‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Coming To Blu-ray, DVD And Steelbook In October

Just in time for Captain Picard Day, Paramount Home Entertainment has announced the release of the second season of Star Trek: Picard on Blu-ray, DVD, and limited-edition Blu-ray Steelbook. It all arrives in North America on October 4 with over an hour of special features.

Picard Season 2 comes home

Season two of Star Trek: Picard saw the return of John de Lancie as Q and Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan. The time travel and alternate universe story also included the introduction of Annie Wersching as the Borg Queen, and Brent Spiner playing a villainous tech billionaire member of the Soong family, with Isa Briones playing his daughter.

In addition to all ten episodes, the limited edition Blu-ray Steelbook, Blu-ray, and DVD has the following special features:

  • THE USS STARGAZER – The featurette takes a deep dive into the creation of the USS Stargazer from conception to build out and features exclusive timelapse photography alongside Production Designer Dave Blass, who brought the original TNG art department onboard, including the famed Star Trek graphic artist Michael Okuda, and design artists Doug Drexler and John Eaves to recreate the latest USS Stargazer.
  • THE CHATEAU – Led by Production Designer Dave Blass and Prop Master Jeff Lombardi, the featurette explores the transition of Picard’s chateau following its redesign and conversion to the Dataverse in season one.
  • THE TRIAL IS OVER – The intimate, behind-the-scenes look connects fans with John de Lancie who reprises his role as Q, playing a significant part in the season two story arc.
  • REBUILDING THE BORG QUEEN – The featurette showcases actress Annie Wersching as she discusses stepping into the role of the Borg Queen. After 25 years, the iconic character returns through advanced design and production techniques, which are further discussed by Designer Neville Page, Prosthetics Master Vincent Van Dyke and Make-Up Department Head James MacKinnon.
  • PICARD PROPS – Property Master Jeff Lombardi takes fans on a tour that showcases the various props created for STAR TREK: PICARD – SEASON TWO.
  • PICARD PASSAGES – Alongside cast and crew, fans will follow the heroes from STAR TREK: PICARD through time and space as they encounter old and new friends, as well as challenges, in the latest season.

Here is a closer look at the packaging for the Steelbook.


UPDATE: Available for pre-order

Amazon has pre-order links up now: Blu-ray $51.99Blu-ray/Steelbook $51.99  | DVD $39.99

Reminder: Lower Decks Season 2 arrives next month

The 2-disc collection of Lower Decks season two arrives on July 12 on Blu-ray and DVD and features over an hour of bonus content including exclusive featurettes and commentaries. You can pre-order the Blu-ray at Amazon priced at $27.99. And the DVD pre-order is priced at $19.99.


Find more Star Trek: Picard at TrekMovie.

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I’m waiting for the day when Paramount announcements will take into account that the US are not the only country in this universe.

As Morrissey said…”America is not the world”

Thankfully Trek does this for all us non streamers .Found out just other day none of the Star Wars series are available on blu/dvd .. Nor are there any plans to do so (so no need to mute Obi Wan on twitter)

Yeah I think D+ wants subscribers to stay. Personally I would like Mando and Fett on Blu.

Maybe Wars fans aren’t so obsessive about collecting physical media now? whereas older Trek fans are?? I was certainly expecting to pick up ObiWan on blu

Fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek here, and I’d very much like to get the Star Wars shows on disc, but Disney seems to have a different strategy at work from Paramount, alas.

It’s not just a Star Wars thing, for that matter; other shows Disney has rolled out on its streaming service (Marvel, Pixar, whatever) aren’t getting disc releases either. For that matter, lots of shows in the streaming era in general aren’t on disc, and are kept streaming-only; Paramount is really kind of an outlier with their continuing Star Trek disc releases.

I’d buy the unaltered Originals as soon as they were made available on 4K and Blu-Ray, its not going to happen though not even as a Disney Plus exclusive. I have the 4K Special Edition 4.0 Maclunky edit, i watched it once and on the shelf it went. Not for me.

I’m waiting for the 4K remaster on laserdisc of the very first unaltered working cut of Star Wars with the holiday special.

LASERDISC ~?~ lol 40 years ago i worked in the factory that made those.

I think Star Wars fans expect getting re-re-re-re-re-remasteres special special special very special versions each 2 years that it doesnt make sense to buy physical media.

AppleTV+ is the same way. Forget about For All Mankind or Ted Lasso on disc.

I’m still waiting for season 2 and 3 of the remake of Lost in Space. Only the first season came out on Blu and digital outside of Netflix.

DVD? And one season? I’M waiting for the collectors editions consiting of 15 VHS when the series is over. :-P

Why do they not include the Ready Room episodes?

It’s not as easy as it seems. The celebrities want to get paid, anytime their likeness is used. If their contract says: “for streaming purposes on Par+” Putting it out on physical media is another animal. Wil Wheaton would most likely put his hand up to be paid as well. The added cost may not end up in any real bump in sales. If the celebs and Wheaton want $$, well the behind the scenes people might put their hands out as well. It’s not just actors, directors and writers who have agents… I do agree with you, however. They should be included.
It looks like they only wanted to have an hour of bonus materials, the bare minimum. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see S3 of Picard with similar bonus features. When the whole 3 season set shows up? They’ll pull out all the stops for added bonus material. It sucks, I know, but it’s show BUSINESS. Paramount will squeeze out as much gold pressed latinum as the can from consumers, especially physical media collectors. “But she’s got a new hat! I want it, I want it, I want it!!!” is still alive and well…

When it comes to squeeze out Star Trek, there still are 2 series waiting to get HD remastered.

Looking forward to Lower Decks S2.

Any word of the TNG films on 4k blu ray?

Good question the next film being released is the Directors Edition of The Motion Picture in September unless i am mistaken. No info on Star Trek V, VI, or any of the others. Or any Info on what versions of Star Trek VI we will be getting. Or its aspect ratio among other things. I really want First Contact in 4K.

I still want a remastered and improved version of ST V and an extended version of ST Nemesis. 😉

Yes I want an extended version of Nemesis also!!!!

Don’t need this. I’ll wait for S1 of SNW on Disc ;)