and we don’t see them transferred to the hostile ship. I mean what did they do, dock, shake hands, and leave? The writing on this show is so consistently lazy it drives me crazy, every episode resolution is incomplete.

The Planetary Union is The Orville’s version of Star Trek’s United Federation of Planets. What’s their version of Starfleet? And does it have a ship called The Wilbur?

There may be a ship called Wilbur; it seems the ships of at least one class are named after great scientists and perhaps another after founders and innovators in aviation. In addition to the Orville, so far we’ve seen ships named Burnell, Hawking, Watson, Quimby, Clemens, Chanute, and Sagan.

Just curious if the site is still doing Orville reviews. The next episode will be out in two days.

Very odd episode. “The Orville” meets “Alien”! (Or better yet, “The Fly”.) And it seems clear Isaac and Dr. Finn are on the road to a reunion now… or at least a cautious friendship.