Production Has Wrapped On ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 2

The first season finale of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds only arrives next week, but they have already wrapped up shooting for the next one.

That’s a wrap

Confirmation that the Toronto-based production had finished work on season two of Strange New Worlds first came from producer/director Chris Fisher. He sent out a tweet Friday morning announcing it and thanking the cast and crew and the city of Toronto.

Writer/Producer Bill Wolkoff showed how the AR wall got turned into a (virtual) party in the engineering set to celebrate the completion of filming.

This announcement is likely for the main production unit. It is common for additional second unit and/or pick-up shots to still be required, along with additional dialog recording.

Filming began on February 1st for the 10-episode season. And it was in mid-March that Paramount officially confirmed filming, along with announcing the season would include Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley playing James T. Kirk.

First official image from season two features Paul Wesley as James T. Kirk

There has been no official announcement on a release timeframe for season two of Strange New Worlds, but a good guess would be around a year after the May 2022 debut of season one. While it is expected, there is no official word on if the show will continue into a third season.

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Hopefully a season three announcement, soon. Unless I missed it…..

I haven’t seen an official announcement, but some of the actors were talking about season three in one of the earlier posts this week.

I’m hoping for a new season every nine months

A season once every baby!

HAHAHA … I was gonna say that! LOL We just can’t get enough Star Trek — and SNW is the best way to satisfy our ‘Trek hunger until the other shows also resume their runs.

Just hear me out —

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2: The Search For Hemmer.

Here for it!

Shouldn’t that be Strange New Worlds season 3?

Which would make season two: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2: The Wrath of Shran.

😆 😆

I think you meant THE WRATH OF LA’AN

Yessss! Someone can scream La’aaaaaaaaaan at the top of their voice.

I considered that, but it could be 2, lol.

I can already imagine Pike stealing the Enterprise!

😆 😆

Make it so!

Hemmer went out true to his values. I’m good with that.

I think it was a mistake to roll straight into the 2nd set of episodes without first gauging reaction to the the first set. Even in the old days producers could gauge the reaction to the first part of the season and make necessary adjustments if needed for the tail end of the season. Therefore it is very likely the next ten will be the same as the first. Which I think unfortunate. The show still has potential. They just need to steer clear of the major mistakes they made.

Although fans have some quibbles, the reactions I’ve seen have been HUGELY positive overall.

Keep in mind, though, this is coming off Discovery and Picard. After you cross a desert, it’s only natural you’re still going to be hugely positive overall about a glass of water with a fly in it.

Nice analogy, but it’s safe to say that just about all genre show glasses typically have flies in them, to one extent or another.

Yes, well, that much is obvious. I’m talking about the tendency to heap a little too much praise on something to compensate for the bad, even when the product is just… okay.

And I like SNW for the most part. What I don’t like is the strange cult-like gushing and dancing around the golden calf you see from fandoms. Just because it’s a “cult favorite” doesn’t make it an actual cult. At least I hope not.

Plus, I’ve noticed this weird score keeping since SNW first aired. Four in a row. Five in a row. It’s perfection! 9 out of 9. Folks, this isn’t baseball, it’s episodic television. No one is going to pitch a perfect game.

To each his own. I am 9 of 9 right now.

I am 7 of 9 lol.

Which is still a pretty amazing record for any Trek show in it’s first season. The animated shows have been a bit higher but just barely.

LOL, well done on that comment!

Why are you keeping score to begin with? Did you do this with TNG? DS9?

Okay, that season had 18 out of 26. Pretty good, pretty good.

Is there some magic number they’ll reach and automatically be inducted into the TV Hall of Fame?

I don’t think anyone is really keeping score so much as saying which episodes they really like. In this case, a lot of people are liking nearly every episode which is impressive.

But I don’t remember people rating even the newer shows that way. I don’t remember seeing fans say they liked 9 out of 13 episodes of Discovery or 7 out of 10 episodes of LDS either. Maybe because those shows had less of a track record in their first seasons? IDK.

A little unintended protein with my water after a desert journey is fine by me.

Major mistakes???? Everyone I have talked to is loving the hell out of SNW and as a Star Trek fan for getting on for fifty years, I’m not really seeing the major mistakes you are.

That dude basically wanted a bigger budget version of Star Trek Continues where everything looked like the 60’s design, and the characters behaving like TOS as well, which simply was never going to happen.

You can’t please everyone.

I think that’s a very good point, ML. But it goes to show that these days, for P+ to keep $ubscribers $ubscribing is the most important thing, and that means keeping that content coming. Inconsistencies are secondary.

Audiences won’t be able to tell two of the most successful writer-producers of the 21st century that they made mistakes on a show that has achieved universal acclaim and successfully supplanted The Original Series for everyone under 40.

That’s a bit hyperbolic, don’t you think? And coming from me, someone who just compared watching Discovery and Picard to crossing a desert and dying of thirst, that’s saying something! ;)

There must be some secret test audiences – and I think they know how very successful they were this season.

If you just add up the total revenue their content has generated since 2000, it at least substantiates the success of the writer-producer part of my statement. And I think it’s at least theoretically possible that most people under 40 view anything from the sixties as being wildly out of step, culturally, with today’s values. Seeing a revision of that problematic old product should, again, theoretically, be welcomed with open arms. Online is not real life, of course, so at the end of the day, I don’t think most people who watch SNW actually care about TOS or canon or whatever. It’s just new Star Trek that seeks to elevate the importance of people today. Nothing wrong with that. And — it has been successful. Nobody relevant to the studio’s metrics who watches it dislikes it. That’s a notable change of pace from their other Trek efforts since 2017.

Uh huh.

Typically when a series gets a renewal before it has premiered it’s because the network is happy with what they’re seeing.

Critical reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, fans are happy, the show has been generating a lot of buzz and those three things haven’t happened with a Star Trek series in a very, very long time.

You can’t produce a show if you wait to gauge audience reaction before moving forward.

You are right; but then again in the past these episodes of season 2 would have been part of the first season with 26 episodes. So this could be seen as season 1.5 instead.

Yep. It’s this.

Agreed (with the first part), I felt like that especially with the Disco production team. There was so much ‘feedback’ and they didn’t take anything into account and just made what they wanted.

I’m less fearful this time around though, since SNW turned out great.

You keep saying this. I don’t disrespect your right to dislike the show, and even share some of your criticisms (e.g. the treatment of the Gorn). Still, you act like your concerns align with the majority of fan opinion, when at this point in the show’s run it’s safe to say that they don’t.

Yea, I respect his opinion as well, but it’s way out their in outlier territory.

To be fair that happens a lot on message boards,especially here lol. Many posters who don’t like a certain show acts like it’s a consensus across the board or even when liking a show. And ML31 is speaking for himself here. He’s not saying that most fans agree with him, he’s only talking about himself from what I can tell. Yes does it a lot and write in a way many are not satisfied but he never directly says it either. He constantly says LDS is not funny but he never says he thinks that’s how most fans think, he’s only speaking for himself.

And I certainly disagree with his thoughts on SNW. Yeah, it can use SOME tweaks like any show after their first season but nothing major overall.

The show has been hugely popular with fans and critics alike. It’s widely viewed as the best of the CBS+-era shows. So they should keep doing what they’re doing… except for what they did with the Gorn, which was bloody awful.

Wait, what, major mistakes??? Yeah, there may be a few nit-pics, but by and large, this show is firing on all cylinders.

WTF? They nailed the first season…huge hit, both among 90%+ of Trek fans, critics, internet fanboys, and in the court of public opinion.

I agree with you, also for the reason that when the actors start filming the early episodes unexpected character dynamics can develop in the performances, which can inform and enrich subsequent scripts. However I think the primary reason for filming both seasons back-to-back this way had to do with the overall Covid situation; trying to schedule in the safest, most efficient way possible in light of Covid. At least that’s what I’ve read.

Ummm mistakes – not sure what you are watching. But I think it’s as close to perfect and would happily watch for years to come.

10 episodes just aren’t enough. Would it really be so unbearable to have say 13 episodes? All these 10 episode series in the last few years just feel like a bunch of miniseries.

As long as we’re wishing, we might as well wish for the 26 episodes that used to be standard. :-) Though that might be difficult, given how high the quality has been. All right, let’s wish for 20, then.

I understand that 26 episodes are too many for the expected production values these days.

But 10 is just so insignificant. Although it could be worse as there are an increasing number of series only 6-8 episodes per season.

Is 13 really so hard?

Today you won’t find many shows that do even 13 episode seasons anymore. Every new show on Paramount+ is 10 episodes or less. It’s just the new direction these streaming sites are doing.

That said, some are just making the episodes themselves much longer. Look at Stranger Things in its fourth season. It only has 8 episodes but every one has been over an hour. The last two episodes which just been released are a total of four hours lol. The season finale is 2 and a half hours! It’s 8 episodes but they found a way to give you content of around 12 episodes (if an episode is typically 45 minutes long).

Stranger Things is huge though and Netflix clearly knows it. But maybe in time we can get things like a two hour season finale. Not holding my breath but that’s probably more realistic than a 13 episode season at this rate. Once Discovery dropped from 13 episodes to 10 for next season shows the trend is going the opposite direction and streaming sites think less is more. Have to admit, it’s working lol.

So given all of that I am hoping for a new 10 ep season every 9 months. It certainly seems that S2 will be here in 9 months, so maybe they can keep that going.

It’s feasible but with 5 shows on it probably will be longer. But hopefully not a full year. Discovery averages over a year and that was when it was the only show on. Season 3 was due to the virus obviously.

I think the Orville is doing longer episodes this season as well. What I don’t understand is if they have so much things to film, why don’t they just get another extra 3-4 episodes instead of making the existing ones longer and bloater.

Yep they are! Those are also over an hour as well. And what’s interesting is season 3 will also only have 10 episodes. It’s become the fixture on nearly every site. But I did remember The Ozark last season had 14 episodes which was odd considering the first three seasons were only 10. But that’s a rare exception.

A few weeks ago someone posted in a thread on Reddit who claimed to be a media analyst in the streaming industry and said that the trend was becoming 8-10 episodes because that’ how much a typical viewer usually will binge in one sitting and any shows that had over that would usually get less views as the season played; ie less people were getting to the end of shows after the tenth episode. I mean it makes sense if you’re a casual viewer and if you have to decide to binge a show with 15 episodes vs one with 8 in a season, it’s probably more of an incentive to watch the one with 8 episodes. We’re super fans, we don’t count, we’ll binge watch 20 episodes in a day, we can sleep tomorrow lol. But I’m guessing it’s not as many people who do though.

It really does tell you though that streaming media is less about who is viewing a program today but who will be watching it tomorrow and where the priority lies. It’s probably why so many of these shows are getting renewed before the next season even airs. So from that POV I get it. Yeah as fans like us, we will always want more. And to be fair to Paramount they ARE giving us more. We now have 5 shows running at the same time, but some are a lot better than others, put it that way. ;)

And this is solely my guess too, but a lot of us are older fans and we are used to watching 26 episodes a season. But for newer and younger fans, it would probably seem crazy to watch shows with that many episodes today if they are under 30. My own nephews and nieces don’t want to watch anything over 20 episodes because they are used to watching cable and streaming shows where it’s around 13. Even a lot of network shows are now between 13-15 episodes tops. 20 episodes is almost archaic to that age group today lol.

But I think the super size idea works too as long as they don’t go too crazy with it. Stranger Things is pushing it lol but it’s the season finale I guess.

Actually its kind of a weird and perhaps a bit of an unusual situation for me as I am not what you’d call one of the “older” fans who have been around since the 70s. In fact I am somewhere in the middle between the 30s and 40s age group but I still appreciate what TV shows used to do back in the day with more episodes. I don’t mind the streaming model in principle but sometimes it does have a negative effect on the show like the last two seasons of Game of Thrones which definitely needed to be at least 10 episodes so as not to feel rushed. I feel like if you have a really good and tight serialized story and if you managed to map it out properly 13 episodes would be the ideal number.

I wasn’t being sarcastic at you; I was serious! I’m wishing for 20. I don’t think I’ll GET my wish, but I’m eager for more SNW!

I know it’s bothering a lot of fans we are only getting 10 episode seasons. But I don’t think that will change for a myriad of reasons. And I read on a different site that reminded me that originally Anson Mount originally complained about how long it took to shoot Discovery and that it was one of the reasons people weren’t sure a Pike show would happen unless they found a way to keep the schedule shorter.

My guess is for people like Mount he probably only want to do 10 episodes because he’s away from home too long or wants to do other things. It took five months just to film 10 episodes and as the article said they probably will be spending a few more weeks/months doing pick up shots. It’s not like the old days where they would shoot 10 episodes in half the time. But then they had 26 episodes to shoot a year. They didn’t have the time to shoot an episode like today obviously.

However, as I said above, I think we may be able to get a new season every 9-10 months. And it certainly seems like S2 will be here in 9 months or less, so that’s what I am hoping for.

Why only 10 episodes? I wish they would bump it up to at least 15 episodes.

Agreed! It will take them 8 years to do the same amount of episodes TOS did in 3.

Maybe these are 10 double-length episodes. 😉 So we would get a full season and the producers would still follow the contract which demands only 10 episodes…😁

Being in the UK, and with Paramount+ only having been available here for the past week, I’ve only just finished the third episode. But I just wanted to express to any of the cast, crew, writers etc. who might frequent these boards from time to time, how grateful I am with what I’ve seen in these three episodes so far. This truly feels like Star Trek to me, and has left me filled with optimism after each episode. Something the other new live action shows have very rarely done.

I’m not ashamed to say that this feels like ‘my’ Star Trek. It feels comfortable, in the best way. TOS being the series that reeled me in as a teen during the mid 80s, I’m delighted with EVERY aspect of this new show (with a couple of very minor nitpicks!). From the off, this cast just feels right. They feel included, fleshed out, and not just there as The Bridge set dressing – one of my complaints in Seasons 1 and 2 of Disco. They also act like pros, even under stress. There’s a chain of command there which helps ground the believability of a sci-fi show, essential for balancing out the ‘Strange New Worlds’ side of things. The writing feels constant, not patchy or offensively dumb (looking at you Picard S2!). It’s got really imagination with the stories, and the visuals – I adore the ‘meld’ of modern design and effects with nods to 60s/70s aesthetics. Reminds me of vintage sci-fi book cover art, even some of the ‘far out’ paintings on TAS with that 70s vibe where going ‘dreamy’ with the designs and visuals took precedence over the more ‘grounded’ – and less interesting to me – way things went in the 90s onwards in sci-fi (give or take a few exceptions). I love that they’re letting their imaginations go wild visually!

What a relief also to see that this show can be watched by the whole family. PLEASE don’t change this side of things!! No F-bombs to instantly date the show, or make it seem desperate to be ‘edgy’. No OTT tasteless gore or casual violence as in Disco or Picard. It feels right. It feels bright, it feels exciting! It’s moved me to tears already. I ADORE this cast. Every one is a winner – they truly are! I enjoy spending time with them. Impossible to single anybody out – they’re all great – but for the first time to me it feels like they’ve genuinely caught that elusive lightning in a bottle again, as they did in TOS, and to a slightly lesser extent (it took a while to develop there) TNG.

My only minor nitpicks relate to the opening theme. Those drums sound very ‘trailer music’ militeristic in nature. Take those off and it sounds far better. I also happen to think the end credits music would be better suited for the opening credits. I ADORE the in-show music. Like the sets and the characters and the cinematography, it’s got COLOUR and personality. It’s a character too, as it should be. I hate it when modern show music is without character and just there to accentuate action and beats. I’m already looking forward to the CD/vinyl (please tell me this IS going to get a release) :)

The only other nitpick is the shiny bridge. Let’s have just a few less reflective surfaces, a little more overhead light. And a few less running lights along edges of floors and consoles. Less is more. It’s a tad too busy looking still. 90% there though! And as for the Enterprise, she finally feels like a character again, and a beautiful home for our cast of characters. But it’d be great if she could have a lick of ‘paint’ between seasons, so she looks less iron plating-like, and a little brighter/whiter as per the original series and films. That’s it for the nitpicks!

LONG may this show continue. PLEASE do not change the basic ‘recipe’ now Trek has found its mojo again. The very fact so many are speaking so highly of this show – including the so-called ‘haters’ – should speak volumes. Please continue exploring the universe, the characters, and ourselves. And keep that flame of optimism burning so bright it carries us through these dark times to a better future we can all see mirrored in the show. Looking forward to the next seven episodes of season one. And all the very best with Season Two. The show has gotten off to a phenomenal start. Perhaps the strongest first season since TOS Season One…

THANK YOU so much to everyone involved :)

I am particularly interested in your opinion of episode 4,It’s Really GOOD! I hope that you enjoy it.

Yeah they definitely took away from a lot of the lessons (and complaints) they got over Discovery and Picard and created a much better show out of it. And yes one closer to classic Star Trek. I grew up with TOS too so it’s a nice feeling to have those type of one off adventures again and that everything is wide open.

I do applaud Discovery for trying to be bold and different in its first season, it simply didn’t work for a lot of fans. And when they changed the setting in season 3, I felt it gave the show a new life and at least avoided all the major canon issues people complained about the first 2 seasons but it’s still just making a lot of frustrating mistakes for people like me who is still on the fence with it but generally want to love it.

But I can say I truly love SNW. It’s not perfect obviously but as you said its getting back to the Star Trek fandom loved and missed. This is probably what a lot of fans was expecting back in 2017, especially when we heard it was going to take place 10 years before TOS. But Fuller wanted something closer to his type of story telling, ie, edgier, cynical and dark. And then he basically rebooted the entire universe on top of it. It was just too much out of the gate. Again I think it’s great to shake up any franchise and Star Trek needed shaking up after 18 years of the previous Trek, but you can swing the pendulum too far the other way too.

But they have been learning from their mistakes. That’s why we have LDS and PRO which are much closer to classic Trek where it’s fun and adventurous again and not trying to save the universe. That’s why fans responded so well to those shows too. But SNW is probably the best of the bunch and being live action gives it more gravitas.

I been saying the show feels like comfort food Trek. It’s everything we like and familiar with. And wy it’s succeeding after not having this kind of Star Trek since Enterprise ended.

I think Discovery S1 had the grit of (New) Battlestar Galactica and was how VOY or ENT could have been?!t I still like DSC S1 and if it had been set on another time, it maybe would have worked better.
It still feels like a Next Generation of Enterprise if you ignore the inconsistency with other shows… maybe as an alternate future of Enterprise, which already is the Kelvin Universe? Or 100 years after Enterprise as a result of the Temporal Cold War…

I hope that the cast has already been informed of a season 3 And, they are just waiting to tell us.

I don’t think that’s a concern when LDS is working on season 4 and DIS is shooting season 5. I think all these shows will go three seasons minimum regardless. Picard would probably go 5 seasons if Stewart decided to stick around.

Good news obviously! It was very smart of them to not wait until season one was over to begin on season two or we probably would be waiting to the end of 2023 for season 2 looking at how long it took for Discovery to premiere every season.

I’m truly loving this show! Didn’t love the last two episodes but not every episode will be loved. And frankly given how frustrated (and even angry at times) watching both last seasons of Picard and Discovery, SNW has been a home run so far and the best first season for me since Voyager.

For me SNW is probably in my top 5 show at the moment that includes DS9, TNG, VOY and TOS. I’ll wait for the season finale to decide but yeah it’s won me over obviously.

God Bless You for liking Voyager Season 1! For me, that season was a hugely disappointing cluster-F. Kess and Neelix (and their creepy relationship), nothing to do Chakotay and that so annoying Doctor just didn’t do it for me. That show did not get to be reasonably OK for me until Seven showed up.

Dude you loved season 1 of Picard lol. To me it’s not just one of the worst seasons of Star Trek but TV in general. It’s why Picard is my least liked Star Trek show! Praying to Kahless season 3 will be good!

But it proves as Star Trek fans we’re not a monolith. We all love various things. Some just more than others.

But I agree I loved Voyager even more by its fourth season and actually love the show more today. A decade ago it was my fourth favorite show. Today it’s my third.

I love early VOY, for me, it started to go downhill in seasons 6-7 with the constant alien or anomaly of the week. At least the earlier seasons had consistent enemies.

Also, there was nothing wrong with the Kes/Neelix relationship and Chakotay had more to do early on. By season 7 he was a hollow character. The Doctor was always awesome!

On an episode by episode basis, I give SNW a 9 out of 9. That certainly doesnt mean every episode has been a home run, but from an overall S1 basis (having yet to see the finale) , I would give the premiere season an 80%, pending the final episode. IMHO the best S1 of any series… once again pending the finale.

As Tiger2 said above, this is the series fans were hoping for when Discovery premiered way back when…. has it really been almost FIVE years?! It really has been a long road, getting from there to here!

Looking forward to S2, S3 and hopefully many more!

Yeah I saw it too DeanH! Looks like it’s going to be very very interesting to say the least. Definitely will be bringing up some big canon issues but I think there is a big twist coming too. Man I really want to talk about it lol. YouTube isn’t enough!

And yes Happy Canada Day!!!!!

So far so good with this one. I subscribed to Paramount just to watch this . Don’t screw it up and don’t take forever with season 2!!

I wonder when Kirk will appear in Season 2? It took them 5 months to film and Paul Wesley as James T. Kirk was reported 6 weeks after they started. So that would make episode 3 if they film chronologically?
But maybe he will already appear this week on the finale? Or the U.S.S. Farragut arrives on the last scene, just like the Enterprise in DSC S1?

In season two of Star Trek Strange New Worlds we’ll meet Hemmer’s twin brother — Hammer…

I’m wondering if the actor playing the new James T. Kirk will adopt William Shatner’s distinctive manner of speech, in a way that a lot of Dracula portrayers try to sound like Bela Lugosi. .. yoo.ou .. s.uuure .. a.bouttt i.t?

These 10-episode runs don’t do much for me. I miss the days of 20+ per season. For those who argue we get more “quality” with fewer shows, I don’t see it. (Not in terms of story quality)

Ok…., SNW is one of the better treks I’ve seen in years, and this season was very interesting.
Could barley watch e9s1″wanders” (too scary/ alien-ish) Liked Hemmer, sorry to see him ousted, but I’m excited about what no one seems to be talking about….. the arrival of,
“Montgomery Christopher Jorgensen Scott”
Chief Engineer Scott!
I’m curious who they will select to play him.
I also hope they will give pike 7 seasons to be captain, until they bring on Kirk, probably in a different series of Enterprise adventures.

I was just saying 10 episodes doesn’t work for this show. They need to expand to at least 16.

In season three of Star Trek Strange New Worlds we’ll meet Hemmer and Hammer’s triplet — Hommer…

Judging by the comments made here, of course everybody loves this particular new Star Trek show because of its three white leads and because all of the secondary characters (of color) are in the background as on the original series (if anybody thinks I’m wrong, explain it to me.)

hope they do 10 seasons up until pike bites the dust

I gave up on it too lightweight too much PC & just does not have any emotional resonance at all. Just a bland TOS clone minus anything which sticks in your head after it aired…..TOS I still think about some of the themes & the style & storytelling. SNW is just bland overall & way too obvious by the numbers on the spreadsheet ticking exercise!.

With Hemmer gone, I wonder if they’re bringing in Scotty along with (James T) Kirk, and just haven’t announced it yet? Shatner was 11 years younger than James Doohan, so Scotty arriving on Enterprise now wouldn’t be a stretch.

Every episode this season has been better than the last! SNW is not just my favorite Trek, it’s my favorite sci-fi ever! And I’ve been around since TOS. So that says a lot. 10/10!

Personally, I feel cheated with only 9 episodes. The one I call Alice in Wonderland was a waste, and I couldn’t even watch it all. Since I pay, like most people, for Star Trek on Paramount+, I expect more than a few episodes. Then wait a year. If they want my money, something Trek needs to start next month, of I will shut down P+ until there is something I want to see in Trek World. We used to get 22-24 episodes, now we pay and get 9? It’s a rip P+. So, I am cancelling my P+ until the next time. BTW, it’s not only P+ that does this. When I cancelled several others, they offered it to me for pennies on the dollar to stay with them. By that time, I was mad, and don’t care. Keep the programming going at a faster rate, or lose people like me! .