Review: The ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Experience At CAMP Brooklyn Is Fun For The Whole Family

Today fans in the New York area have a fun new option for an activity with the kids with the opening of the Star Trek: Prodigy Experience at CAMP Brooklyn, dubbed an “out-of-this-world adventure for the whole family.” We had a chance to check out a preview earlier this week to see what it is like.

Experience Prodigy in NYC

CAMP, which describes itself as a “family experience company, has stores around the USA, each with its own theme, and the one in Brooklyn, New York has a focus on space. And CAMP has partnered with Nickelodeon and Paramount+ to deliver an immersive experience set in the Star Trek: Prodigy universe to Brooklyn. This family-friendly experience is focused on youth but can be enjoyed by Star Trek fans of all ages.

Hologram Janeway welcomes you into the Star Trek: Prodigy Experience at CAMP Brooklyn

You can visit the Star Trek: Prodigy Experience with a group of friends and form a team. After selecting a team name you’ll enter a mock-up of a spacecraft, follow procedures to go to “warp speed,” and arrive in the world of Trek where you will have the chance to test your skills and save the galaxy. Each attendee is given a bracelet “tricorder” that tracks their progress throughout the event.

Star Trek: Prodigy Experience tricorders (CAMP)

One of the first challenges involves safely navigating a “lava” obstacle on planet, Nibiru. You’ll have to safely step across projections of lava and collect virtual coins along the way. Next you’ll arrive in a desert environment where you’ll practice retrieving virtual coins using a remote control robot and assembling magnetic bricks. A shuttlecraft-like playground features buttons, switches, and visual displays that kids will enjoy. And if an “emergency” occurs, you can get to safety via sliding boards labeled “escape pod.”

Watch out for the lava at Star Trek: Prodigy Experience (CAMP)

After the desert, you’ll get to “cool down” in a small ice cave on Andoria. There, multicolored light-up stations will give visitors a chance to match a series of shapes to win. Then you’ll get to try to save Earth from asteroids through an interactive computer game.

From the Star Trek: Prodigy Experience at CAMP Brooklyn

Towards the end of the exhibit, you’ll take part in a Starfleet Review where you’ll have the chance to answer trivia questions, win stickers, and prove yourself as a Starfleet trainee. Finally, in the craft area you will have the chance to make your own slime in a craft area in honor of Murf, the gelatinous alien aboard the USS Protostar.

From Star Trek: Prodigy Experience (CAMP)

Once you’ve finished the tour you’ll turn in your tricorder (although you get to keep the super cool Starfleet branded bracelet), check your team’s points, and finish your Starfleet service for the day.

High scores at Star Trek: Prodigy Experience at CAMP Brooklyn

It takes about a half hour to go through the exhibit but die-hard Trekkies may enjoy the environments so much they may stay longer. The staff is extremely helpful, kind, and enthusiastic and it helps make the experience even better. The Star Trek: Prodigy Experience is recommended for kids of all ages.

From the Star Trek: Prodigy Experience

Open now

Tickets for the experience are $20 and it runs from Friday-Sunday starting July 22 through August 29. Star Trek: Prodigy Experience is located at City Point, 1 Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, and you can book an experience starting from 11 AM through to 5 PM on the CAMP website.

It isn’t known if the Star Trek: Prodigy Experience will be expanded to other CAMP stores in the future.

Outside the Star Trek: Prodigy Experience at CAMP Brooklyn

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Star Trek: Prodigy is currently airing Fridays on Nickelodeon through August 5. It is also available to stream on Paramount+, with 10 new episodes dropping on the service later this year.

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Doesn’t really look Like Prodigy….

No fun if you live overseas!!!

When they say its for kids of all ages, does that include 30 year olds? This looks like a lot of fun, but I’m probably a bit too old for it.