Podcast: All Access Star Trek Celebrates Its 100th Episode With ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ EP Aaron Waltke

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 100 - TrekMovie

[Strange New Worlds news (with spoilers) starts at 12:03 / Aaron Waltke interview starts at 21:02]

It’s our 100th episode! Tony and Laurie start the news with the five Emmy nominations for Star Trek and the reveal of the season 3 premiere date for Lower Decks. They talk about Sonequa Martin-Green’s latest comments on the future of Discovery, then round up all the post-season 1 finale intel on Strange New Worlds. Then they welcome special guest Aaron Waltke, executive producer of Star Trek: Prodigy, to talk about what we’ve already seen in the first half of season 1, what’s coming in the second half, what it’s like in the writers’ room, and what makes the show both unique and very much part of the Star Trek legacy, then gives an update on the production status of the show.

They wrap up with Mike McMahan’s secret cameo in season two of Lower Decks and a Star Trek family connection to the James Webb Telescope.


‘Star Trek: Picard’ And ‘Strange New Worlds’ Pick Up 5 Emmy Nominations

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 3 Poster And Release Date Revealed

Review: ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 2 On Blu-ray Keeps The Trek Party Going

Sonequa Martin-Green Responds To ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Critics; Says No Endgame Planned Yet

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Showrunners Talk Kirk, Scotty, A “Bigger” Season 2, And Beyond

Paramount+ Bringing Star Trek Back To Comic-Con With Hall H Panel Promising “Reveals And Surprises”

Aaron Waltke breaking the Guinness World Record for most T-Shirts worn at once by a single human being 

Pomodoro Technique for time management

Bildungsroman stories

Aaron J. Waltke on Twitter / Aaron J. Waltke on Instagram

The Star Trek: Prodigy writers’ room on Twitter


Tony: Mike McMahan revealing his secret cameo in Lower Decks season 2

Laurie: Dr. Jon Arenberg, Chief Engineer of the James Webb Telescope and his brother Lee Arenberg

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I could not access the link for comments on last week’s podcast. I’m glad that each week you WARP ME to a better understanding of each new episode. I don’t always agree with your respective assessments, but I enjoy your banter.

It has been fixed! You can get to the comments now.

Congrats, Trekmovie !!!

Congrats on your 100th episode. I am glad to have found this great podcast. I love listening to Aaron Waltke. So much love and passion he seems to have is infectious.


Great to see how this one has taken off.

I guess I have to stop thinking of All Access as “the new podcast” about now.

Congrats on the ‘C’ milestone!! Looking forward to more warp me banter in ‘CI’ and beyond!

Thanks for a great interview with Aaron. Can not wait for more Prodigy. My guess is they start giving us , I´m just gonna call it season 2, on October 19 or 26. Lower Decks ends on October 26 so Prodigy will take over and run until new years.

And, like Laurie was considering, I´ve just started a rewatch of Discovery setason 1. It´s fun and interesting to see how the show and its characters has/have changed and evolved over the years.

Also should celebrate the “exclusive” from Aaron – Hologram Janeway is a Zimmerman hologram!

That has to be important.

What a fun interview! It really give access to the creative process. Thanks!

Many congratulations on your 100th podcast.

I’ve enjoyed listening to them all and you’ve long since become part of my Saturday morning breakfast ritual.

Wishing you both all the best for the next 100.

Congratulations on your 100th episode!

I have enjoyed your analysis of the episodes. I love that even if something doesn’t work for you in an episode, you explain your reasons in a thoughtful and respectful way. If a season doesn’t work, you say, “they didn’t land this plane,” rather than launching attacks or bashing people. I respect that and try to imitate that when I post comments.

I’m happy you got Aaron Waltke on the podcast. I think kids need to hear the message of Star Trek. It’s an intelligently written series that doesn’t dumb down science or stories. Kids are smarter than what the studio gives them credit for.

And SMG is fantastic and yes, Disco is still the flag show.

Thank you for keeping us in the loop with trek news. Everytime someone gives me trek news from another site and if trek movie didn’t break it, I just say, “clickbait.”

Here’s to another 100 episodes….

Great interview and podcast episode. This Aaron Waltke seems like a great guy and really know his Trek. I’m excited that we are FINALLY getting some Tellarite background! They are a founding member of the Federation and yet we know so little about them. I love his explanation of the three- and five-fingered phenotypes of Tellarites like how humans have different colored hair.

Prodigy and Strange New Worlds are amazing Star Trek shows! And I am glad that the writers of Prodigy have it in mind to structure the show as a “wormhole” for a new, young fan into Trek. I’m excited for more of it!

Happy 100th podcast. You make my Fridays better.

I love Prodigy, much more so than Lower Decks. Lower Decks is fun, but as a comedy, it just does not draw me in as much as Prodigy. Prodigy has so much heart. The characters, the growth, the complexity of the story, the last scene of season 1A. Everything. I hope it runs for many years.

Also, thanks for the shoutout about my Lower Decks and TAS crossover idea. I think it would be a hoot. They could end up in The Time Trap and have to covertly assist the Enterprise in getting out of that region of space, or it could be a whole new adventure. I would love to reexperience the sense of excitement I had as a kid when I learned that Star Trek was not over at the end of season 3. There were 22 more adventures to go! I think a lot of people want the original characters and actors back. We miss them. While the newer shows are good, for me, you cannot beat the original. If I have to have it in a one-shot animated episode, then so be it.

That’s an awesome idea. I’m a fan of TAS and I would love to see them do that as a crossover.

I’m so sorry I forgot who posted it when I brought it up! I really do love that idea and I hope someone suggests it to Mike McMahan. And yes… Prodigy is full of heart. And comedy too! Laugh-out-loud lines of dialogue mixed in with pure, raw emotion and told via sci-fi? Perfection.

I think the beat way to do it would be to have the TOS characters animated in TAS style, have the Lower Decks characters animated in Lower Decks style, and not have anyone mention the discrepancy. It would be funny to have Mariner running normally next to a TAS character doing their ridiculous run. And, of course, M’Ress and T’Ana would have to meet at some point.

I think the opposite! Do it like DS9’s “Trials and Tribble-ations,” in a way. Integrate them into an existing episode and animate them TAS-style… but as Tony said, have them comment on it.

My guess is that Prodigy will return shortly after season 3 of Lower Decs (warp me) wraps up.