Watch: The Krill Return In Sneak Peek Of ‘The Orville: New Horizons’ Episode 4 “Gently Falling Rain”

On Thursday, June 23 The Orville: New Horizons debuts its fourth episode, titled “Gently Falling Rain,” and a brand new sneak peek showing the crew of the USS Orville visiting the Krill. Hulu has also released an inside look at last week’s episode “Mortality Paradox.”

Sneak peek at “Gently Falling Rain”

Inside”Mortality Paradox”

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This makes me miss the Star Wars prequels :-)

Finally, a look at the homeworld of the Krill!!! 😃

I hope that they’re going to tell a compelling story, while staying true to the xenophobic nature of the species for a good, long while. Though, given that this episode was likely written under the last POTS’s reign, it’d be more surprising if it DIDN’T end up being a cautionary tale for our time…

I love how even the trailers of this show are so effortlessly optimistic. As much as I like Strange New Worlds (except maybe that last episode), it feels a little more forced there. Like the writers have to remind themselves not to turn it into another Discovery :-D

Orville has been a big disappointment. The episodes are so plodding i have a hard time getting through them.

Probably the best episode yet, perhaps a little on the nose of current events and overly long again, but it’s the first episode this season that really felt like a TNG episode. This episode does look especially low budget because of the bad alien makeup, costuming, and VFX, but it manages to overcome this anyway and have some fun along the way.

I’m not a big fan of the Krill. I was hoping we’d be singing that B. B. King song, “The Krill Is Gone.”

Still the best funded fan film out there.
I found it too long, VFX for the sake of VFX, and the music was waaayy over the top.
For some reason, I found Grayson just too wooden in the performance.
All of that said, I look forward to each week and hope we see more seasons.