Jonathan Frakes Wants To Be In On The Birth Of The Next Star Trek Series

(Daniel Dornhöfer)

Jonathan Frakes was the first guest on a brand-new video podcast hosted by veteran Star Trek journalist Ian Spelling called To Boldly Ask…, the premise of which is that Spelling has to ask questions the guest has never been asked before. The discussion between Frakes and Spelling was full of tidbits new and old, covering topics from the very beginning of Star Trek: The Next Generation to how he’d like to take his Star Trek work to the next level. Below are some highlights from the conversation, which include a lovely story about getting a call from DeForest Kelley, The Original Series‘ Dr. McCoy.

Early days on The Next Generation

During season of TNG, when no one knew whether or not the show was going to succeed, the on-set trailers for the actors to go back to between scenes were, as Denise Crosby told Spelling before this interview, “crappy.” Frakes described them as “the training wheels of trailers” and said they were pretty awful, so the group tried to liven things up.

We had a bunch of them lined up, and I think what we did was we jimmied them around so that the doors—so it would feel like a courtyard, and the doors would face in. And then somebody stole AstroTurf from the prop shop or something like that, and then somebody found some flamingos that we could stick that would stand up on the AstroTurf and we’d take our folding chairs and put them out there and have it like we were on a patio. It was a very funny time, and we made the best of what was really not that bad of a situation, frankly.

Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, and Denise Crosby - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Denise Crosby, Jonathan Frakes, and Marina Sirtis outside the Star Trek: The Next Generation set

“I wore some embarrassing things”

Spelling showed Frakes a meme from the TNG episode “Angel One” showing Frakes in his “boy toy” outfit with Marina Sirtis as Troi and Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar grinning at him.

This is a costume designed by Bill Theiss, who was the costume designer from the original show who was with us on season 1 … They dress Riker as an object of quote unquote desire. The best part of the photo besides my left nipple is Marina’s face. Both of them. “Frakes, what in God’s name are you wearing?” is what I see coming out of their heads.

He was astonished to hear the outfit sold for $1800 at a Christie’s auction in 2006 and joked to Spelling, “Who bought it? You?”

"Angel One" - Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Frakes, what in God’s name are you wearing?”

“We can’t be too woke, can we?”

As a director on Star Trek: Discovery, Frakes was one of the first to work with non-binary actor Blu del Barrio (Adira), and said he was astounded by their “talent and disarming confidence” on set. He said he did have an adjustment to make when it came to using correct pronouns—especially as Blu changed from being “she” to “they” during filming to reflect their real-life journey—and felt it was extremely important for him to lead by example. He said he screwed up, he got better at it, and that it was “great that it’s part of our brave, strange new world… not so strange.”

He brought up the familiar-to-some story of how he felt that Soren in TNG’s “The Outcast” should have been played by a male actor, saying that “the network or someone didn’t have the guts” to cast a man, likely in fear that Riker would have been seen as gay. He said he always saw that as a missed opportunity.

As for Star Trek being woke, he told Spelling:

People perceive that Star Trek is too woke because it’s dealing with what’s really going on in the world in a very timely and conscious and appropriate way, it seems absurd.

Jonathan Frakes directing Star Trek: Discovery

Jonathan Frakes directing Blu del Barrio and Phumzile Sitole in Star Trek: Discovery

He got a call from DeForest Kelley after First Contact came out

The very first movie Frakes ever directed was Star Trek: First Contact, and he wasn’t sure how things were going to go:

After First Contact was finished, and released, I went to a friend’s house in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, where Genie and I sort of hung out and hid, because I didn’t know what this was going to be like. I’d never directed a movie, I’d never had a big studio … it was a really big deal and I was nervous.

But De had tracked down Berman, who had tracked down me at Great Barrington—I think this might have been pre-cell phone, even—so I got a call from DeForest Kelley to congratulate me on the success of this move. And that stuck with me forever.

And what were DeForest Kelley and Rick Berman doing together? Kelley used to live down the street from Berman, and had met Frakes a few times at gatherings at Berman’s house.

What might be next?

When asked what he’d like to do within the Star Trek franchise that he hasn’t done yet—as someone who has acted and directed on multiple Trek series—Frakes expressed his enthusiasm for all the work that’s being done on the new shows, and said, “I would like to be involved in the birth of one of these shows, that’s a very attractive job.” He elaborated:

It’s a writers’ medium. And in the last five or ten years, there’s always a writer with you on the set. So when you get along with that writer, you can collaborate with that writer, and the actors, who always have questions about a scene or about the story or about an arc, the writer can take that, he or she can help you, or they can bail you out, or they can explain what’s going—what they know from the writers’ room what’s coming down the line, which helps actors understand why they’re doing this now. So I’d be thrilled in being part of the birth of one of these series, that would be a thrill.

Frakes has worked consistently over the past five years as a director on all three current live-action Star Trek (Discovery, Picard, and Strange New Worlds), however, he has yet to direct a pilot episode. Pilot directors can have a big impact on a series, setting a style and tone, and even being involved with production design and casting.  And we know there are more shows in active development, so maybe he will get his wish.

Jonathan Frakes and Patrick Stewart on the Star Trek: Picard set

Jonathan Frakes on set for Picard episode 5 “Stardust City Rag”

A trailer, plus more to check out on To Boldly Ask…

Check out the rest of Jonathan Frakes’ interview at The Companion; there’s a subscription fee of $6.99/month that gives you access to all of their content, and you can start with a free trial. The company’s press release says “Next up is a guest from The Original Series…Oh My,” so interpret that as you will and you’ll know who their next guest is.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for episode one.

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Let the right one in! A Frakes-created Trek show would be amazing.

Too woke is forcing the viewer to agree to one standpoint and essentially shaming you if you disagree. That’s not happening with modern trek. Especially Discovery. No end-of-episode narration telling you want to think. It lets the viewer decide. No overt political commentary. All is perfect and lets the viewer the opportunity to see many viewpoints. It’s very inclusive. Burnham Especially is a great character. One of the most popular characters of all of science fiction

“Burnham Especially is a great character. One of the most popular characters of all of science fiction”

I agree. Burnham has a lot of grit and a lot of imperfections. She’s relatable. And Sonequa Green is a wonderful actress with a lot of presence. I could tell that from her time on The Walking Dead. She played a tough character in that show too.

Agree with both of you dudes on this. While she’s not the most popular with hardcore old Star Trek fans Star Trek fans
who post on internet fan sites, I saw first hand at a Star Trek convention session last year where her session had like double the amount of people attending as the Shatner or Picard sessions… And many the people who showed up to her session were there just for the day to see her, and many of them were younger and many young women.

I know that here we’re all hardcore Trek fans and a lot of you don’t like discovery, but I can guarantee you that that show has grown the amount of overall fans for the franchise more than any other of the new series to date, because it’s brought in a huge number of new fans that the other series I don’t think are hitting on.

“One of the most popular characters of all of science fiction.”

I am sorry but… What? Most popular?

Yes, that’s correct.

“Too woke” is also pushing social agendas to the detriment of stuff like plot and story and broad character development. And yeah, Discovery is teetering on the edge of too woke. Every week, I see another couple of disillusioned DSC viewers, wondering aloud if they’re gonna give S5 a try or give up. How many more scenes of Adira learning lessons about acceptance while Stamets and Culber hover nearby with broad cheesy affirming grins, can we take?

Not at all. It’s actually the people who use the term woke to negatively describe others that are the problem. They are afraid of change, afraid of diversity and afraid of the modern world.

I agree with the uneven writing of S4. I think in some ways, we are being too critical of DSC. The challenges of filming with Covid protocols may have forced some creative decisions. Despite all of that, they could have done a much better job with the characters they have.
I’ve a gay family member. Even he criticized the storylines, especially with Culber and Stamets. It’s one thing to have representation in Trek, it’s another thing if you don’t give these characters anything to do. I was hoping to gain some insight to the struggles of the trans and non binary community. I came away from S4 with little or no new insights to their respective communities.

Discovery is not the only show that had Covid restrictions. Basically every show did and yet a lot of them came back just as strong as they were before; at least the ones I watch. Discovery may have had to compromise on story or plots but I think a lot of Discovery’s problems just come down to a writing team that just haven’t figured out how to stick to landing after four seasons.

I will say the finale itself actually did stick to landing, probably a first IMO. But what’s sad is you could’ve cut out half the episodes last season and you lose nothing in the finale. Did we really need that episode where they go down to their former planet and come to the realization Species 10c has emotions? Ugh. Just a lot of wasted potential per usual with this show.

Burnham Especially is a great character. One of the most popular characters of all of science fiction.”
I thoroughly agree. I find her completely relatable — especially as a character who is in the process of “becoming.” No one in the Star Trek universe who is regarded as “great” started out that way. Even Picard as a younger man was often rash and unwise. Janeway recalls mistakes she made and James Kirk recalled his rowdier academy days. We all learn wisdom and moderation by the experiences we go thorough. I think TNG’s characters were memorable and inspiring, but we never really saw them managing the process of trauma, pain and fear even with a full-time counselor on board. True strength is not pretending that issues don’t exist — it’s being able to acknowledge them and work through them and not allow them to overpower us. I think Burnham is popular because she is real — she is brilliant and competent as are all Starfleet officers, but she has personality flaws and issues to work through as do we all. I think this was a novel approach that worked.

‘Woke’ in the context of a well written story challenges preconceptions, as it should. ‘Woke’ in the context of bad writing and poor storytelling exacerbates viewers implicit biases. Hollywood then exploits the implicit biases, when, in fact, people are just frustrated at the lousy storytelling. At least that’s my theory.

Michael Burnham is my second favoriteTrek character.
Right Behind Spock.

Haha, congrats on the exquisite troll ;)

Not to mention lucrative. Pilot directors make bank on tv shows for the duration of their runs.

Wow! I never realized that. Well, Frakes deserves it. He understands Star Trek and its fans better than anyone.

Me, too. As long it do not feel like an DS9 War Movie Clone. His balance of Action and calmer scenes get under my skin

But i am also an technique nerd, some TNG Episodes from Levar Burton was also okay for me.His Episodes gave this Starfleet Mumbo Jumbo Science something to grab for. It felled like a bit Lover Decks Prototype at that time (for me)

De Kelley was a class act. Miss that guy.

I can’t agree more. I have one De Kelley story that I’ve told before, but like Frakes, it has stuck with me forever. Back in the late ’90’s I was the producer on a large Star Trek project for Sci-Fi Channel. We managed to get all of the cast, many of the guest stars and behind-the-scenes folks to sit for interviews for it. But there was one hold out – De Kelley. He wasn’t being difficult. He had been ill and was recovering from surgery. He wanted to do it, but just felt that he couldn’t. Fortunately, Leonard Nimoy, who was one of the driving forces behind the project picked up the phone and called De and asked him if he could do it – we’d make it easy…send a car, keep it short, keep him comfortable and return him safely to his doorstep. De agreed.

So the day came and De walked into the studio for his interview. He was clearly frail. But the spirit and humanity were there in full force. We did the interview and when we were finished, he paused and he looked at all of us, probably about 20-30 of us on the crew, and said “You know, I envy you people. Being so young and just starting out in this business. I hope you all have great success.” And then he got up and we took him home. And that was the last interview he ever did, as he died about a year later.

I’ve been in this business for over 30 years and I’ve never met anyone kinder and more generous of spirit than DeForest Kelley.

That’s a lovely story!

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing, bmar.

Found a clip of the interview!

I’ve heard a number of things like that said about him. Seemed like a really good man.

Wonderful De Kelly story. Can’t thank you enough for sharing this memory.

Thank you so much for that story. It’s nice to hear that he was as thoughtful and caring a man, as I imagined him to be.

…that story pretty much made my day, bmar. Thanks very much.

Yes, that’s a wonderful story. Deforest Kelly, from every story I’ve read, was just a wonderful and humble man. Everybody loved the guy. If there was one ST actor I would’ve liked to meet, it would be him. I’d tell him how his McCoy, Kirk, and Spock were and continue to be my heroes and what a wonderful, classic character he was. Like a lot of the TOS actors, I just don’t think he got the credit he deserved as an actor, especially because of the terrible type-casting all the actors experienced after being on a pop-culture classic like Star Trek.

Nick Meyer had some very kind words to say about Kelly the actor. Something to the effect that you knew what you were getting with Kelly, that he was a true star.

Anyway, such a wonderful man. I can’t imagine the original ST without him.

Wow! Genuinely, thank you for sharing this.

Wow what an amazing story, but a more amazing man! Thank you for sharing!

i hope season 3 of picard has a backdoor pilot for a new series that has the new enterprise.

Terry Matalas confirmed there is definitely a backdoor pilot in next season of Picard. We have to see if it’s with an Enterprise or not.

I’m going to note something, Micheal Dorn sometime ago pitched a “captain worf” series. and in the season 3 teaser.. Word had 4 pips.

And I’m going to follow your note with a yep! I been joking maybe Dorn will finally get his Worf show after this, but it may not be a joke at all!

that would be lovely.

In the Picard novels (which the TV writers are not bound by) Worf replaced Picard as captain of the Enterprise-E when he was promoted to the admiralty.

So it wouldn’t surprise me if they have gone with that.

Frakes must pinch himself every day he’s so involved with Star Trek again, both in front and behind the camera. Love Frakes to death because he’s one of us and just an all around great guy. Would love if he was more involved in the next Trek show of course. Can’t wait for his crossover SNW//LDS episode too! Maybe LDS Riker will make an appearance with the Titan!

I hope so, too. We have to keep the Riker streak going! After that, all he’d need is a hologram or video record in an episode of Discovery and Prodigy.

and if they think they are to old for Screenplay. They could give them their Okay for an CGI (UE5) Avatar. Could work as Hologram with low resulution because of slighty damage Hardware.. That goes also for all other Star Trek Actors. Well Janeway is living this dream somehow

Very competent director. As an actor, not so much.
The first time Riker walked on set I thought somebody had thrown a stool out. Stiff as a board.

It’s part of the charm now. Frakes himself I recall has admitted he’s not remotely A-list material.

But at the same time he gave it his all for the role and I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Riker. His signature facial expressions and charisma/charm worked so well, at least I was sold with it. He always looked to be having good fun playing the part too and I think that bleeds onto the screen, and the cast worked well together. It all comes together nicely.

don’t forget the beard….

Frakes has done more for beards than perhaps anybody living.

And the Riker maneuver.

Yeah in the beginning he was a little stiff but like most actors once he got use to the job and the character he was great. I think BOBW is when Riker really came to his own as character and when the fanfare really started for him in the fanbase. From that point on Riker could do no wrong!

The writing for Riker was also very different. He was much more serious, had to awkwardly comment on societal woes past and present (most characters had to do this the first couple seasons before the writers figured out smoother ways to do it, usually via Data), and wasn’t really seen to joke around until the beard.

To be honest I thought Frakes had plenty of very good performances before BOBW.

In Season 2 he was solid in Where Silence Has Lease, Matter of Honor. He played a minor but not insignificant part in Measure of a Man, a big episode of the series.

Frakes was always a solid and reliable performer actually. I can’t really think of an episode where played Riker badly. He has been played centre in bad episodes but that’s not his fault. Maybe someone will remind me of bad episodes that were caused by Frakes letting his game down but I can’t recall it.

Angel One was a terrible episode.
The Last Outpost was a pretty bad episode.
But those two in my mind were bad not at all because of Frakes. He was OK.
Hide and Q was kind of good.
In fact I suppose Frakes did produce some dodgy acting at the end here, but I blame it on writing and directing.

The beard definitely changed things though. That in itself proves how underrated Frakes’s abilities might be. He had the foresight to literally improve the show by growing a beard. That was on him. The shows producers and writers didn’t apparently have anything to do with it. They just agreed with Frakes that it looked good for the character.

Don’t get me wrong, Riker was one of my favorite characters at the start of the show. I was still just a kid when TNG started and didn’t really think about the ‘acting’ that much, just thought he was a cool guy (but was originally a bit sad he wasn’t Vulcan lol).

He definitely had some good episodes in the first two seasons, I was only saying it was BOBW where we saw him really take command for the first time and show real inner conflict. Frakes was given his time to shine in those episodes and a big reason BOBW is still so iconic.

Frakes himself has admitted that he’s a better director than actor.

what about a 2hr P+ Trek movie directed by Frakes . Something like a Borg time travel movie/semi sequel to FC featuring various characters from TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT (and SNW). Basically that 5th TNG ‘Avengers of Trek’ crossover film Brent Spiner and John Logan were working on before Nemesis bombed.

PStew did say he’d be up for doing a movie at comic con..

Even with P+’s pared down movie commitment, there still seems to be plenty of room there for a direct to streaming feature or two. I’ve no doubt we’ll see Trek again on the big screen, but it’s wildly clear TPTB are being very choosey with whatever that project may be.

I imagine for the 4th Kelvin film they’ll be wanting to tie in to the Prime verse somehow as multiverse is the thing to do now to get audiences excited, but Prime movies could be a thing for P+ to do esp since PS said he’d be interested (maybe he’s feeling like back in the 90s he did the series then immediately started on the movies, so maybe feels like doing that again? or maybe he’s keen to appear in the 4th Kelvin film a’la Dr Strange 2.. Whatever, the days of him being reluctant over returning to Trek are well and truly over!)

Dude I really really hope this multiverse idea you keep pushing for the next movie turns out right lol. To be honest, I don’t think they are thinking that ambitiously with the film. I think it’s going to just be a light adventure story with the original cast. There might be more legacy characters added but it’ll probably be someone from the Kelvin universe like their version of Q, the Borg Queen or Tuvok.

But I WOULD love to be proven wrong and Picard and Seven suddenly shows up in the Kelvin universe needing Kirk’s help or something. That would definitely get my attention! ;)

Its just the way movies are now, studios all tripping over themselves bringing back the old casts to interact with current cast, since pretty much The Force Awakens or maybe XMen DOFP (but especially now with Spiderman NWH & Dr Strange MoM & forthcoming Secret Wars). As you know its something Beyond dropped the ball on after coming so near with Bob Orci. in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if they were to dust off the Orci ST3 and get Bryan Cranston to play the Soran like villain trying to repair the timeline, but in addition to deaged Shatner add PStewart, Hemsworth, Bana, and a few more lol

Obviously I agree, look what is happening with the TV side of Star Trek. Over 50 legacy characters will have been brought by the time SNW second season starts that we know of. By 2025, I suspect Porthos will have his own animated show. ;)

I just don’t know if they want to do a crossover with the movie side since it’s been out of play for so long now and maybe want to just tell it’s own story and reintroduce the Kelvin Universe crew to audiences.

That said, if the movie happens, they are going to need a real hook because I don’t see the next film as being a big priority for most fans these days; especially with all the shows on. As you know I still don’t think it’s a good idea to even make it unless they can do it muuuuuch cheaper than the others. But if they can cross it over with the Prime universe which fans really care about and hype it as a multi-series even bringing in characters from TOS, TNG, VOY, etc, who knows? At least get the casual fans more excited.

But no more uber-villains trying to take down the galaxy. I think that’s what killed these movies interest among other things.

Why would you need a multi-series crossover event unless there is an uber-villain trying to take down the galaxy?
Also, you keep advocating for making the next movie cheaper. That doesn’t vibe with making a huge crossover event and bringing in lots of legacy characters.

That’s exactly why I don’t think it’s going to be a multiverse/crossover story if they are trying to make a cheaper movie. But same time I could be wrong obviously. It might be the most expensive one yet lol. And hey it’s their money. If they have confidence in their movie will break through with the masses, great. But every thing so far suggests the complete opposite with the usual stalling.

And the story doesn’t just have to rest on a Thanos to work. It could be something like the Borg or Romulans trying to invade another universe or something. Maybe the Borg from the Prime universe crosses over into the Kelvin universe or even vice versa Or how about an actual multiverse war story? If you’re going to go big then go big.

But knowing this movie series it will be the usual guy really upset with the Federation who blames them for the death of their children and wants to take it down with another big ship and bio weapon. 🙄

Orcis ST3 seemed to be a Soran/Nero type (Bob Orci has said with Bryan Cranston in mind) wanting to reset the timeline back to how it was (maybe for personal/family reasons), that could be a likely way to go for an antagonist for a crossover multiverse film, but obviously that would be yet another ‘Khan like villain’ (which would be 5 times in a row! or 6 if you count Insurrection). At least the Borg would be a change in that regard, and its been 25y since the last big screen outing

They’ll have to be some kind of announcement/update again soon as Dec 23 isn’t too far away (along with Ghostbusters 4, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, although that mightve been delayed) unless they planning to delay to summer 24 (likes of Cap America 4, TF6, MI8, Furiosa – some of which are filming now!)

I don’t think they are going to hit that Dec 2023 date. I already said months ago it will probably be moved and that was with the thought they would at least start pre-production by the summer. Now the summer is here and absolutely no word about anything for a film that’s suppose to be out in less than 18 months from now. It doesn’t sound like anyone is signed on and just waiting by the phone. So odd. Maybe something will change by the Fall but I stopped holding my breath in 2018 lol.

But yeah whenever the film does come out, they should think a bit grander and with a good hook/twist to really excite the fanbase and new fans. No one does that better than the Borg lol. And it will feel different because we obviously haven’t seen their version in the Kelvin universe and it would be extra fun to see Kirk going up against them. The Borg has become very known to the Federation in the Prime timeline in the 24th century but still a complete unknown entity in the KU and a century less advanced too (although who are we kidding about the less advanced part lol).

It doesn’t have to be the Borg but this is kind of why I think people have lost any real excitement for the Kelvin movies so quickly. You have this alternate universe where you can really switch things up and do some really fun and big ideas. But instead we get one note villains like Nero and Krall in generic stories like Beyond. It was actually a good TOS story but a paint-by-numbers Star Trek story as they come these days. Fine for an episode but for a big $200 million film celebrating the 50th anniversary, just brought no real excitement at all to anyone who didn’t grow up watching the show. It felt like Insurrection did when that film came out; OK for TNG fans but really no one else.

If the next film does happen, it has to think a little bigger with a stronger hook.

I know Frakes downplays his acting gigs, but whenever I watch “The Best of Both Worlds 1-2” I’m always taken by his performance. He carried the dramatic weight of that story, it was some of the best writing the show did for Riker, and Frakes seized the opportunity to show us what he can bring to the role. If Riker was a regular on a show like DS9, we would see more of that talent. Michael Dorn shined on that series as well, Worf evolved into a more well-rounded character thanks to the more textured, serialized character arcs. I know it’s a longshot, but I’d be thrilled to get more Riker stories.

Maybe a Riker spin off show would be unrealistic (especially since it’s obvious Frakes loves directing more) but I think a spin off animated version of a Titan show would be perfect. It wouldn’t nearly require the time of a live action show obviously. He and Marina Sirtis could be back and not have to worry about wearing a uniform full time again (which Sirtis said she wasn’t fond of doing). That does seem to be a big issue for a lot of returning actors. Patrick Stewart only agreed to come back if Picard wasn’t wearing one and Mulgrew probably only came back because she didn’t have to put one on either for Prodigy.

Make no mistake that doesn’t apply to Frakes. He would happily sleep in the uniform if he could play Riker full time again. But directing probably does come first.

Frakes must really feel blessed regarding the Trek universe. Here he is, 36 years after debuting in TNG and he is directing and/or acting in four Star Trek shows. Incredible. It was also heartening to hear stories about De Forest Kelley’s relationship with Berman.

As for being too woke, I know there may be some exceptions, but IMHO there are so many past social injustices that Trek can never stop trying to inform and educate its audience on things that were once considered normal and acceptable.

Sadly, all you have to do is look at the two top news stories from yesterday, up here north of the border, to see why this is important – the Pope met with native leaders to deliver an in-person official apology to the indiginous people of Canada for past crimes perpetuated by the RC church against native children and Hockey Canada is being investigated for using public funding for hush funds silencing women after complaints regarding junior hockey teams.

In other words, the real world continues to address and confront past and current injustices, so as Frakes says it seems absurd to think that Trek can be too woke.

Agree with all of that. And I had no idea of the Deforest Kelly story until now either. It’s still amazing with so much that comes out behind the scenes of these shows for decades now we still get nuggets like this.

And yeah, people hollering about shows like Star Trek being too ‘woke’ really need to just move on if they can’t accept this what Star Trek has always been. It’s always been about A. representation and B. highlighting social/political issues of the day. TOS dealt with racial issues, the cold war, civil rights, Vietnam, workers rights, genocide, class division, threat of nuclear destruction, Hippie culture and freaking Nazism. How much more woke could the show be during that time?

Frakes is absolutely right, this is what Star Trek is! Most people complaining about the new shows being ‘political’ clearly never paid much attention to TOS or seem to have forgotten all the previous shows tackled their own issues of the day.

Frakes has to begin a new trek series! He and Gordy and commander Data and Lt Worf!

Oh Jonathan Frakes, just such a lovable class act all the time. And to share the story about De Kelley, another lovable class act… gosh. All the feels. Two true father figures for so many of us. Real treasures, and YES! Frakes creating a series would be not only appropriate, but a great idea! Make it so!!

My admiration for Frakes has only grown over the years. He’s a wonderful spokesman for the franchise and an all around class act! I’d love to be on set and watch him work.

I was going to comment, but it would have read just like your post, Locutus. Well said.

Great guy. Great idea. Now to decide between STAR TREK: WORF or THE RIKERS sitcom…

“And you people — you’re all . . . astronauts, on some kind of star trek.”

“You told him about the statue?”

The Orville is woke.

(Modern) Trek is woke theater.

Plus he gets a paycheck 💰

Well, s**t……

I like John Frakes. He’s a damn fine TV Director. But have we learned nothing from all those Kurtzman-Trek Shows? Was giving Patrick Steward creative controll over the writing really a good thing? Did anyone think his John Mclaine Role in First Contact made any sense (as opposed to it being Riker, like it was written). Was that Car chase in Nemesis really that well recieved? Stop giving actors creative control just because they played a character well. That’s a slap in the face for all writers who actually studied and practiced their craft. And for that matter stop giving every writer a producer credit. It’s getting ridiculus. SNW is up to almost 30 Producers now. Why?!

A Frake’s Enterprise-F show set after Picard. Make it so!

I didn’t know that DeForest had been aware of TNG stuff past his ‘Encounter at Farpoint’ cameo, much less watched First Contact as is strongly implied here. Interesting.

We most DEFINITELY need a 25thC Trek show which is to > TNG as SNW is to > TOS


I support this idea. Frakes has spent a lot of time in front of and behind the camera. I think he gets what Trek is (or isn’t) I don’t understand all the pushback against “too woke” From my viewpoint, Trek has always been woke, to varying degrees. TOS especially so. In the ’60’s, Trek was tackling various social and political topics. Even if he is involved, we can’t pin all our hopes on him to satisfy every fan. He will have to pick his battles. He will lose some creative ideas and win some others. I just wondered what else Harlan Ellison could have accomplished with Trek were he not so steadfast in his creative ideas. The pressures of weekly production deadlines prevented his further involvement with Trek, despite his massive talents.

I hope he is involved. I’ve taken note of shows he’s directed as I’ve watched them and found them to be some of the more enjoyable episodes.