Anson Mount Talks Pike’s Future; Hopes ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Will Overlap With TOS

On Friday, the day before the big Star Trek Universe panel, Strange New Worlds star Anson Mount showed up on a different Comic-Con panel for Scopely’s game Star Trek: Fleet Command, which has recently added content from Strange New Worlds. During the discussion about Captain Pike joining this game, Mount talked about the character on the series, the season 1 finale, and where he thinks it is headed.

Mount looking forward to Pike’s third act

This is his first time at Comic-Con for Star Trek and Anson Mount was having a great time. He talked about how it has been a “childhood dream come true” to get to be the captain of the USS Enterprise, adding:

It’s just amazing to be able to do a job where every day you say to yourself, “I can’t believe I get to do this.” And getting to meet this amazing family that is the Star Trek fanbase is the highlight of it.

When asked what it was that interested him about Pike originally and going forward the actor said:

This is a very broad way of putting it but if Kirk represented machismo and Picard represented intellect, I want Pike to represent the heart. And I really think that decision in the second season of Discovery to make Pike aware of his future was a very smart one. Because it took what is a tragic ending and turned it into an active choice. And the repercussions and the fallout from that choice really helped put more pins into who this guy really was.

Anson Mount with Scopely’s David Eckelberry at San Diego Comic-Con 2022

The actor then talked about how the season 1 finale was a key pivot point, opening up much more potential for the character:

In that last episode of season 1 when old Pike shows up and shows him, he never says “You don’t have a choice.” He still has a choice, but when he realizes what those choices are, there really is no choice… So, I feel like in that sense, having got past that now, the fully pledged Pike, the whole self-accepting Pike is really starting. And I hope we get to deliver the third act of Pike and find a unique way of overlapping with TOS.

He also talked about how he saw the events of the finale changing Pike’s outlook on life:

One thing I was thinking about making that finale is how many stories with people who have been given a terminal diagnosis who will tell you, ‘I have never been more alive.’ Because suddenly, all the crap you thought that mattered doesn’t. And I thought it put him in that space.

Anson Mount as Captain Pike and Admiral Pike in the season one finale

Play Strange New Worlds

The MMO strategy game Star Trek Fleet Command has added new characters and storylines from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, with more coming this month and next month. David Eckelberry from game publisher Scopely talked about how the style of Strange New Worlds is giving them new opportunities to carry on stories:

We work with our partners at Paramount to create cool characters and storylines where we interweave stories into our game. So if Christopher Pike goes down to a planet and plays with their politics a little bit… And we continue that story. So the “what happens next?” For the episodic storytelling the show is doing, we can go and tell the sequel. That is the cool, amazing promise of little screens combined into the big screen is we don’t have to separate them anymore. So one episode airs on Paramount+ and then you go and try it in the game.

Eckelberry also joked that they had to create a new physics engine for the game to accommodate Pike’s hair.

Mount revealed he has been “hooked” on games since playing “Space Invaders” as a kid, calling himself a “video game connoisseur and saying he thought it was “pretty cool” that he can now play himself.

From Star Trek: Fleet Command

You can check out the new Star Trek: Strange New Worlds gaming adventures by downloading Star Trek Fleet Command for free on mobile platforms and PC. For more info visit

More to come from SDCC 2022

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Love both Captain Pike and SNW!! It’s 90s Star Trek again!

To me it seems like 1968 again, only without the sexism and other 60’s problems. But yes, it’s fabulous!

Well I personally wasn’t around then, but I gotcha! :)

Anson Mount is the right person for the right job. This series is part of the second Golden Age of Star Trek. And I, for one, could not be more delighted.

Good to see you back Hat Rick!

I’m continuing to be delighted with Mount’s Pike.

For me, the only fly in the ointment for SNW has been that the EPs seem to be rushing to hook up with TOS and over focused on legacy characters.

I totally agree with Mr.Mount’s assessment of what it is like to look at life when you have a terminal condition. I have a terminal condition myself called Huntington’s Disease. I was diagnosed with it in 2015. It’s an inherited genetic neurological condition that has no cure.

So all I can do is make the most out of the time I have left, however long that may be, and take more pleasure out of the things that bring joy to me the most in this life, such as my wife and Star Trek. I’m not here to change the world, I’m just here to enjoy my walk through it before I get back to my Mom and my Daughter up in Heaven. But I definitely do take more pleasure from things like nature and animals. Watching the ocean swell during a storm or seeing lightning ⚡ streak through the sky is just absolutely stunning and so beautiful ❤️. Going for walks and just being aware that soon my walking may be impaired because Huntington’s impacts your gait.

I may get tremors in my hands, my face. The mental impacts are devastating too. Nobody knows exactly the toll that this disease will take on me because it’s still such a rare condition and my CAG count for Huntington’s (this is what determines if you have Huntington’s Disease or not when you have genetic testing done.) was high. So nobody can tell me what to expect.

These symptoms I’ve listed are all symptoms I’ve seen from other family members who were diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease because the Doctors still don’t know what this disease is fully capable of. So I definitely agree 👍💯 with Mr.Mount’s assessment for what it must be like living with a terminal condition day to day and the petty stuff just doesn’t seem important anymore. It’s the little things we take for granted that really count 🙂.

Live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖

All the best to you, Johnny.

Thanks. My best to you as well, Thaddeus 🖖.

Johnny you been through so much. This sounds pretty cheesy given your condition but I’m happy this show gives you enough joy in your life.

Thanks, Tiger2. Star Trek, specifically the Enterprise (no bloody A, B, C, or D 🙂) stole my heart and she never gave it back 💖. The Enterprise-E did still my heart too. The first time I saw her onscreen in First Contact, she was magnificent and so big to boot 🙂!

When she first appeared on screen in First Contact, the Enterprise-E took up the whole screen, dude, and then the engine thrust was, literally, shaking the walls of the theater I was at. I thought the speakers were gonna fall down they were shaking so hard 😄! So the Enterprise -E is magnificent too in all her big booty glory 😄😄! But the one thing I love the most about Star Trek, besides the hope and optimism that it brings to me, Tiger2, is the joy it brings to so many others.

There is nothing like Star Trek. 56 years and counting and she just continues to grow 🙂.

Live long and prosper Tiger2 🖖

Love to you. ❤️

Thank you 💖. Love to you too ❤️ and Live long and prosper, Luke Montgomery 🖖.

Huntington’s is a nasty disease, and I’m so sorry to hear you have that to deal with. I’m glad you manage to focus on the best parts of your life.

I hope they manage to CRISPR a cure someday.

Thank you for your kind message, Corylea. I hope they find a cure too but, unfortunately, it probably won’t be in my lifetime. I am like Michael J. Fox and where he is with his Parkinson’s. He knows, because he’s 61 years old, that a cure won’t be found in his lifetime.

Instead he just makes the most out of the hand he was dealt and continues to enjoy life no matter what. Parkinson’s and Huntington’s are cousin diseases and that comes from the neurologists that I see. The only real difference between the two is Parkinson’s is a completely random disease and can strike anybody and Huntington’s is not like that because it’s an inherited disease. Nearly everyone on my Mom’s side of the family has been diagnosed with Huntington’s, including me so that’s why I compared my situation to Mr.Fox’s.

I know no cure will be found for Huntington’s anytime soon because of how many people I hear say that they’ve never heard of it. And the reason they’ve never heard of it is because it’s such a rare disease and since I turn 43 on Monday, that’s what leads me to the belief that no cure will be found in my lifetime.

I can always hope, right, but I’m not one for false optimism. Unlike Captain Kirk 🙂, I can’t cheat death to win and I’ve made peace with that. I just want to bring awareness to Huntington’s Disease and that’s why I’m able to talk about it so openly. You can’t hide from who you are and, unfortunately, this condition has been a part of my life since I was born.

There’s no point in getting mad over something I had and have no control over such as genetics, right?

Live long and prosper, Corylea 🖖

I know about Huntington’s Disease because I read Frameshift by SF author Robert J. Sawyer. I imagine you’ve read it, but if not, I recommend it.

I have not read it but I will check it out. I just looked it up on Amazon and it’s got great reviews 👍. Thanks.

Live long and prosper, Corylea 🖖

I feel for you, man!

Thanks, One Lion.

Live long and prosper, One Lion 🖖

I pray you have joy and peace in this life and whatever follows.
Live long and prosper.

Thank you, Darth Homer, for your kind words and your prayers 🙏.

Live long and prosper, Darth Homer 🖖

Woody Guthrie also was famously afflicted with this terrible disease. So sorry to read of your condition, but am glad you have found solace in this franchise that has given hope to so many over the years.

I’m about to lose my younger sister to bladder cancer, probably in the next day or so. Life really is very, very short. Find some joy in each day .

Yes, I know about Woody Guthrie having Huntington’s, Michael Hall. And I know about that because I used to live up in Great Barrington ,Massachusetts. That’s where I met my wife, up in the Berkshires, 13 years ago now. I found out that the majority of the people that I met up there had either heard of Huntington’s because of Woody Guthrie or had Huntington’s Disease themselves.

My wife has Huntington’s too. She was diagnosed a couple of years before I met her. The connection between us was instant but when people find out that we both have Huntington’s, they go “How crazy is that”? It’s just the way it is in the Berkshires and my wife’s not even from the Berkshires, originally.

She’s from Pennsylvania. But I digress. The point of my reply is to offer my sympathies on your struggle. Cancer is no joke either, like Huntington’s isn’t.

Take strength from whatever brings you the most joy in this dark time for you. Things do get better but it takes time. I lost my Mom back in December of last year to a cardiac event on Christmas. I had to shut her machine off 5 days later because they told me there was very little neural activity left in her brain.

I found solace from my wife and from Star Trek. I heard this saying a couple of days ago and it may seem trite to you, because you’re about to lose your sister, but the saying makes sense when you think about it in terms of your grief. And the saying that I heard was “Instead of grieving the time that we lost with our loved ones, we should honor their memory and cherish the time they were here and had a chance to walk in this world and the impact they left on our lives”. Maybe this might help you, Michael Hall?

Times are going to be tough for you right now and it may seem like there’s only darkness around you. But, eventually, the light will come and things will start to feel better. Your grief will never go away. I still struggle with losing my daughter 14 years ago to pneumonia and she was only 2 and a half years old.

All you can do with your grief is learn to live with it and live the best life your sister would want you to live. I am around on here very frequently, Michael Hall, if you ever need someone to talk to or if you feel like your grief is overwhelming you or if the loneliness and absence of your sister is just too overwhelming, I’m around on here and I’m always willing to talk and to listen. My thoughts and prayers 🙏 go out to you and your family, Michael Hall.

Live long and prosper, Michael Hall 🖖.

We SO lucked out when Mount was cast as Pike! We know from watching him that he’s an excellent actor. We know from looking at him that he’s gorgeous. From listening to him, he also sounds like a very thoughtful person, who brings Pike to life not just as a job but as a mission. I love his remarks about how a terminal illness can clarify what’s really important; it’s clear that he’s really thought about Pike’s situation and how to get Pike into a good place.

I highly recommend his podcast. It’s called The Well (Pod). He and his friend are great interviewers and tell great stories. They are great listeners. I mean, I really liked it and I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts more than once or twice.

Thanks for the recommendation! Unfortunately, I’m hard of hearing, which makes podcasts difficult for me. I mean, I don’t even listen to podcasts about Star Trek, which just goes to show how much I can’t do podcasts. I wish podcast makers would publish transcripts.

I have no idea if this works, since I just looked it up, but there is an add-on app to Spotify called “Sidify” which claims to have some kind of dea with Spotify to make transcripts of podcasts.

Interesting! Thanks for looking that up; I’ll check it out.

Phones now have live caption in settings turnit on it works great. I too need captioning so I live this

“Hopes ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Will Overlap With TOS“

I hope not.

This will sound dumb but what does “TOS” stand for?

The Original Series

It’s “The Old Shoe,” which is a character reference from the great satiric movie, Wag the Dog.

In universe it stands for “those old scientists” referring back to the good ol’ 2260s

Dont mess too much with the iconic Captain James T Kirk

Absolutely love Strange New Worlds, Anson Mount has done a great job bringing Captain Pike to our screens. Can’t wait for more.

As someone dealing with cancer and what my final outcome will ultimately be, I find this a wonderful show of inspiration. Bravo for giving so many a storyline they can relate to and aspire to emulate.

I see a lot of beeping on Pike’s future. 😀🤣

After the abominations of Disco and Picard, SNW is a breath of fresh air.

Long may it continue and tweak to perfection.

The teams at CBS/Para refused to listen to the complaints about D&P and that has cost them several years.

Cool story bro

SNW is an absolute gift. Every single episode makes me feel like a 10 year old boy again.