‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ Directors Edition 4K UHD Blu-Ray And TOS Movies Collection Coming In September

The ultimate version of director Robert Wise’s definitive edition of the first Star Trek feature film is finally coming home this fall. Paramount has announced the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Directors Edition on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, including a special limited edition release. They are also putting out a new collection (and individual releases) of the first six Star Trek movies.

Bring home TMP and all the TOS movies in 4K

Paramount Home Entertainment just announced that the newly restored Star Trek: The Motion Picture—The Director’s Edition will arrive September 6, 2022 on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray with a bonus Blu-ray Disc that includes new and legacy special features. The film will also be released in a Limited-Edition Collector’s Set entitled “The Complete Adventure,” which includes the new Director’s Edition, the theatrical cut, and the special longer cut (originally broadcast on ABC in 1983), all on 4K Ultra HD, along with special features on Blu-ray. In addition, Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture Collection will arrive on September 6 with all six big-screen adventures featuring the original series crew on 4K Ultra HD.

The Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture was first released on DVD in 2001. In 2021, producer David C. Fein, post-production supervisor Mike Matessino, and visual effects supervisor Daren R. Dochterman returned to revise the Director’s Edition into 4K Ultra HD with Dolby Vision and high dynamic range (HDR). This new version was initially released for streaming exclusively on Paramount+ in April (see TrekMovie.com review)

“The Director’s Edition on 4k Ultra HD delivers an experience that is far more intimate, engaging, and powerful thanks to the hard work of everyone involved,” said Fein in a statement. “In building The Complete Adventure, we appreciated that many people who were first introduced to the film through the full frame release of the ‘Special Longer Version’ have missed it. I’m excited that it will now be available for the first time in widescreen 4k Ultra HD. After so many years, it’s deeply rewarding to finally deliver Robert Wise’s definitive Director’s Edition for fans to enjoy at home.”

From Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition 4K UHD

Here is a breakdown of the upcoming releases…

Star Trek: The Motion Picture—The Director’s Edition 4K Ultra HD

The newly restored, definitive version of the first big-screen adventure is presented in 4K Ultra HD with Dolby Vision™ and HDR-10, as well as Dolby Atmos®. Also includes access to a Digital copy of the film and the following new and legacy bonus content:

Ultra HD Disc bonus features

  • Audio Commentary with David C. Fein, Mike Matessino, and Daren R. Dochterman—NEW!
  • Audio Commentary by Robert Wise, Douglas Trumbull, John Dykstra, Jerry Goldsmith, and Stephen Collins
  • Text Commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda

Blu-ray Disc™ bonus features

  • The Human Adventure—An all-new 8-part documentary detailing how the Director’s Edition came to life—NEW!
    • Preparing the Future – How the remastering began
    • A Wise Choice – The storied history of Robert Wise
    • Refitting the Enterprise – How the Enterprise design shaped future federation starships
    • Sounding Off – Exploring new dimensions of sound in Dolby Atmos
    • V’ger – The conception and restoration of an iconic alien antagonist
    • Return to Tomorrow – Reaching an already high bar with new CGI effects
    • A Grand Theme – Behind the iconic, influential music score that shaped the franchise’s future
    • The Grand Vision – The legacy and evolving reputation of this classic movie
  • Deleted Scenes—NEW!
  • Effects Tests—NEW!
  • Costume Tests—NEW!
  • Computer Display Graphics—NEW!
  • Additional legacy bonus content

Star Trek: The Motion Picture—The Director’s Edition 4K Ultra HD box

Star Trek: The Motion Picture—The Director’s Edition—The Complete Adventure 4K Ultra HD

This Limited-Edition Collector’s Set includes all of the above, plus an additional 4K Ultra HD disc containing:

  • The Theatrical Cut
  • The first-ever widescreen presentation of the Special Longer Version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, originally created for broadcast television in 1983

The set is presented in deluxe packaging along with exclusive collectibles, including reproductions of original promotional material, a booklet with behind-the-scenes images, stickers, and more.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture—The Director’s Edition—The Complete Adventure 4K Ultra HD set

Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture Collection

This comprehensive 15-disc collection includes the first six big-screen adventures featuring the original series crew in 4K Ultra HD with Dolby Vision and HDR-10. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture—The Director’s Edition also includes Dolby Atmos). Both Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country are making their 4K Ultra HD debuts. The set also includes access to Digital copies of each of the six films, as well as hours of new and legacy bonus content.

Below is a breakdown of disc contents:

  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition – Ultra HD & Blu-ray
    • Additional Blu-ray with bonus content
    • Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Theatrical Cut) – Ultra HD & Blu-ray
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – Ultra HD & Blu-ray
    • Includes Director’s Cut
  • Star Trek III: The Search for Spock – Ultra HD & Blu-ray
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – Ultra HD & Blu-ray
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier – Ultra HD & Blu-ray
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country – Ultra HD & Blu-ray
    • Includes Director’s Cut

Packaging for six-movie collection

Individual movie releases

All six of the feature films listed above will also be available individually on 4K Ultra HD or Blu-ray.

You can see box art for Star Trek: The Motion Picture on Blu-ray below, along with box art for the other five films on 4K UHD Blu-ray.


UPDATE: Available for pre-order

Amazon now has pre-order links up for the different options:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture—The Director’s Edition 4K Ultra HD (MSRP: $36.99 / currently $30.99)

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition Complete Adventure Limited Edition (MSRP: $107.99 / currently $97.99)

Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture Collection (MSRP: $125.99)

Individual 4K Blu-rays (MSRP: $29.99 each / currently $25.99)


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Sothey aren’t making a separate bulk package for 5,6, and The Director’s Edition? I have to buy them separately if I already have the original motion picture set they released last year? So, another cash grab? Great.

As a collector, I like uniformity. First world problems I know. But c’mon. Ridiculous.

I’m sure you will be able to get them separately on Ebay from vendors who break them up for individual sales.

You will. They state that above. My frustration is that there is not just a 5, 6, and TMPDE package. Everybody paid $75 a year ago for the four film package. Now we’ll have to $100 for the same stuff all over again.

Actually….a lot of us knew they were gonna pull this, but I imagine they only bothered with the rest because last years’ sold well so…..thank you for your service! …………*tip toes off stage right*

Good point!

Surprised nobody is pissed that the extended cut of TMP is an exclusive mega set and not getting a standard blu. There will always be someone not happy.

(Raises hand) Me-! I don’t care for all the merchandising trinkets and I already have the theatrical cut in the previous box set, so basically I’m paying £35 just to get the extended cut. Still – it’s what I expected, so can’t complain too much.

It’s the extended cut that has all kinds of mistakes. So not a big deal. The stuff that matters is in the DC. I don’t need need to see Kirk’s space suit change in every scene in the V’ger sequence.

I understand, but I am buying TMP, V, and VI separately since I don’t want to buy 2-4 yet again. It won’t be in one box, but I’ll save a bit of money.

I’d love to have seen the standard Star Trek TMP DE 4K release include a Blu-ray copy of the DE, as well as 4K and Blu-ray disks of the Theatrical Edition. Since I don’t have a 4K setup yet, and cannot justify the funds for the Complete Adventure, I would likely have to have the Blu-day versions if V, VI and the DE for now (I have individual Blu-rays of the remastered I thru V). Otherwise, I’d have to simply pony up for the 6 movie set to get everything related to all 6 to be future proofed on all 6 films at once.

They have blu ray edition of ST DE remaster.

Kinda what I said. ;) I since decided to get the 6 film collection and sell on my remastered Blu-rays for TMP, II, III and IV (as they would be duplicates. This gives me everything I want (No interest in the TV cut) and future-proofs me for going to 4K. An expensive thing, but it closes the book on these films, IMHO. If they do a similar set for the 4 TNG movies next year (likely, IMHO), I’ll cross that bridge then.

Looking forward to the BD of TMP. I’d like to finally see this in HD. Not interested in the 4K versions of the other films. What they really need is a BD version of the others. From what I understand only WoK was upgraded to HD on the original BluRay set.

All of the other films have been available on Blu-Ray for years at full 1080P resolution. What you’re talking about is that the only WOK and TMP have been ‘remastered” to give the best 1080P or 4K viewing experience possible.

What I am talking about is the BD movie set that became available in 2009 if I recall correctly. They had but one true HD transfer. WoK. The rest where not upgraded. Including TMP. Which was the original theatrical cut, not the Director’s cut that was released on DVD prior. And one could tell when watching the disks. Other disks were subsequently released some 4 years or so later but from what I read they weren’t in HD for some reason. If they came out in HD sometime since 2016 or so then I was unaware of it.

The Blu-rays included with this set, either in the 15 disc box or the individual cases, are all remastered from the 4k transfers and are HD and superior to the 2009 Blu-rays.

While they (I am talking about Trek III, IV, V and VI) are new 4K transfers from an existing film print, I have yet to read whether they have done a full remastering/restoration effort on these films. If they haven’t, then for the marginal difference in quality, I will not be buying 4K’s on those four movies.

And both the 2009 and 2016 Blu-Rays were true 1080P transfers, not just upscaled DVD’s. The quality of them wasn’t at great as it could be though because they did not do a full remastering/restoration of those, like what was done this year for TMP and in 2017 for WOK.

BTW, if someone got Trek BD’s and they look clearly like upscaled DVD’s then they must have illegally sold pirated discs.

Yeah, whatever criticism one has of the 09 discs, it shouldn’t be based on the misconception that they are upscaled dvds, cuz they clearly ain’t. Although I’m a huge critic of DNR — see PATTON for the best evidence why — I honestly found the 09 transfers — especially TMP — to very closely resemble my theatrical experiences of the films, for better and for worse. If you look at the close shot of pre-wormhole Kirk and McCoy on the bridge on the 1980 calendar, THAT is exactly how the movie looked to me in the theater, and the 09 seemed to match that very closely (not a fan of the lighting at all, but reproduction seemed accurate as all get out.)

I hadn’t intended to buy the four disk version that came out recently, mainly because I think they have damaged the VFX irreparably (mainly on TMP) with their new smoothing to try to hide matte lines, but nearly all of my 09 blu rays started hanging up in both of my machines in the last few months, plus I found a new set of the 4k/blu combos for under $40, so it didn’t seem like too bad of a deal. Am still unsure if I’ll even ever watch the latest ‘director’ version, as I’ve found most of the changes by these folks to be downgrades or sidegrades rather than improvements.

I suppose if I had the time and skillset, I’d try to import the original theatrical soundmix over the director cut in order to keep the wormhole scene sounding threatening. Ever since the original DE version, the sound in the wormhole scene, especially the alert siren, has wrecked the sequence for me, and it actually makes me think each time I tried to watch it (before I gave the disk away, about a decade back) of the bit in KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE’s ‘fistful of yen’ sequence where you see somebody looking like Eddie Deezen making an ‘alert’ sound with his mouth during an action sequence. But then that’d still leave the things that any new cut should have changed and didn’t, like the guy fleeing Epsilon 9, which is still among the worst looking things I’ve ever seen in a major motion picture.

I have the 2009 box set and the difference from WoK to the other 5 is pretty clear. I then read that WoK was indeed the only one that got the actual full HD transfer. So while the subsequent releases may be true HD rest assured the 2009 set 5 of the 6 were not. And no, it was obviously not some pirated or illegally sold set. That’s just nuts.

I just went back and read the original HighDefDigest-dot-com reviews of the 2009 Blu-Rays. All are full 1080 HD transfers from film prints to BR, but WOK special restoration work so it looks better. None of the movies are SD transfers to Blu-Ray.


Yea, the 2009 BR’s are 1080P HD transfers, not SD transfers to BR.

all of them were true HD scans / transfers – only WoK got restoration work done. (Until TMP)

Bring on the director’s and improved edition of Star Trek V!

You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Final Frontier is the first Trek I saw in the theater , so it is special to me.

Also think it is the best looking Enterprise , interior and exterior, of the first six movies and I also really like how much it feels like an episode.

I get that! :-)

TFF is the last Trek movie I flat-out loved, so it is special to me for that reason. And I think a lot of the interiors are very nice, and it is easily my favorite bridge, though the less said about the exteriors, the better!)

The effects were awful. You would have to redo all of them. They don’t have the filming model of the Enterprise anymore. Jerry Goldsmith isn’t alive to rescore new scenes. At best you could do a cgi directors cut. And reuse the already composed music.

I’ve seen a few fan recreations using CGI. Some are subpar, others are pretty good. It could be done. The script though…

That is exactly how I meant it. 😉

i really don’t get why paramount released the film in that condition.
from using trumball ,dykstra and ILM to these awful FX shots is a travesty that undercut the film’s chances at the box office

They didn’t have a choice, either the vendors were busy or they didn’t have the dough

I was just about to say release the Shatner cut.

Yes. The Shatner cut with new enhanced effects which are on pair with the other movies and how they were meant to be.
By the way: you could add some “new” canon and give him the line “how could I kill the brother of Michael Burnham”… lol.

Please do update us. We want that TMP box set!!!

Will be getting that boxed set on Day 1 of release! Thanks!

I will be getting the deluxe TMP set because it has the Special Longer cut. I don’t care its like a hundred bucks. I’ll be getting the V and VI 4k combos as well because i already have the 1-4 set. When is the TNG movies coming?

I am going to be waiting until they do a remaster of VI before I plunk down $$ for the 4K version, as I am skeptical that the existing non-remastered print of that film will look much different in quality to my eyes than my existing 1080P Blu-Ray of that film.

I kind of want the home video version in 1080P and 4K but i understand why it is the theatrical and the directors cut only being upgraded. The initial home video cut was never in HD.

Wan’t the home video cut the same cut as the DC?

nope. The DVD cut put in new inserts when Spock is doing his mind meld with Valeris. As the names of the conspirators are revealed. Its not in the original home video cut.

I double checked. Yes, the DC is the same cut as the 113 min. Cut that was on VHS and DVD

Was really looking forward to watching TMP DE on Paramount+ when it launched in the UK (feck you, P+, I wasn’t asking for much!). Thoroughly excited for September now.

I’d like to see the proposed tv-pilot-version with the Phase-II model of the Enterprise and “demastered” effects. 😉


I saw it in the theatre, was suitably impressed by the sound design and enhanced visuals, and will doubtless buy it. But, make no mistake — this is still 1979’s STAR TREK; THE MOTION PICUTURE, with all its faults and virtues still mostly intact. If you can live with the former because of the latter, by all means have at it.

So….wait. In order to get the TMP Directors Edition Bluray, I have to buy it separately from the 4K UHD disc…even in the The Complete Adventure set???

That’s just absolutely frustrating. I was hoping to get both in one package like the rest of the films. I don’t have anything to play 4K ultra yet but it would be nice to have had both in a single set for when I do. Gah. Paramount…be consistent for goodness sake.

If you don’t have anything to play 4K UHD yet then simply get the separate Bluray disc.
If you ever decide to upgrade your playback equipment to 4K in the future chances are good that the 4K discs will be much cheaper by then than they are now.

Also the Special Longer Version is 4K only, and only in that hundred dollar set. So if all you do is Blu-Ray you can’t watch it. It is an exclusive. It isn’t unheard of Warner released the 70mm version of Superman exclusive to 4K, Paramount only put out the remastered Indiana Jones sets in 4K, and reprinted the earlier blu sets. Batman Begins was remastered exclusively for 4K and so on. Lucasfilm only bundled the remastered Star Wars sets in the USA with the 4K and in the best buy Saga set, the standard DVD and the blu rays were the older transfers.

I’ll just order the UK version as it apparently has the bluray of the new DE.

If only I had anything that played physical media any more. :)

Except my turntable and records.

Don’t tell my wife I’m getting the $100 Star Trek: The Motion Picture—The Director’s Edition—The Complete Adventure 4K Ultra HD set!!!! Sure I might have to buy a 4K Blu-Ray player for the discs to work and my 2009 DLP TV can’t do 4K, but I don’t care.

Do I need help?😁

I pre-ordered the $100 TMP set, AND bought a 4k player and TV… And the wife didn’t kill me. (Helps I got an amazing price on the TV, and recently got a bonus at work…)

Don’t own any 4k discs yet, but damn, do I see a difference even with a regular blu-ray disc. The wife even commented on how clear everything looked.

The Director’s Edition is the best version of the film, but I will be happy to see the TV cut again. Curious how the shot of Kirk leaving the ship will look with the proper background put in place. (Funny I am excited to see that, but still upset that the 4k Director’s Edition fixed Spock & McCoy’s arm band color switch-a-roo.)

But if you need help, I need more help!

Being distinctly underwhelmed by what I’ve seen and heard about the new DE TMP, I was going to pass on purchasing-but that Complete Adventure boxset is just too tempting. i don’t yet own the 4K theatrical, those collectors items look nice, and I loved the SLV as a kid and would love to own it in better than decent quality. Resistance is futile I think.
Interestingly, the UK preorder price on Amazon is £60-around $82-so what’s with the $100 price tag stateside? I hope it doesn’t mean we Brits are getting fewer discs/special features in the set?

Long version is my favorite cut of the movie, but $97 for it? Jeez.

I’m glad I have the 50th Anniversary set with all the documentaries included with it , because I don’t think aside from maybe the Khan documentary any of those are part of these sets.

The Complete Adventure UK version comprises 5 discs (three 4K discs and two blu rays) according to Amazon and HMV. The US version has three discs, according to Amazon.com and Bluray.com (two 4K discs and one blu ray). However, we Brits don’t receive digital copies with our discs, so I’m assuming that one of those extra blurays is a replacement disc of the movie in lieu of a missing digital code? And according to Amazon, the DE is in the set on both 4K and blu ray, but that only seems to be the case in the UK version. It’s a bit confused at the moment, and some of this info may well turn out to be wrong, but no doubt we’ll be updated here soon with confirmation of set contents. In any case, I’m legitimately excited!

Correction: two 4k discs and three blu rays in the UK set.

Interesting. I have high-end Region Free 4K Panasonic BD players, so I have the option of ordering those from Amazon UK if it’s a better set. Thanks!

That’s cool. But assuming Amazon UK’s info is correct, the set is region free anyhow.

Oops, scratch that. The 4K’s would obviously be region free, but the blu rays would likely be region B…

I’ll be ordering the UK version if that’s the case.

I’m pretty sure the extra discs on the set-with one version of the film per disc-would be there to replace the digital codes which Brits won’t get. That seems logical. So overall content for both versions will be the same, with no-one being short-changed. The only notable difference is that while US consumers will probably receive their second copy of the DE as a digital file (in possibly up to 4K quality), British consumers will likely have their second version of the DE as a 1080p blu ray. So, for US customers the decision regarding which Complete Adventure set to purchase will be based (aside from region coding issues) on whether their preference is for all-physical media, or a combination of physical and digital.

From what I saw on Amazon, I believe all the disks are region free.

As far as I can tell, this is how the sets break down…

US 3 Disks
– 4K of DE (Same as 4K standalone and 6 movie set)
– 4K of Theatrical and SLV (Exclusive, seamless branching)
– Blu-ray of DE Special Features (Same as 4K standalone, Blu-ray standalone and 6 movie set)

UK 5 Disks
– 4K of DE (Same as 4K standalone and 6 movie set)
– 4K of Theatrical and SLV (Exclusive, seamless branching)
– Blu-ray of DE Special Features (Same as 4K standalone, Blu-ray standalone and 6 movie set)
– Blu-ray of DE (Same as Blu-ray standalone and 6 movie set)
– Blu-ray of Theatrical with Special Features (Same as Blu-ray standalone from last year and 6 movie set)

That’s how it looks. Of course the US set should also include a digital code for the DE, and possibly another for the theatrical version.

Honestly, as much as I want the theatrical cut and the Special, Longer Version of TMP, the packaging of The Complete Adventure (plus the price) kills interest for me as the discs slot into the cardboard packaging and those ALWAYS rip or stretch over time. I’ll be buying the individual releases of all 6 movies. Or at least TMP and TUC, since I don’t have a 4K set-up yet and I have the 2009 releases of the others (plus the Director’s Edition of TWOK).

Will there be a UK pre order up soon for the six movie set?

I look forward to the longer version originally aired on ABC. I got that on VHS in the 1980s and that is the version of TMP I grew up with. Finally……….

Hope they fix the observation lounge scene from the HD remaster.. that scene is just so badly rotoscoped and VFX’ed that it’s actually distracting…

Agreed. Hopefully that got a little extra love before they committed it to disc.

Why no announcement of 5 and 6 being released in the UK, I wonder?

Having recently purchased the Director’s edition of The Motion Picture on dvd (yes this is the first time I have seen it!) I had a thought after buying the Wrath Of Khan Director’s cut which also includes the theatrical edition, that maybe they should release a theatrical, director’s, and longer cut of TMP…so after seeing this article I was absolutely elated! But then suddenly deflated as I have a blu-ray player but understand (and please forgive my ignorance here as I hope someone on this website could confirm for me) that the longer version of TMP will only play on a 4k player? If the director’s edition is on blu-ray then why not just release all 3 versions on blu-ray to highest picture quality that is available on blu-ray? I’m so gutted now…so near…and yet so far…

Well, Amazon now has definitive proof that I’m a sucker…

Can’t wait to be one again when they put out a new set which includes the TNG movies! And then another which has the Kelvins as well!

Steelbooks on the way I hope?

It appears that the UK 4K releases will replace the “bonus” digital code version with a standard Blu-ray (region-free?) That maybe the future proof solution for me. I know the 4K would be region free…not sure of the Blu-ray.

Yep, this seems to be the case, extra discs instead of digital for the UK. As for the blu rays being region free, Amazon UK has the set listed as such, as New Horizon pointed out, and I’ve checked on Zaavi and it’s also listed there as Region A, B, C. They’re probably okay, but if you want to shop with confidence you can await further confirmation from the Trekmovie guys.

It’s confirmed on The Digital Bits, that the Theatrical and SLV versions will be together on one UHD via seamless branching.

As it seems now, an updated version of the star trek movies is apparently released every 20 years. Now it's 4K. improvements are made and new effects are applied, however each time this happens it becomes further and further away from the original movies.

This is very true. I’m grateful that the 6 movie set, the Complete Adventure sets and the standalone Blu-ray preserves the theatrical version of the movie. So it isn’t the George Lucas approach.

The only thing that is Lucasized is the newly redone director’s edition. Everything else is theatrical and is the way the movie looked. The only severe disappointment for me was no original audio it’s kind of a dealbreaker.

For any Brits who are interested, the TMP Directors Cut will be showing in major theatres across the UK for a limited period from Friday August 19th. The Wrath of Khan Directors Cut follows on September 2nd.

A review of the US set just popped up on The Digital Bits. Interesting read, at least until we get the Trekmovie review we’re all waiting for. Incidentally I’m delighted to learn that the blu ray theatrical version included in the UK set is of the 2021 remastered version, not the old steelbook version which I already own. This may seem redundant since we’ll have the 4k theatrical anyway, but I just like the idea of everything being up to date, plus, I won’t feel as if there’s a ”wasted’ disc in the set. This truly feels like it’s going to be the last word re: this classic movie.

I have the 1-4 set the theatrical was a treat for TMP. It isn’t perfect by any stretch though there is digital noise reduction or DNR on the optical effects, a fix they applied to blur out the obvious arm holding the model of the Enterprise made the picture quality for the worse in those shots. And to cap it all off there is no original stereo theatrical audio mix which would have been in theaters. But the live action photography is very filmic. And it doesn’t appear like DNR was applied across the entire picture like the Directors Edition redo.

I just ordered mine. Of V and VI in 4K combo. And the director’s edition Blu-Ray because there isn’t a combo, they are making us buy the 4K and Blu-Ray separately. So, I opted to only get the Blu-Ray. A hundred-dollar set is quite out of the question for me when the Special Longer is only on UHD and there is no Blu-Ray.