All Access Star Trek Considers ‘Strange New Worlds’ Crossovers And Spock’s Love Triangle In “Serene Squall”

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 96 - TrekMovie

[Strange New Worlds news and review start at 24:42]

Tony and Laurie start with the big Ready Room interview with Alex Kurtzman, discussing possible crossovers among the various current Trek series, and the way producers are listening to fans while planning Star Trek’s future. They dissect Kate Mulgrew’s latest comments about the possible return of live-action Janeway, ponder the possibilities of Nicholas Meyer’s Ceti Alpha V podcast, celebrate the Picard spoiler that Geordi will have a family in season 3, and talk about the start of production on Discovery season 5.

Then they cover the latest Strange New Worlds news, looking at Alex Kurtzman’s description of the Gorn as season 1 antagonists and the possibility that other TOS characters might turn up in season 2, and the cast talking more about Kirk’s season 2 appearance. The podcasters then dive into their review of this week’s episode, “The Serene Squall.”

They wrap up the podcast with a look at how progressive James T. Kirk always was, and the new TAS-style adaptation of Voyager‘s “Threshold” from Gazelle Automations.


Alex Kurtzman Talks More Gorn On ‘Strange New Worlds’ And Star Trek Universe Crossovers

Kate Mulgrew Sees Possibility Of Return As Live-Action Janeway After Star Trek After ‘Picard’ Wraps Up

Nicholas Meyer’s ‘Ceti Alpha V’ Khan Prequel Series May Become Star Trek Podcast

LeVar Burton Calls ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 “Love Poem” To TNG; Reveals Geordi Spoiler

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Officially Begins Filming Season 5

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 Filming Soon – Showrunner Sees No Competition With ‘Strange New Worlds’

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Cast Talk More About Paul Wesley’s James T. Kirk In Season 2

The Shuttle Pod Crew Explores Where The TOS Characters Are During ‘Strange New Worlds’


Tony: Captain’s Week: In Defense of Captain Kirk

Laurie: Watch: “Threshold” From ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ In The Style Of ‘The Animated Series’ + Creator Interview

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The Inglorious Treksperts podcast has a long interview with Terry Matalas this week where he says that there are several known characters in addition to the core TNG cast appearing in Season 3 of Picard. He implies that some of them are Voyager and DS9 characters; beyond that no specifics. That would fit with Kate Mulgrew’s hints that Janeway is coming back in live action.

Matalas also hints clearly that a 25th century show backdoor pilot is set up in Picard Season 3.

Yes, but Inglorious Treksperts has some problematic guys running the podcast.

Whatever you think is “problematic” about the Treksperts podcast, the comments from Matalas in their interview are verbatim quotes about Picard Season 3.

I don’t know what that has to do with Matalas comments about PIcard season 3?

On my list to listen to this weekend!

Of course I could stay away from all new around Trek. But why do they spoil such things?!? And so early?! Why not wait until the first REAL trailer?

People are excited about the TNG reunion and want to know as much as they can is likely the answer to your question. Matalas goes to great efforts not to spoil specific plot points and restrains himself several times from answering questions with any details.

I’m excited too and want to finally see a REAL follow-up to TNG/DS9/VOY. But it’s not necessary to give away that spoilers so early. We already knew about S3 before S2 and about Kirk in SNW S2 before S1 even started.

Part of what is different about Trek now compared to the TNG era is that things are filmed way in advance of when they are broadcast, like a year or more. Spoilers leak out far in advance of the shows. Apparently the James Kirk spoiler happened because someone saw them filming on a street in Toronto and put photos of it on social media, even though SNW Season 2 will not be showing for another year at least.

I still don’t get that. It isn’t as if it was Shatner returning. All those photos would show is that some random actor was playing an unidentified Starfleet officer.

I guess they just didn’t want to lie about it once it got out. I can understand that too. And we know how this goes, people would be questioning it for months and many would still question if he was Kirk or not. They got caught and it’s just easier to face up to it. And now they can actually promote and tease his return instead of just deny deny deny. We saw how brilliantly that worked out with STID. ;)

But I have to say they been INCREDIBLY good with keeping these big secrets. They managed to film an entire season of the entire TNG cast returning and there wasn’t a leak about it anywhere. It’s easier when you have new actors playing old roles obviously but so far every returning actor has been a big surprise.

More 25th Century shows the better! Star Trek should always be about moving forward etc. that is why I love that Discovery went to the 32nd Century.

Although, I do ask just one thing and one thing only, PLEASE make the show Starfleet-centric.

25th century is now the past. All those going on moving forward, please stay consistent and press for the 32nd century.
I get that “forward” is more important to some than space as a frontier, exploration, relatable characters, etc but I am glad there is now alignment in the 32nd with the 25th best left in the past.

AGREED! While I do like all the settings the new shows are currently in: 23rd, 24th, 25th and 32nd centuries, 25th century Trek excites me the mos out of all of them because obviously it’s continuing on the characters of the TNG era in the present day, (ie, can show legacy actors in their current ages), but also set up future shows and story lines with new characters.

I think most of us THOUGHT that’s what Picard was doing with its new characters but apparently not. But now that we know season 3 is TNG centric and there will be other DS9 and VOY characters in the season, then wow the sky is the limit where they can take the next spin off show. If DIS and LDS can get 5+ seasons, imagine what a 25th century spin off show with legacy characters can do?

And I really thought the 32nd century would excite me the most but Discovery as a show has been pretty ‘meh’ overall and hated where they went with the Burn. But there is still a lot of potential there of course and maybe season 5 will be great….maybe. Fingers crossed as usual.

What the?!?! What happened to Star Trek having to be about going FORWARD?!?!
At least that argument (going forward in the timeline) had some merit. But now the 25th century it’s not relatable nor filled with danger or the risk of early space exploration nor is it going forward now. It’s just.. the worst.
I’m with Rios, the 25th century is so boring the guy chose to go back in time rather than be a starship Captain.
Quite literally only a 23rd century starship with a 23rd century commander can save that snoozefest and that my friend is canon.

It is going forward. You’re confusing that with the concept of prequels which are meant to be backstories to a previous story. They are designed to fill in to events or characters that already happened, we just don’t always know the details of how it all happened before. Like now we know why T’Pring leaves Spock for Stonn—because he and Chapel will probably be caught having a threesome with Una. Ok, probably some dramatic license there but its SNW so don’t be too surprised! ;)

That’s why most prequels feel like they are going backwards in that regard, because you literally HAVE to go backwards to tell their stories.

But with Picard, there is no such thing here (not threesomes just prequel issues). We have no idea what happens in the 25th century at all because there has been no previous movie or show taking place in it. It’s all a blank slate.

And if it’s ‘boring’, then just watch SNW and stop whining about the rest of it, yeah? Problem solved. ;) No one cares. And to tell the rest of us what is ‘canon’ is gatekeeping and not allowed here. This is probably why most people don’t respond to your posts dude.

But the rest of us will be enjoying it all! I can’t wait for more stories in ALL the eras, 25th century especially. It’s a great time to be a fan! :)

Wow you’re right, Kate Mulgrew could be hinting live action version of Janeway will be in Picard. I didn’t think about that at all, but now that Matalas has said DS9 and VOY characters are in season 3, then yeah that makes the possibility a hundred times stronger. I love having Janeway in Prodigy in animated form, but I want Mulgrew back in the uniform again. I think that’s pretty much the majority of fans at this point looking at social media and other Trek boards!

And it sounds like season 3 is basically what fans wanted season 1 to be, a real TNG era show where multiple legacy characters will be part of the story. I liked how they did it in season one (even if I’m not a fan of the overall story itself) but we all know people want to see the TNG crew all together back in uniforms again and with as many cameos they can stuff in it. Paramount+ is trying to sell subscriptions, that’s why SNW is basically turning into a quasi TOS show episode by episode. I’m not complaining but it would’ve been nice to have at least one season of mostly non-TOS characters before they went buck wild with it but that boat has sailed. They know what fans really want.

“Matalas also hints clearly that a 25th century show backdoor pilot is set up in Picard Season 3.”

Maybe Worf is finally getting his own show!! Either way color me excited. Picard as a show has been a huge let down up until now unfortunately. But if they can right the ship in season 3 by making it a real TNG adventure and set up a few of those characters in a future show, then of course I am onboard. So I’m hoping season 3 really gives us something special. It really really needs to.

I just want that feeling back of how I felt watching TNG/DS9/VOY for all those years and captivated by that universe and those characters. Would love if they are going toward in that direction again.

While I’d like Worf as Captain of the 1701-F, I suspect that Matalas is championing a Seven&Raffi led show.

I’m mostly joking about Worf. But sure I would be good with it. ;)

where he says that there are several known characters in addition to the core TNG cast appearing in Season 3

I suspect one of them will be Susan Gibney as Dr. Leah Brahms, now Geordi’s wife.

I hope not. One, she was already married, and two, that was the kind of creepy stuff I think LeVar wanted to get away from (and I don’t blame him).

Great podcast as always. Great Star Trek episode this week. I would love to hear your thoughts/speculation (maybe as an aside in next week’s podcast) on the possibilities and opportunities the SNW writers have to really impact that line from Star Trek V, “after all these years, you’ve finally caught up with me.” While it is so generic, and knowing what we know about Sybok, I think there have to be some pretty big things that happen that ultimately cause Sybok to not be heard from again for what 30 years or so.

We will have to see what happens if they make more of this story. Hard to believe there are so few episodes left in the season!

Chapel tattoos. First in Star Trek apart from Chakotay.

Now I’ve had some time to think about it, I think I didn’t like the heel turn with Aspen/Angel because it reminded me of the turn of nuanced Gul Dukat into the scheming, and frankly dreadful, Evil Dukat towards the end of DS9. Also the jump from the noble, easy-going Captain Georgiou to the goofy hissing Emperor Georgiou of the Mirror Universe. I don’t think any of these changes were an improvement.

When Angel does return, I hope it’s toned down a notch, or ten notches.

At one point I felt like Angel was channeling Ardra from TNG’s “Devil’s Due.” The way they sat in the chair, the mocking voice… I meant to mention it on the podcast and forgot!

Yeah, and I liked Ardra. Maybe it’s because she acted that way from beginning to end. There wasn’t a more interesting and nuanced version of her I could get attached to, then suddenly replaced by Harry Mudd 2.0.

By the way, I just want to make clear that in my earlier comment I wasn’t referring to Angel as an “it,” I was referring to their evil persona with “it’s toned down.” The edit feature expired before I noticed that.

I liked Jesse James Keitel’s performance a lot, but there was some Wicked Witch-like cackling once on the bridge, once their true identity was revealed.

You are again misremebering TOS. In “Space Seed,” nobody recognizes Khan at first, but he doesn’t give his full name. Only after the dinner, when Spock presses Khan, they identify him — and then not only they know his full name, but discuss what they remember from history about his, giving him some praise and chocking Spock while at it.

TOS had a similar treatment of a “historical” character in “Metamorphosis,” where they spend half the episode dealing with Zefram before realizing it’s Cochrane.

Having said all that, I feel as bad as Laurie thinking of La’An and Kirk… LOL

I haven’t watched “Space Seed” in a while, although you’d think it would be imprinted on my brain after having seen it 8000 times as a kid. We used to quote Khan’s lines all the time. “Go. Or Stay. But do it because it is what you WISH to do.”

Just checked it and yeah, they sure DO know who he is! You’re right. D’oh!

Tony and Laurie,

Great podcast this week! I agree with you guys completely this week. I do have a few thoughts to share.

#1 Laurie, I would love to see a Janeway live action appearance. Voyager was my first contact with Star Trek. I watched the pilot on UPN as a teenager. I remember cheering for the crew the closer they got to home and being mad at the whole Dauntless thing. Voyager was the first crew I connected with emotionally. I want to see those guys again for S3 of Picard, more than the TNG crew.

#2 I agree with Laurie on Wesley’s Kirk. I’m worried too. I hope they re-watched TOS and don’t make him out as a frat boy. Great article by the way on

#3 I have to go with Tony’s head canon off camera conversation about Kirk knowing La’an during Space Seed.

#4 Favorite line of the podcast:
Where the hell is Hemmer? Laurie said it with so much passion. I was laughing.

#5 Last week’s episode was better, but I still liked this one. Once again, Una, who could have used her Illyrian strength to kick some butt, does nothing. I want to see more Una.

#6 I had no idea it was Sybok. I was shocked and excited. I’m a defender of Star Trek V. So, even though I want original stories, I get super happy about these kinds of reveals.

If the writers look for fan’s input, I think they should get it from fans like you two. Your analysis is always fair and based on your knowledge and love of trek lore. They shouldn’t listen to me. I’d have phasers firing all the time lol.


Great post KevinB! I agree with all of it, especially #1! I really want to see live action Janeway back too!

Thanks so much for listening and for the feedback. Tony is definitely more chill than I am about these canon connections; I’ve been trying to focus more on the show itself and less on franchise history. (It’s difficult!) Agree about Una. And I’m glad you liked my Kirk article, thank you!

I got a kick out of the two of you talking like a couple of old wives discussing their favorite soap opera. Discussing the various relationships and emotional moments, etc. Do either of you care about good stories and good science fiction? Granted you discuss some problems with the plotting toward the end, but 80% of the discussion was rather ‘touchy-feely’ in tone. Well, this was a very weak SNW ep. A lot of ‘jump the shark’ moments. Poor writing and directing. Hoping it gets back on track. BTW, why hasn’t it been renewed yet for a third season despite the very positive reaction it has received?

I was especially focused on Chapel this week and her emotions for sure. I don’t think there was poor writing and directing, but there were a few plot problems for sure, which we talked about. We often focus on story plotting and sci-fi, but this episode really was about emotions and identity more than anything else.

As for a renewal, they’re still filming season 2! Give them a little time.

And yes, Laurie, you are exactly right about Kirk. Star Trek VI portrayed the character incorrectly and was probably the main reason that Gene Roddenberry was upset by it. Kirk was a progressive, not a bigot!

Well, even old progressives can go off the rails, become bigots, and have to realize where they’ve gone wrong. It does happen.

I never had an issue with Kirk and the Klingons. Yeah maybe it shouldn’t turn someone into a bigot but when someone in your family is killed by others, it can happen. And it’s not like Starfleet thought that highly of Klingons. They were enemies for a long time for a reason. The Klingons wouldn’t think twice to kill Kirk and many have tried lol. Yeah, sometimes you’re going to take it personally after exchanging punches and phaser fire for a few decades. ;)

It’s no different than people who hate the Borg and they know most Borg are simply victims, but it doesn’t change the fear and hatred they bring out in people.

I get that in the 23rd and 24th century humans are more ‘enlightened’ but they are still human with their own issues and flaws. Kirk doesn’t hate people or other aliens just for being different, but his issues with the Klingons are more complicated on a deeply personal level. I think its OK for it to be complicated too but just my opinion.

Yes, and it probably shouldn’t happen with a beloved character during the 25th-anniversary year of his existence.

Meh, grandpa got mean at the anniversary party. Happens.

Not in MY Star Trek, it doesn’t.

Alright then.

Oh, I don’t think so. I loved him in Star Trek VI. He was a progressive who found himself challenged when Klingons brutally killed his son, and it took him a while to move past it… like any parent. The key is that he recognized it and did move pass it, and that’s what makes him especially great: not that he never had those feelings, but that he did have them, and he was able to see past them. Eventually. And then look back at his own prejudice. (ps I LOVE Star Trek VI.)

Precisely Laurie.

Trauma , especially at such a personal level, kicks in our “snake brain” our automatic reflexes.

The fact that Kirk can get past death of a son and incarceration by the Klingons shows that his intelligent mind and values eventually won out. To me, that’s the victory for Kirk in The Undiscovered Country.

Right, I always found that part of TUC inspirational. And it’s not like Kirk didn’t go off the rails a few times in TOS and had to have somebody nudge him back towards sanity and logic.

Exactly how I feel. I think people have to recognize what he went through is a very human response but the point is he got over it. Also a very human response.

And like I said in my other post, the Klingons and Federation always had a deep seeded mistrust of each other for at least a century, is it really surprising that would translate to personal feelings too?

Kirk and the crew definitely did know who Khan Noonien Singh was. They recognized the name from history and kind of admired him. Khan just didn’t tell them his last name at first.

Yep. Totally forgot about that, but you’re right.

Hi Laurie. I loved your article “In defence of Captain Kirk”, with the episodic examples being very well chosen. I grew up with TOS so it will always be “my” Trek and while Kirk does have a reputation in popular media as a two fisted womaniser, you expertly showed his true nature.

I know you’re a Voyager fan (me too) so perhaps you’ll write something similar about it’s characters (assuming you haven’t done so already).

Thank you, Scott! I did write a piece about Kes for the official site; listening to the Delta Flyers podcast gave me some new perspective on her. Anyone who wants me to write about Voyager just needs to say the word. Or DS9. Or really any Trek at all except Nemesis. I could also do a whole piece defending Janeway’s choice about Tuvix but I’m not sure anyone wants that. Ha! I’ve written about what makes Picard great, about good moments for women in Trek, bad moments for women in Trek, etc.

I also grew up with TOS!

I’d love an article on B’Elanna’s character arc.

My own view is that there was a lot of risk of a female half-Klingon character being taken in cringey or appalling directions, but that over seven seasons her arc is most coherently delivered among the main cast.

Give the false starts and outright changes with the other female characters, it’s one of the consistent successes for women on the show.

“The word is given…Admiral”.

I’d love to hear a piece on Tuvix. I did a complete re-watch of Voyager during lockdown and that episode has stayed with me long after having viewed all seven seasons. I really struggled with the ethical dilemma and this was a rare occasion when I questioned Janeway’s reasoning.

We argue about Tuvix a lot… we keep talking about doing a debate podcast where we really work our way through. (I am 100% pro-Janeway’s decision on this one.)

In your “Serene Squall” podcast review, you both talked about the expected introduction of a younger James T. Kirk into “Strange New Worlds.” My random thought at the mention: It’d be hilarious if they tried to figure out how to introduce him as James R. Kirk — and resolve that production error. :)

Can you no longer download the pods from the Trekmovie site? Was always a great option when I could download and listen later while I go on my run but looks like you’re using stitcher now? Major bummer

Stitcher is just a handy embedded player for the site, it’s something we used just for now because of having some issues with our normal Apple/iTunes embed. The podcast is still up on all other typical services. You can always download the podcast from the RSS feed (which is how podcast aggregators get it in the first place).