‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ To Cross Over With ‘Lower Decks’ In Season 2

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds crossover with Lower Decks - SDCC

The finale part of the Star Trek Universe Comic-Con was for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and it brought a surprise crossover announcement.

Strange Lower Decks Worlds

Paramount+ today announced two of the current Star Trek series will collide in “a major crossover event” planned for the second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds featuring stars from the animated comedy Lower Decks. This must be the big crossover that executive producer Alex Kurtzman has been teasing.

Strange New Worlds star Anson Mount revealed the news when Lower Decks stars Tawny Newsome and Jack Quaid crashed his portion of the Star Trek Universe panel today at San Diego Comic-Con.

According to Paramount+, the special crossover episode will feature “both live-action and animation.” Fans “can expect to see Ensign Beckett Mariner, voiced by Tawny Newsome, and Ensign Brad Boimler, voiced by Jack Quaid, from Lower Decks joining the U.S.S. Enterprise in season two of Strange New Worlds. As a special Star Trek bonus, the episode is directed by TNG legend Jonathan Frakes.

Unfortunately, Paramount+ was not ready to share any images or video from the crossover from season two of Strange New Worlds.


There is no word on when this episode and the second season of Strange New Worlds will arrive besides some time next year. Season one of Strange New Worlds is currently available to stream exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., U.K., Latin America, Australia, South Korea, and the Nordics and airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave in Canada. It will also stream exclusively on Paramount+ in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria later this year. The series is distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution.


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Oh, no! No, no, no!

I absolutely adore SNW. And I hate how selfish and self-absorbed both Mariner and Boimler are. I really do NOT want to see characters I hate in the show I love!

Mercifully, SNW is episodic. I hope that means it’s just one episode and then they’re OUT.

lower decks is much better than snw


For me LDS and SNW is basically a tie and why I’m so excited about the news!

I’m fine with seeing their characters played in live action but I’m not down with the Roger Rabbit style.

It had better be a Holodeck thing or a dream sequence. If it’s an actual scene where they are mixing both in the course of a normal ep, then there is no way that’s canon — and I don’t care what CBS proclaims about that.

Why is that not canon?

Because (swallowing the impulse of channel Q and call the foregoing an “obtuse piece of flotsam”; oops, too late) living organisms in the real world aren’t animated?

I’m close to calling this the moment when all of Star Trek jumps the shark. At the very least, a big ‘ol Jaws-style fin has been sighted circling the waterski ramp.

Living organisms in the real world also don’t have rubber on their foreheads.

But they are presented as real world beings to the viewer.

Get back to me when you wake up someday and the whole world, including your family and friends, looks 2d animated. Lol

And get back to me when you see a bunch or people with rubber stuck to their heads. The Lower Decks crew will be presented as real world beings to us.


River Termarc nailed it.

Just a tragically bad idea. Star Trek used to represent a possible future history for mankind; this reduces it to just an entertainment spectacle.

Watch, they will do this, and then some of the same fans who fawn all over LDS will be bitching and moaning about how Michael on DSC is too emotional, and they will still be criticizing the JJ movies as being to dramatic and fast…both of which are going to light years more realistic and believable Star Trek compared to this “Who Transported Spocker Rabbit” cluster-F of an ep that P+ is going to waste a great ep slot on it’s premiere Star Trek series with.

Now you see why LDS is canon…so they can do something like this. Although I NEVER thought they would do something like this lol.

But yes it could turn out to be a disaster for sure. But young minds, fresh ideas! Be tolerant!

Enjoy your comedy entertainment spectacle, my friend.

Maybe you’ll enjoy it too. Hell maybe you will like it more than me. I can even hate it. But I think the idea sounds interesting and a lot of fun. But I really trust McMahan and they did a great job with SNW first season so we may get a great episode out of it!

But if its crap I won’t have an issue saying it lol.

As I think you know, I hate Holodeck eps. But with this news, never in my Trek fan life have I so much want to have a Holodeck ep…LOL Because if they play this straight, and have live like action SNW mixing with animated LDS characters in actual live action character scenes, it possibly might make my head explode…lol

I don’t think it will be quite that though. Obviously just speculation but maybe it will be a situation where everyone will be in live action and then switch to animation. They already confirmed we will see the Lower Decks characters/actors in live action form so I don’t think it will be live action Pike hanging out with animated Boimler, etc. Could be wrong obviously.

Now if I’m being honest, I would be fine if they just had the LDS characters in live action form only and played it more straight. But it does sound like they want this crossover to be as experimental as possible.

Good science fiction is supposed to make your head explode. :-) I just fear that this won’t be good Star Trek, because Mariner and Boimler aren’t good Starfleet officers…

Given that Pike and the LDS crew occupy different centuries, SOMETHING weird has to be happening; they can’t meet under normal circumstances. Perhaps the Talosians are showing Mariner and Boimler to Pike to punish him when he’s bad. :-)

Yeah a few options, take your pick: Q, the Nexus, Guardian of Forever, Travelers, Daniels/TCW and/or yes Talosians. There are a lot of contenders out there how they can meet up. Or just plain ole boring time travel.

I can see the aliens from “The Elysian Kingdom” :-)

I hope I will enjoy it. Star Trek has been doing comedy and whimsical episodes since the 1960s and has continued that tradition throughout the years. Some work, some don’t. Should be interesting!

Enjoy your comedy entertainment spectacle, my friend.

This crossover is undoubtedly the second coming of SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE.

Well. it could be like “Spock Amok” and all be a nightmare that Pike is having. After he sees how selfish Mariner and Boimler are, he wakes up and is happy that he only has to be horribly disabled, and Starfleet doesn’t actually have officers who care about no one but themselves. :-)

I like that!

That would at least make all of LOWER DECKS a bad dream that Pike had. That might just be the one outcome I’d be happy with.

It’s just a TV show. Don’t be so serious…😁

I agree. Not a fan of Lower Decks at ALL. Why they felt the need to do this I have no idea, it will call for epic suspension of disbelief. Oh well.

I think Lower Decks uses “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if…” for a lot of its inspiration. And I guess there aren’t people with our mindset there to say, “No, that would NOT be cool!” :-)

Yeah that’s entirely the problem here. I’ve said it before, Kurtzman needs to step in and provide some more “adult supervision” to McMahon..

I kind of hope they do this Roger Rabbit style. That would be hilarious.


Space Jam… It’s weird even thinking about it. But who knows… it may be an instant classic.

The Space Jam reference is perfect — a fantasy spectacle to please the masses.

That will be awesome to see. I hope we get a crossover with Discovery and Lower Decks as well as that would be amazing. I also hope we get a few 2-3 part episodes in SNW like we got in Enterprise s4.

I wish it was all live-action, though.

As Dr. T’Ana might say HOLY $%#@!!!!


I mean I am floored. Yes I have been saying I can see a crossover with Lower Decks but not THIS soon lol. And with SNW??? It’s about to get a whoooole lot stranger y’all!

So will the Cerritos time travel to the 23rd century or the Enterprise time travel to the 24th century?? This is Lower Decks, so they probably will meet in the Nexus lol. This is going to be be sooo much fun. I think this is going to be very very comedic. Let the hijinks begin!

And it’s being directed by our great leader Johnathan Frakes???

It’s a great time to be a fan!

This is exactly the correct take. Comment approved!

I’ll reserve judgement until I see it. Not quite sure what to make if this news to be honest.

Feel the same way, the approaches of the two shows being so different even aside from the animation. Still, you never know. I didn’t think that “Spock Amok” looked very promising , and it may have wound up being the best-realized show of the season.

Cue the outrage….

Not from me!!! I think the entire idea is brilliant! This could be a mind bending episode fans will be talking about for decades the way we still talk about Trials and Tribbulations. Just nuts!

Well I do agree that we will be talking about this for decades. LOL

That’s fine.

More exasperation from me. This is a really really dumb idea. I don’t even like Lower Decks, now its going to contaminate SNW.

“Contaminate…” I have yet to see a live action episode from the new shows that is as good as the best episode of LD.

LOL, OK, to each his own. IDIC

No need to “LOL”. “Wej Duj” is arguably one of the best pieces of Star Trek that came out in the last couple of years. And season 2 of LD, except for one or two stinkers was very strong.

Sorry dude, but you got me cracking up again now. Lol

To each his own, glad you’re enjoying it.

Did you see it? If not, I highly recommend it.


And legitimately so…

There will be so much. So. Much. Because fans are ridiculous.

I mean it can be a TOTAL disaster lol. But I think people should at least wait and hear more. But I been saying I can totally see the Lower Deck characters in live action and now it’s happening. I didn’t expect it THIS soon though but I’m pretty excited over the prospects now that it is.

I know people are more worried about it being like Who Framed Rodger Rabbit situation, but I don’t think it will be exactly that either. It will be both live action and animation but I think it will be all the characters switching back and forth from one form to another.

But this is Star Trek, anything is possible!

Wow, it’ll be just like that episode of THE SIMPSONS where Homer visits a 3D reality.

Lol, yeah, that’s about what I’m expecting.

No the LDS characters will just be played by regular actors. I did maybe think we would see the SNW characters animated like LDS which is what I meant. But seeing Mount’s statements about it, I don’t think that will be the case either.

Fan. An ardent devotee, an enthusiast.

Since you don’t seem to know the definition of what a fan is.

I’m saving that for after it airs, lol. But seriously… conceptually I like the idea. This is sci-fi, after all. We’ll see if they can pull it off, but so far with SNW, my biggest irk is when they rub up against established canon. This is more recent.. why not? I’m optimistic, and I don’t know much about lower decks other than I found it too frenetic to sit through.

This is madness! I would be perfectly fine with the other way round… Pike and crew on LDS! But LDS animated characters on SNW? They’d better find a VERY GOOD explanation for this or this will be a disaster, worse than These Are The Voyages…

LOL now I can imagine the episode ending with Riker telling the computer to end holodeck program as we see Pike, Spock, Boimler and Mariner all disappearing. That would be a great twist. ;D

It could be live action Riker or LDS Riker…whichever people think would be more funny!

Cope lol

Just depends on how it is done. If they do it right it will be awesome. If not people will be wondering what the h*ll were your guys thinking. As with any crossover it is the execution that makes or breaks it. Good story believable not out of character for the characters and it will be fine. If it is a weak story that just makes it seem like a pointless crossover than no it won’t be.

It’s bizarre, different, unique, and bold.

Yep, fans will hate it…..

That is illogical. Bizarre, different, unique, and bold doesn’t by itself mean good. Nazi Germany was all those things.

“It’s bizarre, different, unique, and bold.”

Like the last President, and we all know how that turned out.

I don’t understand your responses. My guess is that you are saying new and bold doesn’t necessarily mean a good thing.

It is unfair to criticize a new idea before you see the finished product. It may work or it may not. I grow tired of fans attacking ideas simply because it doesn’t align with what they think Star Trek is supposed to be. It’s not being critical, it’s just being toxic and rude.

My guess is that you are saying new and bold doesn’t necessarily mean a good thing.


It is unfair to criticize a new idea before you see the finished product.

In many cases I would agree with this. But in this case they are mixing in animated characters from a cartoon comedy with live action characters from a serious drama. Conceptually that is a horrible idea. I’ve never enjoyed those sorts of productions like Roger Rabbit and Space Jam — personally I can never suspend my disbelief enough to have any enjoyment with that format. You may disagree and that’s fine, but please don’t try to tell me I can’t have an opinion yet on this obviously controversial decision that is dividing fans already.

All Access Trek can quote me in their podcast (if they care about my opinion). Following the SNW part of the event was probably the most underwhelming part of the day (Anthony did a fantastic job tweeting about it). And here’s why, I love Lower Decks and I love SNW. But it does not excite me one bit to be TOLD from an event that there will be a crossover. I want to see a literal preview/teaser/clip/photo of what is to come. So, you want to hype a crossover, show Quaid and Newsome in TOS uniforms or show a picture of them on set. Or if it will literally be animation show a pic Roger Rabbit style.

I’m sorry but that was underwhelming. And if it wasn’t for those on-site, then maybe you just had to be there.

They probably have nothing to show yet. Let’s wait for Star Trek day in September! Maybe then they will give us at least an image of the episode.

But this is EASILY the biggest news of the day lol. I can’t blame them for sharing it. It’s going to be so much fun speculating about it for months!!

Biggest news of the day deserves something more than logos and an announcement.

But I imagine it will be a cliffhanger ending to season 3 where Mariner and crew go back to the 23rd century to save some animals that will stop a probe in the 24th century. Going with the movie theme here. Lol. And Pike will help.

LOL I can actually see that happening.

It’s still surreal out of all the shows to crossover they pick these two lol. I was saying after its first season ended while I liked SNW, I thought it played it a little too safe. Well now that show is making me eat my words. ;D

Because of its episodic nature, a crossover is probably easier to include in SNW than in the highly serialized Discovery or Picard.
Also, if you compare the three live-action shows SNW seems to fit best in terms of tone.

Also true. SNW and LDS are the most episodic shows right now so it’s easier to just do whatever you want with them.

And I also agree, SNW is a pretty lighthearted and fun show with a lot of comedic beats. Certainly more than Picard and Discovery lol.

This basically sums up my thoughts on the reveal too. Honestly wish they just would’ve kept it a secret. Now people are both dreading and complaining about it and others are overhyping it. Would’ve been awesome to simply have something happen in the shows that catches you off guard. That being said, I’m personally of the camp that the SNW writers proved themselves last season so I’m excited to see what they’ve got in store!

We agree on this. It just hypes up “both sides” before we have any real info on how they are even going to do this.


This is something to look forward to.

Glad Lower Decks characters will be live-action.

If it’s time travel, maybe Captain Pike will learn more about the future.

I actually think Tawny Newsome and Jack Quaid could pull off playing their characters in live action. I hope they put them in Starfleet uniforms and have them do it in live action. I’ve been kinda hoping that Picard would have done it, and showed an older Boimler and Mariner in the 25th century.

They played plenty of live action shows, so I don’t see why not. My bet is they will tone down the slapstick for SNW.

I would begrudgingly support that over the Who Transported Spocker Rabbit moronic approach they they are unfortunately talking with this crossover.

Perhaps if enough fans complain on Trek web sites about this approach they would back off this doomed idea and instead have the LDS characters appear in live action on SNW?

The show has already been shot. They finished production on season 2 some time ago and this will be part of season 2.

Yeah, you are right. Thanks for the reminder.

So how long will it before Lower Decks crosses over with Prodigy?

I thought that would be the more obvious choice. I’m so happy they are thinking bigger though. Of course I can see the Protostar with Janeway and the crew bumping into the Cerritos in a few years too.

That’s the beauty of Star Trek, the possibilities are endless!

They may want to avoid that since the two shows are targeting different demographics. One show is targeted at children, while the other shows a mugato stroking his horn.

The Mugato doesn’t bother me. Younger chuldren simply won’t get the joke and older kids can have some laughs on that harmless matter. However, I’m more concerned with the blood and injuries in some of the eps, e.g. the S1 Badgie episode…

The Badgie episode is still the one episode I did NOT like in season one. It felt a little too violent IMO. Yes it was a holodeck episode but still.

I can already imagine it! Boimler fanboying over Spock and Pike (he probably has his own set of Enterprise plates too ;)) or Mariner butting heads with La’an and Una! It’s still crazy THIS is the first crossover lol.

I thought after seeing the Cerritos going to DS9, nothing was going to top that and they manage to top it in in a HUGE way!



I keep flipping back and forth between this and excitement.

Yeah, regardless of whether we like or dislike LDS, this is risky in that it could become a joke for years on the franchise…like say the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.

Given how SNW attracts a lot of the purists who proclaimed that it is somehow finally the show that they really want, I’m not surprised by how loud they are against a LDS crossover, despite that show is even more of another fan service than SNW.

Appealing to fan purity tests will not end well.

Both LDS and SNW drown themselves in fan service, so I guess it makes sense lol.

But in a completely different manner. SNW is the closest thing to an authentic revival of old Trek, LDS has the animated comedy spoof angle. The two concepts don’t really add up, but maybe I am wrong about it. The Elysian Kingdom comes to mind.

Deep Space Nine started out as one the most darkest and serious Star Trek show in the franchise. And yet later it still did comedic and spoof episodes like ‘Our Man Bashir’, ‘Little Green Men’ and of course ‘Trials and Tribbulations’. That show did plenty of broad comedic story lines; some even during the Dominion War. But based on the first season of the show, I don’t think anyone thought the show would go as broad as it did a lot of times later.

SNW had two Vulcans switching bodies in episode 5 of the series. This show is already doing wacky or broad comedy from the start So in my mind it adds up just fine.

If this was Picard or Discovery I would actually agree with you because they haven’t gone the trippy/broad comedic route the way SNW did just a few episodes in. And my guess it’s going to have plenty of trippy/comedic episodes as part of the show as DS9 ended up doing. We’ve only 10 episodes in. Now we know another is coming in season 2.

I think you have it reversed. Going to far with fan service will not end well. It doomed Enterprise, killed off Kirk and Sarek in inexplicably bad movies/eps, and it got us a watered down version of DSC after a great first two seasons.

I fear that the next “bad decision due to overindulgent fan service” shoe to drop is going to be TNG reunion season on Picard…I hope I am wrong.

The only thing I agree with in that post is the killing off Kirk part (which I was also fine with but the execution of it sucked). Enterprise became more popular BECAUSE of its TOS tie ins, not less. I don’t know what you mean by Sarek though. I’ve loved him in all in his appearances including Discovery. I want to see more of him in SNW but canon issues might prevent it. And I think you can admit you’re in the minority about Discovery being ‘awesome’ in season one. If it was so awesome it wouldn’t have been changed. ;D

Dude they had Nimoy and Leonard both signed up for that two-part episode and the writers couldn’t even give us Sarek and Spock together in one freaking scene???

Epic Fail.

I like TNG, but I have a holy trinity of next generation epic fails:

  1. Kirks’s “Bridge on the Captain” death
  2. Encounter at Fairpoint (Biggest let down a Star Trek series opener)
  3. Unification (Huge Letdown – didn’t know how do use Spock and couldn’t get him and Sarek on the screen together, pulse totally joyless)

Yeah I would’ve liked to have seen Sarek and Spock together but still loved the episode!

And if its only 3 things that really bother you out of 170+ episodes and multiple movies, yeah that’s VERY very good! My ratio is much higher than that unfortunately lol. But overall more good than bad obviously and probably love it more today than when it was on.

Yea, not a lot to complain about with seasons 3 to 7. Don’t get me started on seasons 1 and 2 though…lol

Most people don’t like the first two seasons. I like them more today after rewatching the entire series last year but still the worst two on the show.

 killed off Kirk and Sarek in inexplicably bad movies/eps

Kirk perhaps, but Sarek? “Unification I” was one of the finest hours of Star Trek ever produced.

I rewatched the scene between Lenard and Stewart when a relative died. It was hauntingly beautiful and tragic. I cannot bring myself to watch it again.

How irredeemably sad that the franchise that once gave us this masterpiece is now doing kiddie fare and animated crossovers.

When I watched that scene, all I could think of was:

“Why is Picard doing this scene given you have both Nimoy and Lenard booked for this two parter? Why in the F don’t we have Spock and Sarek doing this scene together? Makes no sense!!!”

Epic fail by the writers and Rick Berman, and it still makes me angry to this day that they botched the Unification opportunity. Berman and company simply didn’t know how to handle TOS characters, and I kind of them he wanted them portrayed as less important than TOS characters — I think he had a chip on his shoulder concerning TOS in general (and that’s also why Enterprise looks more like pre-TNG versus pre-TOS).

Someone on Reddit brought up the point Ransom and Una may share a scene together! How crazy would it be to find a way for Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn to share an episode together as Number Ones? Dude, insane!!! ;D

You are easily impressed.

Since I went into near nerdgasm when Tom Paris showed up on Cerritos, I can’t say you’re wrong lol. I’m a fanboy, what can I say? ;D

And these are TV shows. We’re suppose to be having fun over them.



Next thing you know, they’ll be putting fluoride in the water! We’ve got to protect our precious bodily fluids!! 🙄

I mean, for crying out loud, it’s just a TV show! I mean, you’ve turned an enjoyable little show, that NBC did as a lark for a few years, into a COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME! 🥸

But seriously, folks: Keep in mind that Lower Decks is written and produced by people who are Trek nerds. Every episode I’ve seen has been true to Star Trek ideals and lore, with characters that are surprisingly deep, while also being a masterclass in comedy that works both for the casual viewer and rewards the fan with deep-cut references.

As we’ve seen, TOS did comedy, and SNW can do comedy. I have no qualms about this at all.

Where have been on the Discovery articles here? LOL

That’s the thing, LDS and SNW feels like the two biggest shows in terms of fan service (although Picard season 3 may now have them both beat ;)). So I can see why they want to combine them because they are made by huge Trek nerds and who stuff as much easter eggs as they can. LDS is more blatant about it, but SNW isn’t far behind.

Enterprise definitely leaned too far into “hey, it’s those guys from that show you like.”

So far SNW has avoided that by being true to its “these are the early days of the characters you know, before they really became the characters you know” mission statement and its planet-of-the-week format. It’s not so much bent on explaining why everything is the way it is by the time of TOS, and most of the episodes feel very fresh.

In Lower Decks’ case, the use of references is about being very specific, and comedy thrives on the hyper-specific. “A guy walks into a bar.” vs “A Starfleet officer walks into a bar” vs. “Dr. Bashir walks into Quark’s and orders a Cardassian Sunrise.”

It’s packed with Easter eggs and lampshade-hanging and self-parody to be sure – Boimler is like, what if a rabid Star Trek fan actually became an ensign? – but it’s less for fanservice and more for comedy informed by fandom.

Sorry but I completely disagree with your view about Enterprise vs SNW. To me it”s the utter opposite. Enterprise only did it a few times and it wasn’t until fourth season.

Yeah you can make that argument about SNW, but they have gone out of their way to pack as many TOS references and characters as they can. They could’ve had a few more characters from the the Cage for example like Boyce or Colt but those were replaced with TOS characters like Chapel and Uhura because those are famous characters from the show. And then they have characters like T’Pring and Sam Kirk there not because of canon but because they are also from the show even if they were in one episode.

Even if you can excuse T’Pring Sam Kirk is STRICTLY there because his last name is Kirk. And then to top that off they added a Noonien Soong to the cast. I mean WHY?? Because everyone knows Khan, that’s literally why she’s there. I can’t think of a single other reason why a Noonien Soong is on that ship, can you? I still don’t even understand why they bothered making her one because they could’ve gave her another name and you lose nothing.

Then they introduced the Gorn much earlier and we got super fan servicy episode like Quality of Mercy the first season in. And I’m not complaining about these things (I do have issues with some of it due to canon though) but it feels way more like a back door TOS show than it does a Pike show because every episode it’s constantly shouting at you ‘hey remember THIS from TOS???’ They are bringing back Sybok lol. Picard certainly had its TNG easter eggs and appearances but not so blatant as SNW is doing. But as I said I think season 3 is about to change that obviously.

I agree about Lower Decks but it’s still very fan servicy too obviously. I mean the characters are basically fanboys/girls of the universe they live in. Tendi getting excited over seeing DS9 in the season 3 trailer kind of says it all lol. These characters are basically substitute for fans of the franchise. But yes it’s informed by fandom as you said but it all still based around characters and situations we know to the point it’s in practically every episode. But not complaining. ;)

But seriously, folks: Keep in mind that Lower Decks is written and produced by people who are Trek nerds.

…which is as good an argument as any against putting “Trek nerds” in charge of making Star Trek.

Oh, my God, when I saw this headline, I immediately thought that I might get to see Dr.T’Ana cussing out Captain Pike and trying to get Spock into bed 😄. But then I saw it’s just Boimler and Mariner and that’s fine. But if you’re doing a time travel story then the whole Cerritos ship and crew should be shunted back in time, not just two characters. Still I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

It’s completely unconventional and outside of the box and, before I complain about it, I want to see it. Alex Kurtzman has been teasing a crossover for years now and here it is. I imagine he’s been working hard to make sure this comes off good and not stupid. But seeing as how he gave us the crossover he’s been teasing us with for two years now, I think it’s pretty safe to say that, in the near future, we’re gonna be getting that musical episode of Star Trek that Alex Kurtzman has been hinting at as well.

Live long and prosper Trekmovie 🖖

I imagine he’s been working hard to make sure this comes off good and not stupid.

Well, that would explain the rest of NuTrek, I guess.

Don’t twist my words to suit your needs. If you have something to say to Alex Kurtzman, then DM him on Twitter or Instagram. I don’t have a problem with the man. I’m just saying that I don’t want this crossover to be completely over the top ridiculous and I don’t think it will be because Alex Kurtzman started teasing a crossover almost 2 years ago.

I’m sure Alex Kurtzman wants this to be good, if not great in his eyes and that’s his right, seeing as how he is the show runner of Star Trek, after all. If you don’t like it or the idea of it, then don’t watch it or think about it, simple as that. But if you got a problem with Alex Kurtzman, go tell it to his face instead of trying to twist people’s words around in order to suit your needs because you don’t know how to stand up and speak for yourself.

It’s called “literary criticism.” Deal with that.

It’s called “stop being a coward and grow a backbone”. Deal with that.


I agree that fans should not assume terrible things will come from this. I can see this idea turning out GREAT.
Here’s how I see a positive outcome. This crossover idea, in my opinion, is so terrible that it will wreck SNW, the only good Trek show in the Kurtzman era. Then hopefully he will finally get fired, and be replaced with someone with a decent emotional and intellectual IQ, who understands what Star Trek is about.

Perhaps the New Guy could simply ignore the past five years of NuTrek, kind of how Bryan Singer ignored the Richard Pryor comedy hour with SUPERMAN RETURNS.

Ugh. This sounds horrible.

Sure, why not? Can’t be worse than the first two seasons of “Picard.”

Well, Strange New Worlds is my #1 modern Star Trek show and Lower Decks is my #3, so I’m looking forward to that crossover special.

To the people who think this is the coming of apocalypse, chill out dudes. Don’t take life so seriously all the time and especially don’t take Trek as seriously all the time because even from its earliest day on TOS it always had that wink to the audience and not taking itself so seriously. I think if done well, this could be a good idea. I am just curious about how they are gonna execute it but we’ll have to wait and see. I always enjoyed out of the box ideas shows sometimes resort to (the puppet episodes, the all silent episode of Buffy, the cartoon episode of Farscape etc..) sometimes its good go off the beaten path.

Thank you! I think people do forget end of the day they are just TV shows. They are designed to entertain. I know this idea is questionable for some and I’m not saying they can’t be concerned but end of the day if you are this bothered, that’s fine just don’t watch the episode and crisis over. Done. But we know that would NEVER happen lol.

For me, I don’t take Star Trek that seriously. I don’t treat it any more or less than a wacky sci fi show about the future, just a (usually) well written and intelligent one. But it’s still a lot of sci fi hokum. One long time poster here (not in this thread specifically) acts like Star Trek is suppose to be teaching STEM class or something. The same show where Apollo the Greek God made an appearance or when the time when the crew were turned into characters from Robin Hood. When it’s serious it can be VERY serious. But when it gets wacky, it can be very wacky.

I guess I’m not bothered by the idea because I’ve always made it clear I LIKE the comedic episodes. I enjoy most of the holodeck episodes (except Fair Haven…even I have my limits). I love the fun B stories. I love love LOVE the trippy alternate timeline/time travel/weird anamolies/god like aliens/consciousness swapping/freaky transporter mishap stories and on and on and on. I just love them because they are fun and imaginative. You’re not going to get any of that on BSG!

But I think that’s why I am so in tuned to Lower Decks as a show because it really takes the ‘wacky’ side of Star Trek and turns it up by 11. But that’s why I enjoy what Mike McMahan is doing. He gets it! Star Trek is a show with lofty ideals and heavy science but it’s also the show where Spock lost his brain and alien Nazis have shown up in three of the previous shows (OK, one was a holodeck version but still counts ;)). A crying Kelpian kid managed to knock out dilithium to most of the galaxy in Discovery. It doesn’t get any sillier than that. Even if you liked the idea it’s not hard science either obviously. I don’t know what it is lol.

To me, this is Star Trek being wacky in every way I love. And I think SNW will be going that direction quite a bit based on some of the episodes of season one alone. Now this crossover idea can be a TOTAL disaster lol, but I at least have faith in these people that it could turn into something fun and memorable. We’ll have to see!

I think people do forget end of the day they are just TV shows.

Since you’ve made this point a couple of times in this thread:

I think this attitude renders a terrible disservice to people who have spent entire careers honing their craft .

Yes, I’m speaking of people like Patrick Stewart, who is such a versatile actor (I caught his one man adaptation of A CHRISTMAS CAROL in London a few years ago), but also people like the Okudas and their graphic design work, to say nothing of many others behind the scenes. Frakes was right when he said it was “lightning in a bottle,” which is so rare in Hollywood, and even more so when it happened twice in the space of about 25 years.

Star Trek was certainly “not just a TV show” to MLK, with his famous plea to Nichelle Nichols not to leave the series, or to George Takei, given his family experience in internment camps during the war. It was “not just a TV show” when Leonard Nimoy chose to screen STIV in the last years of the USSR (McCoy’s line about how “the bureaucratic mentality is the only constant in the universe: we’ll get a freighter” came across as snark here, but reportedly generated a lot of belly laughs over there).

A month or two ago, I decided, on the spur of the moment, to catch the big-screen presentation of TMP on the one day it was showing. As I walked out, someone commented to her husband, “it’s a work of art.” Works of art are indeed sublime; they show craftsmanship. Sure, you could call the Sistine Chapel “just a bunch of paint on wet plaster,” or Ansel Adams “a bunch of monochrome pixels on glossy paper,” but that would be missing the point. It would be profoundly wrong.

If I want to watch “just a TV show,” I can turn on FULL HOUSE or GENERAL HOSPITAL or FAMILY MATTERS or what not. Some works utterly transcend that; Star Trek used to be one of them. That’s why I am so upset that NuTrek has immersed itself in kitsch and nostalgia, easter eggs and kiddie fare. Star Trek (very) occasionally did comedy, although it was never Norman Lear or Chuck Lorre. But now a stupid workplace comedy has adulterated the brand.

I’m trying to keep an open mind per Michael Hall’s comment above, but frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if a year or so from now I’m done with Trek. There’s much smarter television out there now, unlike in the 1990s.

Maybe someone like Manny Coto can resurrect it, a la the Bond franchise after the Roger Moore era and again after Brosnan’s DIE ANOTHER DAY. Lower Decks certainly feels like Octopussy and the circus, or the invisible car.

Dude, it’s a TV show. Yes we all love it Yes it is iconic and a big influence in society. But it’s not a requirement to live your life, raise your kids or pay your bills. No one is telling you not to watch it. But if you are so offended over it or the things they are doing on it, which you seem to be about nearly ALL the new shows these days, then your option is to watch something else or simply skip the stuff you are upset about. No one is going to care at the of the day. That’s how watching a show works.

I have several chronic illnesses that greatly limit me. I went from having a full life to being too sick to do very much at all. On a GOOD day, I “get” to do laundry. Whoopee. :-)

Star Trek helps to keep me alive, because I care so much about it. Sure, if I were healthy, I’d have more important things to care about than “just a TV show.” But I’m not healthy, and I’m not able to do very much.

Please don’t judge people if you don’t know their circumstances.

Coryleas I’m very sorry about your illnesses. I’ve actually read about it on the other site you post on. But nothing I said has anything to do with that. I simply said don’t watch the episode itself you or anyone is that bothered over it. I didn’t say abandon the franchise over it. I even put it in bold. I mean if someone says they hate everything about the idea, it’s almost offensive to them, then that is your option or choice, is it not? This is just common sense (which no one will follow lol).

But I am sorry what you are going through obviously. I certainly can’t imagine it. I know how much you love Star Trek and been watching it since it started and it gives you joy. Same for most of us here. So then I say the opposite, just give the episode a chance. Maybe it will win you over? If not, then hopefully the one after that will. That’s how it’s always worked. None of it is going to matter to your life much other than you liked it or you thought it sucked.

I’m sorry 😞 to hear that you are currently suffering from several different illnesses. I don’t know what you’re dealing with but I do empathize with you. You know what I’m dealing with because we talked about it on another page on here so that’s why I empathize because I have a chronic condition myself. I take a lot of joy from Star Trek too, Corylea.

I’ve been a Trekkie since I was 12 back in 1991 and I turn 43 tomorrow. I have over 300 Star Trek novels, almost 150 Star Trek comics books, and about 60 Star Trek graphic novels. I tell you all this to show you my love for the franchise. The original Enterprise stole my heart when I was 12 and she never gave it back. My wife bought me some Eaglemoss models of the Enterprise and the Enterprise-E and I’ve got a Salt Vampire and Gorn figure along with 2 Tribbles in my library.

She also got me a complete set of “City On The Edge Of Forever Playmates figures that stand 8 inches tall and a Guardian Of Forever 3D model that she had made for me from this seller on Etsy who makes them. I have the Discovery on top of one of my Star Trek bookcases. I’ve got Star Trek Christmas ornaments from the ’90s. So Star Trek is much more to me too than just a show and that’s why I wrote back to you
and let you know what items I have for Star Trek. Star Trek was a show that bonded me and my Mom together when I was little before I even became a Trekkie.

I didn’t know what she was watching because I was 5 but my earliest memory is her coming home from work and putting on TOS and watching “The Trouble With Tribbles” together. I didn’t know who any of the characters were back then. I just liked the “furry little things that purred” 🙂, that’s what I called the Tribbles when I was 5. Then I saw TNG when it first premiered in 1987 and I was 8.

I watched that with both my parents then. My Mom got me my first Star Trek figure that year and it was the Galoob Geordie LaForge. Then I caught TNG intermittently over the years until the 25th anniversary came and I just fell in love with Star Trek after watching a marathon of it. Sorry 🙂 if I just gave you a deluge of information, but I wanted to show you that, after reading your reply to Tiger2, there are people who love the franchise and feel about it the way you do.

People whose lives were changed because of Star Trek and I know because I’m one of them. It brings me so much joy despite all the adversities I’ve faced and are still going to face in my life. But I have hope and I get that from being a Trekkie all my life. One more thing, Tiger2 is a nice guy.

I’ve talked to him quite a bit on here and he knows about my condition. He’s a Trekkie too. He’s older than me. He actually got to see TOS in syndication when it first came out in the ’70s. So he loves Star Trek just as much as you or I do.

He just has a different view of it then we do. And that’s okay because, with Star Trek and with our fanbase, diversity is what makes us beautiful ❤️🙂.

Live long and prosper, Corylea 🙂🖖

I appreciate that but I didn’t say anything remotely controversial. I certainly understand why people have their doubts about the episode, especially if you don’t like LDS. And I have said it could be really really bad lol. So I’m not suggesting it’s going to be great, I’m simply stating the obvious we won’t know until we see it.

And yeah, I’m a pretty optimistic person when it comes to Star Trek. I can’t think of one idea or concept I was against with any of these new shows thus far. Every idea, story line, etc I been onboard with or at least stay open minded enough to see how they do it first. Actually I take that back, I wasn’t completely onboard with the Klingon war arc in first season of Discovery but that’s only because the story line made no sense in terms of canon and I was just sick of more Klingons being the main driver of a story. Still I stayed open minded but yeah ultimately hated it lol. But I’ve been completely supported of everything else so far, especially from Picard through SNW!

But if this episode sucks, I will loudly say so because while I am an optimistic, I am far far from an apologist. You can read how positive I was about Picard before the show started and then read how bitterly disappointed I was after the fact, for both seasons. It’s why I’m still trying not to sound like a cheerleader for season 3 yet after being burned twice before. ;)

But what gets frustrating on a message board sometimes is people who are against an idea from the start, which is completely fine of course; that’s why we have message boards. But if you KNOW you are going to watch it anyway, why not stay at least open minded. And if you still hate it after the fact, that’s fine too. But if you’re just going in with your arms crossed and mind made up before the first scene starts, then what’s the point? But I know it’s done all the time, it’s even a phrase for it now: hate watching! It explains Discovery and fandom so much today lol.

But I just don’t do that; especially when I’m paying for it. But that’s for a broader topic. And I don’t think anyone here is doing that for the record, they are just not happy with some of the shows or this crossover idea. Hopefully we will all be surprised.

I know you didn’t say anything controversial, Tiger2. That’s why I told Corylea that you’re a good person and you’re a Trekkie too, you just see Star Trek differently then we do. And that’s okay too, I told her, but your views come from a place of love and not hate. And that’s the point I was trying to let her know.

I never heard of “hate watching” before. I just call those people what they are – trolls and keyboard ninjas. My Mom taught me when I was younger to be more open minded and receptive to new stuff otherwise time will pass you by. Star Trek is trying to come up with new stuff to continue to keep the franchise going into the future.

It can’t remain in a static bubble, unchanged forever, because then it’ll burn out and fade away. And I don’t want that to happen to Star Trek because I love it too much. But there are people out there who feel entitled in their love for Star Trek, like Star Trek owes them something for their years of watching it and Star Trek doesn’t owe them a thing. If anything, they owe Star Trek for all of the joy that it has brought into their lives 🙂.

But that’s where a lot of the hate comes from because people feel disenchanted with the road that Star Trek is going down. Not me.
Star Trek has brought so much joy to me, to my wife, and to my Mom when she was still living. So I owe it for bringing so much joy into my life over the years and for taking my mind away during the dark times in my life.

I don’t “feel ‘ the franchise has let me down. Yes, the new Star Trek is definitely different but it’s different times and the style of writing has changed in Hollywood. Alex Kurtzman and crew took a chance with SNW because it could’ve failed, big time, because a lot of people don’t like episodic storytelling anymore. Everything is geared towards serialized storytelling.

But SNW didn’t fail and it broke streaming numbers and records. It was a huge hit! Star Trek has a split audience to it. There’s the adults who love it, and there’s the kids who love it and Alex Kurtzman is trying to cater to both audiences.

Kate Mulgrew thinks that’s a great idea and if she’s behind it, Captain Janeway herself, then who are we to argue? Paramount owns Star Trek anyways. They’re gonna do what they want to do with it because it’s their franchise, not anybody else’s. Now we can either ride the waves or be crushed in the swell, it’s up to us.

I don’t want to see the days again when there was absolutely no new Star Trek content on TV at all. If you wanted a Star Trek story, you had to read the books or the comics and it’s not the same as getting to see the Enterprise or any starship really on screen every week. I will take having Star Trek, over not having it any day.

Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

Hate watching unfortunately is definitely a trend today although I’m sure it’s always been there. But today it’s monetized. All the keyboard ninjas you mention spend time on Youtube and other social media sites who now makes money basically slagging off all the big franchisees. Sadly thanks to the internet it has become more of a culture and where all the ‘toxic’ fandom has really surged because unfortunately like so many things, the internet has given them a place to hate and even make money off of it.

And there a lot of bitter long time Star Wars and Star Trek fans who think Disney Star Wars and Kurtzman/Abrams Star Trek is a stain on the franchise. The funny thing is I bet many are the same people who was yelling how badly these franchises have dropped in quality when Lucas and Berman was running them. Now they want those people back lol. Just proof you will never please everybody.

And to be clear I wasn’t suggesting that’s what people are doing here (OK, maybe a few lol) but not on this thread. Nothing anyone said here was bad, it’s simply a difference of opinion. Of course I get that. But the irony is I was only making the point that as fans we’re not a monolith. We can love the franchise and still love it for different things. I DON’T take Star Trek that seriously in the sense I don’t look at it as a documentary of the future. I think many ideas on its head is just ridiculous in comparison to the real world. I don’t believe all religions will die off by the 24th century for example and I say this as an atheist. But of course I like the fictional vision and future it presents. That’s why most of us are fans.

I certainly didn’t mean to ruffle feathers when I said Star Trek was just a TV show lol. But I forgot where I’m at. ;)

We all love Star Trek. Of course it has had a major influence in my life and I hope it stays on until I breath my last breath…but it’s not my life either. I don’t treat it like it’s some kind of religion. I treat it like it’s a TV show, one I love discussing and debating about. But my life will go on if it ended tomorrow. I would hope everyone here can say that.

Yes, I hear what your saying, Tiger2. I did not know people get paid to spew hate. That’s sad 😞. But that also explains why there’s so much hate on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

You didn’t ruffle my feathers when you said that “Star Trek is just a show”. You’re entitled to your opinion. Your opinion isn’t going to be like my opinion and that’s okay because we’re not mindless automatons being pumped out of a machine. We all think differently and we all act differently and that’s why everyone is unique (unless we go to the Mirror Universe, Tiger2 🙂. But then we got bigger problems if that happens, right?).

I’ve got a lot of other interests and hobbies so I’ve experienced “toxic fandom” before, Tiger2, and I know completely what you’re talking about. And I don’t consider Star Trek a “documentary of the future” because if it was then we would’ve gone through the Eugenics Wars back in the ’90s and we didn’t. I think of Star Trek as a limitless universe with countless stories left to be told and characters whom I’ve gotten to know just as well as if they were family. If Star Trek ended, yes, life would continue and I’d be sad but what can you do?

I don’t own it. Paramount does. And if they decided not to make any new Star Trek shows tomorrow, what am I gonna do about it? This isn’t the ’60s so a letter-writing campaign wouldn’t work.

Besides the franchise is so divided it would be impossible to get everyone on the same page today. So I would just have to accept Paramount’s decision, just like I had to accept Les Moonves’ decision to shelve Star Trek after Enterprise ended. It’s called being an adult 🙂. But I have a ton of other stuff that I’m interested in so life would still move on and you’re right about that.

I think the “no religion” thing in Star Trek came about because Gene Roddenberry was an atheist himself, if I recall correctly. I also think that he wanted his vision of the future to be more open minded. Captain Picard’s an atheist too. I think Captain Kirk might be as well.

That’s why he doesn’t buy into that entity that’s supposed to be Q in Star Trek V, whereas everybody else does. But I think the main reason why Gene didn’t want religion in his utopian vision of the future is because wars, holy wars like the Crusades, have been fought over religions and whose God is better than the other God. So I think that might’ve also been a driving force behind Gene abolishing religion. And I completely understand that viewpoint if that’s the point of view that he was trying to make.

He wanted to give people hope and not show more war.That’s why the Federation went to war with the Klingons and it was wrapped up in 15 minutes by the Organians 🙂. That’s the reason why I think Gene Roddenberry did away with religion in Star Trek but only on Earth.The alien races in Star Trek do have religions, I believe (I know the Bajorans do).

Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

I will say since SNW has come out, there has been less hatred towards the franchise from where I been reading. They are still out there in full force but even some of them grudgingly admits SNW feels more like classic Star Trek today. But of course there are still many who think its all of it is a sham and many has accused SNW as just copying ideas and stories TOS and TNG do and that’s the only reason why it doesn’t completely suck lol. Some people you will never convince. But Youtube is where the most hostility seems to lie and where it’s mostly monetized. People who make endless videos and why everything is ‘woke’ today. And they don’t set their sites on just Star Trek but complains about Hollywood as a trend overall and that Trek is just a symptom of woke politics, gender bias, blah, blah, blah!

Which of course is ironic because that’s what Star Trek is about but many will try and argue that Star Trek’s politics of the 60s was different from today’s politics. Maybe because that was 55 years ago and things were framed differently then but I ranted enough lol.

Of course I love Star Trek but I am reminded every day to most people out there it’s just a TV show for the majority. My own family can’t even watch it more than 20 minutes without being bored lol. I think I told you this before but I have a girlfriend who watches it now and really likes TNG, VOY and ENT the most. But when we first met, the idea of watching the show was akin to running a marathon in the desert. We been together a long time so I eventually wore her down lol. But she doesn’t see it on the level I or anyone else here does. She can watch it and she likes a lot of the characters but it’s just another show for her like watching Law and Order or Stranger Things.

For people here, we all grew up with it so it’s definitely different. But when you get off the internet and try to have a conversation about it to regular people who don’t watch it, it’s still that weird nerdy show about space and Kirk having sex with aliens. It’s funny Star Trek probably has the most content it’s ever had with at least a few big movies in the last decade and yet it still feels like a niche franchise in many ways. But again that’s another discussion.

As for Roddenberry and religion, I agree with many of his views of course. I don’t hate religion and has lived around religious people my entire life including my girlfriend who is Catholic. But I think that’s always been the irony of Star Trek because for some it has turned into a religion for them and look at Roddenberry as some kind of messiah. I think that has calmed down a lot in the last few decades since the internet has made his flaws a lot more open. But in the 70s and 80s Trek did have a more cultish feel but again that’s another topic lol. I don’t want to keep making everything off topic. I’m surprised I haven’t been banned yet since I do it in every thread I write in. ;)

Sorry to hear about that, Corylea…I hope you get some improvement soon!

Regarding that dude’s post, it’s hypocritically hilarious to see someone who posts sometimes 20 times per day here telling people that it’s just a TV show. That is so precious! LOL

Ok dude, it looks like we may have to go back to ignore time again. If you are going to get upset with ‘this dude’ just for expressing myself, then just ignore my posts, OK? Notice I have NOT said a single thing to you about your opinion here and don’t have an issue with it. Or anyone’s for that matter. I’m very very very sorry you are upset that the producers decided to do this, but I’m not the one who came up with it, so get a grip.

And what’s annoying if I AGREED with you, then you wouldn’t care how many posts I made. You would be right behind me saying ‘exactly’. This is why message boards are frustrating at times. And you make 20 posts here a day yourself, so stop calling the kettle black.

And yes it’s just a TV show. I like discussing it as a fan, but I don’t get emotional over it either. If it was cancelled tomorrow, I would be heartbroken over it but my life would go on as I HOPE everyone’s life here would since I imagine we all have careers, family and other interests in life.

My apologies, I was referring in general to Alphantrions Original post, not your post. I can see now in reading the thread again how I botched my response by using the “TV show” phrase that you were using,

too many articles and too many posts here in the last 24 hours – I am getting confused I admit


OK I apologize too. As I say I have no issues with anyone telling me why I’m wrong, but I’m not telling anyone here they ARE wrong. I’m only expressing my points here. And obviously I’m passionate about the show as everyone, I’m only saying I can take a step back and not want to make death threats to Kurztman when they do stuff I don’t like lol. They are just trying to entertain us, some of us just have varying opinions on how well they are doing it obviously.

Well said!

Yeah, I don’t need crossovers.

First reaction was that this is a terrible idea… But I recall a Fringe episode that was animated as part of an acid trip or something. So it all depends on how they execute the idea .

I remember that one too; starring Leonard Nimoy! ;)

Maybe LOWER DECKS is all a drunken dream induced by Chris Pike’s love of scotch.

BRUH!! 😆🤩🤣😝😁🙃😘😜😎

PIKE, Spock, Boimler, Uhura and Mariner in the same episode! That’s going to be a mess in the best way possible!! Frakes is directing too! Can not wait for this!

Get Riker in the episode too! He saves the Cerritos and the Enterprise this time!

And the lower deckers are doing double cross over duty on both SNW and DS9! Damn this is going to be a great year for them and fans! 👍

Let’s boldly go!!! 🖖

Won’t decide if this is a good idea or a total misstep until I see the results. I’m not an LD fan, just wasn’t my cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean this couldn’t be great. I hope it is good, because it’s taking up 10% of SNW’s season! :D But Jonathan Frakes is directing it, and in Frakes I trust.

They can’t leave something good alone. They have to #@$% it up like they always do.

I couldn’t get in to Lower Decks, but I’m surprisingly open for this. I have no idea how this will work, but I like this kind of idea a heck of a lot more than I like all the TOS intersections from season 1.

Two really good shows independently, but I hope that they’re not combined into some sort of Roger Rabbit thing. The thought of that makes me cringe… Hopefully the producers are smart enough to do this in a completely satisfying and unexpected manner.

I’m still waiting to see Brad Boimler’s parents on LDS, perhaps portrayed by Dennis Quaid (with blue hair) and Meg Ryan (with red hair). LOL

Great stuff from the only two new shows since Enterprise that are any good.

(Prod is a distant 3rd)

It can be done. Maybe they will use viewscreen communication between 2 ships without direct interaction as in Roger Rabbit.

OK, I happen to be lurking around YouTube trying to find all the interviews from the various panels and there was one with SNW and EW who happened to talk about the crossover episode. If you want to watch it, it’s already cued up on the spot (but the entire interview is fun).


In case you don’t want to watch it, a few main points was made in it:

Anson Mount made clear it’s not going to be a Who Framed Rodger Rabbit situation. Live action characters won’t be mixed with animated ones or anything like that which I personally said several times in this thread probably wouldn’t be the case. Now it’s confirmed so some of you can breath easier lol.

He also stated it will be a predominantly live action episode with some animated elements during the episode. So everyone including the LDS characters will be in live action.

Sounds like the entire cast from SNW are in it, but only Mariner and Boimler from LDS (but maybe other LDS characters will be in the episode but just not interact with the SNW characters. Speculation only).

Mount said he thought the idea was ‘brilliant’ but of course everything is brilliant when you are working on the show. ;)

So it may not ease anyone who still hates the idea but it doesn’t sound like it’s going as nuts as people are predicting it to be. I’m personally just excited to see the Lower Deck characters in live action. I never doubted it was a possibility but I thought we were a few years away from it. Now not so much. ;)

Thanks for finding this – this makes me feel marginally better about this whole Enterprise

To be honest, me too. I’m for the idea but yeah I’m still worried lol. But his comments at least confirmed it won’t be ultra silly or anything. I know most people are worried about the animation parts of the episode but it does sound a lot less involved than even I was thinking.

Thanks. This sounds great. It could be a Trials and Tribbleations sort of situation, with Boimler and Mariner sneeking aboard the Enterprise to find a MacGuffin. The teaser sequence would be animated but the episode itself fully live-action. And THAT makes sense. I’ve always mentally reverse engineered LDS through live-action Riker and Troi to be able to enjoy it. Finally seeing Boimler and Mariner in live-action will help me to further embrace LDS…

That’s kind of what I’m hoping for too, something closer to Trials and Tribbulations and a really fun episode of Boimler and Mariner traveling back in time to Pike’s Enterprise for some specific reason. And of course the Temporal Prime Directive keeps them from telling who they really are but Boimler will probably spill it two minutes into interrogation lol.

I’m just really curious about all of it now and it sounds like it’s going to be very imaginative!

That’s kind of what I was expecting, but I’m still disappointed. I would love them to do something completely nuts, like doing it Roger Rabbit style.

Soon I will debate this important and controversial topic with passionate vigour.

There is a easy solution to that: The Enterprise discovers a 2D parallel universe, where LDS, TAS and Prodigy exist. Therefore these shows are all canon!
And by the way: This crossover can’t be worse than the ENT/TNG crossover was.

Feels like Star Trek Discovery is the more appropriate vehicle for a LDX crossover. But, SNW hasn’t been all that great so knock yourself out, I guess.