LeVar Burton Calls ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 “Love Poem” To TNG; Reveals Geordi Spoiler

Earlier this week we heard from Marina Sirtis and Brent Spiner about the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast returning for Star Trek: Picard season 3. Now LeVar Burton is chiming in and offering a few more details, including an update on Geordi.

Warning: minor Picard season 3 spoilers ahead


Picard is a “gift” for the TNG crew

As he has been promoting the new Reading Rainbow documentary Butterfly in the Sky, LeVar Burton talked a bit about Star Trek: Picard with Yahoo, and confirmed we will see the cast together

We’re all done now and it was an absolute blast. It was so good to be together. I mean, we’re all very, very close anyway. We try to get together once a year for Christmas, but during COVID we weren’t able to do that, so being able to get together at the end of last year and the beginning of this year was really cool for us.

And then to put on our space suits and play these characters again! We all thought the ship had sailed on a conscious goodbye. When me made our last movie, Nemesis in 2002, we expected there to be another one, and then things changed. So this was a great gift to us. This season of Picard is a love poem to Next Generation and we get to see these people that we grew to know and even love at this new point in their lives.

LeVar’s comment about how TNG is being treated is consistent with previous comments, like Marina Sirtis saying they were “cherished” by the Picard team. Showrunner Terry Matalas has made no secret of his love for The Next Generation, with his goal of making season three a “proper send-off” for the characters.

LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge in Star Trek Nemesis

Geordi gets a family

Burton also revealed a little spoiler regarding Geordi La Forge:

It was a lot of fun on so many levels. I also get to work with my kid: my daughter, Mica, plays one of Geordi’s two daughters. So the whole storyline really is about the next generation of The Next Generation in many respects.

Seeing Geordi with a family is something the actor must be very happy about. Burton has been critical of the TNG writers for how they handled Geordi when it came to his relationships with women, calling the engineer’s awkwardness with the opposite sex a “tired trope.” Having Geordi’s daughter played by his daughter Mica, who has hosted a number of recent official Star Trek panels, can only be a big bonus.

Burton also said now he is ready to say goodbye to Geordi:

If I never put a spacesuit on again, I’m good. I feel like I got to put a period at the end of this sentence and close the book. Now if the book opens again, far it be from me to say no! [Laughs] But with all things being equal, I can honestly say — hand on my heart — if I never play Geordi for another moment in my life, I’m good.

LeVar and Mica Burton at Star Trek Day 2021

There is no official word yet on when season three of Picard will debut, but Brent Spiner recently said it could be February 2023.

Find more Star Trek: Picard at TrekMovie.com.

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I have to admit, this all sounds great! And it sounds like Geordi is still in Starfleet too and with a family! It’s great to hear the characters are growing. As bitter as I still am over season 2, I still can’t help to feel an inkling of excitement when season 3 is discussed. TNG is not my favorite show but it is still my favorite cast! And now that this season is building to be something much bigger with the entire cast back, its more important than ever to get it right! So let’s have the sendoff be something closer to All Good Things… and less closer to Nemesis. ;)

And it’s crazy they still get together every year for Christmas 30 years later. It explains why their chemistry is so strong on the show, they truly are a family.

I love TNG but Picard season 2 really soured me on this show – I liked season 1. I also loved the Picard cast, and I don’t really like that most of them were written out. Trying to keep an open mind on this but I’m not excited. I love all the other new shows and enjoyed season 1 like I said and I understand they can’t hit it out of the ballpark every time – but I was really hoping for something better.

I agree. It’s kind of like the producers saw that season two was a dog and rebooted the show for its final season. I mean, they even started promoting season three before season two even finished its run.

I feel Season 1 was the dog and Season 2 the reboot, which was also a dog.

Hmm… you have a point.

They only started promoting season 3 early because they knew that the spoilers about the whole cast (besides Wheaton) being back would get out after the started filming. They did the exact same thing with Strange New Worlds and Kirk, and no one thinks that show is a dog.

Don’t create false narratives.

Agree with everything you said. I think they knew they fumbled season 2 and why they started hyping season 3. They were promoting season 3 even before season 2 started lol. I originally just assumed because they were shooting the seasons back to back and they knew season 3 would be its last, it was just a way to get people ready for Picard’s final sendoff. But now it feels more like they were trying to distract people from how bad the current season was and promise season 3 will be worth tuning in for.

I can’t blame anyone if they are still skeptical about next season though, including myself. The show has just been a huge disappointment for a lot of us.

What? The first promotion for Season 3 happened half way through Season 2, and Terry said they did it just get ahead of any leaks.

Notice that they haven’t done anymore (intentional) promotion for Season 3. They answer questions if people ask, but they haven’t released anything themselves.

Though maybe we’ll see something this Thursday for Captain Picard Day.

I’m talking about all the promotion Matalas was doing online last year like teasing images of the new ship, etc. Trekmovie even did a few articles on it. Check the date.


Season 2 started so well. I think there’s a good story in there, but not enough for 10 episodes. There was a tweet from Terry Matalas that indicated that he turned the show over to Akiva Goldsman halfway through season 2 so he could focus on season 3, and that explains a lot to me.

To clarify my own comment, because I think it came off more negative than I intended…the show definitely shifted about halfway through, and it was noticeable to me there was a bit of a creative shift there for a bit.

But at that point the show was already mapped out for what it was wanting to do and what themes it was going to touch on. So if one is disappointed with how it turned out it would be disingenuous to ignore Matalas’ role in it.

That said, I think only the opening episode was good (Until Q showed up). Then it pretty much went to crap immediately. It spun its wheels until the final few episodes when things really started to come together. And it was indeed a valiant attempt. Easily better than what they did in S1. And certainly better than anything we’ve seen on Star Trek Discovery. The biggest problem was this was really a 2 hour feature that was needlessly stretched to 9 hours.

Also, I really find it odd that this crew keeps getting finales. The problem it I’m at the point where I just don’t believe anything that comes out of the mouths of any cast member, writer or producer. They have all said the “right” things before and so far it has NEVER come true. What a lot of them have said could even be considered outright lies. So with all due respect to Mr. Burton, whose work I do indeed respect, I don’t believe one word about the show Picard that you say.

No you definitely have to include Matalas too. Yes he didn’t run the second half but as you said he still helped planned it.

But I also think people are giving Matalas the benefit of the doubt because he wrote the first two episodes, the episodes most fans seem to really like. I love both of them, it felt like classic Trek again. And yes Akiva Goldsman co-wrote those too, but he seems to be much better when he’s co-writing Star Trek with others, not so much when he has full control of it.

But Matalas will have sole ownership of season 3 so there could be NO excuses this time. And I’m one of the people who was singing his praises before the season started just like many were singing Michael Chabon’s praises before season 1. Now no one seems to be begging that guy to do more Star Trek.

Well, I make no apologies for singing Chabon’s praises — he’s a brilliant novelist who happens to love Star Trek for all the right reasons, and I was over the moon about his participation. I still consider the fourth episode, “Absolute Candor,” which he wrote, to be the best of them. But he was also responsible for the season finale, which was such a bitter disappointment that I haven’t paid to watch a Trek episode since. Even with great talent and the best intentions, you just never know.

I absolutely loved Absolute Candor, so I agree. It was my third favorite of the season after Nepenthe and the premiere. Unfortunately it was ONLY those three I thought were solid stories. Some of the others were fine, but they just didn’t feel special on their own and mainly there just to push the middling plot along. And yeah the ones that were just bad like the ending as you said was really bad.

But I also think you just said it, he’s a novelist first. It’s a very different ball game sitting at a desk for a year or several years writing out a single story versus running a multi million dollar TV show with budgets and strict deadlines finishing scripts ready to shoot. And of course as a novelist, he probably has complete control of his story versus Picard where there were more executive producers on that show than people running a theme park. He had to compromise more obviously. So sure I imagine being a show runner is just a different breed altogether. I still wish he would just write more scripts for individual Trek stories. Writing an episode for SNW would probably be more in his wheelhouse. But it seems like he has moved on entirely from Trek. I haven’t read a single comment from him about the show since season one ended.

But I still thought season one was better than season two, so that should tell you how much I despised season two. ;)

I certainly get that. I think that much of the Q stuff is great. Especially the reveal at the beginning and the ending. I really don’t know why there had to be so much Sooner (who I like) in season 2. It seems it could have been better told with a different antagonist, perhaps one that closer mirrored Elon, Bezos, Gates or someone else instead of putting another Soong in there.
I was not at all upset about Juratis evolution however, I think that worked well. But losing Rios is a huge loss in my book. Instead of Kore, I wish they had just brought back the character and returned with her.

I am concerned that season 3 with the whole cast will not be nearly as satisfying as All Good Things. But on the other hand it could be better than Nemesis

Speaking of season 1: Have they ever explained what was the point of making Picard an android or a robot or a golem or whatever? As far as I know, the only reference or allusion to this event in subsequent episodes was in S2E1 when Jurati said to him, “You’re looking positively positronic.” And if he’s an artificial life form, why was he injured and why did he bleed when he was hit by a car in S2?

I am so excited to see Mica Burton joining the Star Trek family, officially, in canon 😊💖. She is such a wonderful woman and has such a big heart. I’ve checked out her Instagram before and saw some of the cosplay she’s into, it’s pretty cool the effort she puts into her costumes. It’s nice to see her contributions to the Star Trek Day festivals did not go unnoticed.

I’m sure Sir Patrick played a big part in getting Mica a part on the show. He is such a sweetheart. He’s not just looking out for his friends now, he’s also looking out for their families as well. There will never be another actor like Sir Patrick Stewart.

Now onto Levar Burton giving away a spoiler. I hope that these guys don’t let anything else slip about the next season of Picard, seriously. If it’s gonna be a true “love letter” to TNG, then these guys really need to keep a lid on it because this our last chance to see these characters and I would like to experience the surprises to come on the TV screen, not a computer screen. I also know that as the convention season really ramps up and the TNG actors make their appearances at the conventions that stuff might slip out but I really hope it doesn’t.

This will be our last chance to see these actors portray these characters for one more time and I’d really like to have the element of surprise while watching Picard season 3. Now I know the Internet being around changes everything. I understand that sometimes spoilers do get let out and it’s up to me if I read them or not. I am not mad about what Levar said, not at all 🙂😊, because now I can’t wait to see Mica’s scene next year.

I am just going to be more mindful going forward, that’s all. Live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖.

Now if somebody could do something like this for the cast of Star Trek Enterprise. They truly had the CRAPPIEST of all send offs!!

What are you talking about??? Demons/Terra Prime was amazing!

Those are good episodes 👍 and Peter Weller was fantastic, of course. But I think the real series finale of Enterprise was the 3-parter involving the Romulans and planting the seeds for the birth of the Federation and the Romulan War, which would’ve happened in season 5. That’s just my opinion, of course 🙂. The Demons story was good but I don’t think it acted as a proper series finale only because it didn’t build on anything that was to come, such as the birth of the Federation etc etc.

That’s why the Romulan 3-parter should be considered the series finale in my opinion. Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖.

I was kidding around of course but I loved the Romulan 3 parter too. And it created the Aenar who are now part of SNW. I liked how they set up the Romulans in those episodes and it would’ve been fun to see how they played it out in season 5.

Fourth season of Enterprise was amazing MINUS TATV which was pretty much crap and the worst Trek series finale ever produced.

Sorry 😐, I didn’t know. I agree with you about TATV too, Tiger2. It was horrible and such a letdown from what we got in Endgame from Voyager. That’s funny, I love the Aenar myself ❤️.

I don’t know if you heard but Manny Coto did an interview a couple of months ago and he touched on a couple of things that he was going to do in season 5 of Enterprise and one of those things was going to be T’Pol discovering that she’s actually half-Romulan, that would’ve been pretty cool, huh? I think that could’ve been a great storyline for T’Pol. She’s one of the characters that I love the most on the show. I really just wanted to see the Romulan War on screen finally and I knew that that’s what they were building towards on there.

It just took them too long to get there and their audience left and
knowing that that’s what season 5 was going to be made me sad because it would’ve been really cool to see. I love the Romulans and I’ve wanted to see the Romulan War play out in a movie or a TV show since I was a teenager back in the ’90s and first heard about it on TOS. I was so sure we were gonna get it with Enterprise but we didn’t. I seriously doubt now that we’ll ever see the Romulan War on screen just because of how devisive Enterprise turned out to be with fans and, with nobody celebrating it’s 20th anniversary last year, it really looks like Paramount wants to stay away from that era too.

So there’s another reason why we’ll never see the Romulan War play out on screen, thanks Paramount 😃. Oh, well, at least I’ve got the books 🙂.

Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

Oh yeah dude, I know alllllll about their fifth seasons plans. It excited me so much, I created a thread about it on Reddit three years ago! I went and found it for you:


So many ideas. And look how excited people are on that thread. Man that was such a fun topic lol. So trust me when I say I really really wanted another season! Unfortunately I was one of the people who tuned out on the show after season one because I just didn’t care about a prequel at the time (same reason I couldn’t really get into Discovery early on too). I wanted a show going into the 25th century or beyond.

But ironically if I had to choose today I would take a fifth season of Enterprise over another season of Picard or Discovery easily. But ONLY if Manny Coto came back to work on it. ;) Actually SNW is showing they are getting better at the prequel stuff….so Coto can just be a consultant if he didn’t want to be there full time lol.

And yeah I really love the Romulans. They are probably my favorite villains in the franchise after the Cardassians (we need to start seeing more of them too btw). It’s disappointing how little they been used in both classic Trek and now modern Trek (but that was the one good thing I liked about season one of Picard and the first Kelvin movie). And Enterprise probably would’ve did the best with them once the war started but oh well.

But it’s why Enterprise is really the only classic show I want a revival of some kind because it definitely deserved more seasons.

Thanks for the link, Tiger2 👍. It’s interesting 🤔, I do remember Manny Coto mentioning Stratos in the interview I read a couple months ago. He also mentioned that they were going to do a story about that probe that became Nomad and I remember reading about the Borg Queen too. It was nice to see all the positive comments, all that love, for Enterprise in that thread.

I didn’t really give up on Enterprise. It was hard to get UPN where I lived in Connecticut back then. In the early-’00s, in Connecticut, UPN was located in Waterbury, channel 20, and I lived in East Hartford, which was very far away from Waterbury. Waterbury was closer to New York and where I was was closer to Springfield, Massachusetts.

So it was hard to get that channel. Anyways, I wound up not watching it because of that. But, at first, it seemed rough to me too. I think that was because it was a prequel.

I remember when they were airing the promos for Enterprise, in the summer of ’01, just being really excited when I heard there was going to be a new Star Trek show called Enterprise. My Mom actually saw the promo first and told me about it. I just got super excited when I heard about it because the Enterprise was coming back to TV finally. I agree with you too about the Romulans, Tiger2, they don’t get enough love, man 😃!

They need to be in more shows and movies. Maybe they don’t mess with them because everybody knows that the Romulans were Gene Roddenberry’s favorite race so the writers are choosing to stay away from them instead of messing with them and ticking off the Trekkies again, like they did with the Klingons in Discovery? The Cardassians are cool too. I love Garak and Gul Dukat is my favorite Star Trek villain.

I did not like Damar at all though. They might be staying away from the Cardassians for a similar reason like they are the Romulans or they could be staying away from them because they did get a heavy focus on them back in DS9? Eventually they’ll be back.
The Gorn are returning so if they’re coming back, the Cardassians can’t be too far behind them.

I think they’re building towards bringing the Typhon Pact into canon from the books. If that is what they’re doing, then we’ll see the Cardassians again soon. I want the Cardassians explored more in Discovery, though. Because that version of them in Discovery is a version we haven’t seen yet. If we were to get the Cardassians in a 25th century show like Picard, then they would just be rebuilding Cardassia still, right?

But the version of the Cardassians that we see in Discovery is different from what we’ve seen before because they made it past the rebuilding of Cardassia and now have a thriving civilization again in the 32nd century and that I’d be way more interested in seeing, just to see how much farther they’ve come as a society compared to when they were last seen on DS9, you know? I totally agree with you about Manny Coto too, Tiger2. If he had time to work his magic, Enterprise might’ve lasted awhile longer. Ahhh, the stuff that dreams are made of 🙂.

Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

No worries! Like you I love talking Star Trek and definitely want to see more Enterprise. I repeated this story so much here, I probably already told you this in another thread lol. But yeah when it was revealed what Enterprise was, for the first time my heart kind of sunk. I was excited to see Scott Bakula would be on the show but the ‘first captain’ hook just did not sway me at all. Of course I didn’t just dismiss it, I was going to give it a chance of course. But yeah the first season just didn’t do it for me.

I mean I liked episodes for sure but I just did not care about creating the Federation, how Starfleet had made first contact with the Klingons, warp 5 ship, NONE of it! And the Temporal War just made no sense. I guess that was the point lol, but yeah didn’t care. Hated T’Pol originally. Reed was OK. Hoshi was interesting because it’s the first character who just didn’t like being in space so that was different and our first real linguist on a show (and thought she was really cute lol). Travis just felt like a waste honestly. Like him more now but he was kind of like Chekhov….just there. But loved Archer, Trip and Phlox. Those were my favorites instantly. But the show just did not grab me at all originally.

I watched through the first season but never came back for the second. And I was kind of tired of Star Trek by then. I felt both it and me just needed a break. But when I finally gave it another chance in 2013, dude, I just fell in love with it! Because by then I wasn’t really watching Trek regularly anymore outside of an odd TNG or VOY rerun on TV. I watched the Kelvin movies, but it just wasn’t the same. I like them but didn’t feel like REAL Star Trek in the way the old shows and movies do. And after I watched STID and yeah, not great lol, but oddly got me to try Enterprise again.

BUT it was because that movie dealt with Augments again, I remember that Enterprise had a story about them and wanted to see if it connected and watched those. LOVED it and I went back and started from scratch and it brought me back to why I love Star Trek. I kick myself from not staying with it and that’s why I stuck with Discovery even when that show started sucking lol. For seasons later……I’m sticking with it, let’s put it that way lol.

Anyway yeah Enterprise is not my favorite show but I really grew to love it today. I love all the classic shows though.

Yeah I know it’s probably not going to happen and get a fifth season, but I also never thought we would see the TNG cast completely together again, so you never know! For all the complaints about the new shows, and a lot of it is valid, they are trying their hardest to honor all that came before so I respect that. It’s nice to see the franchise thriving again but nothing has been left behind either. And with so many actors from the old shows coming back, as you alluded we could at least see Archer again at some point, especially since Kurtzman mentioned we will start to see more crossovers.

LOL oh boy, I ranted. So I’m going to stop here now. Sorry I didn’t get to the rest of your post but real quick yes I do think we will see Cardassians again. And I do like the Federation President in the 32nd century. I thought I was going to hate her. And I agree I want to see them in the 32nd century too. They threw us a bone in fourth season saying it and Bajor are now at peace but I still like to see some of them and a story line, even if more in the background.

But if not, I hope we get some Cardies in the 23rd or 24th century again when they were still up to no good. Never heard of the Typhon Pact but I’ll google it now! It would be great if they introduced on SNW at some point! Fingers crossed!

It’s okay to rant, Tiger2. I went on my rant in my last reply back to you. Yes, Google the Typhon Pact. The Pact consists of the Tholians, the Gorn, the Breen, the Tzenkethi, the Kinshaya, and the Romulans. It would be a mighty force to bring against the Federation in live-action and I would love to see it come to life.

Hoshi was cute, man. I appreciate her more now than back when Enterprise first started. Some of my favorite episodes are with her, especially that second episode of Enterprise’s first season where Hoshi goes on her very first away mission with Captain Archer and she sees those bodies hanging in the air, drained of blood. That’s definitely one of my favorite episodes of Enterprise with Hoshi in it because that episode highlighted her strengths and her weaknesses. I love T’Pol myself.

I think she’s gorgeous ❤️. I’ve got a thing for the ears, dude 🤣😂. It all started with T’Pring on TOS. She melts my heart every time I see her.

But Arlene Martel was gorgeous with or without the ears. My three favorite on Enterprise were Captain Archer, T’Pol, and Dr.Phlox. I feel about Mayweather the same way you do. I just didn’t equate him to Chekov because I am not a big Chekov fan.

Reed gets annoying for me at times too, just like Chekov did. So Reed would definitely be my least favorite. Trip has some good episodes but he was always the butt of a LOT of jokes in the beginning, like him getting pregnant, c’mon, man! But he’s grown on me the more I rewatch the show.

I’ve been rewatching Enterprise for the past couple years on H & I and I went out and bought the Blu Ray set. I’ve done a rewatch of the show myself over the past few years.I can’t say really that I choose one era over another because it’s all Star Trek, the good and the bad. I’ve chosen to love her no matter what, flaws and all.

If I had to choose, I would always choose TOS because it all started with Captain Kirk and without him, you don’t get Picard, Sisko, etc etc. So I will always choose TOS and the Enterprise has my heart and always will have it. She’s had it since I was 12 and she doesn’t have pointy ears 🤣😂. My Mom was the one who got me into TOS.

That was my entry into Star Trek back in the ’90s. That’s why I was so excited for SNW because it’s the Enterprise returning to TV where she should be so everybody can love her like you and me. I like TNG, I love DS9, I like VOY, and I love ENT. As for the new shows, I’ve said it before, I like Picard and I love Prodigy.

I like Discovery and Lower Decks drives me mad with all the canon breaking it does but I’m trying to just to watch it as a show and it is pretty funny. I just wished they talked a little bit slower! Oh, and as for the Kelvin movies, I love the first one, I thought JJ Abrams had just ripped me off for $15 when I saw Into Darkness and I realized that I had just watched a reverse TWOK, and Beyond was an utter disappointment to me. It was supposed to be an anniversary movie and instead I paid to watch an episode of TOS on a movie screen in which, once again, they felt it was necessary to blow up the Enterprise because they couldn’t move the plot along any other way.

First Contact was an awesome anniversary movie. Star Trek IV goes without saying that it was awesome, another anniversary home run. But Beyond was a dud. They better hope this next Star Trek movie can hit it out of the park, like the 2009 film did.

Otherwise this will be the last Star Trek movie we see for another 8 years. I went off on another tirade, sorry. As you can no doubt tell by now, I too love to talk about Star Trek, just like you 🙂.Live long and prosper Tiger2 🖖

If they didn’t even do anything to mark the 20th anniversary last year, then don’t expect them to get a revisit anytime soon. The only character that I could see being revisited from Enterprise now is Captain Archer and that’s only because I heard Akiva Goldsman mention that he has a story for Captain Archer that he wants to tell but he only wants to tell it in this Tales Of The Federation anthology show that he wants to do. I’m an Enterprise fan myself and, trust me, it sucks that the 20th anniversary came and went without notice. No comic book or a trilogy of novels, nothing.

I understand it’s a divisive show to some but I like it and, hopefully, down the road, we’ll get to see Scott Bakula return as Captain Archer again. Now that he’s no longer attached to the Quantum Leap reboot, we’re one step closer to seeing him return to Star Trek. I don’t think he’ll return though as Captain Archer. I think if Scott Bakula did return to Star Trek for an appearance, Archer would probably be an Admiral now because Scott Bakula has gotten older of course.

Live long and prosper, Scott H 🖖.

The studio will advertise the hell out of season 3. If the TNG cast really play a big role in the season they will feature heavily in the promotion. Plus, Paramount+ is counting on full-on nostalgia so they won’t hide the TNG cast. So I guess it will be difficult if you don’t want to know any details before actually watching the show.

Yeah, I’m gonna just have to watch what I read, that’s all. The only thing I want to know now is who the villain is that we’re getting and who is the actor playing that villain. Like I don’t want to know what Worf’s been up to because I’d like to discover that along with Picard, you know? But you are completely right about the studio and how they will promote season 3 of Picard.

I just have to watch myself that’s all. Live long and prosper, DIGINON 🖖

And then to put on our space suits and play these characters again!

Did LeVar just confirm that one or more of the TNG cast will be back, appearing IN UNIFORM again…?

I’m hoping Geordi, Worf and Beverly are still in Starfleet since we know where the rest of them are. And maybe Riker went back to Starfleet full time.

In the anti-time future, Geordi had two daughters and one son. It will be interesting to see if anything of that became true in the real timeline…

I think I’m the only one that wanted to see the La Sirena crew have one last hurrah in season 3…the TNG love in won’t have the same impact, feels like a nostalgia fest

Opinions like this are why we need to bring gatekeeping back.

You know it’s likely they ran out of ideas for a season 3 and thought how can we paper over the cracks, dupe the fans into a TNG get together, the nostalgia will mask any of the average writing we’ve had in season 1 and 2 (I still loved the show)
Of course you and many others are looking forward to your TNG season 8…yeah I’m sure itl be laughter and tears etc. But really…if this show was strong enough it would have stood on its own legs with Picard’s new crew which was the intention at the start.

I actually agree with that, believe it or not! They did poorly by almost everyone in the new cast. The whole thing has been a missed opportunity; several of them, even.

And it won’t make sense since they already did everything they could with these characters. They had closure with Nemesis, even if the movie did as poorly as it could and was very badly received by fans. Stewart coming back to play Picard was never anything but nostalgia. His whole thing was i played that character i took him as far as i could go with him, and i don’t want to do that again. Then they told him Picard would be different than TNG. It was a major thing for Kurtzman to get Patrick back. It sold CBS all access as a viable Trek platform. They weren’t just doing fanfiction they were continuing Star Trek. Its like when they got Nimoy for the reboot for Trek bonafides. They aren’t dumb they know what fans want to see. They’ve done everything but bring back Shatner.

The fact that they did such a hard pivot before season 2 had even fully aired and didn’t wait for any fan feedback tells me that even TPTB realized that cast and approach just wasn’t working. That they’ve gone back to the TNG cast smells of desperation to try to salvage something from the Picard show as it enters the home stretch.

I am puzzled how Data can be involved.

Brent Spiner doesn’t have to play Data. He’s already played three different characters on Star Trek Picard. He may return as A. I. Soong from season 1. Or any other character.

Hopefully not another Soong. lol

I hope the NX-01 Crew get also a proper send-off.

So everyone but Picard ends up with a family and kids. Sounds about right.

Wesley and Data never had kids. Well, unless you count Dahj/Soji, but Data never even met them. And Lal died after a couple of weeks.

Tng is my favorite tv show in general. So my dream comes ture with the return of the tng cast!

Picard will never be season 8 of TNG…. Then because it’s such a poor production it becomes just that

Would be a nice Christmas present if they released it at the end of the year.

A love poem? So far Picard has been a very poor limerick.

The anticipation for season 3 of Picard is even lower now then ever before.
10 episodes of fan service is going to be hard to watch.
No doubt that TNG fans will b eager to watch it and no matter how predictable this will be they will be embracing it hook line and sinker…with emphasis on the sinker part.

We are acquainted with several people who worked in the art department on TNG and they were all brought back on S3. Doug Drexler did post on his social media that “You can go back home, again!” Also, TNG, is the biggest moneymaker around the world, merch wise for Paramount. With basically nothing but silence from the memorabilia/toy companies for PIC when it came out, while I’m ecstatic that the TNG cast is getting a proper send off? I think Paramount didn’t want to end PIC with its core audience disappointed and it negatively affected merch sales, going forward. Actually, if you live in the Northeast, The Star Trek original series set tour, in Ticonderoga, holds a yearly Trekonderoga. It’s August 19, 20,21. Brent Spiner, John DeLancie and Gates McFadden will be in attendance. They will be showing some TNG costumes, progress on the TNG sets and other events. The Star Trek Set Tour is “The Field Of Dreams” for Trek fans. Anthony, if this plug for Trekonderoga is not allowed? I’ll edit this post, if requested.

This sounds so hopefully awesome!

Nothing scares me more than the “love poem” talk.

Why? Look back on the last two “love letters” for TRek fans involving TNG.

Star Trek Nemesis

Enterprise finale

This is exactly the same term used at the time to describe these two productions.
I actually do like Nemesis, but it suffered from a lot of dumb things in the script. Not the least of which was for Picard and Riker to allow Geordi and Data a special project of reactivating a Data predecessor obtained under questionable conditions and done as the ship travelled into Romulan space when the entire command staff should be remaining highly alert and focused on the Romulan coup. And second, the decision to introduce a Toyota Racing Division buggy to tear roughshod over an alien surface… because Patrick Stewart wanted to drive.

I won’t say anything about the Enterprise finale other than to say it was totally disrespectful to that show, and just bad.