‘Star Trek: Picard’ And ‘Strange New Worlds’ Pick Up 5 Emmy Nominations

This morning the Television Academy announced its nominations for the 74th Annual Emmy Awards, and CBS Studios and Paramount+ had been campaigning for the four Trek series in contention. In the end, two Star Trek series picked up five nominations in four categories, matching the same total as last year for nominations.

5 Emmy nominations for Star Trek

For its second season Star Trek: Picard picked up four nominations:

  • Outstanding Period And/Or Character Makeup (Non-Prosthetic)
  • Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup
  • Outstanding Sound Editing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour)
  • Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes

And for its first season the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds picked up one nomination:

  • Outstanding Sound Editing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour)

Even though the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery and the second season of Lower Decks were both eligible for Primetime Emmys (and both were nominated last year), neither had any nominations for this year. Star Trek: Prodigy is eligible to be nominated for the Children and Family Emmy Awards, which will be announced later this year.

All of Trek nominations are in the Creative Arts categories, which is typical for the franchise. In fact, Star Trek picked up nominations in three out of four of the same categories last year, with the costume nomination new for this year. And unlike last year and most years for Star Trek, there was no nomination for visual effects.

Nominations details

For Outstanding Period And/Or Character Makeup (Non-Prosthetic), Picard is nominated for the episode “Hide and Seek.” Picard is going up against episodes from The First Lady, The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselPam & Tommy, and Stranger Things.

The following members of the Picard team were nominated:

Silvina Knight, Assistant Department Head Makeup Artist
Tanya Cookingham, Key Makeup Artist
Peter De Oliveira, Makeup Artist
Allyson Carey, Makeup Artist
Hanny Eisen, Makeup Artist

For Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup, Picard is nominated for the episode “Hide and Seek.” Picard is going up against episodes from Angelyne, Gaslit, Impeachment: American Crime Story, and Stranger Things.

The following members of the Picard cteam were nominated:

James Mackinnon, Special Makeup Effects Department Head
Vincent Van Dyke, Prosthetic Designer
Kevin Kirkpatrick, Special Makeup Effects Assistant Department Head
Hugo Villasenor, Special Makeup Effects Artist
Bianca Appice, Special Makeup Effects Artist
Neville Page, Prosthetic Designer
Toryn Reed, Special Makeup Effects Artist
Ralis Kahn, Special Makeup Effects Artist

From Picard “Hide and Seek”

For Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes, Picard is nominated for the episode “Penance.” Picard is going up against episodes from The Book Of Boba Fett, Loki, Moon Knight, What We Do In The Shadows. and The Witcher.

The following members of the Picard team were nominated:

Christine Bieselin Clark, Costume Designer
Michell Ray Kenney, Costume Supervisor
Allison Agler, Assistant Costume Designer

From Picard “Penance”

For Outstanding Sound Editing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour), Picard is nominated for the episode “Penance,” and Strange New Worlds is nominated for “Memento Mori.” They are going up against episodes from Better Call SaulThe Book Of Boba FettLokiStranger Things.

The following members of the Picard team were nominated:

Matthew E. Taylor, Co-Supervising Sound Editor
Michael Schapiro, Co-Supervising Sound Editor
Sean Hessinger, Dialogue Editor
Alex Pugh, Sound Editor
Clay Weber, Foley Editor
John Sanacore, Foley Editor
Ben Schorr, Music Editor
Katherine Harper, Foley Artist
Ginger Geary, Foley Artist

The following members of the Strange New Worlds team were nominated:

Matthew E. Taylor, Co-Supervising Sound Editor
Michael Schapiro, Co-Supervising Sound Editor
Kip Smedley, Sound Designer
Clay Weber, Sound Editor
John Sanacore, Sound Editor
David Barbee, Sound Editor
Matt Decker, Music Editor
Alyson Dee Moore, Foley Artist
Rick Owens, Foley Artist
Chris Moriana, Foley Artist

From Strange New Worlds “Memento Mori”

The 2022 Creative Arts Awards will be broadcast on Saturday, September 10 on FXX. The main Emmy Awards will be telecast on Monday, September 12 on NBC and Peacock.

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I am Not Sure for what prothetics in “hide and seek” Picard is nominated.

Any ideas?

I mean, Something outstanding…. But, I dont remember any prosthetics except the Borg Queen and that was pretty… Ordinary.

The Borg Queen prosthetics in Picard is the best that the Queen has ever looked imo. Edit- Of course I’m talking about the Actual Borg Queen and not Borgati who stil looked really good imo.

I don’t say that they look bad, or that the old BQ looked better or any of that… But outstanding? IDK

However, I think the First Contact Queen actually looked better ;)

Strange New Worlds had much more interesting prosthetics than picard.
More Aliens, terrifying Gorn, Hemmer, the sheperds …

The elephanty kinda guy in the 2nd Gorn episode was massively impressive.

I gotta say, the back 5 eps of this series really turned out pretty damn well in most ways … except the Kirk casting, which is just inexplicably awful.

Sad that Discovery and Lower Decks got the snub but i am very happy that Picard got 4 nominations and that SNW got 1. Hope they win.

If you can listen to SNW with a Dolby Atmos system, you’ll understand why they got the sound editing nomination. The sonic immersion is FANTASTIC.

Unfortunately it’s not mastered in Dolby Atmos. It’s still 5.1. All the new Star Treks are. It’s kind of disappointing. At least it’s 4k now.

Not to look a prestige gift horse in the mouth, but I sort of feel like four for Picard S2 and one for SNW is a bit… backward…

I recently finished binge watching Picard S2 and i actually found it to be a lot better then when i watched it the first time. I don’t find S2 as good as S1 but S2 imo is right up there with SNW S1.

I was thinking the same thing. Along with SNW should have received a lot more noms in other categories.

SNW is an enjoyable show but for me the writing,acting,directing etc are not emmy award wining imo. Production wise set design etc i can safely say that it deserves nominations in those areas.

wait…..Star Trek Picard didn’t sweep the emmy nominations for best drama and actor/actress categories?! shocking!

LOL! Maybe in the Mirror Universe. ;)

I’m not going to take any delight in that or Disco not getting nods as I can remember all the disappointment of seeing DS9 constantly relegated to Creative Emmy nods and nothing more prestigious (and even then it was often pipped by Voyager). TOS got its due for awards recognition, but even TNG’s Emmy nomination for Best Drama was more of a lifetime achievement acknowledgment, and neither Patrick Stewart nor Brent Spiner ever got nods for the show.

Picard got snubbed for the Art Production nom. Dave Blass and team did a phenomenal job

Bit disappointed that SNW didn’t pick up a nomination for best production design in the fantasy/period category. The sets and environments always look top notch. I’m constantly impressed by the work of all the art department on this show, and especially with the seamless incorporation of the VR wall within the sets that make the spaces look more expansive and feel more tangible.

I know that’s a real collaboration between the art department and the separate VFX department, so maybe that’s why it was overlooked here? Maybe it’s a bit of a head scratcher with pinpointing what work belongs to what department in terms of accolades?

Anson Mount should have been nominated for Best Actor; he was outstanding.

Best Hair in drama series goes to….

To try to quote Styles in BoT, I have a question, mr. science officer […] Why?
Why is MOUNT’s HAIR trying to GumbyWalken away from his scalp?

When he is taken captive in ep 7 or 8 and gets beaten up, at least his hair comes down and looks great (part is even still there), but I keep wanting tighter closeups to crop out the top of his head.

Also, he seems to have normal sideburns, not pointed, which seems weird. Between him and Peck’s demented sideburns, tiny visual indications of TOS keep getting flushed away. Having said that, I will admit that from ep 6 onward, this show delivered the goods a lot of the time. I think ep 9 was very suspenseful and moving, and ep 10 might have been almost as good as ep 6 if they had just gone with the alternate script that left Kirk out of the mix. (there’s an interview up someplace with the co-showrunner talking about how he wrote one version with Kirk and one without, because they weren’t sure they’d be able to get anybody to play the part.

That shows prescience, because IMO, they DID NOT get anybody to play the part, or anything like the part, and that piece of casting (along with writing that does not even hint at Kirk’s dimensions, especially his season 1 low-keyedness) has to be among Trek’s worst ever. Don’t see how they can come back from it given s2 is already in the can, which means they’ll probably be suffering over it for the foreseeable future.

How many times have we quoted from TUC in regard to SNW and the other lesser current Trek fare, ‘just because we can do thing … ‘ you know the rest.

SNW has movie-quality special effects, especially in the Gorn episodes. Do the Emmys not have a visual effects category like the Oscars do?

Yes. In fact, they have two categories for VFX:
“Outstanding special visual effects in a season or a movie” in which The Witcher, The Book of Boba Fett, Stranger Things, Lost In Space and Foundation were chosen, and “Outstanding special visual effects in a single episode” where Stranger things, Squid Game, Snowpiercer, Vikings:Valhalla, The Man Who Fell To Earth and some show called See all got nominated. 

I don’t really know about SNW’s Special Effects myself tbh, I can see why they would not have gotten a nomination. Not to say that I think they’re all bad, but I guess for me they can visually lean towards a stylised aesthetic rather than realistic renders that look like they could actually exist. Take for example the hull rendering and texturing of the enterprise; it’s somehow shiny and reflective but dull and dirty at the same time. They also love overusing using a dirty lens effect in those exterior space shots whenever a bit of light hits the “camera”.

I think the work with the VR wall in extending sets is fantastic though. Not sure if that’s a different VFX house that creates those, but I have a feeling it might be.

You nailed it; the SNW stylization is godawful, and it pains me every time they show an exterior of the ship, nearly as much as it did when I tried to watch DSC. Contrast how good the E-e looks in the mocon shots in FC with anything they have done on the recent series with ships and you’ll see it isn’t a matter of apples and oranges … more like caviar and excrement.

Picard is not winning anything for writing, that’s for sure. It’s probably the most badly written season of Star Trek, ever. It made no sense. But congrats to art team for nominations!

Brain, brain, what is brain? i.e., not the most badly written season of Star Trek.

Yes, I didn’t think Picard would get a nom for scriptwriting


I wonder if there is some pushback against Par+ or projects on that platform are being overlooked … not on account of TREK programming, but by how Matthew Goode as Robert Evans was somehow overlooked for THE OFFER. In fact, I think THE OFFER didn’t get nominated for anything, even though it has a couple of other superb supporting turns by the UK actors playing Bludhorn and Coppola. The cinematographer who was lead on THE OFFER also shot DOPESICK, for which he was nominated, but he didn’t get nominated for this, when this was project looks a lot more challenging visually given the timeframe and historic aspect.

I kind of think of that as echoing back to when Diane Keaton was nominated for and won the oscar for ANNIE HALL in the same year when she did LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR, which is a far more complex and demanding role, but which she did not even get nominated for (a Paramount project, one that has gotten pretty much orphaned on homevid for decades … it’s the only movie I have on VHS because there is no HD physical media release, at least outside of a streaming master Netflix had 10 or 12 years back. BTW, I think THE OFFER only has one really weak bit of casting, and that is the actress playing Keaton, who looks like she could be the woman’s mother. Keaton was styled in a certain old-fashioned way in THE GODFATHER, but this missed the mark.