Paramount+ Bringing Star Trek Back To Comic-Con With Hall H Panel Promising “Reveals And Surprises”

San Diego Comic-Con is back as a live event in 2022, for the first time in three years. And Paramount+ will be there promoting the Star Trek Universe, with a focus on three shows this year. This will include a panel along with more promotions around con. We have all the details.

Star Trek Universe in Hall H

Once again Star Trek will be hitting the big stage with a Hall H panel. It will be held on Saturday, July 23, 12:45 – 2:15 PM, featuring back-to-back conversations with the casts and executive producers from Picard, Lower Decks, and Strange New Worlds. According to the official announcement, the panel will cover the latest seasons and “tease what’s ahead, along with a few reveals and surprises.”

The panel will be moderated by Star Trek: Picard director and Back to the Future actress Lea Thompson and feature executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Rod Roddenberry.

Individual show panelists include:

  • PICARD: Cast members Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden.
  • LOWER DECKS: Cast members Jack Quaid, Tawny Newsome, Noël Wells and Dawnn Lewis, and creator and executive producer Mike McMahan.
  • STRANGE NEW WORLDS: Cast members Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, Christina Chong, Celia Rose Gooding, and Paul Wesley (the new James T. Kirk), and executive producer Henry Alonso Myers.

Trek round the Con

Paramount+ will also be on the convention floor with Booth #3529 with an “interactive booth space for fans to experience a mountain of entertainment.” Fans can scan a QR code located on a mountain sculpt on the outside of the booth to watch their favorite characters come to life from their phone. Once inside the booth, fans will have the opportunity to experience a mountain climb led by some of their favorite characters from Star Trek, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, SpongeBob Squarepants, and Halo. After making the climb, they will be led to a game where they can win different swag as well as take a photo to share on social media.

There are also a couple of Star Trek promotions outside the convention center…

Paramount+ Presents “STAR TREK’S 10 FORWARD: THE EXPERIENCE” in San Diego.

For all of you “Star Trek” fans out there, look no further! Paramount+ is bringing “STAR TREK’S 10 FORWARD: THE EXPERIENCE” to San Diego this July. Step foot inside this one-of-a-kind immersive “Star Trek” experience with tasty food, intergalactic drinks, a multitude of photo opportunities and interactive activations. Walk away with exclusive merch you can only buy at the experience. All species are welcome to attend including Vulcans, Kelpiens, Saurians, Cardassians, and Humans. The tickets for “10 FORWARD” sold out quickly, but you can still purchase exclusive merch and enjoy a beverage outdoors in the official “STARFLEET OUTPOST” beer garden. Entry is first come, first served. Live long and prosper! Thursday, July 21 – Sunday, July 24; 340 Fifth Ave, San Diego, 92101.

Wrath of P’Khan Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck.

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, women-owned ice cream brand Coolhaus will be bringing fans in San Diego free, limited-edition Wrath of P’Khan ice cream sandwiches via a branded truck. The film-inspired wrapped truck will be visiting fans on Saturday, July 23, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, PT (or while supplies last) at Petco Park Interactive Zone; 100 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101. Visit for more details.

TrekMovie will be there to cover it all and more will be covering Comic-Con with a team and will be covering it here on the site along with live updates on our @trekmovie Twitter and Instagram pages, along with a breakdown after the event on the All Access Star Trek: Podcast. In addition to the official Paramount+ Star Trek promotions there are other Trek-related panels and events along with new merchandise including some conventions exclusive. So keep up with TrekMovie for all the updates before, during, and after the event.

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I think it’s a few years away still, but that would be so awesome if they announced TOS 2.0 as part of their long-term plans.

Wouldn’t that be Strange New Worlds?

Yup. Pike’s story was never told so SNW makes sense. Kirk’s story was already told in TOS and the six films that followed. Expanding on Kirk’s story in SNW with scattered appearances seems organic to SNW, launching another series with Kirk not-so-much.

Agreed! Just don’t have any real interest for a TOS reboot. Wasn’t that the point of the Kelvin movies?

I love that we’ve reached the point where Alex Kurtzman could announce a TV reboot of TOS and get a standing ovation.

That would have been unthinkable only a few months ago.


I think they’re waiting for Shatner to kick the bucket before doing it. It will be funny when the time comes for TNG 2.0 and everyone cheering TOS 2.0 suddenly are old enough to be mad about *that.*

Good points!

With Paul Wesley as Kirk, no thank you. That skinny little guy has no gravitas.

Yeah! We want chubby Kirk! Talk about gravitas! Bring back chubby Kirk! :-)
(DISCLAIMER: This post contains sarcasm.)

I’ll wait to see him more in the role first — as Kirk’s career proceeds and Kirk matures further — before I jump to that conclusion.

Also, since he’s playing a much younger Kirk, they have the option to recast the character for TOS 2.0 if Wesley fizzles out in the role.

Much younger Kirk? The actor is 39.

I didn’t comment on the actor’s age. What I said was:

since he’s playing a much younger Kirk

he’s not playing younger kirk. the Kirk we saw was at the proper age for Balance of Terror. Now that we’ve returned to “normal time” we’ve yet to see younger Kirk (except for the screen in Pikes ready room)

You can reason Kirk was “off” because in that universe he didn’t have Bones or Spock to season him, but you can’t pin it on his age.

We’ll see

Will definitely be difficult to overcome a wet fart of a first impression, but it looks like we’re going to get a lot of him next season, whether we want it or not.

Yes, get him a personal trainer and bulk him up, a bit,
Anson Mount, and Ethan Peck are quite athletic.
It’s hard to judge him after only one appearance.
Kirk must be one of the hardest if not the hardest role to do with another actor.
You have to bring enough Shatner without it being a parody or imitation.
The actor will bring his own take as well.
Just get him to the gym, please.

Recasting the entire TOS crew? What a novel, fresh idea!

I’m not sure what this obsession is amongst some fans with remaking TOS. If you don’t like it simply don’t watch it. Given that they’ve cast a 40 year old to play Kirk it makes far more sense just to do the second 5 year mission. It achieves exactly the same thing without creating further fractures in the fanbase.

I’d like to see it updated, as it’s finally getting so dated (sexism, production values, etc.) that its not relevant to today’s audiences (e.g. Tiger 2 commented that he doesn’t feel like watching it much anymore for reasons like this), and younger fans are no longer going to gravitate towards it. Plus an updated version will be able to bring the canon up to date as well with both current Trek series and real world history.

I would plan it as a 6 season run. I would take the best 30 TOS eps, and remake them, and then make 30 new TOS eps with stories we have never seen before. Each season, we’d give 5 remakes and 5 new content eps.

I get the logic and I can’t dispute that, it is dated but the other shows (in particular SNW) are kind of updating it retrospectively without actually remaking it. I just feel that it would be extremely divisive to redo TOS as a prime timeline show. Doing the second 5 year mission achieves the best of both worlds. You have new material keeping the classic characters relevant for those that can no longer stomach TOS and it provides a gateway for newer fans that understandably don’t consider a 1960’s tv show particularly accessible. I’m not naive enough to think that it would keep all the fans happy but I think it would be far less divisive.

I would certainly support your option if they don’t want to do the full reboot.

I would certainly support doing a second 5 year mission post TMP. That period of time is completely unexplored.

That would probably be the easiest thing to do. It’s a largely unexplored era so you could mix up the cast, introduce new characters and be less bound by past history.

I don’t see much point in remaking any of the original episodes. Sure you would have better effects and state of the art sets but the stories being told would be essentially the same and what’s the point of retelling a story if it was done right the first time. The writers would get dinged for lacking originality and imagination; the actors probably wouldn’t find it particularly rewarding just regurgitating previously established dialogue and critics would have a field day with a show that wasn’t able to come up with its own stories (I’ve already seen a bit of this on some reviews of the season 1 finale).

Another benefit to setting it after the events of TMP is that Kirk’s age would be more in line with Wesley’s if he’s the actor they decide to stay with.

OK, you guys have me warming to this “second 5-year mission” idea.


Ugh. Why not just leave it alone, and instead spend the resources to make something totally new?

The same could be said of TNG as it relates to sexism, productions values, etc. and what you’re suggesting would directly impact numerous episodes of TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise.

As for updating TOS to reflect real world history, they’ve been fudging and tweaking things a bit but Earth’s history was established in TOS and expanded upon in each series and film that followed, including Picard. Stories can reflect themes of current events but Star Trek’s history has already wildly diverged from ours.

TOS was a series unlike virtually any other in the 1960s and its relevance and impact has been felt for decades. The 2009 film was a reflection of that and what they did was brilliant, ensuring that the legacy of Star Trek from TOS through Enterprise was preserved while allowing them to tell new stories with characters are deeply engrained in our culture. “Discovery” actually fits nicely into the Kelvin timeline and it should have been a prequel to the 2009 film, not TOS.

So, yeah, it seems unlikely that we would get a new series with Kirk on the Enterprise. A show before the Enterprise? Maybe.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an idea to do just that. It would mean you could reuse the exact sets from Strange New Worlds and each show could still be in production at the same time. I doubt fans want to say goodbye to Pike and then you could just add Rand, Chekov, Sulu, Bones, Scotty and go from there along with Chapel, Spock, and Uhura and bam – you’ve got two shows.

Yea, that could work!

I’d be down with that but I just can’t see them having both running concurrently.

I am hoping for a pre TOS Kirk series first. Hoping that just as Discovery Season 2 was the precursor for SNW, that SNW Season 2 with JTK will launch into a JTK series for the two shows to possibly flip with Pike becoming Fleet Captain, and Kirk taking Enterprise.

Kirk being captain of the Farragut or another ship for a couple years with Bones and Gary Mitchell there as well as La’an

Not a bad idea at all!

I think we’ll be getting “Star Trek Year One” in the not so distant future… The first year of the famous Five Year Mission, with TOS being Years 2, 3 and 4 and TAS being Year 5… Then, after SNW ends, they will refit the Enterprise and there will be Admiral Kirk’s second Five Year Mission set inbetween TMP and TWOK…

I’d prefer Trek to do more new things, instead of just remaking the old stuff. I wouldn’t mind if the final episode of SNW ended with Kirk taking command of the same crew from WNMHGB though.

I’m sorry, but I do not like the idea of rebooting TOS, TNG, or any of the shows. I don’t see a problem with new stories within the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th centuries; but we don’t need a retelling of those characters. I think with the success of SNW, people just assume doing TOS again will be good.

If the next film actually happens, TOS 2.0 seems unlikely.

Hey! You know what else is a few years away?
Star Trek XIV !!!!
Stay tuned….

God, I hope not. I’m sick to death of prequels. We’ve had prequel Trek since 2001!

Time to keep moving on. Stay in the 25th Century and beyond.

Very fortunate to live in San Diego, and have the ‘Con at my doorstep! Looking forward to all the Trek and LOTR goodies. Energize!!

I can’t believe I’m looking forward to this, because it means we’re definitely going to get a Picard – Season Three trailer.

I’m going to go with teaser, vs. trailer. I’ll bet a few shots of the TNG crew, under sixty seconds. Just show me Worf and I’m good for another few months.

Fair enough. In my dream of dreams, the next live action release is not Disco #5, it’s Picard season three, timed to coincide with the 35th anniversary of TNG’s debut (September 28, 1987).

Of course Pic S3 will come first — they finished live action on that months back, and DSC S5 just started live action work, so S5 is at least 9-10 months away from airing.

I expect Pic S3 this fall, SNW S2 this winter, and DSC S5 next spring…educated guesses.

And I do think there will be a full trailer of Pic S3 at Comicon given the way that they have been releasing so much info in advance for this series — way more advance info than any other Kurtzman series to date.

I think Picard S3 will be the next live-action release, but I think Lower Decks S3 and Prodigy S1.5 will both come first. Remember, Prodigy is still in an extended midseason break, halfway through a season that began in October 2021, and I don’t think they’ll want to wait until 2023 to finish a season that began in 2021.

Assuming Lower Decks isn’t coming until August (which fits, as it’s close enough that we’ve had the first teaser and the first clip, but far enough that we don’t have a date, and August is both the month when both previous seasons debuted and also after this CC which will have a panel devoted to the show, at which they could announce the date among other things), that Prodigy immediately follows Lower Decks, and that they don’t overlap any of the shows (which might not be the case, as they’ve occasionally overlapped seasons of the current shows, with episodes of two shows on the same day, but they seem to avoid it for the most part), then the earliest date for Picard S3 would be December 22 (that’s if Lower Decks S3 starts on August 4, the first Thursday available in that month this year).

I do think you’re correct about the sequence of the live action shows, though – first Picard S3, then SNW S2, and finally Discovery S5.

This makes the most sense to me too. It looks like it will be LDS first and then the rest of Prodigy and as you said those will last through December. I don’t think Picard will come until early next year and then probably SNW in early spring and Discovery in the summer. Then it will probably be LDS and Prodigy again since they are both working on their new seasons now.

Lemme guess. Spiner will be playing one of the bad guys, possibly named Soong.

Seeing him in the trailer for this in that sort of a role would be the first sign that this season is going to be another stinker.

I’m still hoping for Lore.

I’m hoping for Data. I know Spiner has said he’s finished with that role but it’s not out of the question that he could bring the character out of retirement for one last hurrah with all his old cast mates. It’s not like it would be difficult to do either, they literally just switched off his hard drive.

Please, no. The final scene between Data and Picard was utter perfection.

Yeah I am REALLY looking forward to a Picard trailer now!!! That’s going to be really really exciting for most fans no matter what your thoughts on Picard so far.

Same here. With all this talk of a full reboot of TOS souring me, PIC S3 with the full cast back is my next big attraction.

To me SNW is already feeling like a TOS reboot lol. I think the trailer with the TNG cast will break the internet the day it happens. Me and you are on the same page with Picard (really really bad) but I’m hoping this will set the course right!

I was hoping we would get some Discovery S5 news as the anticipation for the season is killing me. But i suppose since they only started to film S5 they probably don’t even have an episode finished since it takes around 3 weeks to finish filming an episode. Looking forward to hearing news from the other shows too.

I see that only Sir Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden are going to SDCC for the Picard panel. Gates McFadden must play a much bigger part in next season’s story then they’re leading us to believe if it’s only her and Sir Patrick on this panel but I’ll bet that the whole Next Generation crew will wind up showing up as one of those “surprises” that are mentioned in the promo info anyways. I wonder if they’re gonna reveal who next season’s villain is finally.

Also, I wonder if we’re gonna find out that Beverly and Jean-Luc are gonna become a couple, in canon, finally, at this panel. Because I’m pretty sure that they’re gonna get together next year and I think the series finale of Picard will be Jean-Luc and Beverly’s wedding and Wesley’s gonna show up so that Wil Wheaton can have one last scene with the man he reveres, Sir Patrick Stewart. That’s my speculation, anyways. Hopefully, it happens🤞.

Live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖

An entire season revolving around Beverly Crusher is a pretty foolproof plan when you think about it because no way could it be boring because ol’ Bev is one of the richest and most layered of Trek characters.

LOL, my thought exactly. That’s how you make S3 as inept as S2 unfortunately turned out to be.

Also, Picard finally found his true love and the woman he’s going to spend his impending retirement with in Tallinn — she’s a perfect fit for Picard (and Orla Brady is a superior actress as well). And given this, what a complete jerk Picard would be to dump her for Crusher.

That wacky idea is DOA in my opinion.

correction: Laris, not Tallinn

Well, it won’t be the whole season. We still got the rest of the TNG crew to see too. But I think her and Picard’s relationship is going to play heavily into next season, especially since we know that Laris’ last episode is episode 2 of the upcoming third season. Orla Brady tweeted that and that’s probably because the majority of the season deals with Beverly and Jean-Luc rediscovering each other again.

We’ll see soon. Hopefully, we get an inkling as to what’s coming in season 3 of Picard at SDCC. Maybe another little teaser? We won’t get the trailer until Star Trek:Las Vegas in August or on Star Trek Day in September and that’s pretty much the way they’ve been doing it for the past two years now.

Live long and prosper, Temporal Orel 🖖

They already said Crusher is going to have a pretty big role in the season so finger’s crossed. I don’t care if PIcard or Crusher are together but I wouldn’t fight it either. ;)

I know, Tiger2. I believe Terry Matalas said that she’s in 6 episodes but not what six, of course. I believe Jean-Luc and Beverly should be together. For the TNG book readers out there like me, that would be a big deal and it would be a great way to honor a storyline that a lot of Trekkies loved, a storyline that spanned almost 20 years worth of novels real time, not book time, mind you, and produced a child between the two of them.

One of the Star Trek book writers is an executive producer on the Picard show so there’s a chance that they could get together. It’s also possible that Crusher and Picard might’ve hooked up in the past sometime shortly after Nemesis and she might’ve gotten pregnant by Jean-Luc but never told him. So, in the past 20 years, Crusher might’ve left Starfleet to go raise her child and maybe that’s why she comes looking for Jean-Luc because they’re son or daughter has disappeared and she needs Jean-Luc’s help to find him or her? This could be a possibility, right?

Searching for his missing child, a child he didn’t know existed, would give Admiral Picard a major reason to reach out to his former shipmates, wouldn’t it, Tiger2? Some food for thought. I also believe that the Picard show should and probably will end with Crusher and Picard getting married. It just makes the most sense and would give Admiral Picard a happy ending which doesn’t happen all the time in Star Trek.

But having those two get married just makes the most sense because Beverly knows Jean-Luc so well. Their lives have been so intertwined since the Academy, you know. I recall Picard talking about knowing this fiery red-haired woman back in his Academy days to Dr.Crusher. If that’s the case and Picard has known her since the Academy, then that’s even more justification for them to get together. That’s like high school sweethearts right there, almost 🙂.

That’s why it makes perfect sense for them to get together. At least it makes sense to me anyways. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, right 🙂? Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖.

Yes all that is possible I agree. It’s still odd though in two seasons Beverly’s name had not even been uttered so it’s going to be interesting if they suddenly throw them together. If it happens it will probably be in a way where they realize they still have feelings for each other and those feelings come out during the season. OR it could be the complete opposite and she has a family with someone else.

I don’t think they would do that though, that would just get a lot of fans super angry lol. I never bought Picard’s and Laris’ relationship because they oddly just threw it out there in season 2 and then did absolutely nothing with it. She was basically gone after the first episode and then showed up again in the last few minutes of the finale. Like so much of season 2, it came off disjointed and half baked. So I’m fine if they move on from that and it’s about Picard and Beverly. That’s what a lot of fans want obviously.

And yes I think it would be nice if Picard ends with him married with Beverly and sail in the sunset together. I kind of think kids would be out of the question given both of their ages but with 25th century medicine anything is possible I guess.

I do hope if nothing else Picard gets a happy ending! I don’t see them killing off the character and they already did that in season one. ;)

Hear, hear, I agree 🙂👍💯. That’s funny because how you described what might happen with Picard and Beverly rediscovering their feelings through the season, I thought of the exact same thing earlier. We’re thinking like two peas in a pod, Tiger2 😄! Originally, when Picard first started, I did think that the show would end with him dying.

But now that Terry Matalas wants to give everyone a grand send off, I don’t see him dying now. It makes more sense, logically, to give Picard a happy ending, finally, after all of the darkness he’s been through in his life. I think the real reason why we got Laris in the first place is because Sir Patrick wanted Picard to fall in love with a woman who looks like his wife does. Take away the ears and there is a slight resemblance between Orla Brady and Sir Patrick Stewart’s wife. I think he was trying to pull off on screen what William Shatner did in his Shatnerverse novels and that was to make his real wife a character in the Star Trek Universe.

And Sir Patrick’s did wind up showing up on screen, I know that, singing there on stage at that bar in Picard season 2. But I think he wanted his wife to have a much bigger part than that and I think that’s where Laris came from because the resemblance between Sir Patrick’s wife and Orla Brady is really quite remarkable. And the reason why I say that he wanted to do on screen what William Shatner did in his novels is because Teilani, who winds up becoming Captain Kirk’s wife in the Shatnerverse novels, (which came out back in the ’90s.) and who gives him another son named Joseph Kirk, looked exactly like William Shatner ‘s late wife did, Nerine. And Sir Patrick would know this since he and William Shatner are friends and he’s probably read all 10 of the Shatnerverse novels from him because William Shatner probably gave him advance copies of them to read.

That’s why I think Laris was created solely because Sir Patrick wanted to include his wife into the show. Whether it’s true or not, who knows, right? If someone should go to a convention with Sir Patrick at it maybe they could ask him about it and maybe he might tell them if it’s true or not but for now we can perchance to dream, right 🙂? Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖.

OK that Patrick Stewart Laris/wife theory is crazy lol. I mean maybe but it seem like they wouldn’t had her married in season one then and made her a love interest for Picard from the start. That’s why the Picard/Laris relationship is just so bizarre. It just felt tacked on in season 2 since her and Zhaban were together which was clearly decades. Maybe you’re right and it was Stewart who wanted Picard to have a relationship so who knows? But they did absolutely nothing with it. So yeah.

Anyway, I do agree I think Matalas wants to give Picard a happy ending. And I think they want to keep Picard alive just for any future purposes; especially for any future spin offs. I do think Stewart is done doing a Star Trek show but they can probably still convince him to do a guest appearance or a cameo role. Now if he’s adamant he’s truly done playing Picard, then maybe they will kill him but I just don’t see it happening.

As far as him and Beverly, again MAY NOT happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised they go down that road. I wanted them together when TNG was around so it would be fitting it happens 35 years later (wow).

Lastly I have to say while I’m still on the fence about next season your enthusiasm for it is really nice to see. I am very excited about everyone being back, but I am afraid they are going to mess this up and I don’t know if I can handle it if they do. These characters are definitive Star Trek to me in so many ways. Its why Nepenthe was such a big hit for fans. So I’m crossing my fingers. ;)

Yes, the Sir Patrick and Laris thing might be far fetched but remember Laris was married in season 1 to Zhaban because it was Michael Chabon’s story. Sir Patrick had a say but not as much as like he did in season 2. If you need proof of that then look no further than the whole story behind Picard’s mother. That whole thing came from Sir Patrick wanting to add pathos and drama to Picard.

Now the reason why Laris and Picard didn’t get together in season 1 is because Laris was only in it for a couple of episodes. Then there was a time jump in season 2 and suddenly Picard is starting to realize that he has feelings for Laris and Zhaban had a heart attack. Like I said, I believe Sir Patrick pushed for the Laris thing because of how much Orla Brady looks like his wife and also because she was really easy to work with according to him. But where does that easiness come from?

Probably because she looks so much like his wife so he can relax around her. It’s all just speculation here. I don’t have any proof. It’s just some good natured fun here, that’s all. As for your trepidation for season 3, I fully understand.

Trust me, I grew up back then too so TNG was my crew also growing up. I just don’t put expectations anymore on anything or anyone after seeing Into Darkness and Beyond. I realize it’s all just stories. It’s up to us which ones we like or don’t like.

Paramount doesn’t really care what one person thinks because behind that one person is a 100 or a 1,000 people who do like it. Case in point Paul Wesley as Captain Kirk. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and saying that he was good. Especially since he only had 3 days to prepare for that episode before they shot it.

There’s an article from Entertainment Weekly with Paul Wesley and he talks about how he was hired for season 2 but he had no idea at all about being in the season 1 finale until 3 days before they had to shoot it. They had no intention of telling anyone that Captain Kirk was going to be in this episode until we watched and saw him in it. It was gonna be a mind-melting moment for us or it was until the paparazzi found out about him and who he was playing so then they had to change their plans. Mr.Wesley did say that the James T. Kirk we see in season 2 is actually more like the character we know in the Prime Timeline.

The only reason why Captain Kirk was different in the finale is because it was an alternate timeline. And this all comes straight from Paul Wesley himself in this Entertainment Weekly article that came out the other day. So I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt but I know their are fans out there that won’t do that and that’s fine, that’s their choice. But these are all just stories and none of us own these stories.

Paramount does. Gene Roddenberry sold the franchise to them so it’s up to them what they want to do with the characters. It’s their sandbox now, not Gene Roddenberry’s, not Rod Roddenberry’s, and not us Trekkies either. So that’s why I’m excited for season 3 instead of hesitant.

Now if I find out that Brent Spiner is the bad guy again, then I’ll be mad but what can I do about it? I don’t own it so it’s not gonna matter if I complain and if I complain but other people love it then that just adds more division within the Trek fandom and I don’t want to do that, you know. So I come up with speculation about what might be coming to keep me excited and my interest piqued. Now I might be wrong, like I was about the Romulans, but I still love to dream about Star Trek and what might be to come and that will never stop.

I have too much imagination to not run out of it 🙂. I’m an idealist and I’m a dreamer and that will never change. Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

OK I understand your point about the Laris thing, but IF you’re right then it may imply that she and Picard will end up together. Because why push the relationship if they don’t actually get together then? And I like Laris, but she was technically only in 5 episodes (not counting Tallinn obviously) so I just don’t have much attachment to her. But if they are together I will be OK with that too. But now that Beverly is back, well yeah I would prefer them because I always wanted them together. Or maybe Laris and Picard will end up together on the show but killed off later to make room for Crusher. Just throwing out lame ideas lol.

I just rewatched Quality of Mercy and I will say Kirk is slightly better in this go around but I’ll wait to see what they do with him in season 2. He’s not a bad actor, he just doesn’t feel like Kirk. If you gave him a different last name, I don’t think anyone would notice.

And yes I read the interview Wesley gave to EW saying he will be more like Kirk in season 2 and he made clear it will be in the SNW timeline this time so I am curious how different he might be. So we’ll see. But he is very divisive based on his first appearance.

I am a little older than you and I grew up with TOS. Only in reruns but that is my in to Star Trek. But TNG became *my* show because I came of age with it. I was in elementary school when it started and was in college when it ended. So while TOS is my first Star Trek and I still adore it, TNG is what made me become the hardcore fan I am now because it was new and an age where Star Trek felt like a big deal. It was everywhere at the time. And I love the TNG era more because frankly there is just more of it lol. So many new characters, species and story lines now across 6 shows (and counting).That’s why I was excited when Picard was announced. FINALLY a post-Nemesis show again and with my favorite characters could now ALL return. I didn’t expect it to be TNG but I did expect it to better. I know a lot of people loved its first two seasons. A lot of people also loved TNGs first two seasons too. You will always find fans of anything.

I want third season to be like TNG’s third season frankly, where everything just came together and that’s not even my favorite season of the show but it is the one most can agree when the show came in its own. Terry Matalas is saying all the right things (again), that this is a real return to the TNG era and spirit in a way the first two seasons simply weren’t. If you’re going to honor these characters right, I HOPE SO!!!

Picard only has one more season so it’s now or never.

Yes, I do think that that Laris will be killed off myself because Orla Brady said that in her post on Instagram that episode 2 was her last episode of Picard and that it was time for her to put away her ears. I did have TOS on TV when I was growing up in the ’90s for a little bit. Eventually, it got moved to like 1:00 am in the morning where I lived in Connecticut at the time and I was still in school so I definitely couldn’t stay up to watch it. But TNG, DS9, and VOY were my Trek growing up but I adore TOS more than anything because that’s where it all began.

I was in middle school when I first became a full fledged Trekkie so I am younger than you but not by much 🙂. I can tell you stories about my Trek beginnings but it would take forever because I’m like Stephen King, I’m very verbose and it takes me forever to get to the point 🙂. But when I get there, I do prove that it was worth the wait 😄. The funny thing when you talk about TNG and it’s beginnings, I do like some of those episodes.

Not all because there are some bad episodes but I do like some of them. Season 3 of TNG was good but that’s because Michael Pillar came on. Maurice Hurley did not have a background of working on sci fi shows in Hollywood. He was mainly known for working on detective shows.

That’s why that Dixon Hill episode of TNG was so good or it was for me anyways! I wish they did a couple more like that instead of the Sherlock Holmes ones but that’s just me. I hope you enjoyed your rewatch of “Quality Of Mercy”. I watched “Strange New World” from Enterprise’s first season just a little while ago, the one that had everybody hallucinating in the cave.

I love that episode! When T’Pol starts speaking in Vulcan, I swear to God she’s telling Trip to go “f’ off” 😄🤣😂😆! I don’t have proof of it because I don’t know what she’s saying but that’s my interpretation of it anyways 😄. Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖.

Wow so you’re saying Laris will only be in the first two episodes of Picard next season? If that’s true, they definitely don’t end up together then lol. But if she’s only in two, why bring her back at all then??? That show is so weird lol. Maybe to give her a proper closure with Picard and to make way for the TNG actors I guess. And what’s sad is I really like Laris, she was a big fan favorite out of season one. But how they used her character has been so odd. But that’s been the case of most of them. It sounds like only Seven and Raffi will be the only ones truly back with the TNG cast and who knows how long? Maybe they don’t stick around all season either (but Seven has to…we riot if she doesn’t ;)).

Anyway I lived in L.A. so TOS was on multiple times of the day back then and so easy to catch! By the time TNG came along, it wasn’t showing as much but still every day. And then when TNG went into reruns they would show it and TOS together back-to-back 5 days a week and I would watch them together every night lol. As fans we have it SO lucky today of course but I still miss those days watching the reruns on TV. I watched them all in reruns through Voyager. I already told you my Enterprise story so I won’t repeat it but that was really the first show I watched basically online. At the time before Netflix was a thing had all the Star Trek shows running for free, but you had to watch the commercials. That’s how I really watched that show since I didn’t really watch it when it aired minus season one.

And since you mentioned Enterprise, I’m currently watching Minefield again right now because, yeah, Romulans lol. And it’s one of my favorites. I still love the way T’Pol corrects Hoshi and says the name Romulan. Such a great moment! Anyway I was going to watch a DS9 episode before bed but maybe I just watch that one again too! Haven’t seen it since my grand rewatch last year. And it’s aptly named Strange New World! ;)

Yeah, the reason they’re bringing Laris back is probably for closure. She probably gets caught in the crossfire by whoever is gunning for Crusher. I think somebody’s gunning for Crusher and she’s gonna go to Jean-Luc for help and there’s gonna be an attack at the chateau and Laris will get caught in the crossfire or that’s my theory for now anyways. I liked Laris and Tallin a lot myself. I thought they were good characters. Orla Brady is a very good actress. I wish she would stay in Star Trek but it’s not meant to be, I guess. I don’t understand why half of the things that do happen on Picard happen myself. I’m expecting to tune into see Worf this season and when he returns, he’ll probably have had a heart attack or something because that’s how dark the show is. And Brent Spiner didn’t do to much to assuage my feelings because he said a few weeks ago that Picard season 3 is very different from the last two. He didn’t say that it felt like being back on TNG. He said season 3 is very different. So what’s that mean? I just hope that there’s not like all this death in order to get to Picard’s wedding because then what would be the point of the wedding if everybody but Crusher and Picard are dead, except for Riker too because he’s got that luck of his that’s just like Captain Kirk’s luck. I hope not, but, like I said before, it’s a story and all we can do is either watch it or don’t watch it. I love Star Trek too much to not watch it, know what I’m sayin’? That’s funny that you mentioned watching TOS and TNG together on weeknights because I watched the same thing up here in Connecticut. They were together for quite awhile up here in the ’90s. But we would have double Star Trek up here because the station Star Trek was on would air TOS and TNG weeknights after TNG was in syndication which that happened in TNG’s fifth season. And then on the weekends, I would get a brand new episode of DS9 first paired with a brand new episode of TNG afterwards. And I got this for a little bit until TNG ended. TOS wasn’t played on the station up here at any specific time for too long because there’s only 79 episodes so they would burn through them quick. But TNG’s a different story. When it went into syndication, it had a hundred episodes to it. So that stayed on consistently until it went off the air. When it ended, my Star Trek shows to watch went down to 2 and I didn’t really watch Voyager back then. I didn’t see like Neelix at all. I loved Chakotay and Captain Janeway and Paris. But Neelix really bothered me and so didn’t Tuvok. Now I like Tuvok since rewatching Voyager but I still don’t like Neelix. He serves absolutely no purpose. Every time they went somewhere, it was always “Well, the Talaxians never got out this far, Captain” or “I’m not really too sure about this planet because I’ve never been here”. He’s their guide to the Delta Quadrant and yet he knows nothing. The character just seems redundant to me. I didn’t know that about airing Star Trek back in the days but that’s probably because I always had one of the Star Trek shows to watch on TV and then, when cable became available to me, I had TOS again every day. Oh, and I used to tape the shows too so I could rewatch them whenever I wanted to. Then I started buying individual episodes at like Sam Goody and Best Buy and FYE. So I’ve had Star Trek consistently to watch. I’ve got a complete Star Trek media library up until Discovery season 1. None of the other shows have enticed me to want to buy them, except for Strange New Worlds. That one I will definitely add to my collection since all 10 episodes were fantastic 💖! And I’ve got all of the movies, even Into Darkness but I refuse to buy Beyond. And I’ve gotta buy the original animated series again too. So, as you can see, I’ve always had some Star Trek show to watch since the ’90s. I learned a valuable lesson when Enterprise went off the air and that is that Paramount can decide to stop making Star Trek shows at anytime so it’s probably best for me to have my own little Star Trek library so that I can watch them myself whenever I want 🙂. Minefield is a 👍 great episode from Enterprise! One of my favorites too. All the Romulan episodes from any one… Read more »

I guess we’ll see how they wrap up Laris story line then. I didn’t think it would be all that big judging by the first two seasons anyway but did think she would be there the whole way. I don’t want her to die or anything but they already killed off her husband lol. But you could be right and she dies early on. Maybe it what prompts the TNG crew into their next adventure.

I am definitely excited about the TNG cast being back but same time I told myself not to have all these crazy expectations like I did in season one of Picard. I just want a decent story that makes actual sense and give our iconic characters a worthy goodbye (but expect to see some of them back ;)). I never thought we would ever have them all back like this again. I never thought I would see Stewart play Picard again. It doesn’t have to be TNG directly but if it’s not in the spirit of that show then I don’t know what is the point?

And I agree I don’t want Spiner playing another Soong (ugh). The last one was just awful. I didn’t mind Alton Soong in first season and I thought that would be sticking around the rest of the time after they turned Picard into a robot, but I guess not. Maybe he will return if we don’t get Data again. But I think Data will show up too, just maybe through flashbacks or something like season one did.

Outside of the movies I have never really owned any Star Trek episodes. It’s crazy thinking about it now but I guess because it’s always been on TV and that’s just how I watched it. I would record my favorite episodes back when VCRs were a thing lol. But even now I think about getting all of it on DVD/Blu Ray because as you said you never know. But that’s costly. Not so much today but still up there. But If I really had to, I would probably just buy the classic shows, TOS-ENT and maybe all the movies (I would have to think really hard about TMP and Nemesis though lol). Wouldn’t bother with the new shows.

I hear you about Neelix. I always liked him personally but to be honest I love basically all the characters. Voyager I love them all man. Always have. But if I have to choose my favorites are Janeway (obviously), Seven, the Doctor and Tuvok. I’m excited Chakotay will be back on Prodigy! It’s much easier to tell you who I don’t like than who I do, at least the classic shows. The newer ones it’s still up and down for some, mostly in Discovery.

Oh and I did watch the Enterprise episode Strange New World again! Not my favorite but always liked it. It’s incredible how much I love this show today. Maybe I will feel the same way about Discovery in 20 years lol.

Anyway I always like talking to you because we always get deep in the weeds about Star Trek lol. And have generally the same tastes.

I enjoy talking to you too, Tiger2. We respect each other because we understand where we’re coming from since we both lived through Star Trek’s original Golden Age back in the ’90s. We can have nice normal conversations and share our mutual love for Star Trek without it turning into a fight and that’s refreshing. Most of the people that reply back to me just want to argue to argue. They can’t just have a nice time talking about Star Trek like you and I do. I love the Enterprise, wholeheartedly 💖! I fell in love with the TOS Enterprise when I was 12 and then I fell in love with the Enterprise-E too 💖. I love all of the Enterprises but those are my top two, with TOS Enterprise first, of course 🙂. My love has never changed for Star Trek. It just grows because I see everywhere how much love and joy it brings to everybody and it just makes my heart swell. I totally agree with you too, Tiger2, about wanting a decent story in Picard season 3. I am right there with you. I also agree about Brent Spiner. I did like A.I. Soong in season 1 but, last season, that character, that other Soong, was just so bad. The least said about him the better. As for him possibly playing Data again, I’m not sure about that happening. We could see him, maybe 🤞, in a flashback. I think we’re gonna see Tasha Yar as well next season, briefly. It wouldn’t be a proper sendoff without the whole crew there and that’s why I even think we’ll see Wesley one more time in the series finale. I do think that if Brent Spiner’s not Data though, then he could be B-4. I know a real lot of people did not like that character but Data’s program was downloaded into him and I know he shut down because it overloaded him but maybe they could bring him back somehow? Or even Lore? Maddox took Lore from the Daystrom Institute and nobody knows what he did with him. I know Maddox said he was destroyed but there’s no telling if he was telling the truth or not so it’s possible that Lore could come back. We’ll see 🙂. Also, when I mentioned the characters I liked on Voyager, I forgot to mention Seven. See, now that I own it, I like all of the characters, except for Neelix. I love seeing how the characters grow over the years, like Torres and Seven. When I was a teenager, I did like Seven but that was because I had a crush on her. As an adult, I’ve watched her story on Voyager and I love how she wanted to regain her humanity and the struggle that that brought to her. I just love it, man. The same goes for B’Elanna as well. She always struggled with her Klingon side and she fought so hard to maintain a balance between being human and being Klingon and I admired that about her. Yes, I love the Doctor as 🙂. I wouldn’t be signed up for Robert Picardo’s YouTube channel if I didn’t like the Doctor. There are very few characters that I don’t like in Star Trek. Even though I don’t like Neelix, I can still watch the episodes that have him as a big part in it and enjoy them, like the episode with the Ferengi from the Alpha Quadrant in it. I think he was great in that 😊 and he was pretty funny too. I like Ethan Phillips. He’s a nice guy and he was pretty funny on this old comedy show called Benson. Him and Rene Auberjonois were both really good in that show but Robert Guillaume (he played Benson.) stole that show, of course, since he was the main character. I had a VCR myself growing up. That’s how I was able to tape the episodes and watch them over and over again when I was a kid. But once I started working, I was able to pick up the box sets. The prices weren’t too steep. What I would do when I was younger is buy the sets used at F.Y.E where people trade them in to get credit or cash. So TOS would cost $50 new but when someone traded it in, it only costed half of what it was originally, so it was $25 instead of $50. And they check the discs to make sure there’s no scratches on them so I didn’t have to worry about that . So that’s how I got my hands on the Star Trek shows over the years. But when I got my stimulus check a couple of years back, I wanted to sink it back into… Read more »

Yeah I fully agree about the 90s being the Golden age of Star Trek. That was such a fun time to be a fan and watching it still very young with other friends. That was the same decade both the 25th and 30th year of the franchise which still feels like the biggest anniversaries so far since they dropped the ball hard on the 50th (but the 55th anniversary was decent since we had so many shows again at least). The 90s were a special time for me both growing up and as a fan.

Of course I like the new age too. As much as I complain about Discovery and Picard, it’s still great we have these shows. I have said many times over I do like the direction Star Trek has gone in today and always wanted shows in multiple time periods and formats, simply the execution could be better. But as a Star Trek fan, it’s exciting today too. And I think SNW is the first show that has really excited me in a long long time. But I still want new shows to go forward like PIC, LDS and PRO and hope we eventually get shows that take place in another galaxy or even universe. It doesn’t have to happen anytime soon, but hopefully some day. I thought maybe Discovery would be taking place in a new galaxy next year but not quite!

As for Voyager you forgot Seven and I forgot B’Elanna lol. Also another favorite of mine. She’s basically an inverse of Worf and hope to see her back on a show too. Maybe Picard next season but not holding my breath. I really want to see Janeway back in live action more than anything. But I think Voyager still has the most diverse cast out of all the shows even today, both in universe of characters and casting. It had the most aliens on the show, a hologram, Borg and the first female captain. In terms of casting Voyager had the most people of color and it was great to have so many women not in charge like Janeway and B’Elanna but in science and engineering fields along with Seven, which we didn’t have much the prior 3 shows.

Wow you definitely have a lot of box sets lol. If it wasn’t for streaming, sure I would probably have them now since Star Trek isn’t on TV like it used to be. Of course a big part of that is due to streaming. But I haven’t bought a blu ray in over a decade now. I own a Blu Ray player but I can’t tell you the last time I used it lol. Blu Rays are crazy cheep today. I remember back in 2005 walking into a target and there was an entire Star Trek collection you can buy in DVD. It was the all the shows from TOS to ENT and all 10 movies. It was nearly a thousand dollars man lol. It sounded great at the time but the price sounded insane even back then. Now you can probably get all of that for about half of the price and that includes the TNG and TOS Blu Rays. So stuff has come down a lot as you shown.

But even if I wanted to buy actual physical media I’m not sure if I would buy disks. I would probably just buy the digital versions. I know that sort of negates the idea of ‘physical’ media but it makes more sense to me since 99% of the time I watch things digitally today. And its just like streaming where it’s on every device you own. I DID think about buying all 13 films like about a year or two ago since the shows were everywhere. But the fans were more elusive and didn’t really have a home. And you could buy all of them in around $100 and the Kelvin movies in 4K, etc.

But now they have made their home on Paramount+ so I have lost interest of buying them lol. And stuff like TMP and FC is in 4K now (but no interest in TMP, I couldn’t even get through the first 20 minutes of that movie when it arrived in 4K a few months ago).

Anyway OK I think it’s time to end this conversation. It’s gotten waaaaay off topic lol. I feel we are starting to take over this board and I don’t want to do that. But I am pretty good at being off topic in every board here. So this will be my last post on the subject. You don’t have to write back. If you do, I’ll read it obviously but won’t respond because we’ve shared enough here.

Thanks for the conversation!

I understand, Tiger2 👍. I’ve enjoyed talking to you too. I can’t talk neither I’m watching a Remington Steele marathon with my wife. And I completely understand where your coming from about TMP.

I fall asleep myself while watching it because of how long and slow it is😄😀. Take care and live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

because it was Michael Chabon’s story. Sir Patrick had a say but not as much as like he did in season 2

And…there’s the explanation for the drop in quality between the two seasons, right there.

Stewart is a phenomenal actor, but his record as an actor is decidedly mixed. He had a similar “say” in STAR TREK “did notice how my boobs are firming up” INSURRECTION.

Before inserting yourself into a conversation, The River Temarc, then you should make sure that you have your facts straight. One, we weren’t “ragging” (my word, not yours.)on the quality of Picard, we were discussing Laris and how they’re gonna wrap up her storyline in season 3 and once I told Tiger2 about how Orla Brady (Laris) is only in the first two episodes, he said why even bring her back then? Then we discussed and speculated about what might happen in season 3 between Picard and Beverly Crusher since Laris is gone early in the season. And, two, the only time the quality of Picard was mentioned was at the end of our conversation where we both agreed that we like the first two seasons of TNG over the first two seasons of Picard and that’s true, Picard is a dark show to watch but it does have its audience.

But that’s just a part of the conversation that you’re chiming in on, even though you didn’t read ALL of the replies. And the second part of your comment makes no sense to me. Here’s the quote that threw me for a loop: “Stewart is a phenomenal actor, but his record as an actor is decidedly mixed”, what does that even mean? Sir Patrick has chosen some great stuff outside of Star Trek.

He likes to broaden himself rather than just staying in the same box, what’s wrong with that? He was great as Charles Xavier. He was great in Green Room with Anton Yelchin. He was great in Jeffrey back in the ’90s and Robin Hood: Men In Tights.

And he’s in numerous different animated franchises, BIG animated franchises. So I don’t understand what you mean? But, hey, to each their own, dude. As for Insurrection, well, of course he had a say in it.

He had a say in Picard’s story in ALL the movies, starting with Generations. Same thing with Brent Spiner. They both gained more creative control over their characters in the movies and that’s why all 4 movies were always focused on Picard and Data. Everybody knows that and as for Insurrection, I loved it ❤️!

I saw it about 7 or 8 times at the movies because I was working at a movie theater back then when I was 19 and I could go see any movie I wanted for free. My boss also gave me a big poster display that was in the front lobby of the theater for Insurrection and it lit up and that was so cool! I carried that sucker home on my shoulder, 12:00 am at night, about half a mile to my Mom’s house because it was so gorgeous and it was Star Trek and the Enterprise-E was on it and every day I got to wake up looking at the Enterprise-E, much like I do now. The only difference now is my wife would not let me have a big huge promotional display like the Insurrection one I had when I was 19.

Instead, I’ve got Eaglemoss models all over our house. I don’t believe in “ragging” on Star Trek, dude. I love Star Trek and have since I was 12 back in 1991 during the 25th anniversary. I try to point out the positives of the franchise, not the negatives.

Yes, there are negative aspects to Star Trek but that’s neither here nor there to me because Star Trek gets enough criticism as it is from the rest of the fandom and I’m not one who’s on that bandwagon. All Star Trek has done is bring me joy so why should I knock it?

Live long and prosper, The River Temarc 🖖

Suit yourself, but I really liked Laris and Picard, and McFadden/Crusher has always bored me to tears. In terms of the characters, I wouldn’t wish that boring marriage on a retired Picard. Laris is someone that fits him better — she is interesting, compelling and perfect for him.

And I am EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL that having McFadden trying to do convincing scenes related to renewing her love interest in Picard would come across as genuine — I worry that it would be unconvincing, awkward, and funny for the wrong reasons — she simply does not have the acting chops to pull it off. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a nice lady and good at conventions, but let’s not get carried away and give a character that has always had a small part FOR A REASON an unneeded, larger role in a hugely important season that is going to make or break the view of whether the Picard series was successful or not.

And I don’t think as many fans would be as excited to see this happen as you seem to believe. See Temporal Orel’s post above…I think the fan opinions on this would be all over the place and not the slam-dunk that you and the other dude here seem to think would be the case.

We’ll agree to disagree. I love Beverly and Gates McFadden! If they don’t get together, fine, but I don’t see any problems if they did. And I think long time fans will love it!

You tell him, Tiger2 🙂👍🖖!

Agreed (to disagree). And it’s freaking hilarious how that other dude gave you a big “atta boy” on me by responding to you on this. LMFAO :-))

Just to clarify Crusher is in *at least* six episodes because Gates confirmed she had dubbing for the season’s first six episodes. When fan posted that he was so happy she was in six episodes, Terry Matalas responded by saying “maybe even more….” My guess is given she’s in almost every episode.

Agreed Tim! She’s probably in more. She was only talking about dubbing the first six episodes. I hope she is in all ten of them! :)

I know about the six episode tweet, Tim R. Thank you. And you’re right, she could be in even more episodes. My whole thing is if she plays that prominent of a role in season 3 where it only needs to be her and Sir Patrick at SDCC then the story for season 3 must be a personal one for Picard and her.

We know from Terry Matalas that they’re introducing some new characters on Picard this year that are tied to this new mysterious ship that we’ve been seeing pictures of for so long now so why aren’t any of them going to SDCC to be introduced to us? That’s why I’m saying this is gonna be a personal story for Jean-Luc and Beverly and there’s gonna be some other reason attached to Beverly’s return because Jean-Luc hasn’t seen her in almost 20 years now and she just comes back out of the blue one day like one of those women from one of his Dixon Hill stories. And there’s a reason for it but we won’t get an inkling of that at SDCC because they’re probably just gonna unveil another teaser there. We won’t get the full Picard season 3 trailer until either Star Trek: Las Vegas or Star Trek Day.

I wish we’d get the trailer at ComicCon but that is definitely not going to happen. Live long and prosper, Tim R 🖖.


Is it too much to ask for Beverly to have an alien sex candle boyfriend this time around?

Awwwww, you didn’t go there 😄!! You should know, I’m a Dr.Crusher fan and Sub Rosa is one of my favorite TNG episodes because it’s a horror story and I like the horror story episodes in Star Trek. But if you don’t like it, that’s okay. That’s why TNG has 176 episodes.

There’s something there for everybody 🙂😊. Live long and prosper, M1701 🖖.

Sub Rosa is one of your favorite episodes? Wow, as I said somewhere here, you will find fans for everything. That’s great though.

I won’t go into a long diatribe but I do have a funny Sub Rosa story. I was in college at the time and trying to get a girl I was seeing into Star Trek. She liked sci fi stuff but never Star Trek; knew noting about it outside the basics. But I kept pushing her to give it a try and saying how amazing TNG was as a show and all of that. It took about two months but she finally agreed she would give it a chance when the next new episode came on.

Take a guess WHAT new episode was on that week? Yep, Sub #@$ Rosa lol. Obviously I was going in blind at the time. I remember sitting there with her watching it and Beverly was having an orgasm on the damn TV screen. I was almost embarrassed. My girlfriend kept looking at me and said, ‘this is why you like Star Trek so much, because it’s soft porn? Is that why you wanted me to watch it so badly?” I had to convince her that that was NOT a typical episode. I didn’t know what the hell it was to be honest lol.

Of course she understood and gave it another chance with the next one and it was better, MUCH better. She started watching the show more after that. But man, that was an AWFUL first impression!

I’m gonna keep my reply short, Tiger2. That does sound embarrassing. My wife doesn’t think it’s a bad story. It’s Gothic horror and it was meant to be erotic back then because erotic thrillers, like Basic Instinct, were a big deal back then.

They tried doing an erotic thriller in an almost primetime time slot. I think Gates did the best she could with the story she had. Like I said, I like Sub Rosa for two reasons. One, it’s one of the very few episodes to have a major focus on Beverly.

And two, it’s a horror story, an adult Gothic horror story and I liked it because of that. Just like I like Catspaw, What Are Little Girls Made Of?, Miri. I like the other other horror themed shows too in the franchise but I can’t remember all their names right now because there’s so many of them. But that’s why I like Sub Rosa because it’s a good horror story to me.

Just like a lot of fans like A Fistful Of Datas but I don’t because it’s basically “Spectre Of The Gun” done over again on a holodeck this time instead of a planet. Sub Rosa reminds me of like an Anne Rice story, like The Witching Hour from her. That story is about a family called the Mayfair’s and they’re witches and they have a ghostly entity connected to them called Lasher. I am a big horror fan so I really love it when they do horror in Star Trek. And I still think Sub Rosa is a good horror story for Star Trek but we can agree to disagree, right 🙂?

Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

Oh yeah Gates McFadden gave it her all lol. I can’t fault her one bit. She was fully committed and did a great job even if it the episode gets a lot of slack today. And it’s Star Trek, there are a lot of questionable stories. Nimoy walked around without a brain in an episode, your job is to commit to the part no matter how bad. Every show has them.

I do understand what they were going for but I do feel just missed the mark. In fact I watched it for the first time in years for my grand rewatch of the franchise last year and I thought maybe it’s been awhile and I’ll come around to it. Because I was watching everything chronologically and a lot of bad episodes from ENT and TOS weren’t as bad as I remembered them (like Spock’s Brain for example) when I finally saw them again. NOT great lol, still mostly bad, just not as horrible as I remembered some of them.

Unfortunately Sub Rosa was still as bad as I remembered it. Now I’m not a horror fan at all. It was a reason I didn’t like the SNW Gorn episode much (but also just feeling like a complete rip off to Alien). But story wise it was OK, it just felt a little too out of place for Star Trek IMO. And I was surprised just how far they pushed it sexually…at least for Star Trek. But if you like Gothic horror like you do, it probably registers differently. And yes we can agree to disagree!

And when it comes to TNG, for me the good faaar outweigh the bad (unlike Discovery lol) so it’s not a big deal. It’s 176 stories, there is not 176 of anything that doesn’t have some duds here and there even if you still liked Sub Rosa.

Yeah, Tiger2, I understand and hear you about Sub Rosa. I’m not here to convert anyone to it 🙂. I know a lot of people don’t like it.

But it’s the mood and the atmosphere that I like about it. It’s dark and stormy in it and the candle light 🕯️ glowing in Beverly’s cottage. The candle is supposed to represent an item that’s possessed and the entity within it is draining Dr.Crusher’s life force from her, just like he’s done to the other female members of the Howard family for years. There’s all types of possession stories in Star Trek.

I can always find something to like in even the worst episodes of Star Trek, except for Turnabout Intruder. That’s just horrible! That’s much worse to me than Sub Rosa ever could be and that’s another possession story right there. Everybody has different tastes.

Like I told you before, I do like the first and second seasons of TNG. The Big Goodbye is a great episode that I really like a lot and that’s in the first season. I like “Remember Me” from season 4 of TNG, another great Dr.Crusher episode for me, but there are people who don’t like it simply because Wesley saves the day in it. Voyager is another one that has a lot of silly episodes in it, like where Harry Kim asks Seven out on a date and he winds up getting nervous because he thinks that he’s gonna be Seven’s first sexual experience since becoming human again.

Or how about the episode with the Irish bar that winds up believing that Tom Paris is a warlock because they catch him doing “magic”? Or how about the episode that had Harry leave Voyager to live on a ship full of succubuses who were draining him of his life force, gee, sounds familiar? That sounds a lot like Sub Rosa just gender-flipped. Or how about the Enterprise episode where Trip gets pregnant?

That’s a pretty bad Star Trek story and episode right there but there are people who like it. Star Trek is different things to different people. One episode I like you might not like and vice versa and that’s what makes Star Trek so beautiful and so fun to watch and that’s what makes our fandom so great is the diverseness of it from all of the different stories that exist within it 🙂. Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖.

No worries Johnny. And yes there are plenty of other bad Star Trek episodes (and fully agree Turnabout Intruder is much MUCH worse lol). And of course I agree, people can like different things. In fact I think I told you in another thread a month or so ago I love both A Night in Sickbay and Move Along Home while they have been ridiculed by the fandom overall. But you’re also talking to someone who never had a problem with the Enterprise opening theme song. ;)

So yes other fans can enjoy things that goes against the grain from time to time. And I actually enjoy a lot of the first two season episodes of TNG rewatching the entire series last year. Compared to Picard’s god awful first two seasons, those seasons now look like Emmy winners. ;)

Thanks, Tiger2 🙂👍! I do love the first two seasons of TNG a lot more, waaay waaay more, than I do Picard. They have their flaws but I still love them. I also mentioned to you before that I too love Move Along Home and A Night In Sickbay.

I love Porthos period ❤️! I love watching him eat cheese. He reminds me of myself and how I am with cheese 🧀😄😆! Like I said before, I love Star Trek so I do my best to try and accept all of it, even the stuff I don’t like, because I’m a Trekkie and if I’m gonna say that then I should know what I’m talking about, right? But this doesn’t mean that I’m gonna watch an episode that I don’t like over and over again either.

I do rewatches myself and during those rewatches, that’s usually when I include the episodes I don’t like in my rewatch, like Turnabout Intruder. But that episode is just so hard to watch, man 😄, really 😂! I would much rather watch Trip get pregnant again before I rewatch Captain Kirk turn into Janice Lester again 😄! I like the Enterprise theme myself, Tiger2.

I didn’t like it at first. It wasn’t orchestral enough for me. But because I watch Enterprise all the time now on Paramount+ and the Heroes & Icons TV channel, the theme has grown on me a lot and it does symbolize exactly what the show was about. I know saying this is like treasonous to the hardcore Trekkies but my time is limited on this world because of my medical condition so that doesn’t bother me.

We can’t live for other people. We can only live for ourselves or our families 🙂. Oh, and, Tiger2, this will be my last message to you. I know you said that you didn’t want to keep posting on here yesterday but we both keep the conversation going, don’t we 🙂?

Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

LOL yeah we’re doing it again!!

So yeah OK, I won’t respond to this other then we are in full agreement. We both seem to have the same positive view of most Trek but have no problems citing the stuff we hate or dislike. And the stuff I hate I don’t want it cancelled, just improved like past shows and films. That’s a healthy way to look at it IMO.

Anyway, said enough. Maybe this thread can get back to actually discussing Comic Con again. ;)

I would prefer to see a miniseries based around Beverly Crusher and her candle.😉

LOL^2. There is a reason Sub Rosa pops up on so many “worst episodes of TNG” lists.

Can someone please give me those 47 minutes of my life back? :-))

Surprise! Dr. Crusher is pregnant!!
Didn’t see that coming, did you, Jean Luc?

Picturing Tom Hardy in a motion capture suit with a corresponding CGI toddler playing Picard’s son.

😄😄😄😄! All kidding aside though, it would be a fitting ending for Picard if he got a family. Maybe him and Crusher tried to make a go at things and it just wouldn’t work because of their careers and, BAM, Crusher got pregnant and never told Jean-Luc about it? That could’ve happened. Perhaps we’ll get an inkling at what’s going on at SDCC?

Live long and prosper, Phil 🖖

I wonder if we’ll get an official Starfleet Academy announcement either at SDCC or at the big Star Trek Day event which is when we’ll probably get a teaser for SNW season2 and a full trailer for Picard

It would be crazy we get a teaser for SNW season 2 this soon but yeah it’s possible. And we definitely are getting a trailer for Picard. Originally I thought that would be for Star Trek day but I keep forgetting about the CC stuff until someone announces it lol.

It’s been suggested for a while now that there are enlisted among the Starfleet ranks. So, Starfleet: Basic Training, anyone???

I do think we are going to get some announcement of new future series’ especially given Picard S3 is the end, and DSC will likely sunset after S6 or S7. I would really live to see Kurtzman present a long term plan, Kevin Faige-style. For example, perhaps a Section 31 series would be the final “Phase I” series, and then a Starfleet Academy series and TOS 2.0 series would kickoff a “Phase II?”

I’m excited for all three of these panels, especially LDS and PIC. I have not been a huge Picard fan to say the least but season 3 HAS to be good. Normally having the entire TNG cast back would be bar none the best news for me in the last 20 years easily. Now, I am bit nervous but as Phlox likes to say, optimism!! And I know this is a super super long shot but maybe they will hint to what’s next after Picard in terms of a new 25th century show! Matalas already hinted season 3 will be a back door spin off show being set up in the season! Paging Captain Worf or Captain Seven!

As for LDS, it’s weird it’s not starting sooner but I suspect we’ll get a trailer for that too (oddly haven’t gotten one yet lol). Maybe one will come before CC but I suspect we will get one but just excited to hear about the season!

I’m guessing we will get news about season 2 of SNW, but I don’t expect anything major. I have a feeling most of it will just be discussing season one, which will be fun too. But we heard complete bumpkins about season 1 until 2 months before season 1 aired. We didn’t even get the trailer until 6 weeks until it started, so I don’t see anything major happening here this soon.

I don’t think Lower Decks is starting until the fall, Tiger2. Jack Quaid was probably filming The Boys season 3 when they were getting ready to work on Lower Decks season 3 so they may have pushed the show forward just a little bit. We’re supposed to get five more Prodigy episodes before Lower Decks starts. Remember they wanted to rotate them?

Picard, Prodigy, SNW, then it’s supposed to be Prodigy again, and then Lower Decks. But I haven’t heard when the next five Prodigy episodes are coming. Now I’m hearing it might be in the fall and that might be because Prodigy just started on Nickelodeon so maybe they want to run through the 10 episodes we’ve already seen before going any further with the new episodes. Just wanted to give you a heads up, Tiger2.

Of course, I could be wrong and Lower Decks could be starting in two weeks but I doubt it because there hasn’t been any promotion of the new season and if it was coming soon, I think Wil Wheaton would’ve mentioned it in his Ready Room show and he didn’t. Another reason they might’ve postponed season 3 for a little bit longer too might be because Jack Quaid is filming The Boys season 4 right now too so they couldn’t get started on season 4 of Lower Decks if they wanted to and you know that Mike McMahan likes to keep the ship rolling once they get into pre-production. So they probably had to push the show forward just a little bit to fit Jack Quaid’s schedule.

Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

I thought it was already confirmed LDS was coming out this summer? Trekmovie mentioned it a few weeks ago IIRC. But yeah you’re also right there has been little to no marketing beyond a teaser trailer released in April. And man I almost forgot about Prodigy lol. But if that was the next one showing, why would they show a LDS clip on Ready Room and not Prodigy? And why only 5 episodes and not the entire 10 left?? But yeah, we’ll see. It is weird nothing has been officially announced so there may be some more delays.

Honestly I don’t mind a break. It just means I’ll be watching more Star Trek reruns in the mean time, you can never go wrong with that. ;)

I don’t know why they would show the LDS clip first because it is supposed to be Prodigy next. I missed that. I’m gonna have to rewatch the Ready Room now. And the reason why only 5 episodes is because that’s what they’ve been doing to stretch out that 20 episode first season they did.

We got 5 back in November/December and then it was winter break and then we got five more before Picard and then Picard and SNW and nothing. Maybe they are just gonna show all 10 in one clump because there’s no Discovery this upcoming season. Their just starting to shoot season 5 of that so there won’t be any Discovery until next spring probably. Discovery season 5 will probably come on after SNW season 2.

You try to keep track of these shows and it’s impossible, you know 🙂😄. I do hope Lower Decks comes on soon though otherwise I’ll just spend the hot summer nights watching me some T’Pol, baby 😄🙂😃! Live long and prosper Tiger2 🖖.

Tiger2 has it right. Lower Decks is announced for this summer.

Prodigy S1, part two, has been on the schedule for this fall since the part one finale in January.

You may be muddling the Nickelodeon cable release of part one of S1, which is imminent and will run through the summer. Just in time to make the kids ask their parents to subscribe for Paramount+ to get part two in the fall.

Prodigy started on Nickelodeon July 8th. As stated above by myself and Tiger2, there has been no release date confirmed for Lower Decks yet. And yes, I do know that Prodigy is in the fall now and I believe that’s because that Paramount wants Nickelodeon to go through the 10 episodes that there are and then when the next 10 come out, they would air on Nickelodeon and Paramount+ simultaneously. Paramount+ is no longer the exclusive home for Prodigy and starting with season 2, it can only be watched on Nickelodeon, which is how it was supposed to be anyways.

What this means for the Paramount+ viewers that like Prodigy, I don’t know because I’m not paying for cable or paying for another app just so that I can watch one show, know what I mean? So that’s what’s going on with Prodigy. LDS I think is coming in September, not August. There’s no Discovery this year.

So what we’re getting this year for shows is LDS, Prodigy, Picard, and SNW with Discovery not coming until next summer. But they still have not released a release date for LDS season 3 and everybody’s assuming it’s coming in August because that’s the way it’s been. But that’s the way it’s been because Jack Quaid wasn’t working on The Boys. He filmed season 3 last winter and yes, that could’ve pushed production on LDS forward a little bit.

Just like he’s filming The Boys season 4 right now so that may push production of season 4 of LDS forward a little bit. I have not seen a release date and neither has Tiger2 and that’s what we were talking about. It just said that LDS season 3 is coming summer 2022. Well, guess what?

Summer goes all the way into September. It’s not the first day of Fall until September 22nd. So LDS could come out in September and it would still be summer. But, like I said also, I could be wrong and maybe it comes out in two weeks?

We’ll just have to wait and see, right🙂? Live long and prosper, TG47 🖖.

While the production schedule for The Boyz is intense, Quaid did some of his season two voice work for LDS from Toronto, and could have done so again. More voice work is in the early part of production in animation.

Wrong, Jack Quaid wasn’t working on The Boys while doing Lower Decks season 2 and it’s “Boys” with an “S”, not a “Z”. I wanted to make sure I was spelling it right and I am. The Boyz with a “Z” is a South Korean pop band. Check it out.

Jack Quaid was working on Lower Decks season 2 from his home because I saw him on Star Trek Day 2020, during COVID, and he talked about recording his dialogue in his home closet that he had to have transformed into a recording booth because the recording studio was shut down from COVID. The Boys premiered back in 2019 with the second season premiering in 2020. So that means that Jack Quaid filmed the first season in 2018 and the second season in 2019. He hasn’t filmed anything for The Boys because they’ve been on hiatus.

That’s how he was able to do two seasons of Lower Decks back to back and film Scream (2022) during the pandemic. But they resumed production on The Boys last winter and filmed season 3 and Karl Urban (Dr.McCoy from the Kelvin Universe.) just mentioned on that they are about to start filming season 4 of The Boys any day now. So Jack Quaid is going to be on location for however long it takes them to shoot season 4 of The Boys. He’s not gonna have the time to do voice-over work and that’s what I mean by pushing the show forward a little bit so that they can accommodate Jack Quaid’s busy schedule.

Jack Quaid had a contract with The Boys long before he had a contract with Lower Decks so The Boys takes priority, of course. The Boys season 4 might even mess up the next Star Trek movie since Karl Urban needs to be on location for it and they wanted to start shooting on that this December but Karl Urban doesn’t know if he’ll be available because he’ll be on location for The Boys. So now that movie might get moved forward again too. Do some investigating on your own and you’ll find out all the same stuff that I just told you.

It’s all out there and pretty easy to find. Live long and prosper, TG47 🖖.

100% correct. LDS most likely staring in late August/early September, Prodigy in the fall, and then my educated guess would put Picard somewhere in the Oct-Feb timeframe, with SNW up again in the winter, and the DSC up again in the Spring.

I really don’t care about any of the new series. Just announce DS9 HD and I can die a happy man. Please.