Watch: ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Teaser Reveals First Look At TNG Characters In Season 3

Paramount+ kicked off their big Star Trek Universe panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 with Star Trek: Picard, which included a brand new teaser trailer featuring the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast as they will appear in season 3. They have also released some new character posters.

New Teaser

The big news for the third season of Star Trek: Picard is bringing in the main cast from Star Trek: The Next Generation and this brand new “motion teaser” gives us our first glimpse at the characters, some returning to the franchise for the first time since 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis, and the design of their costumes and makeup.

The teaser and character portraits (below) were revealed by executive producer Alex Kurtzman during the Star Trek Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

The only Picard stars returning in season 3 with Patrick Stewart Picard are Jeri Ryan  and Michelle Hurd. The cast is being filled out with Stewart’s TNG co-stars LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, and Brent Spiner. The teaser features what appears to be dialogue from season 3 along with video of the various characters, but not actual footage from season three. Also Brent Spiner doesn’t appear, likely to keep which character he portrays a secret for another day.

New Posters

Paramount+ also revealed new character portraits for season 3, but not for Spiner’s character.

Lea Thompson moderated the panel

The panel featured Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, Alex Kurtzman, and Rod Roddenberry, and was moderated by Picard director Lea Thompson.

Coming in 2023

There are no official details on the plot for season three, nor is there a confirmed release date, beyond 2023, but it has previously been reported that it could arrive as early as February.

Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. and is distributed concurrently by Paramount Global Content Distribution on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories and in Canada, airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

More to come from SDCC 2022

There is much more to come with our Comic-Con coverage, including more from today’s big Star Trek Universe panel. So stay tuned to for more news from San Diego. And check out the rest of our San Diego Comic-Con 2022 coverage.

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Worf! Exactly! Of all of the characters to return, Worf!

CAPTAIN Worf! ;-)

I guess Spiner’s character looks a lot like an android.

I know it’s strange they still won’t reveal him at this point, they keep saying he’s a new soong, but I keep thinking he’s coming back as a evolved Lore. But we shall see

I’m thinking that there’s got to be something spoilery about his appearance and another Soong who looks just like Brent Spiner wouldn’t be especially spoilery.

keep saying he’s a new soong

They haven’t said that. They said he’s a “new, old character.”

They did say he was playing a new old character.

Whatever that means.

Maybe it simply means Spiner is playing a new character of old age.

They did but if he is I still think there’s a twist there. Benedict Cumberbatch was also playing a new character in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Got it. Brent Spiner is playing John Harrison!

Positronic force ghost in the machine…

If one of star trek’s (I go further and say maybe Sci-fi in general) most beloved characters (Data) will not return in a tng reunion I’ll personally will be more than sad!!!!

Love the teaser trailer and the character posters. Even with no actual footage yet of S3 it looks set to be a fantastic season. SNW was really good but this looks set be even better. It’s a great time to be a trekkie.

I can’t wait to find out what Patrick Stewart meant by more than one Enterprise.

Me too.

Have to be honest they mentioned the villain is a woman this time. I wonder if Sela is the villain. It would keep up with the send off for TNG.

I would love if it was Sela and it would be great to see Denise Crosby again.

The person (female) playing the villain has NEVER been in a Star Trek show, movie, animated show, nothing, according to the Showrunner…

How does it look better than SNW when all we see are people posing for a promo video with a few speaking lines overlayed???

Probably just means the nostalgia factor. Seeing your childhood heroes all together again.

It’s great seeing the TNG cast again and TNG was my first Trek show which i grew up watching. though it’s not my most favorite Trek show it is my 3rd favorite with DS9 being number 1 and Discovery being 2nd. I just find it more exciting to see all these characters once again.

Yeah that’s what I thought. And yes agreed with everything you said. I grew up with TNG too and it’s still my second favorite show after DS9. And since you are a big DS9 fan like me, It’s crazy we will be getting some of that show for the first time too after 20 years on LDS! :)

It’s a fun time for us fans who grew up with all these shows and characters to see so many coming back. Hopefully it will be worth it.

Because those of us who grew up with TNG know…I for one have never been as excited for a movie or TV show in my 57 years of life…

Worf looks pretty cool

I was a little concerned that they might redesign Worf’s look to resemble “Discovery”‘s Klingons.

Disco Klingons look better. No wonder he was always getting tease by the other Klingons.


“Disco Klingons” – lol. Perfect way to describe them.

He looks streamlined — and a bit more comfortable. Or maybe his teeth just weren’t in.

He does, although I’m slightly concerned that he appears to be wearing a Starfleet uniform sporting the gold security colouring.

They have confirmed he is not a captain so it makes sense he is not in command red plus that only happened after he transferred to ds9 but since this is with his original crew it makes sense they toss d him in a gold uniform which is what he wore in tng

Does anyone have a link to where this was said? I definitely count four pips on his uniform (which looks command-red to me). Of course, it’s entirely possible for someone to hold the rank of captain but to not be *a* captain in the sense of commanding a ship. Spock had the rank but not the position in The Undiscovered Country, for example — or, to use a real-life naval precedent, John Kirby reached the rank of Rear Admiral in the US Navy after a career spent wholly in public affairs / press relations. Maybe they never trusted Worf with his own ship over the whole saving Jadzia thing, but he stayed in the “Strategic Operations” track he was technically on in DS9, and served at Starfleet Command.

and after Jadzias death and during Siskos long term absence he was still in Defiants official Commander and he commanded several Ships during the war. They where klingon ships but i guess he just got rehabilitated and Picards recommandation should also count a lot ! He brought Seven in Starfleet while Janeway failed.

[Spoilers for Deep Space Nine]

Worf not being given a command is consistent with the latter years of DS9. After Worf chooses to save Jadzia over completing a vital mission, Sisko tells him point blank that it’s doubtful he’ll ever be offered a command by Starfleet.

Is it nitpicking when I proclaim: his ridges look totally wrong?

His ridges have never stayed consistent. Compare “Encounter at Farpoint” to the flashbacks in “All Good Things” – even though they’re meant to be the same time period, they used the later version of his prosthetic, which was pretty different.

I don’t think it’s nitpicking. However I love Worf’s look. The shape of his face and ridges, and the white/gray facial hair, he looks more … distinguished

Over the course of his time on TNG Worf’s ridges changed significantly. Look at him in Encounter at Farpoint and then the past version of him in All Good Things.

You say that like it’s a new thing?

“Is it nitpicking when I proclaim: his ridges look totally wrong?”

Yes. Yes, it is.

Well, you asked.

Looks pretty manicured, actually. A metrosexual Klingon. A few peels on the ridges, a little Klingon Botox for the wrinkles. Discovered the joys of hard seltzer, perhaps.

Bukaroo Banzai!

Oh my this is getting me really excited for new season

No. I’m glad they left this AARP reunion show for the last season.

Makes no sense for Picard to not be the fall series this year, it’s the one current live action series that is already completely finished filming and in post production.

They do still have Lower Decks and Prodigy to complete for this year.

I thought they’d already wrapped filming on Season 2 of SNW, as well?

They still have Lower Decks season 3 and the REST of Prodigy season 1 to finish for the rest of this year. The fact it’s going to take over a year to finish the first season of that show really makes no sense lol.

While the general approach to Prodigy has been to call the first 20 episodes season 1, based on the discussion with Aaron Waltke here at TrekMovie a little bit ago, the production seems to be treating it as two seasons – called seasons 1a and 1b. That is why it is taking longer than expected. Because it is called just season 1 in public, we think it should be 1 year. But it is basically two seasons in animation time, so two years real time.

I was hoping we might hear that the show had been renewed for more than the initial 40 episode order (season 1a, 1b, 2a, and 3b), but I guess it is just too early for that.

OK I understand but it still feels a bit stretched out. But when you also have five shows on and trying your best not to overlap them, then it’s not a surprise either. But I do wish it was at least the next show starting up again.

And I’m sure it will get renewed again but yeah season 1 is not even finished lol. But since they were already talking about turning the show into a movie in a few years then my guess is they expect this puppy to be on for a long time.

It makes total sense, actually. There’s a lot to air before it.

Exciting! I truly hope they don’t make a total garbage season like season 2. That was the worst season of Trek ever produced. Just sloppy storytelling. Glad they are being the crew back.

“total garbage season like season 2. That was the worst season of Trek ever produced. Just sloppy storytelling”

In your opinion.

Not just in his. Sorry.

Sadly agree! But maybe season 3 will finally give us the show fans wanted in season 1.

Still doesn’t count

I don’t agree it sucked either. I’d say the number that liked it are equal to those that didn’t at least. But those that hate something are always the louder crowd because negativity is just too easy to express. Our positve world is dying afterall. People no longer find the brightside anymore.

My opinion, too. Just not enough story to fill ten episodes.

That pacing thing is not even my issue with it. I’d have no problem with the story being strechted thin over too many episodes if there was a story to begin with.

But the two main plots, Q’s final gift to Picard and restoring the timeline from whatever changes, just don’t add up. That’s the problem. Why change history so that Picard can bump his head and dream of his suicidal mum? There are many good story elements but they just don’t add up in any reasonable manner…

Yeah, I don’t agree that it was the worst season ever (that, in my opinion, is season 3 of TOS). But it was quite bad. The middle 6 episodes were boring wastes of time with very little coherency. The few good character bits (Q’s story, Picard’s memory, and a bit of young Guinan) were set adrift in a sea of illogical and rushed story points. Only the beginning and ending were decent and those episodes (at least the scenes on the Stargazer) were shot after all the other episodes.

…I agree with Luke. It sucked.

It’s mine, too 🤷🏻‍♂️

Also in mine.

My brother gave Picard S2 5/10. I said he was being generous, it’s more like 3/10 – and that IS being generous.

Of course it is my opinion. That’s obvious. That’s why it was my comment. Duh.

I’m still watching season 2. I love it.

Yes, but you have almost exclusively garbage takes on everything, so what’s that count for?

Nope. I love Strange New Worlds. Post about that all the time. I love Discovery. Post about that all the time also. Pay better attention if you are going to attempt snark.

Dude, his post wasn’t even aimed at you. Look at the name his ‘reply’ was responding to. You should know how this messaging system works by now.

WORF YES WORF!!!!! Looking like his old self too, with that beautiful white hair!

These guys all look amazing! Looks like Seven is officially in Starfleet now! And Geordi’s eyes, WOW!! Looks like Riker is also back in Starfleet too. Will they all be back on a certain ship? Fingers crossed. TNG is back in full force kids!!!!!

partrick did say there is 2 enterprises in this season a old one and a new one

E and F? Cool.

Yeah I heard about that a few minutes later and posted it in this thread. But yeah TWO Enterprises, that’s just fanboy overload lol. One of them HAS to be the Enterprise E! And yes the new one is obviously the Enterprise F. Or G? Maybe it’s been long enough.

What if they were to visit the D saucer relic? That would be really cool, actually.

That would be. I would like to see that!

Didn’t he actually say ‘multiple’?

White-haired Worf looks amazing!

But why did he go prematurely gray? Being an ambassador to Qo’noS is that stressful?

Why is it premature? A lot of time has passed…

We’ve seen much older Klingons who don’t look as old (watch the DS9 episodes with Kang, Koloth, and Kor).

People go grey at different rates. I think Worf looks gorgeous and stunning with white hair; sorry to hear that you don’t like it.

I never said I didn’t like it. I just questioned why he aged faster then Klingons twice his age.

Klingons always get changed around and made to look different by the production staff across all of Star Trek. I stopped worrying about this years ago.

But then again, I am sure there are some fans who will want a “Grecian Formula Augment Virus” explanation for this to be put in a movie or ep…LOL

Yes! That’s awesome! 🤣

LOL, agreed

Premature? I’m 32 and have a shit ton of gray. I look like bloody Dr Stephen Strange, minus the Mirror Universe goatee.

So you’re saying poor wo’rIv is one of those souls, like Steve Martin and one of my really good friends and you, who just don’t get to keep nice and dark locks of hair? Or, did he dye his hair because people still think he’s part of the dishonored House of Mogh and not the House of Martok and so it’s a silly disguise, plus makes him look wiser.

Prematurely gray? He’s an old man.

Because he has aged 25 years perhaps? LOL

I guess the issue is that we have already seen him around that time in AGT and he wasn’t completely white in this timeline. I know it’s an alternate timeline but those images stuck. Plus, Klingons don’t age as fast as humans do so it is a bit of a stretch.

However… it LOOKS really cool and it is just so stylish I forgive them the continuity bits :-)

Not sure it’s a continuity violation, just odd. Plus, it looks like he’s also experiencing male pattern baldness.

Life has been rough for poor Worf.😁

Unfortunately, the recipe for Grecian Formula was lost during the Eugenics War

I was kind of hoping Seven would stay civilian, as what’s so cool about the show is that it’s about life after and/or outside of Starfleet. But in the words of Zephram Cochrane, “let’s rock and roll.”

I think that was all finished after first season once they threw most of the cast back in Starfleet in season 2. The only characters that weren’t in Starfleet was Seven and Soji.

And this can *maybe* get us a Seven Stargazer show!

Also, looks like Worf is a captain…

I imagine that he’s captain of the Enterprise-E.

His uniform I thought looked yellow. Other than Seven they seem to be wearing a variant of some sort of starfleet uniform

It’s red and I guess those are some sort of away team jackets, pretty cool ones that is…

The novel “The Last Best Hope” – which they claimed was canon – said that he was the CO of the Big E after Picard went to handle the Romulan debacle. The producer tweeted that he’s not a Captain though so this may be retconned.

Yeah. And Geordi a rear admiral, I guess?

Commodore from the rank plaque

Nope the main writer for the season has said he is not a captain

…he isn’t.

I still don’t feel any more confident in this project, it feels like more of the same maudlin tone.

Then don’t follow the project and don’t watch the season. Easy.

Heaven forbid anyone here has differing opinions. I’m not here telling others what to do. IDIC much?

Don’t watch. More for the rest of us to enjoy. Easy.

Unless you’re sharing a shaky bandwidth connection with Adam, media really doesn’t work like that.

I thought it was interesting that the last non-Picard character in the trailer wasn’t Riker but Beverly Crusher. It made me wonder if they have something extra or special planned for her.

I was hoping Jean-Luc would end up with Laris, but it looks as if we’re not heading that way…

Maybe she gets killed with lots of blood and gore along with worf and troi and riker and la forge and only picard seven and raffi are alive at the end of the final episode

It’s supposed to be a love letter to TNG…

Sounds like a Blake’s 7 ending.

I think Picard and Crusher are going to get together by the end of season 3. I think that’s why Gates made it a point to emphasize that her character does a lot of stuff that she wouldn’t normally do. Before her and Jean-Luc couldn’t get together because they were in Starfleet and he was her superior officer but now it’s a different story. Season 3 picks up 2 years after Season 2 and Picard might’ve left Starfleet again.

If that’s the case, then neither one of them is in Starfleet anymore and it might be a different story between them now. Orla Brady posted on Instagram that her last episode of Picard is the second episode in season 3 so Picard’s focus will be on Crusher this year and maybe he does some ruminating about missed opportunities and possible second chances now that Beverly’s back in the picture again? Live long and prosper, Corylea 🖖

I think you’re right; it looks as if we’re heading towards Picard/Crusher. I’m not wild about her — she seems kind of bland to me — but then, I won’t be the one marrying her. If she makes Picard happy, then more power to her. :-)

Well, Picard is no Captain Kirk himself, Corylea 🙂. He’s pretty stuffy and I find him bland sometimes myself. That’s one of the reasons why I think him and Beverly would be great together. The other reason is because Picard has known Beverly since his Academy days, he just never told his feelings for her.

And when he finally got up the nerve, she was already in a relationship with Jack Crusher and then they got married and Picard was the best man so he really had to bury his feelings for her. Then he was her superior officer, working next to her day to day, and he still couldn’t tell her his feelings because of regulations. Now they’re both out of Starfleet, no regulations, and they can finally be honest with one another. It’s never too late to find love.

Also, according to Gates McFadden at SDCC, Beverly does a lot of stuff in Picard season 3 that she wouldn’t normally do, she’s a lot more active. Remember the way Dr.Crusher was wasn’t because of Gates. It was because the writers didn’t want to write for her and didn’t want to use Dr.Crusher, that’s out of Gates’ hands. We’ll find out more at Star Trek:Las Vegas or at the Star Trek Day celebration in September about what’s in store for Picard season 3.

Live long and prosper, Corylea 🖖

All true! :-)

After two of the worst seasons of television ever made, here’s hoping this one manages to be at least somewhat watchable.

Can anyone tell what Worf has on his back? Is it a bat’leth or a phaser rifle, or something else?

Looks like his mek’leth.

A backpack. He’s going to Klingon Summer Kamp.

U R Bad

Worf got a new Klingon blade this season called a kur’leth

GREAT NEWS!!!!! They just revealed we are getting multiple Enterprises next season!! :D

So I guess we can finally breath on that lol. Maybe the E AND F?? Even the D is possible (in flashbacks, alternate universe, time travel, etc, etc, etc). Getting one was already exciting, but to have TWO is very cool!

It’s gotta be the D and E, Tiger2, because Sir Patrick said, during the livestream that I was a part of, that they do make their way back to their original Enterprise, by that I’m assuming he means the D because he also talked about how surprised he was to find out that that Enterprise had carpeting on it. The only Enterprise I know that has carpeting was the D. We’re probably going to see the E too but only because it looks like Worf has four pips on his collar so he might still be the Captain of the Enterprise-E. But I only heard them talk about the D. I didn’t hear about the E, sorry.

Like I said she could show but be happy just to see the D again. Alex Kurtzman said that season 3 has a “heist” feeling to it so I think Picard and company are going to steal the Enterprise. I just mentioned this in my post on here about how she was destroyed at Veridian III but I think in Picard season 1, when Picard first shows up at Starfleet, I believe somebody mentioned to him about the D being in a museum. Now, if that’s the case, then they’re probably gonna steal her.

It may not even be the real D because Starfleet has soooooo many Galaxy-class starships that they could’ve just taken one that was on the verge of being decommissioned and renamed the ship Enterprise-D and stuck her in a museum. We’ll find out more when Star Trek: Las Vegas comes next month.

Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

OMG I would LOVE to see the D again! I didn’t even think of it being a museum. I thought it was still stuck on Veridian 3 with Kirk’s body lol. That would be cool if they dragged it out again for another mission. The D is still my favorite ship, period. But I love the E too so hopefully that will be the other one.

It would be fun if we saw them steal the Enterprise and then on Lower Decks watch Mariner and that crew steal the Cerritos!

I have to admit, as someone who really HATED season 2, I am now getting excited for season 3. Seeing them all back in that teaser gave me chills. I never thought I would see them all like this again which proves nothing ever dies in Star Trek! ;D

Yeah, I admit seeing Worf was awesome! He looks like Kor a little bit from DS9, doesn’t he? Or Kang? Or Koloth?

The Enterprise-D is still on Veridian III as far as I know, Tiger2. But remember back in Picard season 1, when Picard first shows up at Starfleet, the officer that he’s talking to asks Picard if he’s gonna go see her? Well, I believe the D is in a museum but it’s not really the D. Starfleet had an overabundance of Galaxy-class starships so I think that maybe they might’ve taken another Galaxy-class ship and renamed her the Enterprise-D.

It would still be the same thing as the TNG crew’s ship because every Galaxy-class ship was built to look the same inside. Unless Picard and crew go to Veridian III for some reason? However we get her, it will be nice to see her on screen again. The short shot we got in Picard season 1 was definitely not enough for me 🙂. Yeah, I can’t wait to see them steal the Cerritos on Lower Decks.

And I am intrigued to see this Gorn wedding that was teased at SDCC. I’ll bet Boimler gets married to a Gorn female 😄! Remember I was excited for season 3 when I first heard about it, Tiger2? The excitement is catching because now you’re excited too.

I also thought that we wouldn’t see all these characters together again, post-Nemesis. But now they’re here and that’s thanks to Terry Matalas 🙂.

Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

Oh I see what you mean about the D. Yeah that would be fine too of course. But I knew it was no way they would end the show without seeing an Enterprise. That would’ve really sucked. And now we are getting several! Yaaaay!!

I didn’t hear about the Gorn wedding happening on LDS! But now want to hear more lol.

I have to say overall although it wasn’t really a lot, everything we got just sounds and looks amazing. And all the cool stuff like going back to DS9, the crazy crossover between LDS/SNW and obviously just seeing the TNG cast officially back, it all sounds great. And of course we still haven’t gotten any news about Prodigy and Discovery season 5, so we’ll hear about those on Star Trek day I imagine.

Oh and Kurtzman said there are officially two more shows coming. This is not a huge shock but I wonder if that means Section 31 is finally officially happening? I hope the other show is a spin off of Picard! I want more 25th century shows.

Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with Prodigy, Tiger2. They’re already halfway done with season 2 so I don’t know why Paramount is withholding the rest of season 1 from us. We haven’t had any new episodes of Prodigy since February. Maybe they’re saving them because there’s no Discovery this season and they need something to fill in the gap between the end of Lower Decks and Picard season 3?

I’m really unsure now if we’ll ever see the Section 31 show, honestly. Michelle Yeoh is just super busy, man. She’s working on the other 3 Avatar movies right now too, I believe. Then she’s got all types of other movies to do also.

The soonest she would probably be able to do the Section 31 show show is, in my best guess, 2025. And, by then, who’s gonna want it? It’ll have been 6 years since the show was announced by then and I just don’t think that it would be worth it trying to make that series then. Now a limited series might be better.

That might work. Make it three 2 hour movies and then Ms.Yeoh can maybe free up a small amount of her time to come film them. But if they’re waiting for her to do a series, I think that’s gonna be a very long wait. And the two shows that are in the pipeline and that are being worked on now, Tiger2, are probably the Star Trek: Janeway show that we’ve speculated about before and that Starfleet Academy show with Tilly in it.

Those are probably the two shows that Alex Kurtzman was talking about at SDCC and the ones I would place bets on because they’re the two that have been hinted about the most. Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

I’m not gung ho on the Section 31 show at all but they KEEP bringing it up lol. So for whatever reason, they seem like they really want to do it but same time no one seems to be in a rush to do it either so yeah you could be right and it may not ever happen. At this point I just look at it the same way I look at the next Kelvin movie. People seem to want to make it but no one seems that bothered (studio or fans) if they don’t either and why neither seems be treated as a priority.

Both can still happen and sure fans will watch if either of them actually gets made but no one is losing any sleep if they don’t. And I think that’s why both seem to be constantly stalled years later because there isn’t a groundswell from the fans for either to happen and the studio knows that.

But I also think it’s more of a possibility now because Kurtzman said the next shows will be women focused. Obviously that can be anyone but since MU Georgiou is a woman, that gives it some leeway. ;)

But they can also be a Seven lead Stargazer show or a Tilly Academy show. Or none of those and something completely new with a brand new character. Oddly though I don’t see any new shows with new characters as the lead. I would love to be proven wrong on that but as Picard, SNW and PRO proves I’m probably not.

But if I had my way I would want a 25th century show and done episodic like SNW. I think that’s what most of the fanbase wants as the next show now that we got SNW. That seems to be the biggest push and that was the hope when we all thought Rios would be Captain of the Stargazer full time. Oh well but now that Captain Seven is around we still have hope someone can be. ;)

As for Prodigy to be fair one of the show runners did show up on this site and gave an hour long interview about the show so I shouldn’t say we don’t know anything. And he did confirm it’s coming out this year so it will obviously be the next one after Lower Decks. But to be honest I kind of wish that was the next show because I just want them to wrap season one up lol. And I can’t wait for the Janeway/Chakotay reunion (which they said we will also see in season one). But it’s coming, just slowly.

And whoever thought we would see Janeway and Chakotay together again?? I always assumed Janeway would show up in some form (eventually), even if just in an episode or movie but it was never a guarantee either. At least played by Mulgrew. And I NEVER thought Chakotay would be back lol. And here we are. And they both can show up in live action again after the Lower Decks crossover news! Janeway is basically a shoo-in at this point and yes it could be in Picard as you are suggesting.

It’s a great time to be a fan!

Yes, it is a great time to be a fan, Tiger2 🙂. Maybe we’re getting a Stargazer show? I don’t think the show we’re getting will be named after the Stargazer,though, if it happens. I think we’re getting Star Trek:Janeway, that would be a show with a female lead in it, and the ship that will be in it may or may not be the Stargazer.

Terry Matalas did say in one of his Tweets that, if they gave him full rein on another show set in the 25th century, that the ship he would use is the one being introduced in Picard season 3 though. That’s why Mr.Matalas also said that he sees Picard season 3 as a symbolic passing of the torch from one generation to the next. And we already know
that the ship in Picard season 3 is not the Stargazer so that’s why I don’t think we’ll see the Stargazer in another show. Maybe, though.

The two female lead shows are probably Star Trek: Janeway and the Starfleet Academy show with Tilly, that would be another female lead right there. They could do a swerve but and actually put Jeri Ryan in her own show as Captain of whatever this ship is that we’re getting in season 3 of Picard. I would be completely happy with that, especially after all the bad times she went through on Voyager behind the scenes. Plus, it’d be pretty cool to see Seven of Nine as a Captain for longer than 10 episodes and I’m sure if they told Jeri Ryan that she would be the star and the lead, I’m sure she’d do it.

Unless Seven dies in Picard season 3, then that’s a different story right there 🙂? Yeah, I wish Prodigy was on right now too, Tiger2. It would fit the summertime perfectly with all the action on it and I miss Rok-Tahk a lot. It feels like forever since it was last on but it was only February.

This is worse than when I was a kid and I had to wait out the whole summer in order to find out if Captain Picard got saved from the Borg or not in The Best Of Both Worlds part 2 😄. I just want to see if the kids run across the Dominion, man, now that they’re in the Gamma Quadrant, is that so bad? Maybe Murf is a Changeling, ? And we can’t find this out because Paramount is holding the show hostage 🙂!

Ha, ha, ha, 🤣😄! At least, we got Lower Decks to hold us over, right 🙂? Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖🙂

I’m officially Excited Now!!!!

Blue pills ?

It’s all good as long as you’re not officially excited for longer then four hours. Then, see a doctor.

Oh, it’s great to see that they didn’t feel the need to “update” Worf’s looks too much. Of course it’s hard to tell from a picture that has been photoshopped to hell and back, but it really looks like they just smoothed out the transition between the prosthetics and Dorn’s face here and there.

I’m just happy Worf looks like his proper self again! We knew that for awhile but if he showed up looking like an Orc and with 4 nostrils, it would’ve melted the internet. ;D

And someone mentioned this is actually the first TNG Klingon we seen in live action since Enterprise. So it’s a great moment!

Haha too funny Tiger2. Even though Worf made a still shot newsreel appearance 2 yrs ago in S1 of Picard and he looked like he did in TNG – the naysayers were all ready to pounce haha. Kurtzman and Dorn should have had some fun and leaked a fake “Orc” Klingon photo just as a joke, but like you said, it might have broken the internet! Btw, you must be super amped up about the crossover news. Have a great weekend everyone!

LOL that would’ve been funny if Dorn did something like that and freak everyone out. And I doubt he would’ve did the role UNLESS he looked like his old character. These actors are very protective of their characters especially after 20-30 years, its no way he would want to look like a Discovery Klingon.

And yes VERY excited about the crossover news. It sounds so crazy but fun at the same time. Can’t wait until we hear more about it.


Welp. They are all older…

This teaser’s pretty cool 👍! I’m a little bit disappointed that more wasn’t revealed about season 3 but I also expected it because they’re saving the real juicy stuff for either Star Trek: Las Vegas or the Star Trek Day celebration in September. But it was very cool seeing Worf! His make-up looks awesome 👍! Nice job to the effects crew on that.

He’s got four pips on his collar so I wonder if he’s still the Captain of the Enterprise-E? Sir Patrick did say too that we are gonna see the return of the Enterprise-D and I found that very intriguing. We must see her return during a holodeck sequence and, if that’s the case, then the “new old friend” that Brent Spiner is playing is Data. And if he’s not playing Data, then it’s gotta be B-4 because the way the phrase is framed “new old friend”.

B-4 is a prototype of Data so he existed before Data did and that would make him older than Data but he could be considered new because we never seen him before Nemesis. I know it sounds like I’m stretching but maybe Terry Matalas is going to address Data downloading himself into B-4? Yes, I watched season 1 of Picard and I know what Dr.Juratti said about B-4. But what if Terry Matalas has found a way around that?

I’m left with more questions than answers 🙂. I will be really surprised if the Enterprise-D shows up for real and not just in a holodeck, which I do admit could happen because they mention that season 3 has that “heist feeling” to it and that makes me think of The Search For Spock when Admiral Kirk and his crew stole the Enterprise from Starfleet. So now I’m wondering if Admiral Picard is going to steal the Enterprise-D from Starfleet? It’s also nice to see that Admiral Picard’s last minute promotion of Seven to the rank of Captain has stuck.

I’m assuming that she’s still Captain of the Stargazer, even though 2 years have passed since Picard season 2. Lots of questions and very little answers. Onward to Star Trek: Las Vegas now!

Live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖

If they follow their own canon it’s possible. The saucer was recovered and turned into a museum.

I was mulling over your response and I do think the Enterprise-D is in a museum but it’s not the Enterprise-D that we know, know what I mean? Starfleet has soooooo many Galaxy-class starships that they may have just renamed another one Enterprise-D just so they can say that they have the starship that was commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the ship that had some of the most legendary adventures ever and a legendary crew to boot in their museum so people will come and see it. That is a strong possibility and I also believe that, in Picard season 1, when Picard first shows up back at Starfleet after being away for years, I believe they tell him about the Enterprise-D being in a museum and the person even asked if he was gonna go see her, if I recall correctly. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen season 1 of Picard so, if I’m mistaken, you’ll have to excuse me 🙂.

But, if the Enterprise-D is residing within a museum, than it is highly likely that Picard and company are probably going to pull a “Search For Spock” and steak her and that may be why Alex Kurtzman said at SDCC today that season 3 of Picard has a “heist feeling” to it. Hopefully, we’ll get more info on Picard season 3 next month at Star Trek:Las Vegas or on Star Trek Day in September.

Live long and prosper, William 🖖

It was from a background graphic used in the show, but they only mention the Saucer being recovered and in a museum. I suppose it’s possible that they took a Galaxy Class ship and renamed it, but we do know that the class is still in service in the 25th so they may not have wanted to lose the resource since Utopia Planitia was destroyed.

Guess we will find out in 2023.

Yeah, you’re right. I forgot about the Synth attack on Utopia Planitia. You’re right, they might not want to decommission any ships right now. I missed that graphic that shows the saucer is the only part residing in a museum.

I don’t imagine they would just steal the saucer. I mean the thing only moves at impulse power so it’s pointless just to steal that. Maybe Terry Matalas is gonna reveal that they did find the lower half of the Enterprise-D and they were working on restoring her when Picard and company come and steal her? It is possible for the lower section to still exist and just be a burnt out husk.

Even though Data died in Nemesis, they still did find his body afterwards. So, if Data’s body can survive a Thalaron explosion and nothing is supposed to survive a Thalaron explosion, then it might just be possible for the lower half of the Enterprise-D to survive a warp core explosion? Or maybe it’s like Corylea says in a response on here and maybe time travel’s involved? God, too many questions and not enough answers, huh, William 😄?

Live long and prosper, William 🖖

Starfleet has soooooo many Galaxy-class starships that they may have just renamed another one Enterprise-D just so they can say that they have the starship that was commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the ship that had some of the most legendary adventures ever and a legendary crew to boot in their museum so people will come and see it.

Since this is the third time you’ve repeated this:

1. This is not the way naval tradition works.
2. Even if it were, it’s not the way historiography works, and believe it or not, most museum curators feel some duty to their profession.

It would be like taking INTREPID in New York harbor and renaming it ENTERPRISE.

One, all the people on Earth in the 25th century do not follow navel tradition. Two, if an alien is the curator of the museum, then it goes without saying that that alien more than likely does not follow navel tradition either because he/she’s not from this world. Three, the museum does not even need to be on Earth. There could a museum located at Utopia Planitia or it could be a shipyard in space that’s been designated as a museum for starships.

What if a Ferengi was the curator? He/she wouldn’t follow navel tradition. He/she would just be interested in showing off the Enterprise-D and making some Gold-Pressed Latinum from having Starfleet’s most legendary starship in their museum. I never said the museum would be operated by Starfleet or humans.

That’s what you assumed because you have no imagination. You can’t even speak for yourself without copying and pasting people’s words together just to try to warp them to fit your point. If you’re gonna watch Star Trek or read about it, you need to have an imagination. So why don’t you go get one before criticizing someone else’s idea and just coming off sounding completely foolish 🙂🖖.

One, all the people on Earth in the 25th century do not follow navel tradition.

Well, the Gazpacho police don’t. :)

Whether “all of the people” follow it or not, we’re talking about Starfleet, which clearly owes a great deal to naval tradition (naval ranks, ship names, service academies, christening of new ships, etc.). Sure, I can accept that some traditions get cast aside, and there’s more than one navy on present-day earth — but casually renaming storied ships to brand them as tourist attractions? Not a chance.

We’ve repeatedly seen characters identify personally and viscerally with ships they’ve served on — most recently in the excellent episode “Memento Mori,” where the said memento was literally a pin bearing the name of a lost ship.

You’re going to tell us the likes of La’an that the USS Puget Sound will henceforth be remembered as the USS Lollipop, because it makes good copy?

As for “a Ferengi might be the curator”? Set aside, first, the fact that the Federation doesn’t know about Ferengi in the time of SNW. Navies don’t invite random representatives of rival powers to curate their state naval museum. You seriously think that, say, a retired US navy submariner is curating the Russian memorial to the Kursk at Severodvinsk? Or even HMS Victory in Portsmouth?

Naval museums reflect the culture of the power to which they belong. Even if a foreigner won a job like that, they’re not going to run the collection in a matter antithetical to the values of the country’s navy.

Finally, this is all plain ‘ol horse sense. Maybe you think NuTrek should borrow some ideas from Harry Potter or Dr. Strange and work magic spells into the storyline, and you’d dismiss anyone who voices a peep of dissent as “lacking imagination”? (I know, I know; don’t give Kurtzman any ideas…)

First of all, smart guy, I was talking about a possible museum that might or might not exist in Picard, not SNW. Ferengi’s exist during the Picard era or did you not know that? What, did you just start watching Star Trek yesterday 🤣😄😆🤣😄? Maybe you might’ve fallen off of the apple cart yesterday but not me?

When you clear the cobwebs from your head, then maybe you’ll realize that I was talking about the 25th century, not 23rd. Why don’t you go clean your glasses? And, two, how sad is it that you feel the need to argue about a fictitious museum that may or may not exist 😄😄🤣😆😆🤣😄? Then you’re gonna try to base an argument off of said museum?

And where do you get the experience to be an authority about how Ferengi’s act? What are you a sociology major in the society of the Ferengi? You got problems 😄! I’m done with your silly conversation 😄.

Your comments are so asinine and ridiculous that they would only make sense to you. But then again your lost in “The Multiverse Of Madness”, right? What a joke? No wonder why you’re mad at Alex Kurtzman. He probably ignores your DMs because you come off sounding like a completely unhinged person who’ll just argue to argue because they have no life of their own.

Here’s you when you see this message : ” Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, the fanboy outrage!!!!!!!? You will not ignore me!!!!!! What a joke😄😄🤣😆😆😉😉😉😆🤣😄🙂🙂🙂!

A restaurant

There’s also the possibility of time travel, which Star Trek loves to do.

My husband majored in Physics before going to grad school for Computer Science and he always complains bitterly during the time travel episodes. But I think they’re fun! Who HASN’T wanted to go back in time and shoot Hitler or give their younger self advice or save someone dear to them?

Yes, time travel could be involved. I’m not gonna say “no” because we don’t know what the story is yet or even who the villain is. Or torture even. Our mysterious villain might be torturing Picard and playing mind games with him and making him think that he’s back on the Enterprise-D.

But yes, I do like time travel stories, if they’re done right. I don’t know if you’ve seen it but there’s a movie called The Butterfly Effect and that is an awesome time travel story and movie right there. In Star Trek, there are so many time travel stories, it’s hard to pick just one. But if I had to, I will always pick “City On The Edge Of Forever” just because it had real stakes and it made a lasting impact on Captain Kirk’s character and, back in the ’60s, something like that was unheard of happening on TV back then.

It’s also my favorite episode of Star Trek period.

Live long and prosper, Corylea 🖖

Word and Geordie look great!

Speaking of TNG characters, I think I may have found a nugget recently…

I’ve gone back to watch the original Knight Rider TV series, and in S1, E9 (1982), KITT’s evil twin is introduced: KARR (Knight Automated Roving Robot). KARR was the original prototype A.I. — uh — car, but he turned out to be neurotic and megalomaniacal and so was boxed indefinitely. Knight Industries then built KITT with different ethical programing. This episode begins with a couple of hoodlums breaking into Knight Industries and reactivating KARR, after which the three of them go wreak havoc on the nearby town. KITT, with the help of Michael, is then tasked with apprehending his evil twin and deactivating him. Sound familiar?

Being that TNG’s “Datalore” (S1,E12) was produced a good five years after the aforementioned Knight Rider episode, one of two things seems likely: either TNG ripped off Knight Rider (which, to me, is kind of amazing) or Knight Rider and TNG ripped off a story that preceded them both.

Do people already know all about this, and I’m just late to the party? If so, I think I deserve forgiveness for waiting this long to re-visit Knight Rider.

If anybody knows the answer to the question of who ripped off whom, please share it!

One thing those shows have in common is Burton Armus, who was a writer-producer for both (he was such a notorious a-hole in Hollywood at the time they named the creature that killed Tasha Yar after him even though I don’t think he was formally a part of the show until season two). And yes, this might be a late to the party situation (which is not a problem, to be clear) but the “Evil Twin” trope was extraordinarily common in 1980s TV, particularly in soap operas but got ported into larger than life primetime melodramas like Knight Rider and Trek.

In fact, Knight Rider may have ripped off Trek a bit by giving Garth Knight a goatee as an homage to Mirror Spock in “Mirror, Mirror.”

But, it’s not just the “evil twin” trope that KARR and LORE have in common. They’re both an (1) evil twin (2) A.I. that was (3) produced prior to the good twin but was (4) deemed inferior in terms of (5) emotional and (6) ethical issues, so it was (7) deactivated only to be (8) unwittingly (9) re-activated, at which point it (10) becomes resentful at its good twin and then (11) goes on a revenge spree.

That seems awfully on-the-nose to just have been a generalized dipping-into-the-well of TV tropes.

Evil twin plots are a Hollywood trope.

I watched the 1980s INCREDIBLE HULK shows during lockdown, which had an “evil twin” episode for David Banner, too. Then there was “The Enemy Within” and the various shapshifters (Garth, Martia, etc.)

The popularity of the TV evil twin story started in the 60’s. You had evil Gilligan, evil Jeannie, evil Samantha, evil twins in soap operas, even evil twins in Bonanza. Whether it’s an evil twin human, or car, or A.I., it’s just variations of the same theme.

All I know is that you would need forgiveness to revisit Knight Rider, period… But I did re-watch an episode of the Love Boat recently, so who am I to judge…

BTW nice to see you again Cygnus…


Such wasted potential of the characters from the 1st two seasons. I hope there will be a spinoff involving Soji, Elnor, Rios, Jurati, and Wesley Crusher.

I don’t feel the need to see Soji, Elnor, or Jurati again, but I’d love a Rios show; I thought Santiago Cabrera did a fabulous job with the character and was sadly wasted in S2.

Sadly, I have to agree with this. They put such thought into building characters in season one, only to flush them all away (maybe excepting Raffi) in season two.

Frankly, I think they should have branded season one as a mini-series and called it a day. Maybe season three will change my mind.

Yay! The better Klingon make up.

Boo! Zippers!?

Yes, that was one of Roddenberry’s sillier rules. Presumably there was a “retro” movement in early 25th century fashion, allowing for visible closures based on 500-year-old technology.

Zippers are efficient, inexpensive and reliable. Why change? What is there to improve?

Let’s see here. Deanna, Beverly, and Raffi don’t appear to be in Starfleet uniforms, but I could be mistaken. Riker, Worf, and Seven appear to have 4 rank pips each, making them all captains. Geordi, on the other hand, has a single pip in a trapezoid on both sides of his collar, making him a commodore.

No I think you’re right but we know for a fact Raffi is a Starfleet officer again so it may mean not anything. But it’s great to see so many are still part of Starfleet and made Seven officially a Captain as well. A little crazy but hey if they can make KU Kirk a Captain after being in space for five and a half days Seven can be one too. ;)

I may be wrong, but I could have sworn Worf was wearing red in the trailer…. Either way, he is exactly how I imagined an old Worf would look like.

Maybe it was the lighting, he looks amazing! THEY ALL DO!


Is it just me, or is Frakes looking much more fit versus his Season 1 appearance?

Man, I am so sick of the Soong family — if that is the case then I think it’s a bad sign that these same writers who mucked up S2 couldn’t do anything more creative than to just dump another Soong on us so Spinner gets a role?

Less home made pizza

Why is Worf so old? I thought Klingons lived to be 200. Worf should be middle aged and driving a mustang.

I’ve had friends (human ones) go gray in their 30s. Just because he has white hair doesn’t mean he is “old.”

Even today, some people on this planet actively color their hair grey or white at any age. It could be a fashion choice.

I know it’s probably an unpopular idea but I really hope they all die in a heroic blaze of glory at the end !

As long as 7 and Raffie lives

Yeah that’s not happening lol.

Whew. I knew they said Worf would look like Worf. But until I saw it I had my doubts, ha! I got chills watching this and can’t wait! I was at a Star Trek event in Ticonderoga last week and heard on good authority, from people who worked on the show and are under NDA so couldn’t say anything specific, that Season 3 is basically TNG season 8. They acknowledged that seasons 1 and 2 were flawed, but said Season 3 is “Star Trek again.” I guess time will tell, but I sure hope it ends on a high note and maybe sets the stage for ongoing adventures in the 25th century!

That’s what keeps me optimistic too. The guys at Trekyards have been talking to people behind the scenes and they been told the same thing, it’s proper Star Trek and basically another season of TNG. Now it didn’t HAVE to be that but after what we did get in the first two seasons, they definitely needed to shake it up in a fantastic way.

I’ll be honest, if next season wasn’t with these characters, my excitement level would be around a 2 right now. It’s currently a 7 which still isn’t super high but high enough given how much season 2 let me down. And that’s without seeing a real trailer yet.

Anyone else already annoyed at the thought that if they end this with all the cast’s signatures coming-up on the screen there’ll be loads of people staying “They ripped that off from Avengers Endgame!” 🙄

EW did a small interview with Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden and thought I share it:

They don’t give anything major away of course but it does sound like the season will be about exploring their feelings for each other back from the TNG days. I really hope so, part of me would like to see Beverly and Picard together.


See, Tiger2, I told you Picard and Crusher are going to get together. I’ve been saying it since I first heard about Beverly playing a major part in this season. I’ve had this feeling that the show is gonna end with a double wedding, Picard & Crusher and Seven & Raffi, with Admiral Janeway officiating it. I think Wil Wheaton is going to pop in as Wesley again to share one last scene with Jean-Luc Picard and Sir Patrick Stewart. I think that he’s probably gonna say “Welcome to my family, Dad” and Picard will probably reply back “Thank you, son” and then they’ll hug and Wesley will go off and see his Mom.

And I also have this feeling that Avery Brooks will show up in this season of Picard as Benjamin Sisko and I think that we will get a scene at the double wedding ceremony of all three ’90s Star Trek Captains on screen for the first time ever and maybe only time ever since Sir Patrick has said that he is completely finished with Jean-Luc Picard after season 3. It’s speculation but so far part of my speculation is coming true 🙂.

Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

Yes you did although we don’t know they WILL get together but it will be explored which still goes to your point. And I think it’s maybe too much with the double wedding and Janeway marrying off everyone but hey anything is possible. ;)

And yeah dude I know you want Sisko to show up lol. I do too but I remain very very cautious on that for many reasons. But yes it would be amazing if Picard, Sisko and Janeway all showed up in a scene together. That would make my year!!

Yeah, I know the double wedding thing is pushing it 🙂, Tiger2, but it would be cool to see, wouldn’t it? And, yes, I know that part of my speculation has come true and not all of it. Logically, the only real reason to bring Crusher back on Picard would be to re-examine those feelings that they had for each other for over half a century now but was never addressed. Sir Patrick even said in that in the video you posted a link to that those feelings are going to be addressed and Gates said that it’s gonna be intense when they address those feelings because they haven’t seen each other in 22 years.

Naturally, with Terry Matalas being such a TNG fan and I know for me being a TNG fan, I always wanted to see the two of them get together and they did in the novels but it wasn’t canon. And I really want to see them get together in canon. It may or may not happen and I understand that. The show could end with Picard back in his vineyard for all I know.

But I would really like to see Picard and Crusher get together and give Jean-Luc Picard the one thing he’s always been searching for – a family 🙂. Live long and prosper Tiger2

If that’s true then Picard may disagree with your last line. Lol. ;-)


Geordi said father, I’m willing to bet any amount of money they made him gay and he has a husband and kids which is why he was always terrible with women.

I’ll take that bet.

Great trailer, Worf looks cool. Hopefully season 3 will be a lot better than the first two. Cheers.

Buncha great characters, and then Raffi is also there.


The leather jackets are amazing; it’s actually the first Trek uniform product I might be tempted to wear when it’s not Halloween (although I liked ENT’s field jackets, too).

One of the few positives on season 2 was the uniform redesign; I really like the season 2-3 Starfleet uniforms.

They look like 25th century starfleet Survival Jackets.


I want this leather uniform jacket!! 😍


This is great. So cool to watch this trailer. Picard 1 and 2 were not what we expected, however, I’m grateful for all, for reactivating the Berman era time period.

Two Enterprises? They are back in time to pick up Data 1.0, oh, he must be resurrected! No excuse with current special effects and CGI.

Dreaming to watch the whole season and the final episode. I will pinch myself to see the return of Benjamin!

The Prophets could make a swap for Picard. Would be very excited if the finale is the sneak preview of Star Trek: Sisko! =D

Yeah it’s great to be back in this era again. It’s my favorite bar none and why TNG/DS9/VOY are my top shows in fact so I’m happy to see ANY resurrection of them. And thanks to PIC, LDS and PRO we are getting just that with all of them this year and next; so it’s a fun and nostalgic time even if I’m not in love with all of them.

And the fact we are getting multiple Enterprises and the Dominion War will at least be a backdrop to the season are probably things fans were begging for in season one. It took awhile but we are finally getting it!

I say this over and over again, you may not like Kurtzman or the direction of some of these shows but they do listen to the fans. Season 3 is only happening because it’s what fans have been begging for since season 1.

I like that Seven gets to roll with this crew. No confidence left in the show though.

I guess Old Man Worf is tired of the typical Klingon Fu Manchu look these days, LOL!

Hideous uniforms or jackets. Ugh. Messy.

spiner has to be playing lore