‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Clues Emerge About James T. Kirk And Roger Korby

Shortly after production on the second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds started Paramount+ surprised fans by announcing The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley would appear as James T. Kirk. Not much is known about how Kirk fits into the show or how much Kirk there will be in season two, but one cast member is now offering a little clue. We also have some more updates including a clue that another canon character should be showing up.

Chong talks working with the new Kirk in season 2

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Christina Chong (La’an Noonien-Singh) didn’t offer any story details, but she did talk about working with Paul Wesley on season two:

I can say that Paul Wesley is very funny, and I love working with him. We just have this thing where I don’t know what it is, but almost every interaction we’ve had at work has ended up in fits of giggles. That means we’re holding up the entire crew and the entire day’s work for much longer than we should be. That’s all I can say about that. I really enjoy working with him, and it’s great to have him on board for Season 2.

While not definitive, it does appear that Chong and Wesley have worked together enough to develop some chemistry, possibly indicating that he has a significant recurring role in season two. But previous reporting has also made clear that Anson Mount remains the star of the show, and Wesley is playing a “totally different” younger version of the Kirk we have seen before, as an officer on the USS Farragut.

Paul Wesley as James T. Kirk in Strange New Worlds

Stand by for Roger Korby

In the first season of Star Trek: The Original Series it was revealed that Nurse Christine Chapel was once engaged with a scientist named Dr. Roger Korby, who goes missing in the year 2261 (two years after the setting of season one of Strange New Worlds). So far there has been no mention of Korby on the new series, with Chapel (now played by Jess Bush) happy to play the field as seen in episode five (“Spock Amok”).

Majel Barrett Roddenberry as Chapel and Michael Strong as Roger Korby in TOS “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”

When Trek fan Bill McCabe made a joke about Korby on Twitter following “Spock Amok,” Strange New Worlds co-showrunner and co-creator Akiva Goldsman replied simply with “stand by,” hinting that they do have a plan for Korby.


Shore leave with the crew

In other SNW news, some of the cast have shared video and photos of spending time together off set in Toronto, including Anson Mount showing Celia Rose Gooding trying her hand at axe throwing.

And Gooding shared some images of the crew out on the town enjoying some “shore leave.”

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds debuts on Thursday, May 5 exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., Latin America, Australia and the Nordics. The series will air on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and stream on Crave in Canada. In New Zealand, it will be available on TVNZ, and in India on Voot SelectStrange New Worlds will arrive via Paramount+ in select countries in Europe when the service launches later this year, starting with the UK and Ireland in June.

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I love this show.

I love how close-knit this cast is.

Probably having to be in a Covid bubble helps!

They clearly know TOS backwards and forwards. And that’s the easy part, most of us know it as well. The impressive part is where they captured the spirit of TOS and repackaged in a modern show. It is ASTOUNDING.

It would be more astounding if they didn’t just change TOS canon willy-nilly, but yeah a good representation of the TOS era overall. Certainly ten times better than Discovery’s representation of it. ;)

They are merely changing what you thought canon was, not what actually always was.

So how do you explain Chapel joining Starfleet to find her lost fiance in TOS only for this Chapel in SNW to not be engaged at all and dating various people in the process? Please enlighten me?

So is that what I thought it was or is that what it actually was? And what does that even mean lol. These hair splitting discussions to explain away obvious canon changes are getting more and more tedious by the episode. My guess is by the end of the season most people will have given up trying to do it.

Chapel’s not in Starfleet yet. She is dating various people now, but presumably she will date and become engaged to Korby either later this season or in season 2, and once he goes missing she will join Starfleet.

Where are you getting she’s not in Starfleet?? Then why is she on the Enterprise exploring the galaxy then? Why is she wearing a Starfleet uniform? Phlox and T’Pol didn’t wear Starfleet uniforms on the NX-01 because they actually weren’t Starfleet officers. Same for Seven on Voyager. Same for every character not in Starfleet on DS9. That makes no real sense on its head.

And on top of that, Spock never met Korby because my guess is she met him before she ever joined the Enterprise. Of course on TOS, Chapel never met T’Pring but we have to somehow pretend she did know her now although its obvious to anyone she didn’t.

This is going to get more tiresome the longer it goes.

Dude. They literally say in the first episode of SNW that Chapel is not in Starfleet. Either pay attention, or don’t try and pretend you know what you’re talking about.

Pay attention to 0:44 in the video please:


If I missed she said she wasn’t in Starfleet, fine. I can admit if I made a mistake. The point STILL stands however! In TOS Chapel gave up her research job to work ON a Starship, not just to just join Starfleet itself man, OK? That’s what that scene made clear. My guess being, so um, she can be on a ship to actually find her fiance. And why would she have to give up her up research job if she’s already on a starship?? Why is she working as a nurse now then? Is she just doing both? IDK! It makes less sense now.

That video sums up very well how ridiculous this is starting to get and we’re only 5 episodes in.

And once again, why is she wearing a Starfleet uniform if she’s not in Starfleet?? That’s what led me astray lol. And Spock never met Korby. So it still makes no sense.

Where are you getting she’s not in Starfleet??”

How about, the first episode of Strange New Worlds? Chapel’s part of an civilian exchange program. She’s wearing a “Starfleet” style uniform yes, but she’s not Starfleet. We’ve seen KHAN wearing a Starfleet uniform in Space Seed. Pretty sure he never joined Starfleet…

I mean, if you’re gonna criticise the show for messing with canon, at least pay attention to what they say in the dialogue.

Yeah I missed that, apologies. It still makes no sense to canon as the post I made to another poster makes that point. In TOS Kirk says she left her old job to join a starship to find her fiance, not just join Starfleet itself. So it’s still the exact same problem and the show is messing up canon. ;)

For the record, I don’t care, but yeah I’m not going to ignore the obvious either.

As for your Khan example. Seriously?

“As for your Khan example. Really?”

Yes, really… Rewatched a few key episodes of TOS recently, in preparation for SNW, Space Seed being one of them. And Khan was most definitely wearing a Starfleet uniform, without ever having been a member of Starfleet (as far as I know). So just wearing the uniform, isn’t necessarily an indicator of actually being a member of.

LOL I meant are you using that as a real example? I think giving a guy who they found in a 300 year old sleeper ship something to wear is not quite the same thing with Chapel.

And as I said, there have been other people like Pholx who had an exchange program with Starfleet. He still didn’t get his own uniform to wear. T’Pol was the first officer, she didn’t get one either. Odo and Kira worked under Starfleet on DS9, they still kept their Bajoran uniforms and so on.

But it’s not a HUGE deal, it was simply why I was confused when it was pointed out she wasn’t in Starfleet, that’s all. Up until now, all civilians or non-Starfleet officers never wore uniforms even if they worked on a ship or station.

You’re not going to get through to a whiny little baby like that. We just have to accept the fact that people like this exist. Infinite diversity etc etc

No one here is being a “whiny little baby.” This is just a discussion. Stop the gatekeeping.

I mean, the comment section of this blog is basically just this guy and another 4 guys bantering and gatekeeping against anyone who dares to praise the new shows, but once in a while they will have a comment like “after I held back for a million years, Kurtzman finally had one thing that is interesting”.

I used to tolerate this, but after SNW, which is something as close as you can get to nostalgia and yet there are still complaints, I just don’t care about the curmudgeons and said what I just said out loud.

basically just this guy and another 4 guys bantering and gatekeeping against anyone who dares to praise the new show

Dude, please show me where anyone is ‘gatekeeping against anyone who dares praise the new shows’? Really because I think I have said the same thing I always say: I’m fine if people have no issues with it, we simply disagree. I don’t think I said anyone who likes SNW is a traitor to TOS and shouldn’t consider themselves real fans. Maybe I said that about Discovery once, but I was probably drunk when I said it so it doesn’t count.

But please, draw out any sentences you see here that proves your argument?

And I’m going to say it one more time. I LIKE SNW! OK? At the moment, I rate it a B+. I would rate it an A, but the canon stuff. I know I know, but yeah lol. Still a high rating, right?

Yeah, something sure is getting tiresome: people whining about things when they don’t know what they’re talking about. They clearly state in the first episode that chapel is a civilian. Maybe just watch the actual show instead of spending all your time complaining online

Ghostwriter, we’re here to discuss a show. A show I like and have said so many many times. I rated the episode we’re discussing right now a 9/10. I really liked it! One of the best in years.

But If you are tired of the whining, how have you survived on these boards longer than a week then? I don’t know what to tell you? This is what we do here….whine! And yeah we do it a lot! I have become efficiently good at being a whiny baby! Yeah, guilty as charge lol.

But you don’t have to read it dude. Seriously you can just ignore my posts. You wouldn’t be the first or last to do so.

And me forgetting she wasn’t in Starfleet doesn’t take away from the actual point and that she didn’t join the ship until Korby went missing in TOS. It just doesn’t jive with canon. In TOS there was no exchange programs, if you were on the ship you were a member of Starfleet.

Can they get around it, maybe, but we seen how they ‘got around it’ in Discovery and it was rarely done well, I’ll just put it that way lol.

People like Ghostwriter are why so many non-fans mock Star Trek fans. The gatekeeping and the faux outrage. Ugh.

I have ZERO issues if people want to disagree and tell me why I’m wrong or an idiot. I’m a big boy and I have my big boy pants on!

But when you try to tell people to shut up basically because you don’t want to hear the topic, you’re just at the wrong place then. Really. And yet. this goes on year after year lol. I really wish there was an ignore button so people can put me on ignore. I would be fine with that. Then I can just talk to people who want to actually discuss issues on a message board. If you want to call me names, fine, as long you’re discussing the topic too.

And I won’t tolerate sock puppets though, which I feel one or two has cropped up here unfortunately.

Sadly it is quite common for people to tell those who spout differing opinions to shut up. I just find it odd that some people come here want an echo chamber rather that diversity of viewpoints. As Kirk once said… c’est la vie.

Well Tiger2 you’ve shown more restraint than I would have with these 3 posters. It’s unfortunate how some people can’t discuss issues and see all sides, without getting aggressive. I’m thinking they’re at the bottom of the food chain IRL and are just venting their frustrations as anonymous trolls hiding behind their keyboards. For what it’s worth, I enjoy your posts even when I disagree!

I understand it obviously and why I’m not that bothered. I been here longer than I like to admit and I have certainly had my share of people yelling at me ‘STOP WHINING OR DON’T WATCH!!!!!’ as I’m sure you and others have. And compared to the utter meltdown Discovery season one created at times, this is a cake walk for me lol.

No one is here to ruin anyone’s day, we promise, we’re just here to discuss a TV show, good and bad as most of us has done with every show. The topic involved one of the show runners hinting the Korby story line will be worked in, which is great. But others simply question of how much it’s going to make sense to canon because so far this Chapel might as well be from the Kelvin universe. Nothing about her or her background matches anything we seen of her before. Now if you don’t care, then that’s fine. Yes I said I don’t care overall but it goes to a much bigger picture which is the main issue for me. If we’re seeing so many changes by episode 5, imagine what this show will look like by season 5?

I just think they will get worse to a point I will start to care…a lot and that what worries me to the point people will start claiming it’s in another universe. Obviously some are doing that now, but it’s a small minority so far.

Now if they come up with a clever way to keep it to canon, I will be the first to say that. I like the show. I’ve given every episode so far an 8 or 9 out of 10. I think it’s doing a great job harking back to the spirit of TOS and the other classic shows in a way I felt PIC and DIS missed the boat on.

But it’s still not perfect and this is the place to discuss our criticisms as well as our praises for it. If some people here still don’t understand how this works by now in 2022, it’s their problem unfortunately and certainly not ours.

I have no faith this group is capable of coming up with ways to make their mistakes work with established canon. They haven’t been able to yet. I’d be really curious to see how they are going to get their use of the Gorn to work. I feely admit there very well could be something I have yet to consider. But what I have heard from fans thus far still don’t work. The only thing I can think of is we get another “gag order” but in this case they already established that people beyond Pike’s crew are aware of the Gorn. So I just don’t see how they can put the genie back in that bottle.

The Chapel problem is easier since it really is just one character. I mean a blow to the head could be an explanation for a personality adjustment and amnesia….

Yeah I agree, I just don’t see how they can reconcile canon in an organic way. And I keep coming back to Discovery for a reason. Remember when season one started and all the whining began over canon and the producers promised they will rectify the changes starting in season 2. Well we saw what an amazing job that turned out to be lol. They basically just threw the ship a thousand years into the future and had Spock declare everything relating to Discovery just never happened. I mean THAT was their resolution lol.

Obviously SNW is not close to what Discovery did in season one. It’s more character beats than anything and why some people don’t think its a big deal or in their mind aligns with canon enough. And that’s fine, but it’s still disingenuous to pretend it’s falling into place like a puzzle too. I don’t know if you saw the video I posted above to Micheal, but it makes it clear how sloppy it is so far and that’s just between Chapel and Spock.

And yes the Gorn is a bigger issue. But you know I have said I’m fine with it personally. We’ll just have to see if they find a way to line it up or just ignore the issue entirely. And maybe they will try to line it up. My guess? Spock is just going to tell Section 31 their encounters with them should be ‘classified’ for reasons, anyone who mentions it again will be treason and another brilliant save!!!!! ;D

To me, the Gorn are a HUGE issue. It’s because that sort of thing is universe wide whereas Chapel is confined to just one character and doesn’t affect nearly everything else. Honestly if they used a different alien that didn’t have their first contact accounted for I would not be as negative about the show. Yes, the Chapel change is pretty big and I find it idiotic to do to her what they did. But if that was the biggest canon issue I could probably live with it and enjoy the show more. The Gorn… I can’t find a way to let that go. It’s just way too big a change. It would be on par with revealing the look of the Romulans to Pike and the crew and people saying “that’s OK because it was just mentioned in one episode.”

Just saw the video. My takeaway was I couldn’t remember if Chapel had a reaction shot to the “wife” news. Seems she did. But even this had a work around. All they had to do was have someone other than Chapel accompany T’Pring/Spock to the meeting. Just keep the two characters apart and from interacting any time T’Pring shows up or is mentioned. It’s a stretch but at least it’s an attempt to keep things in line.

She’s not in Starfleet. They said that in the first episode.

Thanks! :)

You’re really terrible at this, Tiger. Pretty sad to see you fall so far.

Here’s the mistake: you’re taking TOS as the gospel. Stop.

And I do hope you’re right that people will stop trying to find pedantic explanations to canon rewrites. You’re right that it’s growing tedious. And it’s you that’s making it so.

He’s expressing his opinion. That’s not the problem, your gatekeeping is. If you can’t deal with diverse interpretations and ways of thinking, message boards are not for you.

Dude, all you been doing here since you showed up is attack people for having a different opinion of the show from you. You don’t want to actually debate anything, you basically just tell people to shut up and like the show! Why are you on a message board then? And you come off offended because some people just don’t like the show as much as you do. That’s OK man, because it’s just a TV show. We’re not discussing anybody’s children.

I don’t do this a lot, because honestly I really want to talk to people even if we disagree on everything. But in your case, you come off belligerent and insulting. And yes, gate keeping at times. Your posts on this page is the perfect example lol. But people like you come and go on these boards all the time. Sadly though we still have to deal with someone like you until you finally move on because you don’t seem to understand how a message board works.

So if you can’t just have a discussion without berating me over it then please just ignore my posts from this point on, yeah, and I will certainly ignore yours. Trust me, I’ll just keep scrolling and you can just do the same for me then. Thanks. Take care.

I guess you’ll be good if they have Peck’s Spock say, “I don’t know that if I let a hammer drop in a positive gravity environment, that it will fall.” The idea being, Spock hasn’t learned that yet, and won’t till sometime between 2259 and COURT MARTIAL?

If you don’t have a real answer for something, why resort to a nonsense reply?

And for the record, I don’t care about TOS chapel or her ‘backstory’ at all; they can change whatever they want. But I still have eyes and ears. ;)

You go on about cannon and then say you don’t care and they can change what they want when clearly you did take issue hence why you used it as an example.

jeez make your mind up. It’s this sort of nitpicking is why the concept of “cannon and continuity” should be thrown under a bus.

Dude this is a sock puppet. I see right through you.

So won’t waste my time, but I feel I wasted it already.

You have wasted it. A lot of it. You’re arguing for no reason. If you don’t like it, move on. Stop bothering the rest of us.

AP, you’re really starting to tick me off. Clearly based on some posts, you have a head on your shoulders, but that’s not enough — Larry Niven’s Pierson’s Puppeteers have two heads and neither of them do any actual thinking.

No one here is talking about cannons.

If you don’t care, stop talking about it.

No, that is not the case at all, sorry.

Exactly! Maybe there are people who really believe that. If you do, OK? But I see it veeeery differently as others.

But hey, at least no one here are having melt downs over it like the Obi-Wan fans lol. Now that’s a mess and I’m enjoying that show too despite those canon issues.

As am I, Tiger. Again, in Obi-Wan’s case, I’m kind of setting aside canon there as well, and just trying to enjoy the show in the moment. It’s just easier.

It is really funny how both shows parallel each other so much. And yes unfortunately that includes the canon issues. Neither one big enough to like the shows any less (although Obi-Wan seems to be the one having deeper issues) but it’s a lot of pretzel bending for them to both work IMO.

And oddly it’s both for the same reason, trying to squeeze in as much nostalgia with legacy characters who probably shouldn’t be meeting each other so soon. But fan service draws people in like bees to honey. For me though, we already have enough with the main characters leading the shows; but people running both shows seem to think the more the merrier even if canon suffers a bit.

I will say it seems to be working better with SNW fans than Obi-wan’s at least; but I’m more in the Star Trek bubble.

I think with both Paramount and Disney (and any streaming service), it’s $ub$ first. What ever gets the most people signing up and staying signed up. And as you said, that means legacy characters. They get people hooked, right where they live (as we see here so often), right in the heart. So yes, these characters meet up when they shouldn’t have, and sometimes act completely differently than they did in the original movies/shows. That’s why I’ve pretty much thrown my hands up with the canon thing as to both franchises. Disney was doing better in that regard, imo, until Obi-Wan, which I agree is pretty much a mess. Still fun, but a mess. Which is shame because I was really looking forward to that one. Anyway, at least SNW seems to be good so far, but I’m not going to get fed up over canon issues anymore – it’s too frustrating and tiring. And bigger ‘violations’ are to come, most certainly. Just tell good stories and I’ll be happy, is all I ask.

I 100% agree with everything you said. Of course with the streaming wars in full effect none of it is a shock. They want us to subscribe as much and as long as possible. And I have to admit, it’s working lol. But when you are shoving so much content out the door, the quality can falter obviously which I feel has happened with both Star Trek and Star Wars. I would say Star Trek has done a better job of it though but it’s been in the TV game much much longer too. ;)

But I think Mandolorian did it the best. That first season not a single legacy character showed up. It played on every element of the universe it could but it really tried to be its own thing with original characters. But then season 2 came and that’s when we started to see the floodgates open and everyone from Boba Fett to Luke Skywalker make an appearance. But just like the new Trek shows, someone somewhere decided if you can get so many subs with original characters, imagine how many more you can get if you trout out the legends too. And we are seeing the results of that and struggling to fit them all in and maintain continuity.

Again I actually think Star Wars has done a pretty good job overall with it UNTIL we got Obi-wan. SW has had canon issues going back to the prequels but it’s never been as flagrant the way Star Trek has been at times. But yeah it’s easy with just a few movies. Now they are going in a much different direction and fans are really starting to notice because they are willing to ignore or just overwrite any canon to tell the story they want and like Discovery before it, its only upsetting people.

And look, I can overlook that personally if it’s a good story and that lies the issue most of the time. I am enjoying Obi-Wan. Not as much as SNW but its OK. But yeah, its feeling like a story that just didn’t really need to be told and it’s wrecking canon on top of it. I don’t want it to feel like the dud I think many felt Boba Fett turned out to be but it feels like it’s going in that direction unfortunately. Hopefully the last two will make the show worth it but currently have my doubts.

(Sorry for the rant ;))

Haven’t seen the Obi-Wan show yet. Will subscribe for a month in a few weeks. I’m not a deep into the SW traditions or canon so unless their mistakes are huge ones like the Gorn thing then I may not notice.

The canon issues with Obi-Wan are similar to SNW but yes only if you’re a huge fan of SW to catch it just like you have to be a huge fan to catch the ones in SNW. But same time what’s bothering people is that it’s hitting canon at the very heart of the SW mythos; stuff that was created in A New Hope. And the way many Star Trek fans sees TOS as sacred the way OT and ANH specifically is for Star Wars fans; so of course it’s going to drive fans of those movies more crazy.

But none of it is a deal breaker either IMO. And I would say Obi-Wan has other issues outside the canon ones though that are the bigger problems. The last episode, episode four has some of the most amateurish writing and directing in SW and that’s saying a lot since SW had a lot of bad writing and directing in the past. But it’s just really bad lol. Again nothing we haven’t seen in the worst Star Trek stories but again because it’s all serialized, it stands out more unfortunately.

I am enjoying it overall though so you may like it.

I did like The Mandalorian quite a bit. The 1st season was better than the 2nd, however. But still enjoyable. Luke showing up was a bit of a fangasm but I think the scene worked organically. I do own the films save for Solo and Rise of Skywalker. So I’ve seen them enough that if the Obi-Wan show strays from something they set up I’ll probably notice. But if it’s smaller things like the things that happened in the prequels I may not find it to be a big deal.

Well you’ll definitely notice then. But how much it affects you YMMV of course. Since you’re not as big of a SW fan as a Trek one you may shrug over a lot of it. But like SNW, they do use some legacy characters in a big way.

We’ll see. I’ll let you know in a few weeks. Wife & I are heading out of town so won’t be subscribing until we get back. (Also means I will be missing episode 8 of SNW until the following week) Side note… Since we are driving to a fairly remote destination due to the soaring fuel price this is going to be a lot costlier than anticipated. But looking at the positive side where we going is still normally fairly crowded so hopefully it will lessen the crowds.

Have a great trip! :)

…agreed, Ep. 4 of Obi-Wan was a new low. I’m kind of bummed Ewan McGregor even agreed to act out such scripts. I expected Obi-Wan to be better than Mandalorian, but it’s not even close. By comparison, I enjoyed this week’s SNW quite a bit. All of this just goes to show, though, if you mess with legacy characters in any franchise too much you’re going to turn off a ton of fans. It’s becoming tiresome.

Yeah just like I’m starting to regret Patrick Stewart coming back to Star Trek after two dismal seasons of Picard I’m starting to feel the same about McGregor coming back to SW. I won’t judge it until the show is over but so far it’s been a middling experience. But I will at least say better than Picard at this point though (but that’s not saying a lot).

And yes really liked the last SNW episode too (and no canon issues to speak of). It’s the weakest one for me so far but still a solid episode. SNW has some issues for sure, but it has been the strongest live action show of the new shows by far, it’s not even close lol. It just looks and feels like Star Trek again!

Or… And hear me out…. Perhaps they are changing what actually is canon and they just don’t care?

Canon Shmanon.. who cares?! Why can’t we just enjoy the show for what it is??

Who cares about canon, it’s all pretend

Exactly. As I told people who think DSC or SNW is in another timeline: OK, go right ahead and think that. Nobody will stop you. It’s all fictional. None of it actually matters.

If you want to complain about it, do it in a bubble where all the other whiners can yell amongst themselves. After FIVE SOLID YEARS it’s incredibly tiresome to hear people complain about an episode contradicting a minor element of a 60 year old episode, especially when it’s a bunch of old boomers doing the yelling.

It’s far from willy-nilly, and you should recognize that. You’re a smart person, I thought.

From what we’ve seen so far, any and all retcons have been smartly done, not random at all. They’ve been done with purpose and clarity, and for the benefit of the story.

For example, retconning “Amok Time” ever-so-slightly, they’ve now allowed for the exploration of the Spock/T’Pring relationship. By rewriting “Arena” somewhat, they can now explore the Gorn, and make them — what I suspect will be — the big bad of the series.

This was not sloppiness or randomness, or due . Retcons are being done strategically, and I am loving it. You may not like it, you may disagree with it, but it’s not “willy-nilly.”

…or due to lack of knowledge*

Sorry… No. Arena wasn’t just “somewhat” re-written. What SNW did totally undermines the entire set up for the episode so now that episode makes no sense whatsoever. And again, the errors they made could have been easily dealt with. They could have used the Kzinti or some other alien that doesn’t have a history already written out. Of they could have just made up a new one. The episode and the La’an history would still work exactly the same. Yet they felt compelled to screw with the lore and use the Gorn for some odd reason. Chapel knowing all about T’Pring could have been lessened buy using a different character accompany T’Pring/Spock on the logic assignment. But better yet, they could have just had a different character from Chapel and all the “Chapel knows all about T’Pring now” issues would be non-existent. They could still do the exact same thing with the different character. Nothing about the show and the stories they were telling would change. It’s not a random choice. For some reason people involved in the show said, “Screw Arena. We want to use the Gorn and don’t care if we undermine everything in that episode to do it. We don’t want to take the time to find an existing alien that will work nor do we want to be creative and make up a new one.”

Tiger2: “It would be more astounding if they didn’t just change TOS canon willy-nilly.”

I agree 100 percent. It really bothers me, in particular, how they’re screwing with the Spock/T’Pring backstory.

I wonder if SNW Uhura will meet T’Pring, because when T’Pring appeared on the viewscreen in “Amok Time,” TOS Uhura asked Spock who she was.

It’s so very wonderful and so very welcome! I’ve been waiting for this since 1969. :-)

What show are you watching? They clearly don’t. It looks like at best they have a passing knowledge with no context.

So it’s confirmed we’ll be seeing Kirk as an officer on the Farragut. Excellent.

Let’s all be real about fictional characters. Aren’t fictional characters allowed to have selective memories? As in, not remembering everyone they met, not being totally into each other’s lives, and in some cases just being tired of knowing all the details of their coworkers’ lives? Isn’t that the most real? That is the way the rest of us get along.

As far as TOS matters, why would any other character besides M’Benga and Spock to have any care/slight memory about Roger Korby? Bush and Barret Chapels are both hot, have no problem attracting partners – so it might just be TMI to coworkers. For example, Uhurah would not care! Why should she?

Sorry this was supposed to be a reply to the thread either above or below!

The way I heard someone view it once was that we can think of all of Star Trek as a dramatized account of a future history. Gene Roddenbery, Michael Piller, Ira Steven Behr, and now Goldsman and Kurtzman, they all are getting fleeting glimpses into this future and are making shows based on what they’ve seen.

Like real historians, they’re discovering new information every day, and like moviemakers who dramatize real historical events, they adapt it for the screen, and sometimes don’t get all the details right.

So in 1966, when Gene made Star Trek, he didn’t know that Spock had a sister. Since then, we’ve discovered he did. He also didn’t have the technology to show the Enterprise as it really looked, nor did he get all the tech right. He didn’t realize they had rudimentary holodecks, because he didn’t see that part yet. He didn’t know a lot, and filled in the gaps with his own ideas.

If you WANT to make things work, you’ll find creative ways to enjoy the show in your head-canon.

If you WANT to dislike it, you’ll use those discrepancies to justify it. Simple as that.

Exactly. All one needs to do is read the novelization of TMP with a short introduction by James T Kirk (written by Roddenberry). In it, Kirk writes that his previous exploits (TOS) may have been exaggerated by the media of the Federarion. So even in the future history, the the bright light of Kirk’s fame made his own history a little fuzzy to his contemporaries.

All I know is I am enjoying SNW immensely.

With it being confirmed that Paul Wesley and Christina Chong will be paired up for at least one episode I’m predicting that we’ll hear Kirk utter ‘LLLAAA’AAAANNNN’ at the top of his voice at some point in season 2.

Ok. Good one.

Guessing it won’t be preceded by ‘Lahn you bloodsucker.’

Perhaps they won’t go that far!

This show is great specifically because it presupposes, “What if all the wiggle room in canon means that everything is interconnected, everyone knows each other, and our galaxy is actually quite small?” That’s all the fans have ever wanted was for everything to be a callback to something they’ve seen.

I apologize for not getting your humor in another thread. This one I get, loud and clear (and it is appreciated!)

Clearly that is what the fans wanted, because this is the show that the fans begged for.

I begged for a show about Pike’s crew not about Kirk’s crew. That show I’ve already seen.

Yes, exactly. Stay tuned for TOS 2.0 in about 2 years. Because as Tiberius noted, turns out the galaxy is approximately the size of your thumbnail.

Christoph Waltz — who played Blofeld in the Daniel Craig Bond movies — would be pitch-perfect casting for Korby.

He is also also famous for playing Roy Black. I can see him singing “Ganz in Weiß mit einem Blumenstrauß ” for Chapel.
Maybe in the Snoop Dogg version.

I keep thinking Mickey Rourke, cuz I’m really entranced by my idea of Korby being Trek’s kinkmeister (look at what he built or will soon build — Sherry Jackson! — and so his ‘courtship’ with Chapel could have been something ego-smashing, like 9-1/2 STARDATES. Would give some hard evidence for Chapel to undergo massive character shift between SNW and TOS.

He’s also 35 years older than Jess Bush. Which would be fine, if they go with my idea to retcon Korby: he’s an abusive and controlling groomer, and the reason Chapel left for the Enterprise, to get away from him.

Can this show get any better? Kirk on the USS Farragut and Chapel getting a tragic romance arc with Dr. Korby say yes. Throw in some epidemic on the frontier impacting far off colonies where the Enterprise has to explore and go from colony to colony to cure with little help from Starfleet Command.
Then maybe a Kirk on the Farragut spin off movie.

Also… for season two bring back the TOS colors on the bridge. Lose the damn red blinking lights over the displays which once were an obvious tribute to the TOS bridge being colorful and bring back the color.
Maybe have them go red during red alert. Was that the plan and then they broke it and got stuck on red alert?
TOS is supposed to be functional and color can convey information! Send the monochrome color to the 24th century or beyond with any nonsensical time travel loops where they belong.

This weeks is the first one that I was “meh” on, but I still liked it a lot. Very much like TNG or DS9 in that regard.

They need to avoid the TNG “meh” at all costs. That should be a Prime Directive in my humble opinion, transfer everyone ok with those episodes to Picard, Discovery or Lower Decks (or Prodigy, I think their Voyager plot wrecked what was a good show for kids who now get to figure out slipstream and nonsensical timeloops when they were just getting into the fun of FTL warp).
I do worry the series will be like the bridge in Discovery, everyone loves all the colors and displays! Let’s TNGize it as much as we can and take out the colors and then complain about how no one wants to watch it anymore. I wonder if they tried to rip out the back wall to add a door behind the Captain’s Chair. It’s like TNG technobabble and nonsensical time loops suck and adventures in the final frontier rock or something!

I found the vast, and I mean VAST majority of TNG episodes were “meh”. But they were making some 26 episodes a season so you figured there would be sub-par ones. I just didn’t expect so many. Guess seasons 1 & 2 of TOS spoiled me. Which is why I think that if you only have 10 episodes there is NO excuse to have sub-par or even “meh” episodes. None.

And season 3 of TOS nose dived (although not as bad as I remembered after rewatching it last year). But imagine if that show went 7 seasons in that direction, we may not be speaking so fondly of the show today. Of course season 4 could’ve been the greatest TOS season if it survived, I’m just making a point.

But definitely agree when you have ten episode seasons of the new shows (and so much more time to make those episodes) it shouldn’t have so many bad ones either and unfortunately PIC and DIS have too many bad ones for their episode counts IMO

Yes, we all know season 3 was sub par. It still had a couple of gems but overall it was not good. Who knows what might have happened if they got a 4th? Could have gone either way depending on what they did behind the scenes.

Most of the streaming shows I have seen have not been all that bad at worst. Some have been pretty good. But only these Star Trek shows have been consistently bad. Although I must admit that so far even with it’s flaws Picard S2 has been the best of the live action Trek so far. And that certainly is not saying much for Secret Hideout. I really think AK’s group was easily not the best people to leave Star Trek to. My favorite team really sucks and I would love to see a change in management. I don’t see the team getting much better under the same GM, owner and staff. I feel the same way about Trek.

It’s crazy how people can see things so differently because season 2 of Picard is now my worst season of Star Trek ever. But I’m happy you liked it a little, especially since you enjoy very little of the new shows, so not getting on your case about it.

And I don’t have the same issues with Alex Kurtzman as others do because I do like the direction he’s taking Star Trek as a whole. And I’m one of the few people who completely loved the Berman era of Star Trek. But it’s also a reason why I’m liking the new shows like SNW is because it’s starting to replicate Berman era type of stories again that are thoughtful, philosophical (at times) and actually about exploration. When there is more exploration done on Deep Space 9 that takes place on a freaking space station than in Discovery which had a spore drive, something is seriously seriously wrong.

But Berman didn’t want to take Star Trek pass the 24th century where Kurtzman is fortunately!

And nothing done in SNW isn’t done any differently than most of the Berman shows story wise unlike Picard and Discovery. Every episode of SNW can be an episode of DS9, TNG or VOY. If Kurtzman can do more things like SNW and less things like Picard or early Discovery, I will be happy at least.

I still think Disco season 3 is the worst i’ve ever seen in terms of writing. The Burn is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen in Star Trek. I haven’t seen Disco season 4 or Picard season 2 and i’ve tried to avoid spoilers until the Blu-Rays are released. I liked not loved season 1 of Picard, except for the dying and becoming a robot thing. That almost erased any good feelings i had about it.

Don’t get me started on the Burn. It is one of the most idiotic things done in Star Trek ever. I still can’t believe that what they came up with for a resolution. I will say until we got to that point, I generally liked season 3. And it felt the most Star Trek-y of the show overall up to that point. But yeah it has its problems like Discovery sadly seems to have every season. I’m really hoping season 5 it just has a better performing season because I’m kind of giving up on that show now. It really tries to be ambitious every season but it always bites off more than it could chew.

I’m surprised you haven’t seen season 4 of Discovery or Picard season 2 yet since you post here quite a bit. I’ll just say good luck! ;)

I like the general concept he has. But he execution of those concepts has failed. I’m not going to say that his product is good or even mediocre only because he had one good idea that he handled poorly.

Remember… AK co-wrote STID and was one of those who thought it was a good idea to use Khan again. He’s bringing that same kind of thinking into this streaming Trek.

But to be fair my main problem with SNW is how they have completely disconnected it from TOS. If TPTB had said this show was designed to link to Star Trek Discovery and NOT to TOS… I would probably give them a lot of slack. I just cannot reconcile the changes they made. Again… If they told us all these shows were reboots or just Trek shows that aren’t connected to what came before in anyway…. Well you know.

I will say unlike Berman, Kurtzman has an over reliance of legacy characters. Again I LIKE seeing them, I don’t want to come off as a hypocrite, but I don’t think we need so many either. And it would be nice if not every new show anchored the show around old characters. I understand things like Picard and SNW, but I am hoping for future shows we can just have brand new characters and that ISN’T related to any old characters either.

But I guess as said before, when you are forcing people to pay for Star Trek now, you have to find any hook you can.

Makes me wonder… If these shows were done for syndication like TNG & DS9 were would they still rely on so many legacy characters as they do? It’s AK so I’m thinking yes. If it were someone else perhaps not.

Can’t wait to see how they are going to screw that up.

Producers: If you can find someone as hot as Sherry Jackson, bring back Andrea.

The person to blame for all the canon issues is obviously Rodenberry. How could he not have known that his 60s science fiction show was going to become such a massive hit and that everything would have to be consistent from the very beginning? He should also be faulted for not predicting the invention of the internet and fandom in general. It’s a good thing none of the other Trek shows ever contradicted previous canon /s