‘Star Trek: Picard’ Showrunner Teases Season 3 Villain, Which Enterprise, And Worf’s Dominion Connection

Last weekend Paramount+ revealed the first look at the Next Generation characters in Star Trek: Picard. They also hosted a Comic-Con panel with more reveals. Picard season three was the idea of showrunner Terry Matalas, who wasn’t on that panel, but he has spent the last week on social media celebrating the reveals along with clarifying some of what was discussed and even answering fan questions.

The F-ing Enterprise

One of the biggest reveals to come from the panel was the discussion of the USS Enterprise, although it wasn’t exactly clear which one. TNG was set on the Enterprise-D, and the movies transitioned to the Enterprise-E. This tweet from Matalas seemed to point in a different direction from those two ships.

You don’t have to read between the lines to see the emphasis on the “F,” which could indicate the season will feature the USS Enterprise-F, which could make sense as it is set two decades after Star Trek: Nemesis and there have been a number of advancements in ship technology, as seen in season two.

When a fan picked up on these hints (posting an image of the Enterprise-F from Star Trek Online), Matalas appeared to clarify again that the season isn’t set on this Enterprise, saying “It’s not. But…”

Putting this all together, it sounds like we are mostly back where we were before the big panel, which is that there is a new ship that will be the main setting for the season, which redressed the USS Stargazer sets from season two. But Matalas seems to be indicating that this ship isn’t the Enterprise-F but hinting the Enterprise-F plays some role. Of course, nothing really is confirmed; this is all Twitter tea leaf reading.

USS Stargazer set (Dave Blass)

Worf’s new sword and Dominion connection

A lot of fans were excited to see Worf’s look for season 3, but there were questions. In the motion teaser, Worf can be seen with a sword on his back and Matalas offered a bit of behind-the-scenes detail, revealing it is a new weapon called a “Kur’leth,” designed by Dan Curry ,who designed other Klingon weapons for TNG including the bat’leth.

In the teaser, Worf clearly has four pips, which would indicate the rank of a Starfleet captain; however, Matalas has indicated he isn’t the captain of a ship.

In the Picard tie-in novels, Worf was promoted to captain and given command of the USS Enterprise-E (around the time of the Romulan Refugee Crisis). Matalas indicated that in season 3 (set over a decade later), Worf is on “another track,” and we do not “meet him” as captain of the Enterprise-E—and this track has something to do with the Dominion War.

Worf was a veteran of the Dominion War due to Michael Dorn’s time on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and in a podcast interview last month, Matalas said: “the fallout of the Dominion War is important in the plot” of season three.

Season 3 Worf character poster

Commodore Geordi and Commander Seven

While Matalas left Worf’s situation a bit unclear, he was happy to clarify both Geordi’s rank as Commadore and Seven’s rank as a Commander.

During the panel it was revealed that Seven will be a first officer, but it not of which ship or under which captain. Also Matalas said he doesn’t want to reveal if it is “Commander Seven” or “Commander Hansen,” using Seven’s original name, Annika Hansen.

Season 3 Seven character poster

Matalas also hinted that maybe things aren’t what they appear to be in the trailer when it comes to who is and isn’t in a Starfleet uniform.

The villain is a new character… and a familiar actress

Before Comic-Con, Matalas had revealed that the villain for season 3 will be played by someone “familiar” but someone new to Star Trek, a new role played by a well-known actor. After it was revealed the villain was female during the Comic-Con panel, there was a lot of speculation about how it could be the return of a familiar Star Trek villain like Denise Crosby’s Sela. Matalas again clarified it is a new character, but said that there is a nod to Crosby’s Tasha Yar in season 3.

He also clarified that even if it was a familiar actor, that didn’t mean they cast a “huge star” for the role.

The only other casting clue Matalas confirmed was that he did cast at least one member of the cast from his previous series 12 Monkees in season 3 of Picard.

Those were the biggest things that stand out, but it’s worth following Matalas on Twitter as he often posts about Picard and answers fan questions, although not everything he posts should be taken as canon. He does like to have a bit of fun, like posting this meme about how everyone is coming back with white hair.

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So delighted there’s finally going to be some acknowledgment of and repercussions from the Dominion war. It was probably the most apocalyptic thing we’d ever seen on Star Trek, the lack of future acknowledgment just seemed such a miss.

Finally! The Dominion War. I wonder if Worf is the Federation Ambassador to the Dominion/Gamma Quadrant? I honestly feel Picard season 3 is the show I’ve been wanting since they announced the return of Star Trek to TV. Also, the STO Twitter page hinted in a reply it may be the Odyssey class version of the Ent-F.

I think a lot of people been wanting something like this before Discovery got announced Certainly me without a doubt. ;)

It would be interesting to see Worf actually end up as an Ambassador since that’s what he was at the end of DS9 until Nemesis ignored it.

And this is totally me thinking out loud, but I wonder if we will see Martok or if he’s still the Klingon Chancellor? He’s coming to LDS, but that looks like some type of game the crew is playing and not the actual Martok.

I’m curious what exactly did they say?

the villain – a familiar actress, not a huge star, and is new to star trek..


My money is on Katee Sackhoff

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Lucy Lawless
Gillian Anderson

I say those three are probably big enough to count as “huge stars,” while Sackhoff might be a small enough star. Gosh, I suppose we’re analyzing industry Q ratings, now!

Maybe Alex Kingston?

Nah, “huge stars”, that’s big movie stars and none of those three are big names in the movie industry. They are TV starlets that most of us watched regularly back in the day.
We’ve seen them many times but they are not big stars. Looking at their filmopgraphies, they have not even been very busy over the last ten years or so. They ought to have had a leading role in a big genre TV show to qualify for that… It’s one of them :-) Or Sackhoff… Or Jennifer Garner…

I don’t think any of those are huge stars. Known, but not huge. And they are all primarily TV actors. The last thing I seen o f Lucy Lawless was in a few Agents of Shield episodes a few years ago. The last thing I saw with SMG was a TV show with Robin Williams that got cancelled after its first season (really liked it though).

Sarah Michelle Gellar is joining the Teen Wolf spin-off coming to P+.

Interesting. So she might have been just around and available on the lot :-)

If you’re the casting director for S3 of PIC, you’re not going to hire someone who takes publicity away from the TNG cast that you worked to bring back. Sarah Michelle Gellar (no matter what she’s done since) will always be known and beloved as Buffy. Casting her as the villain for S3 of PIC takes too much publicity away from the TNG cast.

I think this whole season is a salvage of the branding around TNG and Picard.

If the powers that be want to recover the IP value, they may go with a big A-list name to draw audience, especially if it’s someone who will do streaming only at this point in her career.

But Geller has other projects, so I don’t think it’s her.

That show is shot in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kim Kardashian.

On the Enterprise DD?

playing a horta? silicone based life.

A whoreta.

No question she would be a Cardassian.

Here’s to the moment I’d start bashing Picard.

As the new Queen of Kardashia :-)

I can definitely see her saying, “Brain and brain! What is brain?”

Kim Kardashian acutally is a very intelligent woman. Not many pass the Bar Exam when self taught.

Emily Hampshire seems like a decent bet to me.

Yes, Emily Hampshire is definitely the 12 Monkeys actor I would most expect to see.

Her range is incredible, and her role in Schitt’s Creek definitely raised her profile in Hollywood.

But I think that the 12 Monkeys casting is a separate role from the main villain.

My money would be on someone outside the franchise who has wanted in. Likely an older A-list woman who hasn’t had as action roles lately and promotes Trek ICDC values.

Geena Davis would fall in that category, as an example. So would Linda Hamilton.

My money is on Emily Hampshire. She starred on 12 Monkeys as Jennifer Goines and can play the crazy quite well when necessary. She also recently tweeted a meme of a bald emoji over Patrick Stewart’s S3 teaser poster.

But didn’t Matalas say that he always wanted to work with that person and that it was a dream-come-true when it actually happened? Since Emily Hampshire was on 12 Monkeys, he has already worked with her extensively. Logic dictates it can’t be her we’re looking for…

That this person was someone he ALWAYS wanted to work with – that part I didn’t catch. Also why would Emily Hampshire be tweeting a PIC photo with a bald meme emoji over it? Even if Hampshire isn’t playing the villain, she’s involved somehow. Also, Matalas has been doing a lot of double-speak on Twitter.

Worf may be in command of DS9 or some starbase in the Gamma Quadrant.

I hope what Matalas hinted at is true, that the 1701-F is redesigned from the STO version.

By 2050 we are going to get to the Enterprise Z.

Or maybe Worf is Adm. Picard’s adjutant, (or Geordi’s) just as Sisko was Adm. Ross’s for a few eps in DS9’s Season 6

Wouldn’t it be nuts if Worf was in charge of DS9??? I don’t think any of us would’ve saw that coming since we been begging to see the guy back on the Enterprise for two years. I don’t think that will be it but they are going HARD on the callbacks this season so you can’t rule it out either.

Could be, becasue Sisko is still in the Wormhole with the Prophets. But then what about Kira or are only Starfleet Officers allowed to be Captain on DS9?

Maybe Kira left for Bajor to run the government and left Worf in charge of DS9!

And we also have to remember, when Starfleet took over the station the point was to oversee Bajor’s admission into the Federation and to revitalize the planet after the occupation. My guess is that happened years ago now and Bajor is probably prospering as a planet. So maybe its mission has changed in that region of space as more of a security and diplomatic outpost for the Federation, especially post-Dominion war.

Even though LDS is 15 years prior to Picard, it will be interesting to see who is running the station and the status of Bajor now.

And in a podcast interview last month Matalas said: “the fallout of the Dominion War is important in the plot” of season three.

Could the new villain be a female Changeling? And if one of the characters in the teaser is in uniform and not supposed to be, could one of them be a Changeling who is posing as one of the main TNG characters?

Good idea, Just Another Salt Vampire 👍. It could be a female Changeling. She could be posing as one of the members of this alien race that’s coming for the Federation in Picard season 3. The Changelings may have decided to come after the Federation again because Odo has died and he was the only keeping the peace between the Dominion and the Federation.

I was also thinking that, if it is acknowledged that Odo has died, then the Changelings are probably out for revenge because I’m sure they have not forgotten about how the Federation tried to commit genocide against them so it is possible that our villain is another female Changeling.

Live long and prosper, Just Another Salt Vampire 🖖

Odo merged with them on his own Free Will. So revenge because he die is a bit hard to swallow

I suggest you go rewatch DS9. The Dominion did not want to end their war against the Federation. They were only forced to because they were dying from a disease that Section 31 infected Odo with. They needed the cure, if they wanted to survive.

Odo brought them the cure but they still hated the solids. If the voice of reason suddenly dies and then there is no calm in the storm, then the anger swells up and rises again. If you think for one minute that the Dominion has forgotten that the Federation tried to commit genocide against them, you’re sadly mistaken. They were just biding their time and, if Odo has died, then the time for revenge could be at hand.

Live long and prosper, Worldwidedepp 🖖

the Dominion won’t be the bad guys, trek isn’t going to retread that plot point

Of course, the Dominion are the bad guys. Do you think that they’ve forgotten about how the Federation tried to commit genocide against them? Odo was the only one keeping the Dominion from reigniting their war with the Federation. If Odo has died, then the Dominion has no reason not to go after the Federation again.

Maybe Picard might be able to convince them that the Federation means no harm? But that’s not gonna happen until episode 10 probably. The Changelings have an inherent hatred towards the solids. You can’t just wipe all that away in one episode.

And it’s not a retread to have the Dominion return as the villains again because how many times have we seen the Borg as the villains or the Romulans or the Cardassians or the Klingons. I haven’t seen the Dominion since the ’90s so I’d be very interested in seeing what an updated Changeling looks like with all the new CGI technology that’s around.

Live long and prosper, Brian 🖖

It feels a little late for them to still be dealing with the fallout from that. Didn’t that end over 20 years earlier?

World War II was essentially the result of the fallout from World War I and it started about 20 years after it ended. Resentments can simmer for many years before finally boiling over and causing open conflict. Happens all the time. I can see some rogue elements of the Dominion, dissatissfied with how they were forced to stop the war, would want revenge.

The Soviet Union collapsed *30* years ago. We’re still dealing with the consequences of that.

So you are suggesting that the Dominion might be so severely punished that they use it to blame the Federation for their current dire predicament? I guess I was thinking of something more direct than that. More immediate post war kind of rebuilding stuff rather than the long term political effects. But one would hope that the WWI mistake would not get remade. It wasn’t after WWII…

the USSR broke up in 1989, the war in Ukraine is part of the continuing fallout

Look at the Cardassians, they and the Federation ended a war and started resolving their difference just to fall back into one again over the Dominion. Same thing with the Klingons. It doesn’t take much for hostilities to start up again with long time enemies.

It’s still assumed even after the Federation and the Klingons signed the Khitomer Accords there was still hostilities between the two groups for decades until they finally became real allies

Were the Khitomer accords just a set of agreed upon ideas or concepts they hoped the other would abide by or was it an actual treaty?

That’s a really good possibility. And coming from one kind of shapeshifter (a salt vampire) about another!

I don’t know what it was about the 12 MONKEYS series. I watched and mostly liked the first season, but something happened or didn’t happen at the end of s1 that made me not care about coming back to it, and I never did.

Oh, my God, Armus with a beard 😄😆🤣!!! That’s just not right 😄😆🤣😆🤣! But, seriously, I wouldn’t mind seeing an up to date CGI version of Armus. I think that would be pretty cool actually 🙂😄!

So we’re getting the “F” but not the “F” 🤔. I think Terry Matalas should get into politics 😄🤣🙂. But I called it here in one of my earlier posts about Picard season 3. I mentioned that, if this was going to be a proper sendoff for the TNG crew, then they should find a way somehow to include Tasha in season 3, even if it’s only a hologram or a flashback, she should still be included.

Since she was there when it all started, she should be there somehow and someway at the end. And that’s nice that Terry Matalas said she does get a nod during this season 🙂. Worf’s sword, the Kur’leth, sounds cool! Maybe it was created to detect Changelings somehow?

Because Terry Matalas says that the sword is connected to Worf’s purpose and that purpose has something to do with the Dominion War. So I’m thinking 🤔, right, what if there’s some type of alloy that the Changelings are, like, “allergic” to that was discovered after the war? You know, instead of always doing blood tests and getting accurate results because the Changelings may have found ways around those by now, all Worf has to do is touch someone who’s suspected of being a Changeling with the sword and they lose their cohesion because of this alloy that’s in that sword? That would be pretty cool, if the sword did that, that is.

Also, I’m very glad to see the rank of Commodore finally return to Star Trek after years and years of not being used. That is awesome! And to give it to Geordie is just icing on the cake 🍰. Commodore La Forge, how cool is that 🙂? The anticipation for Picard season 3 just continues to build and build 🙂.

Oh, and we’re gonna see Worf do some sword fighting, how awesome is that going to be, huh 🙂?

Live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖

OK, but if they must include Yar, then by the same logic, they’ve got to include Pulaski — both got one full season in during TNG’s first two formative years. And I enjoyed Pulaski more than Yar anyway, plus Muldaur has a much longer and storied history in Trek going to back to being in two freaking eps of TOS — she was there when Star Trek really started! Plus, she’s still fit and is doing film projects again, and I really think she deserves to go out in a much more positive way with the fans given her Star Trek history. It’s now or probably never given she’s 83.

So if they are giving Crosby a slot, then they absolutely need to give the much more Trek-accomplished Muldaur a cameo as well in Picard S3. Fair is fair.

Denice Crosby as a member of Species 10-C! There’s a lot of wiggle room there….

Don’t give them any ideas man.

Season 5’s “Ethics” would have been the perfect opportunity to bring Muldaur back. Not only would it have been fun to see Pulaski go toe-to-toe with Crusher, it would have provided the character (which many fans did enjoy) a proper send-off. Muldaur did say on her interview for the TNG Blu Rays that she knew her gig would only be one season. Maybe if Season 2 hadn’t been cut short by four episodes (writer’s strike) a real season finale (“Shades of Gray” was bad) would have shown her departure?

Would the post also mention about the Original Enterprise this F could also be the Bridge of Stargazer-F :)

I suggest you go rewatch Picard season 2. The Stargazer doesn’t have a letter attached to it’s registration number. So it’s not an F. Sorry, there goes your theory 🙂.

Live long and prosper, Worldwidedepp 🖖

Well, in Discovery we saw an Voyager with a Letter attached, too. So it is not Impossible

Yes, your theory is still an impossibility, Worldwidedepp. And the reason it’s impossible is quite simple. They each belong to two different classes of ships. The original Stargazer is a Constellation-class with a registration number of NCC-2893.

And the new Stargazer from Picard is a Sagan-class with a registration number of NCC-82893. Two completely different classes of ships. So neither one of them requires a letter. A ship only gets a letter if it’s in the same class and when the other one gets destroyed.

So the Stargazers don’t have letters after them for that reason. The original Stargazer was destroyed at the Battle of Maxia. There was no other Stargazer in that class. When Starfleet was designing the Sagan-class, they probably decided to honor Admiral Picard by naming the first ship of this class after his Stargazer.

But they’re both two completely different ships and classes. The Voyager NCC-74656-J from Discovery is still the same class as the original Voyager, an Intrepid class. That’s why it got a letter. Just like with the Enterprise 🙂.

Live long and prosper, Worldwidedepp 🖖

That doesn’t make any sense because Enterprises A-E have all been different classes:
Enterprise A: Constitution class, Enterprise B: Excelsior class, Enterprise C: Ambassador class, Enterprise D: Galaxy class, Enterprise E: Sovereign class.

The letter is added when a registry number is reused. It has nothing to do with the ship class.
Now, the question is why the new Stargazer on Star Trek Picard didn’t reuse the original Stargazer’s registry number with a letter added. Not sure if the producers have talked about their reasoning.

So I made a mistake? Kill me 🙂. The responder who wrote to me should go do some investigating on his own then if my responses aren’t up to par. And even though my answer is off, that still doesn’t make the Stargazer an F and that’s what the responder was saying if you took the time to read the replies.

Going by your theory, that would make the Stargazer an A. And your question is also valid but maybe you should also ask about Voyager in Discovery? Since she’s
the same Intrepid-class ship from the ’90s just refitted over and over. So how do you explain the Voyager being the same ship but having the letter J in it’s registration? Your theory works one way but doesn’t work another, see what I’m saying here?

Things get confusing where the registrations and the names of the ships are concerned. It’s easy to make a mistake 🙂. I think in the end it’s all up to the producers and show runners of Star Trek about what they want to do in terms of letters and registration numbers.

Live long and prosper, DIGINON 🖖

Sure, the original poster was wrong. But your explanation of why they were wrong was also wrong ;-)

I may be wrong about this but I think that, before Voyager-J on Discovery, the Enterprise was the only ship in Star Trek that reused the registry number with a letter.
Ship names had been reused before, but with new registry numbers. And that seems to be in line with present-day navies here on Earth.

I didn’t take the Voyager shown on Discovery to be the same ship from the 24th century. My interpretation was that it’s simply a design that has some similarity to the original Voyager. But it’s all conjecture because no details were actually given on the show. The “J” would imply that it’s the 11th ship reusing the Voyager name and registry number. Given how fast we’re burning through letters with the Enterprises, that seems rather surprising. Either there were some very long-lived ships named Voyager between the 24th and 32nd century, or there were some long periods when Starfleet didn’t have a Voyager using the original registry number. Or they simply restart from the beginning when reaching the end of the alphabet ;-)

By the way, Discovery also added an “A” to the registry number after the refit in the 32nd century. That’s not how it was handled with the refit of the original Enterprise in The Motion Picture.

And on Deep Space Nine, they introduced a new Defiant-class ship late in season 7 (after the original Defiant had been destroyed) but gave it the same name and registry number.

So you could argue that Star Trek isn’t really consistent in its (re)usage of ship names and registry numbers.

That’s what I said in my last reply to you, DIGINON 🙂. It’s up to the producers and the show runners. Also, you should look up about the Voyager-J because when it appeared on Discovery, it was all over the Internet. I remember reading an article where Michelle Paradise said that that is the Voyager ship from the ’90s, just heavily refitted.

That’s why it’s still an Intrepid-class ship and that’s why it looks just like the original, with a few minor tweaks here and there. But it is Captain Janeway’s Voyager and it was a big deal when she was revealed on Discovery. As for the Discovery, there was a reason why they added an A to it’s registration. That reason was the ship had to be completely redone because the technology on her was outdated once she arrived in the 32nd century.

So, because she was basically a brand new ship, they gave her an A at the end of her registration number. With the Defiant, I believe they were going to give her an A but the show was so close to ending that that just didn’t happen. But I believe Ira Steven Behr mentioned in some interviews he did for his DS9 documentary that, if there was an 8th season of DS9, the Defiant that they were given at the last moment would’ve went in for a refit and then it would’ve been classified as an A. But, like I said before, all this classification and registration is all up to the show runners and producers really 🙂.

Live long and prosper, DIGINON 🖖

I mean you could argue that the refit Enterprise in TMP was a completely new ship as well. I looks even more different from the TOS Enterprise than the refit Discovery does from original Discovery.

Of course, the reason is more behind the scenes. Enterprise was completely redesigned inside and out for the movie. Both the miniature model and all the sets were completely new. But they kept the original registry number because it was supposed to be the ship from the old TV show.
Regarding the Defiant, I have read that Ron Moore fought hard for it to be called Defiant-A but they couldn’t afford changing the VFX. DS9 used a lot of stock FX shots, which would have had the wrong registry/name.
With Discovery, they changed the outside of the digital model and gave it a new registry number. But despite allegedly “being completely redone”, the inside looks basically the same as before, which again is a budget decision because the sets are expensive.

Anyway, to get back on the topic of the article: Given Matalas’s comments, there seems to be a good chance we may see the Enterprise-F. But it probably won’t be where the main part of the story takes place. So maybe the show ends with the TNG crew sending off a spanking new Enterprise-F.

Ugh… So clad they didn’t go with Defiant-A. The words don’t exist that express how much I hate using those letters. Yet another dumb thing that TVH did.

I will say that I have always like the idea of calling the Defiant the USS James Kirk. But I do understand not wanting the constant reference to TOS being around.

forgetting the enterprise D is a thing is a pretty big mistake

Who forgot the Enterprise-D? What are you talking about? If this is in regards to the above conversation, that conversation was about someone saying that the new Stargazer could be an F and I pointed out how they were wrong. The conversation was about the Stargazer, not the Enterprise-D.

I have no idea what your reply is in regards to.

Live long and prosper, Brian 🙂.

Most likely Worf’s sword is just another type of Klingon sword. I look forward to earning it in Star trek online :)

It’s not just a sword, Brian. You should re-read the above article again. Terry Matalas clearly states that Worf’s sword fits in with Worf’s new purpose post-Dominion War. So the sword does something.

What it does is a mystery that I was speculating about. We’ll find out more about it when Picard season 3 comes out.

Live long and prosper, Brian 🖖

Ah, the Enterprise-F. I remember back when Star Trek Online had a design contest for the new E. My design made it to the finalists. Close but no cigar. It was more angular, kind of like the Tholians had a hand in making it. Can’t say I blame them for sticking with the traditional look. Not sure mine would’ve fit.

Wonder if Worf is Starfleet’s attaché to the Dominion. In the real world, a Captain (N) could be assigned such a position.

My thinking as well. Ambassador Worf – representing the Federation to the Dominion.

STOnline has him as Ambassador, and i found this idea very fitting.

As for the casting of someone from 12 Monkeys…it’ll be the 3rd person from that show cast in Trek. Previously Faran Tahir played Capt. Robau in the 1st Kelvin Timeline film and last season in Picard James Callis played Picard’s dad

It will actually be the fourth! You’re forgetting about Allison Down who played a Starfleet doctor in season 2 of Discovery trying to help Spock when he was institutionalized.

Jay Karnes, Agent Wells, was also in 12 Monkeys…

LOL yeah how can I forget about him. There was a lot of talk of him being in Picard because he’s been in nearly every Matalas show.

I said this before, I think they are going to visit the abandoned Enterprise D saucer.

Wouldn’t be hard since, according to season 2, it’s in the fleet museum.

Yeah I didn’t know that until a week ago when I think Trek Culture on pointed it out on Youtue in season 2 of Picard. I can see how 99.9% of us would miss it though since it was a tiny blurb written under the D description in the Starfleet Academy scene. But it looks like they set that up for a specific reason.

Interesting. Thanks guys — yeah, I did miss that.

How could the Enterprise D be in the fleet museum when it’s been destroyed? I would say that’s best ignored.

The saucer wasn’t destroyed. Maybe they were able to salvage it after all.

I’m not sure if they’d be able to salvage the saucer in one piece but I would definitely hope that Starfleet wouldn’t just leave the saucer with all of its potentially hazardous materials to rot on that planet.

I sorta figured that they removed the entire saucer piece by piece and did their best to remove any crash evidence. They did have a lot of time since the life on the other planet was likely at least a century away from interplanetary travel.

Fall Back or Backup Ship. With a bit work and new Maintaince it could be reactived to fly again. So perhaps it’s a scene when they enter the Bridge of Enterprise-D have old memories, before they refit the Saucer into Enterprise-F. Perhaps Enterprise-F is made in a hurry with F Main Part, but slightly modified D Bridge to fly

I could see them doing a holodeck program, too. Not unlike Scotty visiting the 1701.

The command crew of the 1701-D should all be admirals at this point- they’ve saved the Federation time and again. How quickly does Starfleet forget the TWO battles of Sector 001?!

Same way they kind of forgot the entire crew saved Earth from V’Ger and the Whale Probe.
Also there was only one battle, not two.

First Contact is the second one.

I always assumed the First Contact mission was deemed classified for obvious reasons.

It’s not Sela. It is a new character. But here is definitely a nod to Tasha in the new season.

Well, that’s that then.

What…if the villian is TASHA’S SISTER ISHARA, played by a new actress?

It doesn’t feel personal enough, though. A nod could be just something like a reference to the colony she grew up with, or a museum statue maybe. A passing mention by a tour guide even.

You remember what I said to you in that other thread, that the majority of villains who shows up ready to take down the Federation are rarely people the crew even knows about. Sadly this sounds like it’s shaping to be the exact same deal. I really wish they would not do the whole uber-villain thing yet again. This is the only thing for me about next season I really don’t like so far.

But maybe she will be associated with someone we do know.

 Sadly this sounds like it’s shaping to be the exact same deal


Again he’s talking a lot but not saying anything. BTW, I feel sorry for whoever has to buff those floors on the Stargazer bridge.

Whatever they do, it would make no sense whatsoever to have this command crew all on a new ship STILL at their old stations. No matter what reason they give.

Anyway, since I never had any great love of any of these characters none of this is really juicing me up. Not like I was for SNW, anyway.

I did go into Prodigy not caring one bit and ended up being surprised. It has the best opening episode in all of nu-Trek, easy. But I digress….The only character on TNG I had an interest in was Worf. If there was going to be a show centered on a TNG character he would be the one.

New character, familiar actress. I still say Laris is not who she claims to be.

No matter what happens next season, this is FINALLY shaping up to be the post-Nemesis show most fans have probably been dreaming up since 2005 when Enterprise went off the air. For me, I would say since 2001. ;)

Knowing it deals with the Dominion War alone is HUGE IMO. One of the things that bothered fans about season 1 is that the Dominion War was totally ignored. I understand it had already been 20 years and they wanted to focus more on the destruction of Romulus but if you had to pick which one the focus would be on no doubt it would be the Dominion War for many because we ‘lived’ it (and if you hated the Kelvin movies, even more so ;)). That really bothered me so finally glad we are getting it even if it’s just a small part of the story.

Honestly if it wasn’t for Patrick Stewart demand of the show not dealing with Starfleet in season one this is probably the show Kurtzman and CBS wanted all along, ie, a TNG revival show. It was easier to convince him to do it once this officially became the final season but they probably should’ve did this from the start seeing the first two seasons just didn’t really capture the spirit of TNG like fans hoped although both seasons started off strong. But maybe this will begin to make things right. ;D

Oh please.


It does sound like the Enterprise F will be the hero ship this season. If so VERY excited. I’m hoping Seven will be its FIrst Officer. Maybe another TNG character will be on it too like Geordi or Beverly.

But having a new Enterprise has always signified a new era for Star Trek. And it’s fitting to have a new one for the 25th century and even included for a future spin off show.

As for how many we will actually see but I think when it was stated we would see multiple Enterprises, we will probably see the D again but only as a museum piece, flashback or even a dream state like the beginning of season one. We’ll definitely see the bridge this time though.

I’m not convinced we will see the E anymore either but she could still be around. But if the F is there then clearly she’s retired or will be. But wow, exciting to have TWO Enterprises on the air next season, one for Picard and for SNW. Three if the Kelvin movie by some miracle happens next year and the Enterprise A in that universe shows up!

It’s an exciting time to be a fan! :)

Stewart spoke of multiple Enterprises in S3 of PIC alone…

Also I think we will see more than one Enterprise in the next big screen movie which will most likely be a multiverse movie to follow the ongoing trend in CBMs. My guess is Kelvin-A and Primverse Refit in a setting close to TMP…

And I’ve also not given up hope for the NX-01 or its refit to pop up at some point, either in her own event show or a crossover with another series.

Plus, I’m sure there is an Enterprise in the 32nd century to grace our screens in S5 of DSC :-) Okay… Now I’m exaggerating…

I wish I knew where are people getting this idea the next movie will deal with the multiverse since we’ve heard absolutely zip about it or anything beyond ‘it’s going to be great!’

I do wonder if we will ever see an Enterprise in the 32nd century? I’m thinking not, but then we have a new Voyager so…

Saru named the Enterprise as one of the ships that collected data on the DMA, so we know there is one. We’ve gotten a glimpse of a Constitution class ship. Since the new Voyager is an Intrepid class like the original, maybe the Enterprise is a Connie again?

Probably a ridiculous idea, but what if the villain is actually a ship, which are referred to as “she”? Maybe the actress only does the voice. I’m thinking of an M-5 type situation. Maybe one of the Enterprises is actually the villain? I know, crazy talk…

As for Captain Worf, could be like Captain Spock, not commanding a crew but in some other role.

I seriously hope we end up with Data restored to a Brent Spiner-looking body and back in Starfleet. Maybe Captain Data will command the Enterprise.

Then the Lost Probe in Discovery where they tried to save the AI came out in the Timeline of Season 3 and somehow took over a Ship. Some sort of Borg 2.0 ReMaster or they take a bit of Roddenberry’s try with Andromeda and the Villain is indeed an AI but more like EDI Cyborg

“I seriously hope we end up with Data restored to a Brent Spiner-looking body and back in Starfleet.” THAT’S WHAT I HOPE TOO SO MUCH!!!!

Don’t starships last around forty years? E should be going strong if it wasn’t destroyed.

The E-E was launched in 2372; IIRC there’s going to be a one-year time jump from S2 to S3 of PIC, that would put us at what, 2401 or 2402? That accounts for thirty years.

Yeah, thirty years makes sense, I guess. Also of course different types of ships have different lifespans, especially if a new class is coming along to replace it.

I would think that at some point in the future there will be means to stretch the life of those things way longer than that. To continue to create replacements seems like a waste of time and resources. Unless one can use an industrial sized replicator to create one in moments?

Worf came out and married a Jem’Hadar.

Maybe seven ist Commander Musiker now….

We at least need a brief appearance of the Enterprise E. Starfleet ships can last a very long time.

It would be interesting to tease why Worf is so immaculately manicured? Fabulous skin tone, ridges seem nicely buffed down, smartly trimmed facial hair, all of it, and neatly colored, too. Or is this just his Tinder photo? :-)

I think it would be pushing it to set in on the Enterprise-F and not call it TNG season 8 rather than Picard season 3 . . .

As much as I’d love to see a recreation of the Enterprise D or F, I can’t help but be reminded that Picard has always felt like a show confined by its budget, and it’s likely very tight for Season 3 since that’s usually how it goes as a show ages (not to mention securing this cast). So I would be shocked if they had the budget to recreate old Enterprise D or E sets. A redress of the Stargazer set is likely the best we can do.

Oh, no! It’s another Enterprise.

Deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Nichelle Nichols… Live long, and prosper

I’m looking forward to the bmovie mid 90s scifi style digital rendering of the Enterprise…

At least make a model this time!

Nichelle Nichols has passed away guys. :(

Same day as basketball great Bill Russell. Nearly the same age too. This is a somber day.

my guess is we get the ENT-E with Captain Worf in episode 1 and we finally get to see him execute ‘ramming speed’ with the E and it is destroyed. then the final episode last scene will be the new Enterprise-F with Riker or Seven as captain.

Please No F, at least not that hideous gekko from star trek online.

Uh, “12 Monkees?”

Here we come…walkin’ down the fleet…
Get funniest looks from…every race we meet!
Hey hey we’re Star Monkees!
And people say we starfleet around!
But we’re too busy trekkin’
To put anybody down….


Find a way to put them back on the Enterprise-D. I don’t give a crap about any other ships.

Worf could be what’s called a “Restricted Line Officer”, he has the rank, and is accorded the due courtesy of it, but he does not -cannot- command a ship (especially after Sisko’s comment). He might even be what is called a Foreign Area Officer. It would make a LOT of sense for him.

From Wikipedia: The Navy Foreign Area Officer (FAO) Community is a stand-alone Restricted Line Community offering world-wide assignment opportunities to qualified Naval Officers.
Naval Officers selected for FAO are assigned a region of specialization, provided language and graduate education on an as-required basis, and detailed to FAO-coded billets in accordance with the Navy FAO career path.
Navy FAOs maintain a broad range of military skills and experiences: knowledge of political-military affairs; familiarity with the political, cultural, social, economic, and geographic factors of the countries and regions in which they are stationed; and proficiency in one or more of the dominant languages in their regions of expertise.
Navy FAOs can expect to serve on staffs of Fleets, Combatant Commands, Defense Agencies, and DoD military-diplomatic offices at U.S. Embassies. They provide expertise in planning and executing operations, provide liaison with foreign militaries operating in coalitions with U.S. forces, conduct political-military activities, and execute military-diplomatic missions.

Disappointed we aren’t going to see the Enterprise E. But i also would prefer a story over empty nostalgia. Disney Star Wars is empty Nostalgia, i hope Star Trek knows better.

Well some people have been saying the same about Star Trek lately with so many TOS, TNG and VOY characters stuffed into the new shows and LDS using so many easter eggs as call backs. Most don’t seem to mind it, including me, but even I can admit they can probably do a bit less of it in some cases; SNW being a good example.

But both SW and ST has lived on nostalgia for a long long time now and they are trying to do everything to get subscribers.

In one of the images Worf’s uniform looks kind of yellowish. I wonder if he took over Starfleet Security after Commodore O.