Exclusive Clip: ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 2 Special Feature On Sound + Blu-ray/DVD Giveaway

The 2-disc collection of Star Terk: Lower Decks season two arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, July 12. It includes over an hour of bonus content including exclusive featurettes and commentaries. We have an exclusive clip of one of the special features and we are giving away a copy too.

Clip from “A Sound Foundation”

The first season of Lower Decks earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Sound Editing, so a lot of care goes into making the show sound just right. The season two home video release includes a special feature that takes you behind the scenes in an interview with the team that creates the dynamic audio for Lower Decks while they discuss how they bring the series to life. We have an exclusive clip from “A Sound Foundation.”

Blu-ray/DVD Giveaway

TrekMovie is giving away a copy of the Lower Decks season 2 Blu-ray or DVD to one lucky reader in the USA. All you need to do is to make a comment below telling us who is your favorite Lower Decks character (main, supporting, or guest) and why. The winner will be selected at random on Friday, July 15th at noon Pacific. Please include a working email address so you can be contacted to find out where to send the copy. [NOTE: We are also giving away a second copy of Lower Decks season 2 for listeners to our All Access Star Trek podcast, listen to the latest episode for more details]

Arriving Tuesday

You can pre-order the Blu-ray at Amazon priced at $23.99. And the DVD pre-order is priced at $19.99. Both come with a low-price guarantee.

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My favorite character is Shaxs, because he has one of the greatest tactical minds in the Federation. He understands that there is no problem that can’t be solved by blowing up a warp core.

Boimler, because I feel if I was in starfleet I would be a lot like him. Trying my hardest but still messing up.

My favorite character has got to be Brad Boimler because I like very Jack Quaid!

I like a whole lot about Star Trek Lower Decks. I think my favourite main character is D’Vana Tendi, because she’s so relentlessly optimistic. I’m also a really huge fan of Jennifer Shreyan, the hot blue Andorian ensign. We would do certain inappropriate things with her if we had a 3d printer. Did we just say the quiet part out loud? Well, no matter what, Jen would have to be a consenting Andorian.

Honestly… this is *gross*.

I’m guess he represents part of the audience who looks for the Star Wars “character simulations” on po-rn sites. Yea, disturbingly funny/gross.

I guess u can’t use profanity in these comments, so I’ll rephrase. What the *f is wrong with u dude?

My favorite character is Brad Boimler because I find him funny.

Ensign Barnes – she’s fierce and knows her stuff. But I also love that the Pakleds have returned :)

Kimolu and Matt, because they bring so much more maturity and professionalism to the table than nearly all of the other Cerritos crew.

My favorite is Rutherford; his intelligence and attitude is so very Starfleet.
His enthusiasm is infectious and comes out of the screen into the audience during his scenes.

Boims is absolutely me and who I relate to the most. Heart of… tritanium? Best intentions… sometimes awesome… always good.

Boimler is my favorite.

My favorite character is Boimler because he’s aspirational.

I’m always rooting for The Boims because like so many brilliant monomaniacal nerds, he desperately and studiously wants advance, but continuously sees better socialized underachievers pass him by.

Great to see the representation.

Well I just want this set so I can hear the Captain say “Warp Me!” It makes me happy.

Ooooh, that is a very tough pick. Probably D’Vana Tendi because she’s just *soooo* exuberant and joyful – certainly capable of being unhappy or downbeat or frustrated or tired or angry or whatever, but her default setting is just so starry-eyed and filled with wonder and joy at the marvels of the universe and that she as a member of Starfleet gets to explore them. She’s such a wonderful surrogate for much of the audience, I think. But I really love all our regulars, and lots of the supporting recurring characters as well.

(Thanks for the opportunity!)

My favorite character is Rutherford, because he’s so relentlessly and naively optimistic. Nothing phases him, and while I am very similar to that, I still find his attitude something to aspire to.

Also, I thought the voice actor was funny in the criminally-underrated Other Space.

My favorite character is Boimler, because he’s a great stand-in for us fans.

Riker, because even animated chairs are never safe.

I don’t understand why there isn’t a lot of love for Mariner. I love her and Boimler both equally, especially since they work well to balance each other out.

Perhaps because she’s s super-annoying person who bullies others to get away with stuff, who’s insubordinate, loud, hyperactive, spoiled and sarcastic — could that be it? :-)


Huh? Dude, Daniel asked why Mariner is not getting a lot of votes here, which is a valid question, because she’s the main character on the series and only 12% of the fans commenting here are voting her as their favorite. That is very unusual for a Trek series. Can you imagine Kirk or Picard getting that low of a rating in a similar poll for their series’?

Are you going to vote and provide your fav character like the rest of us? Or did you just show up to ALL CAPS jump on me? :-) Seriously, I’d be interested in who your favorite LDS character is? And if it’s Mariner, by all means, make your case…all opinions should be shared and welcomed here.

You just seem to take it upon yourself to crap on the show whenever possible, that being said, your dolphin joke was pretty funny

Thank you! Dude, I do understand how you feel. Believe me as a Discovery fan it’s much worse for me when I get excited for a discovery article here and I then I see tons of people crapping all over it – with typically no relation to the article contents even, However I don’t tell people they need to stop posting or be quiet; instead I simply respond to them with my thoughts/comments. And you are fortunate that 90% of the people posting on this site seem to like or love Lower Decks – so you can afford to be less sensitive to any people who don’t like the show, right? (-:

That’s fair! I also love Disco btw


I love her, I do! I went with Tendi, but as I said it’s a very tough pick, and Mariner, Boimler, Rutherford, Freeman, Ransom, T’Ana, Shaxs, and Billups are why – I love them all!

Yeah I love Mariner too but like you also went with Tendi because she is just so sweet and have such an optimistic outlook on everything. I love Mariner for bucking the rules and criticizing Starfleet policies when its warranted but Tendi always tries to see the good in everything including Mariner herself.

Best guest: Robert Duncan McNeill because the in-universe reference to the Hamilton Star Trek plates was priceless… especially since there NEVER WAS a series of plates for individual members of the Voyager crew like there was for TOS, TNG and DS9.

Boimler, He’s excited about being in Starleet.

My favorite character is Mariner because she is fun and hyper-competent (when she isn’t sabotaging herself). I just want to learn all about her apparently very extensive experiences – how she got to where she is now – and how far she is going to go in the future when she figures out all her personal stuff.

Lower Decks: seven seasons and a (live-action?) movie!

I am an international Trekkie so you guys aren’t going to give me the giveaway anyway so I am going to cheat a bit here and just say my favorite characters so far are the Pakleds. I love the way Lower Decks reintroduced them and made them more than a laughing stock but an actual force to be reckoned with.

Tendi. She always sees the positive part of any situation.

Dr. T’Ana. Probably most embodies what *actually* working in a non-frontline starship would be like, especially in medical.

I don’t want the blu ray or be entered in the contest! I just wanted to give my thoughts and say Tendi because she defines everything what an outstanding Starfleet officer should be: amazing warmth and kindness; dedicated, hard worker, empathetic, a team player, very intelligent and carries sheer optimism. Tendi is one of the best characters in Star Trek to me because of her qualities!

Second favorite is Riker for being Riker! I love this guy! ;D

Good luck to everyone!

Tendi is the one humanoid LDS character I really would like to see if they moved to putting a character from LDS into live action Trek. I’d also like to see a live action Cetacean Ops using CGI motion capture and have a talking Kimolu and Matt.

In fact, if there was an animated spinoff series (not comedic) focusing on a starship’s Cetacean Ops crew, I’d be all in on that! That starship could be assigned to exploring worlds with intelligent oceanic life.

Oh definitely agree about Tendi! So there is one character you can see in live action! :)

She is just one of the most, well, human characters on the show and basically just a sweet character. But yes I would also love Kimolu and Matt in live action as well lol. It’s cool we finally got a Cetacean Ops and I assume we will see them in season 3!

Beckett Mariner… reminds of my daughter. Very intelligent, could do anything she puts her mind to, stubborn, and sometimes opts to spend time in the brig rather than comply with authority.

Is this giveaway US only like the other one? I like Boimler the best since he’s a loveable loser and who can resist a loveable loser?

Yes, as stated in the article. These are their rules, not ours btw.

AGIMUS….I can’t help but always enjoy the many characters of Jeffrey Combs! Main character I’d have to go with Lt. Shaxs!

Mariner, because she’s cool, and she served on DS9

My favorite character in Star Trek: Lower Decks has to be Ensign Beckett Mariner because of how defiant and outspoken she is. Her character is so funny and I just love everything about her.

Mariner, because of all of the great one-liners!

It feels a bit expected, I can’t get past how awesome Tendi is.

My favorite character is Dr. Migleemo. Great design, great casting, and not overused! 👍🏽

My favorite character is Peanut Hamper. I just love that they brought back exocomps in such an absurd and funny way.

My favorite character is Captain Will Riker. I just love all the jazz references!

My favourite main character is Mariner – she follows her gut (for better or worse!) and would do anything for the ones she loves (even if she won’t admit she loves them!). My favourite one-off character – The Dog. I love The Dog. I’m a dog guy.

Boims is IT for me, because first & foremost he’s clearly a fan, like all of us!!! 🖖😁💫

PLUS: Purple hair! Who doesn’t appreciate purple hair on a bonafide fanboy, right?! 💜

Boimler cause of the stuff he gets into.

My favorite characters (I really can’t choose which one) are Matt and Kimolu because they’re fraking Beluga Whales working in Cetacean Ops! And that is just flat out awesome.

The names remind me of the twin Centaurian technicians in Men in Black, Bloeaghbwaaenh and Bob.

The Borg sounds were hilarious- and there was nothing else there.

My favorite character is Boimler because he reminds me of me…. driven to succeed, but makes rash decisions at times which has an adverse affect on its intended purpose.

My favorite character has to be Badgey, because he’s a great example of how good intentions can go bad. Also, he reminds me of the late, great Clippy from Microsoft Office.

The under-used Dr. T’Ana … love the acerbic attitude and her obsession with Shaxs

I love the Mariner/Boimler duo, but I guess I’d have to go with Mariner if I’m choosing just one. Great exploration of a different type of flawed person from the average Star Trek character. All in all, I love the exploration of non-perfect characters.

I like T’Ana. She really brings the McCoy grump!

My favourite regular lower decks character is Tendi or Mariner! Tendi because she’s such a sweet person and reminds me of a friend of mine and Mariner because she’s a badass. My favourite guest star tho is Barb Brinson cause I loved all the Vancouver references on the USS Vancouver and I thought it’s cool the Vancouver girl is blonde like me. 😂

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway. A winner has been selected and notified.