Character Arcs And More Legacy Cameos Teased For ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 3

Star Trek: Lower Decks will return on August 25 and we are getting a few more tidbits about what to expect from the adult animated comedy in season three.

More legacy guest stars

In an interview with Screenrant Tawny Newsome (Mariner) confirmed that season three will see some new guest stars, including legacy Star Trek actors and non-Star Trek guest stars:

Yes. There are. That I’m hugely excited about…  There are actually both [Star Trek and non-Star Trek guest stars]. So I’m really excited about some of the friends and folks I know, the actors I know, who are doing small roles and cameos, and bigger roles. They’re so good at grabbing talent. But then there are also some folks from within the Star Trek universe that I am very excited about.

Character arcs for the lower deckers

Season two ended on a cliffhanger with Captain Freeman being arrested for the destruction of Pakled Planet. Newsome also talked to Screenrant about how this is motivating Mariner:

Yeah, it’s pretty epic, right? It’s not just “I gotta save my Captain” and it’s not just “I gotta save my mom,” it’s “I gotta save both and I’m the person that’s gotta do it!” Thankfully, she’s got a good crew around her and all of the Lower Deckers seem game to do this. It’s an intense way to end the season, that’s for sure.

Executive producer and showrunner Mike McMahan also talked about some of the character arcs for season three with Looper.

[On Rutherford]: You’ll be learning more about the backstory of how he got [the implant] this season in a really fun way.

[On Tendi]: She’s got this new gig, which is instead of being full medical, she’s been swapped over into senior science officer training.

[On Boimler]: Season 3 sees Boimler taking this different path where he becomes a little bit more confident, our Boimler. It earns him some respect, but it also takes him into some tough spots too.

Season 3 poster

Boimler’s backstory in episode 1

Tawny Newsome also offered a bit of insight into the first episode of the season, telling Screenrant:

I can give you the tiniest tidbit that there will be some revelations in episode 1 about Boimler’s heritage back on Earth. It’s responsible for one of my favorite small throwaway jokes that will kind of redefine how you look at Boimler. It’s a small joke but when you think about it in terms of him and in terms of the way we treat human characters, it’s just so delightful to me.

That’s when our show is best. I love when we can take a small joke that actually has pretty big character implications, and thus, implications for all of Star Trek. That’s our weird little Inception trick that we’re able to do on our show. So we’ll see a little bit about Boimler’s… upbringing, you could say.

And it appears we have seen some of this from the clip released earlier this month showing a visit to the Boimler vineyard. The clip was part of The Ready Room starting at 30:25. [International version HERE]

Lower Decks streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. and Latin America and is available concurrently in Canada, where Lower Decks airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave. It will be available on Amazon Prime Video in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Japan, India and more.

Reminder: Lower Decks Season 2 available now on Blu-ray/DVD

The 2-disc collection of Lower Decks season 2 arrived on July 12 on Blu-ray and DVD, featuring over an hour of bonus content including exclusive featurettes and commentaries. You can pick it up at Amazon on Blu-ray for $23.99. And the DVD is $19.99.

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If they did a Kelvin timeline set of cameos, that would be hilarious. “Why are Kirk’s eyes blue?” “Spock, are you dating Uhura?!” And in the interest of giving Spock Prime a proper memorial, it would be nice for the Cerritos crew to learn of his fate.

Regrettably, LDS takes place before the Supernova.

Spock’s still alive in their universe doing Spock things.

It took me a while before I connected LDS with Lower Decks. All I could think of was Kirk saying that Spock hade taken too much lds in the 60s in “The one with the whales”.

You were supposed to think of that actually.

The connection to the “one with the whales” is an intentional Easter egg, according to LDS Showrunner Mike McMahan.

Spock is still alive at the time of this show, so there’s no fate for them to learn.

Well, sort of. He’s still alive, but he also already died in the Kelvin timeline over a century ago.

Are you really concerned over the color of Captain Kirk’s eyes? Really? Is that really a burning Star Trek question that just needs to be solved? Maybe his Mom’s DNA 🧬is superior to his Father’s DNA 🧬 in this timeline?

My Mom’s DNA 🧬overwrote my Dad’s and I wound up inheriting a genetic medical condition that could only come from my Mom’s side of the family called Huntington’s Disease. I’m not a geneticist but I do have a little bit of familiarity with it because of my condition. But that’s completely logical isn’t it, that one person’s DNA 🧬 is stronger in one timeline than it is in the other? It’s just funny of all the burning questions that just need to be answered from the Kelvin movies, you’re more worried about the color of Captain Kirk’s eyes?

Live long and prosper, Adam Cohen 🖖

Wow. Congratulations at entirely missing that the post you’re replying to was a joke. He’s not “worried” or “concerned” about anything. Chill out.

Why do you always feel the need to attack my responses? I asked a legitimate question and you write back and attack me for that question? Do you see anything in Adam Cohen’s reply that says it’s a joke? No, you don’t!

Does he say “Hey, I’m just making a joke here” or “LOL”, no, he didn’t. He made an observation about seeing Lower Decks go the Kelvin Timeline and then he gave two options that he would like to see Lower Decks tackle if they did go to the Kelvin Timeline. He didn’t say anywhere on his post that he was joking. If a person doesn’t know how to make a proper response or to use an emoji to show the response that they’re making, then it’s not my job to read between the lines and surmise that he was joking!

Why don’t you go take the chill pill and relax, you’re the one with the problem, not me! I just asked a question.

Chill, dude. He wasn’t being serious.

I don’t know you so don’t tell me to chill. You don’t know me and you don’t know how my response is supposed to sound like? Why don’t you go tell Lorna Dune to chill since they feel it necessary to attack my response when I all I did was ask a simple question. I am allowed to ask questions and have opinions.

I’m 42 years old and not gonna be told to “chill” just for asking a question. Go tell Lorna Dune to “chill’.

“Do you see anything in Adam Cohen’s reply that says it’s a joke?”

OP: “If they did a Kelvin timeline set of cameos, that would be hilarious.”


Seeing as how you want to step in and offer an observation, Ian, let me tell you how I read Adam Cohen’s statement. Because Lower Decks is an animated adult comedy, I’m thinking 🤔 when he says it would be hilarious to see the Kelvin Timeline characters appear, to me that sounds like he wants the characters to show up for real. Kind of like when I said in my reply on this thread that I would love to see M’Ress show up in Lower Decks. I’m not making a joke.

If I was, I would say “LOL” or put in an emoji. So, because of the way it sounded to me, I asked a legitimate question because his response to the article sounded a little bit ridiculous and people piled on me for making a legitimate observation. If the person meant for his reply to be funny, then he should’ve said that in his reply. I don’t know who you people are behind your names so I don’t know “the meaning” behind your messages or your words and it’s not my job to interpret and read between the lines.

I am allowed to leave a comment if something doesn’t make sense to me and I’m 42 years old, not 15. I’m not a kid and I’m not gonna be treated like a kid, so get the gist since you wanted to insert yourself into this situation.

And we are allowed to tell you that you sound like a fifteen-year-old who missed the joke and doesn’t know it and is pitching a fit over it. Because you do.

I sound fifteen 🤣😂!!!!! God, I wish I was then I wouldn’t have a care in the world! Sorry, I’m too mature for you guys and your immature jokes. My maturity comes from losing my daughter when she was only 2 and a half years old to pneumonia.

My maturity comes from losing my Mom to a cardiac event right at Christmas last year. My maturity comes from being diagnosed with a terminal condition called Huntington’s Disease for which there is no cure. My maturity and logic comes from being married for the last 13 years to a smokin’ hot ex-Marine and having responsibilities to deal with, which is what happens when you become an adult. I’m sorry you people don’t understand my point of view.

I’m also not going to stop posting questions if I don’t understand the response. It’s called the freedom of speech and the first amendment, deal with it. Just like I have to deal with ridiculous responses like yours.

Sorry, I’ll try to act more 42 in future.

Sorry, I’m too mature to understand your immature jokes. My maturity comes from losing my daughter when she was 2 and a half years old to pneumonia. My maturity comes from being diagnosed with a terminal condition called Huntington’s Disease which has no cure. My maturity comes from losing my Mom last December to a cardiac event.

My maturity comes from being married for the last 13 years to a smokin’ hot ex-Marine and having responsibilities to take care of, which is what happens in life when you become an adult. Sorry, I’m too mature and think too logically for you people to understand my point of view.


Hey, dude, instead of pretending to be tough by antagonizing someone you don’t know, why don’t you go get a life and grow up! Peace🕊️ out, loser ✌️.


😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😆😂🤣😆😂🤣😆!!!! Loser!!!!!! Talk to me when you grow up and move out of Mommy’s basement 😜😜😜😜😜😜🤣🤣😆🤣🤣 🤣🤣😆!!!!! Suckah!!!!!!!!!

Hey, dude, why don’t you go to bed with someone other than yourself tonight? Oh, that’s right, you can’t 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😉😉😂🤣😂😉😜😜😜😜😜😜😝😝😜🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯✌️✌️✌️✌️!!!!!!

I don’t need to pretend with my life. If I was pretending, than why would I say that I have a deadly neurological disease called Huntington’s Disease? If I was pretending, wouldn’t I leave out the disease, smart guy? Shows how infantile you really are😂🤣😂🤣😆😉😜🤣!

And I don’t need to pretty or hide behind masks or facets like you. I’m as real as it gets. At least I’m not a scumbag who enjoys attacking a disabled man for asking one simple question. You must get bullied a lot, man 😉😜🤣😆😉😜🤣!!!!!! Because if we were face to face, all you would do is run away because you’re a punk 😉😆😂😉😜🤣😜😉😂😆😂🤣!!!!!

You, sir, are a very stable genius.

Well,well, look who’s stil writing to me? Man, you must really be infatuated with me because this conversation ended hours ago 😂😄. Or is your bed too big because you’re the only one in it 😂😉😜😉? I hate to disappoint you but you can take your infatuation and go for a long walk down a short pier because I’m straight and been married to the same woman for 13 years so go enjoy the sound of one hand 👏 clapping, dude!

Oh, and just to let you know, I’m totally not stable, I am the mountain of madness, bay-bay 😄😎,and my wife absolutely loves the insanity 😄😎😉😜😂🤣😆🤣😂😜😉😄😎👏✌️✌️✌️!!!!!!!!

Sucks 😞😔 to be you because you can’t have this piece of white chocolate 🍫, bay-bay 😎! Comment back again and then I’ll know what I say is the truth and they say the truth shall set you free 🆓!!!!! Peace out ✌️, suckah 😄😉😉😄😜😜😂🤣😜🤣😂😜😉😄!!!!!!!

Yep, you got me. It was the Br’er Rabbit trick what finally done it. Well played; masterful, even. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a chain of emojis deployed in so precise and devastating a manner.

Adam Cohen, that was a stupid-idiot thing you said about Kirk’s eyes or whatever. I know it’s true because Johnny (*snorts*) Diamond told me so! I just couldn’t see it before now!

Wow Bryant, you’re getting your butt handed to you aren’t you (yes, that was meant to be sarcastic).

Johnny D has a disease. Look it up, it will explain a lot…

And I’ve learned not to reply to him, ever, it will never stop.

That’s a very good point, I should have been more thoughtful and considered the symptoms.

Well, I left you a nice message earlier, Ian, and then I see you side with a bigot. Yes, you should be more thoughtful when speaking to me, that’s common sense. But not talking to me because I have a medical condition, that’s bigotry. And as I replied to Silvereyes so shall I say the same thing to you.

Not talking to me because you don’t like my reply is one thing. But not talking to me because I have a medical condition is a completely different thing and smacks of bigotry to me. You should be ashamed to even call yourself a Trekkie because in Gene Roddenberry’s future EVERYONE counts and EVERYONE has a voice, including people who are born with a medical condition that they have no control over because of GENETICS and because when I was born back in 1979 nobody had ever even heard of Huntington’s Disease. People know it’s cousin, Parkinson’s.

But people didn’t know about Huntington’s, including the doctors. Some doctors still don’t know what this disease is capable of and it’s 2022, not 1979. But that’s because it’s a rare condition. So, before you go and make bigoted comments, like your buddy Silvereyes, why don’t you do some investigating on your own or get to know me, like Tiger2 and One Lion have.

They haven’t stopped talking to me and they know about my condition. But you side with Silvereyes and that’s very bigoted of you to stop talking to someone just because they have a medical condition. Grow up!!!!!

You are being presumptuous that I mean to stop talking to you. I merely plan to temper how I take your comments, I will be less inclined to take offense for things which would rub me the wrong way if others said them.

Thank you, Ian. That’s kind and that’s all I could ask for 🙂. Live long and prosper, Ian 🖖, and thank you for being open minded.

Yeah, you know what, your comment sounds bigoted, Silvereyes. Not talking to me because you don’t like my responses is one thing. But not talking to me because I have a medical condition is quite another. That’s a very bigoted thing to say.

I don’t even know how you can call yourself a Trekkie after the comment you just made because in Gene Roddenberry’s future EVERYONE belongs and EVERYONE counts, including people who are born with medical conditions that they have no control over having because it’s GENETICS. Grow up!!!!!!!!!

It’s not a crime to not be able to read a room at any age, but you did set the tone by coming in hot with a rant in reply to something others could see was a light-hearted comment. It’s your prerogative to reveal personal information, and I do have sympathy for what you are going through, I know Huntington’s Disease is a wrenching thing to have diagnosed, particularly in one’s prime.

The way you are escalating the tone and lashing out is not healthy for anyone IMO and could have been easily avoided, though. As you said, in places like this forum everyone is behind anonymous masks, and language and writing skills are the only means by which we can get to know each other. Blurting out so much personal information no one could possibly have known in a defensive emoji-laden manner is one way to explain your logic, but I hope you understand why it comes across as an erratic broadside.

Everyone here has trauma they’ve had to deal with. Some choose to be open about it like you and General Shran, others don’t choose to disclose that information. I understand a knee jerk response – I recently felt the need here to explain my credentials as a minority to stave off the presumption that I must be a Conservative to not like how Discovery handles several of its characters. I didn’t like that and so I played the minority card. It felt like a hollow victory, I was annoyed that I took the cheap way out to end an argument, even if it might have sent a message about presumptuousness. I could have done better, it never feels quite right to me to disclose personal information I normally keep to myself by way of a heated discussion, and I’m not going to burnish myself to you by way of airing my personal tragedies or accomplishments, that feels like crass oneupmanship. But that’s me.

We may all be anonymous, but we are real people. I feel it’s appropriate to call out when people are acting a bit churlish or inappropriate, and the low-hanging fruit of a sarcastic reply is too tempting for me to resist most days, but even though I don’t like how you are comporting yourself, I recognize your struggles and that you are more than an anonymous handle. I hope you will do the same.

Here’s the thing, I wasn’t ranting. I asked a simple question and everybody that replied back ASSUMED that it was an attack because it was sarcastic but it wasn’t an attack. I just pointed out that there are other things in the Kelvin movies left unexplained that should be explored before something as silly as that and I gave a logical reason for why his eyes might be blue. So it wasn’t an attack. If it was an attack, I would’ve said “Oh, your idea is stupid and you don’t know nothing and blah blah blah”. I don’t believe in spitting bile unless people spit it at me first. I was just trying to be helpful because I really thought that he wanted to see the Kelvin characters show up on Lower Decks. Because there are some people who want to see the Kelvin characters show up in the Prime Timeline so how did I know he was making a joke? I’ve seen replies on here of people complaining about the most ridiculous things in Star Trek. I’ve seen people complain about the cut of Spock’s hair on Discovery, Sir Patrick Stewart’s acting being bad because of his age, Paul Wesley’s appearance, Wil Wheaton’s acting in Picard and people were saying it was so horrible. I’ve seen some of the most ridiculous complaints in my life about Star Trek on here. So when I saw that reply I had to respond back and just point out that that’s something ridiculous to be stuck on. If you read the whole reply, I supplied a reason as to why Captain Kirk’s eyes might’ve changed color. How am I supposed to know it’s a joke? When I write on here, my replies are all serious because my train of thought is that maybe Paramount or one of the actors might see the replies and I want everyone to know how much I appreciate what they are doing. I give respect because that’s the way I was raised. I wasn’t raised to hide behind my words and make sure my words have double meaning to them. The way I read stuff on screen is the way I read it unless it’s prefaced by something or has emojis. I have no idea what people mean when they write replies on here, just like it’s wrong for people to infer what I mean yet you do. As for revealing my adversities, why shouldn’t I? Maybe somebody else is struggling with something similar and maybe 🤔 my replies could help them out because they see somebody else is going through something similar too? I reveal my trials because Star Trek saved me. My wife healed me 💖 but Star Trek saved me 💖. And my love for Star Trek is so complete and I want people to understand where that love comes from. I have nothing to hide, Ian. I’m dying and I may lose my mind before then (I haven’t yet 🙂.) so I share my struggles. I figured this was a community of Trekkies and Trekkies usually stand together in adversity and some people have but others continue to attack me for no reason. I make my replies clear as day and I still get attacked for them and I don’t understand it because all I’m doing is sharing my love for Star Trek. I won’t stop sharing my trials. I have Huntington’s Disease and it’s something I was born with and something that’s gonna kill me, eventually. A lot of people, especially eastern Europeans, have Huntington’s and just don’t know it. More people should go do the gene testing for it to find out if they have it but people aren’t very aware of it. I understand your struggle and I empathize with you and I understand why you choose not to share personal info and that’s your choice but it’s not mine. I have no reason to hide. I am who I am and that won’t change. But I’m not like General Shran because I don’t like conflict. I’m not on here to argue. I’m on here to share my love of Star Trek. It’s everybody who else who argues with me and starts fights with me, even when I post the most positive responses they still get attacked. So, yeah, I’m defensive and leaving messages on here has made me so. If you don’t like my responses, Ian, the simplest thing to do is to just not respond back to them. Then you save me time from arguing because my time is precious since my condition has shortened my time considerably. Also, I don’t play games of one-upsmanship. I don’t hide behind “smoke and mirrors”. I come at stuff head on. I was not using my condition to do that. I don’t… Read more »

I can’t speak for Adam Cohen if he’s concerned over the color of Kirk’s eyes. But if Lower Decks decided to do a Kelvin timeline crossover I could imagine that this could be the kind of in-joke they might make.

It could be. They could. But I think there’s other things in the Kelvin Timeline that, if they were to go there, that they could riff on, such as how in most of those movies the Enterprise always seems to get destroyed or there seems to be some Starfleet conspiracy at work etc etc. But they won’t allow Lower Decks to go to the Kelvin Timeline because Alex Kurtzman is still the show runner and I’m sure he doesn’t want to see his stories get made fun of.

It’s easier for him to let them pick on Star Trek shows from twenty and thirty years ago then it would be for him to see his Star Trek movies with JJ and Roberto Orci get made fun of because nobody from that era is involved in Star Trek today, except for Terry Matalas. If they had more of the writers working with them today from back in the ’90s, I speculate that Lower Decks would not do a lot of the jokes that they do do on there. They only make the jokes that they do because they don’t have to worry about ticking people off. Some writers don’t like to see their stories be mocked, man.

Even though it’s all in good fun😊, those writers back then worked hard to come up with good stories to grow Star Trek and keep it going and turn it into the juggernaut franchise that it is today. Do you honestly think that if the writer of The Man Trap was still alive that you would see a Salt Vampire on Lower Decks? No. There’s a reason why you never, ever saw another Salt Vampire in any Star Trek series and that was because they were trying to honor what came before.

Now it’s a different story because that writer’s gone so now Paramount feels like it’s okay to use the Salt Vampire. But it is what it is, Paramount owns Star Trek, not me. And I’d rather have it around then not have it at all 🙂.

Live long and prosper, DIGINON 🖖

Lower Decks has already made fun of the Kelvin movies when they had that episode where Mariner made a holodeck movie.
Many writers (although probably not all of them) have no problem acknowledging that not every episode they once wrote is their finest work. It’s just the way things are when you’re cranking out long seasons under time constraints.
I think it’s mostly a question of execution: Do you make some lighthearted, good-natured fun or do you get nasty?

You are way off on your timelines there, my friend

Suprised this thread stayed open as long as it has….sarcasm/dry humor rarely plays well in print.

Will Season 3 be available on Amazon Prime Video outside the US? I can’t find anything about that… Lets hope for the best!

August 25th can’t get here soon enough 🙂! My wife and I are both looking forward to this season of Lower Decks. This show has grown on us immensely over the past two seasons. It’s absolutely hilarious!

We’ve done a couple rewatches and it just gets funnier with each rewatch because we catch a different joke that we didn’t get when we first watched it so it adds to the joy 😹 of rewatching it. As you can probably see by me using the cat emoji, Dr.T’Ana is one of my favorite characters ❤️! My wife’s favorite character is Commander Ransom 🙂. I wish they would reveal if Dr.T’Ana is related to M’Ress from TAS already. Maybe M’Ress is one of the Legacy characters that we are gonna see this season on Lower Decks? That would be cool! I would also enjoy seeing the Caitian homeworld, Cait, too, if the Cerritos had to go there for some reason. Live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖

Entry-level worker perceives a slight towards a family member and talks fellow entry-level workers into helping her Stick It To The Man. Hijinx ensue.

Like I said, this reads like a bad letter to ASK A MANAGER. (In the real world, by which I mean pre-Kurtzman Trek, all the entry level workers would get fired.)

“Perceives a slight?” You mean is falsely convicted of a crime? And I hate to break it to you but Trek has been doing the “not holding characters to real world consequences” for about as long as the show has existed

Shockingly, even here in the good ‘ol 21st century we have something called due process. Aggrieved children don’t get to overturn that merely because they’re interested parties.

Yes, Hollywood takes liberties with the way things work in the real world. There’s taking liberties, and there’s taking things a bridge too far.

And another thing: Star Trek *has* shown characters being held to real-world consequences:

– Kirk was about to lose his command in “Court Martial.” In the same episode, Finney lost his chance at promotion because Kirk put him on report for negligence

– Kirk escaped consequences in “Amok Time” only due to the intervention of T’Pau, a high-level Federation official from a founding world

– Merrick from “Bread and Circuses” failed to make the cut to becoming a starship captain

– Spock was never court-martialed in “The Menagerie”; the entire episode was a Talosian illusion

– Kirk was demoted in Star Trek IV: TVH (and the entire crew escaped far more serious consequences only by the sheer luck of returning home during the Whalesong crisis)

– Ensign Ro was placed in the stockade for several years for negligent homicide and was shunned by vast swathes of Starfleet; she lucked out by winding up in the right place at the right time to rehabilitate herself

– The same was true of Tom Paris and Michael Burnham

– Admiral Pressman (“The Pegasus”) was presumably drummed out of Starfleet

– Crusher acknowledged her career would be over had the charges against her stuck in “Suspicions”

– Riker went off the fast track to a captaincy after being relieved in “Chain of Command II” and the treaty violation of “The Pegasus”; he’d been offered three commands before that, and it took him about ten years after “The Pegasus” to get another crack at the big chair. Who knows, absent so many losses during the Dominion War, he might never have received another captaincy offer at all. And he never made admiral, which someone on his career track likely would have done

– Worf never received a captaincy thanks to insubordination in “Reunion” and “Change of Heart.” Even if PIC season 3 changes this, he certainly was not fast-tracked to a captaincy

– Nick Locarno was drummed out of Starfleet in “The First Duty.” Wesley Crusher and Sito escaped that fate only by the skin of their teeth, and they still had to repeat a year at the Academy, which, in Crusher’s case, effectively resulted in him opting against a Starfleet career

– Eddington was presumably drummed out of Starfleet

– Malcolm Reed had to work damn hard to get back in Archer’s good graces after betraying his captain for Section 31

By and large, where culpable characters face consequences and evade them, it’s because of mitigating circumstances — often existential ones — or occasionally because they had a high-level political patron, not because their parents called their boss or something.

Right, but all those examples did the things that put them in those situations to begin with.

Also, with regard to Kirk’s demotion in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, ostensibly a “punishment” for not only disobeying direct orders but going to such extremes as stealing a starship – the very thing our Lower Deckers are poised to do, note (and which they haven’t done yet, note; we don’t actually know what the consequences will be or how they’ll unfold) – was actually more of a wink-and-a-nod reward than anything else, offered up in recognition of Kirk & co. having saved the day for roughly the nth time (note how the closing remarks at the trial struck a tone not of “you screwed up and made your bed and now you get to lie in it”, but more “thanks so much for saving us for like the twelfth time before breakfast, we are forever in your debt, we’re not only going to let you do the thing you love doing more than anything else in the universe but also rechristen the Yorktown or something while we’re at it to commemorate your awesome history of doing this”).

Note, too, Mariner already has suffered consequences. She spends huge swaths of time in the brig and has been demoted multiple times. She’s still an ensign when an Academy classmate of similar ability has her own command. Her own Captain-mother, forced by Mariner’s admiral dad to keep her, tried to manipulate her into quitting on her own.

“Her own Captain-mother, forced by Mariner’s admiral dad to keep her, tried to manipulate her into quitting on her own.”

Can you imagine if the severe and obvious nepotism situations that we have seen with these three (and which one can assume are going to rise to a new level in S3) occurred in today’s military? I guarantee you that all three would be out out the military and would be lucky to avoid dishonorable discharges. Many other officers around them who were going about their careers in the right way would be reporting this to the Pentagon’s IG — as they should!

I thought I loved understatement as much as anyone, but I must confess it would never have so much as even occurred to me to characterize “has one’s mother and captain framed for planetary annihilation and genocide of which one knows her to be innocent” as “perceives a slight”, so well done, I guess.

Haters gonna hate I guess

Kool-Aid drinkers gonna chug. :-)

Kirk was framed in “Court Martial.” He resolved the situation by hiring a crack defense attorney and by (to channel Matt Damon) “sciencing the shit” out of the situation — not by calling up his famous daddy to issue a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Yes, and…?

AND…he didn’t leverage his dad (nepotism). Duh!


More canon character gimmicks, more nepotism, more insubordination…and the fan masses keep cheering and asking for more.


I humbly suggest that things have become derailed when we start talking about guest stars’ qualifications in terms of whether or not they have previously guest starred on Star Trek.

They should pick the best guest star for the role, not someone who’s a Trek alumnus.

There are a handful of repeat guest stars that have worked extraordinarily well — Suzie Plakson, Carolyn Seymour, Jeffrey Combs, Mark Lenard, James Sloyan, even Michelle Forbes — but even that does mean that the foregoing are right for every role.

Force-fitted gimmicks everywhere you look on this series — now even in the casting as you have pointed out.