Watch Captain Pike Summon The Court Jester In Clip From ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Episode 8

The Elysian Kingdom,” episode eight of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, debuts on Thursday, and we’ve got a new clip from it.

Once upon a Trek

This week’s episode “traps the crew in a fairy tale.” And you can see it in action in the following clip (via Syfy) featuring Captain Pike acting as the chamberlain for “King Ridley,” with Dr. M’Benga as the King, and seemingly the only one who isn’t trapped in this fairy tale.

“The Elysian Kingdom” debuts on Paramount+ on Thursday, June 23.

Previously released clip:

The latest episode of The Ready Room includes a clip of Dr. M’Benga finding himself on a whole different Enterprise [at 29:26]. [Also available internationally at]

New episodes of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds debut on Thursdays exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., Latin America, Australia and the Nordics. The series airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave in Canada. In New Zealand, it is available on TVNZ, and in India on Voot SelectStrange New Worlds will arrive via Paramount+ in select countries in Europe when the service launches later this year, starting with the UK and Ireland in June.

All episode photos by Marni Grossman/Paramount+ 

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Looks like they may have had some fun with this episode.

As much as I like to have a range of tones, having 3 out of 10 episodes be comedic or campy seems a bit much.

I do think SNW probably went a bit too light for some, but that was probably in response to all the complaints over DIS and PIC being too dark, cynical and overly dramatic (when every season your story is about the fate of the galaxy, it tends to feel a bit dramatic ;)).

But I had no problems with SNW this season since it was fun and the stories were interesting; which I feel most were. I do hope it goes a little more seriously next season though. But unlike DIS and PIC I can actually see myself watching this show over and over again like the other classic shows.

For me SNW felt like TOS, TNG and VOY with a bit of mix of fun exploration stories and trippy sci fi and why I love Trek in the first place (and holding out hope we get one time travel story this season). The show doesn’t take itself seriously the way other shows did in it’s first season, but still did thoughtful story telling. Not everything has to be on the level of DS9.

I agree, but this clip gives me some hope. Unlike the previous couple of episodes, the comedy writing here seems sharper and more disciplined to me. We shall see.

As long as it’s fantasy brought on by the aliens for some unknown to be explored reason (Trelane, shore leave, ancient comms, some TOS reason) and not them being bored adults playing holodeck, I’m in!!!!

Even if they had holodecks for them to play in (they don’t) No one’s going to half-dress the ship as their scene for a holodeck fantasy.

I hope you are right.

It’s false that the technology for some version of holodeck doesn’t exist in this era. TAS certainly had it in an early generation way, and Discovery gave us holosim opponents for security training.

So there’s no technical reason why they couldn’t have holosimulations for training or in the lounge / Rec Room. More given the current state of VR technology, it’s a question why a VR space wouldn’t exist on a long range explorer.

The issue is Pike. The inference is that after Talos IV, he has a strong aversion to simulated realities.

It was implied in Discovery that Pike loathes holographic Comms and refused to use them. They were in any event all removed from Enterprise due to a technological cascade error.

So, the way I see it, it’s cool to have the “alien entity changed our reality” trope, but if Pike’s trauma at Talos IV is not in the end somewhat addressed I’ll be disappointed. All the more so because in TOS The Menagerie Spock takes Pike back to that simulated reality.

Without spoiling anything, I will say the ending to the episode has a big workaround to all of that.

Interesting music. Very TOS. Reminiscent of the music from The Cage.

Agree. I noticed that too.

Set phasers to fun!!!!!! 😃

Just when I thought they couldn’t style Pike’s hair any worse…

I think it may be an in-joke poking fun at Voyager and the numerous changes to Kate Mulgrew’s hair.

As was my post. It’s funny.

I have to give it to this show nearly every episode they find a unique twist to leave by the end and this one was handled so well. Something that felt really goofy at the beginning ended on a surprising but sweet note

This show is the best of Star Trek to me

This was a fun episode in many ways, but it is deeper than that, as some of you had suspected. I quite liked what they did here. It works in the best way.

Fun episode, not cringey as I feared it might turn out. The cast is just so phenomenal, it’s amazing to see them stretch their legs like only Star Trek can do. It’s especially nice to see Ethan Peck loosen up. The episode does have a heart-wrenching finale, but I’m not sure it quite landed for me since it felt overcooked and rushed through, and the one actress playing the older (spoilers) didn’t quite…work…for a number of reasons.

M’Benga must ultimately get a demotion since he is CMO on Pikes Enterprise but Leonard McCoy is CMO on Kirks command. M’Benga is just a doctor with Bones being his boss on TOS episodes?