Patrick Stewart And Gates McFadden Talk Love And Tension For TNG Crew In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3

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Sir Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden did a series of video interviews in addition to their panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Just as we did for Strange New Worlds, we have gathered together all of the highlights about what they had to say about season 3 of Picard and beyond.

Don’t call it a reunion

The big news about season 3 of Picard is the return of the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, with the first reveal of how the characters will look shown at the Comic-Con panel. However, Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden bristled a bit when asked about the season being a “reunion,” telling EW:

Stewart: I don’t mean to disappoint you, but it’s not about a Next Generation reunion. It really isn’t. It’s part of a narrative, a very serious narrative that develops throughout season 3. And indeed, does bring us together, I can say right at the end because you’d like to know that. It’s not just a walk down memory lane, remotely.

He had a similar response (with McFadden backing him up) when asked by TV Insider about a reunion:

Stewart: I think it’s important to say that the third season is much more than a reunion season. Much, much more. It’s intense. It’s personal. It’s social. It’s a family.  And it gets very serious.

McFadden: It does indeed. It’s quite an adventure. And it’s a brilliant story how they unfold us getting together and what happens. I was thrilled. I think it’s a super season and I’m sure the fans would love it.

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The characters have evolved… and there’s some tension

Both actors also wanted to make it clear that the TNG characters have changed over the years,  dropping a curious tidbit to EW:

McFadden: I was approached and [showrunner] Terry Matalas told me this incredible story that involved Crusher on Picard, and it was something very different that I had not explored on the [The Next Generation]. And that’s what made it so exciting… our characters have evolved as we have evolved as humans. And I think that makes it incredibly rich, also very different.

Stewart: And so far as Picard is concerned, a secret history is acknowledged as well.

McFadden offered more on how the characters have changed to TV Insider,:

McFadden: All the characters have evolved because we as people have evolved, and obviously that’s going to be reflected in our characters. But we had a blast and laughed a lot and got silly, as always. And we also had some very moving moments. So I think the story is quite brilliant and very powerful, actually. I was thrilled with the story, and I hope the fans will be too.

To IGN, Stewart confirmed there are some tensions between some of the characters:

Stewart: Yes, there is stress in the relationships. And that’s, I think, after how many 25 years, that’s entirely appropriate. You cannot be confident that you know the same person that you knew all those years ago. Nevertheless there is a tiny little celebratory aspect to it. Not huge. But, it’s there. Personally, for us, it was wonderful to be on the set again with those actors who played such an important part in our lives 35 years ago, is extraordinary. And we’re all still here.

McFadden said  it was great to have everyone back together even with some tension between them, telling EW:

Everybody is fantastic in it. Worf, Troi, Riker. And it’s very special to have that kind of a bond and then to revisit it, but in a very different way. And also with Star Trek. I love being involved in this franchise. I really do because it stands for something. It stands for our universe and our possibilities of the future and we’re good role models. And we need that now.

Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard in season 3 poster

Beverly and Jean-Luc haven’t kept in touch… but have a Shakespearan connection

McFadden confirmed in multiple interviews that Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher had not seen each other for around 25 years ahead of the events of Picard season 3. However, to EW, she talked about the strong bond they continue to have:

McFadden: Picard and Crusher have had this very particular love relationship. It’s very strong. Very unique. And it’s almost Shakespearean, to me. It’s almost like in the sonnet [#116] “That looks on tempests and is never shaken.” It’s that sort of thing. And I’ve always thought that, but to actually be in a situation where we have to rediscover and reanalyze how do we feel about each other? We haven’t seen each other for 20 to 25 years… that was really strong.

Stewart: Yes, very strong.

And with IGN, the pair talked about how their dynamic has changed:

Stewart: There is dynamic. It will not be the same as it was.

McFadden: Right, which is great. I mean, we have a great chemistry and it was so much fun shooting our scenes.

And to TV Insider, the pair said they may still argue, but the nature of the discussions has changed:

McFadden: She’s older, and wiser, and just as argumentative as always, sadly.

Stewart: But the discussions are often of a personal nature, a family nature, which I can’t tell you about.

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Dr. Crusher has been busy helping people… and another character hasn’t been

The pair of actors offered some insights to IGN into what Dr. Crusher has been up to during decades after her last appearance in Star Trek: Nemesis, with Stewart hinting that one of the other TNG characters may not be held in such high regard:

McFadden: I think Beverly is somebody who keeps going forward and really does want to do good in the world. Especially when you realize through the Webb Telescope images how vast and unfathomable the universe is. I think she has been exploring a lot of things and she is a very intelligent woman and I think you’ll find out she’s been doing a lot of things.

Stewart: She has also been researching and investigating and helping people too, which probably can’t be said for all of the Next Generation [characters].

McFadden: Well she’s a scientist as well as a doctor. The Hippocratic Oath is obviously important, but it’s unexpected that they get together but it’s quite a story.

What about Wesley?

As for if we will see Wil Wheaton’s Wesley Crusher return to Picard (as he did in season 2) and reunite with his space mom in season 3, McFadden kept it vague:

McFadden: My space son, that’s what I call Wil Wheaton. He calls me his space mom, which is a privilege. He and I are talking all the time. He is a doll. I am so happy to have him in my life, but no I didn’t see him on the last season, but you’ll just have to see what happens in the third season.

Gates McFadden as Dr. Crusher in season 3 poster

Coming in 2023

Star Trek: Picard season 3 is expected in early 2023. Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. and is distributed concurrently by Paramount Global Content Distribution on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories and in Canada, airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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“Wesley, I am your father” its gonna happen….i can feel it

Unless time travel was involved, it seems unlikely*, given how unrequited and oblivious they were regarding their feelings were for each other until “Attached”

* not impossible, just unlikely

Well, you need to think like the writers on PIC, not on TNG S1-6… They are CRAVING for melodrama and are certainly willing to retcon their relationship into something bigger for the sake of melodrama. They don’t care about TNG’s writers’ room original intentions. If they want to do it, they will just do it…

I can feel it, too. I hope it will not include the revelation that Picard neglected his duties,sending Jack Crusher to his death when he could have saved him instead.

You guys are now mad at the writers for the bad ideas in your own heads now.

Nah, Wesley is half Horta. Which half you keep you guessing….

I usually enjoy your humor Phil, but you have me stumped here on this one?

“Wesley, you have a twin SISTER!” — and it’s Mariner, who shows up in Who Framed Roger Rabbit style as an animated character, and she and Wesley then essentially do a “The Parent Trap” supporting, comedic storyline for the season to get Picard and Beverly hitched, and it then continues in S4 of LDS with Picard and Beverly in married life as animated comedic characters who now live in a refurbished apartment that’s a section of the old Enterprise D saucer.

This may sound crazy, but I would not be all that shocked at this point if this did really happen.

I mean, I’d watch that ridiculousness. lol

Yea, exactly! LOL

So which of these characters dies this season? More than one?

Worf kills them all…

My money’s on Riker; this writer’s room will absolutely kill pizza dad for angst. XD

Nah, it’s gonna be Troi.

Aehm, there is still his Teleport Twin. So the real Riker do not need to get his hands dirty XD

Let us never forget Tom Riker!

The prison camp Tom Riker was sent to – was it a Cardassian prison camp or a Federation penal colony? The name sounded Cardassian. If that’s the case he might not have survived the Dominion War. Who knows what the Dominion used Cardassian prisoners for?

In the Relaunch Litverse 6 book ‘Event’ titled ‘The Fall’ there is one book where Beverly goes off on her own and has an undercover op adventure.

Her Starfleet Intelligence operative partner in the mission is none other than Tom Riker.

Basically, at some point Tom Riker was extracted and trained for high risk ops on the fringes of the Federation or in enemy territory. It worked well, and was a credible use of Simone with Riker’s background and potential.

That actually is a great use of the character, I forgot about that. ‘The Fall’ was not my favorite set of books from the LitVerse.

The prison camp Tom Riker was sent to – was it a Cardassian prison camp or a Federation penal colony? The name sounded Cardassian. If that’s the case he might not have survived the Dominion War. Who knows what the Dominion used Cardassian prisoners for?

Is there a dark mode for It’s night here at the moment, and the white just burned my retina. Just a friendly feature request ;)

You need to download the Trekmovie Into Darkness app.

and Star Trek: Beyond for some Rock and Roll

I can’t believe I checked. I knew how I’d feel afterward, but I did it anyway.

There are free browser extensions which will invert the colours to try and do that in the Chrome store or in Firefox Extensions.

I gotta say, I am not really down with Picard essentially dumping Laris, which was a very convincing late in life romance for Picard — I saw him retiring on his estate in France with her.

Maybe she’ll just fall down an open elevator shaft or something like that. I hope it isn’t a throwaway event, I think the actress playing Laris is terrific.

Aren’t those gaping open shafts a feature of Galactic Empire architecture?

That’s true, but I was thinking of Diana Muldaur’s ‘exit’ from L.A. LAW. With a repeat instance involving Crusher, this could indicate a repeat case of TDS -TNG DeadDoctor Syndrome.

Speaking of Diana Muldaur, wonder if anyone considered bringing her back?

It’d be a nice nod, esp given the length of her Trek association and the fact she is still around. Even if it was just a little cameo, like the one Diana Rigg (via phone) had on THE NEW AVENGERS (really showing my age with that.)

She looked terrific in a TV movie from the early 70s called ORDEAL with Arthur Hill I remember being astonished that she was wearing string bikinis so well at her age (I thought she was much older than she actually was.) In fact, that was a helluva good movie, wish it became one of those print on demand DVDs, I’d buy it. Warner did one of those archive on demand runs with 1983’s awesome SPECIAL BULLETIN a number of years back, but it sold out before I even knew about it, and now going for sixty bucks and up, so had to settle for watching low-rez version on youtube.

That would be an entertaining cameo, but she hasn’t had any IMDB credits for thirty years now, so she might not be interested.

It’s the future, maybe they’re a throuple!

Well at Picard’s age it’s a good thing he has Android “equipment” then to allow him to be able to deliver in your scenario. Lol

Or they can take RetinCox5 for instant boners. “Unfotunately doctor, I’m allergic to RetinCox.’

any possible reason/excuse for why Crusher could be the female villain of the season? If she has been helping and exploring, she has probably seen more evidence of Feds not being as nice as advertised, and she could be century 25’s version of the Maquis.


Interesting thought on Crusher being a villain. I’d be skeptical she would have the acting chops to pull that off though.

I’m unsure of her range as well, but so long as she was directed to play it as, “I’m doing this because it is the right thing to do” she could probably pull it off. It’s the moustache-twirling aspect that I think wouldn’t play. But if you’re going for an Eddington style antagonist (where a certain percentage of audience, including myself especially, would be rooting for), it isn’t necessary, or even preferable.

Gates McFadden is a beautiful woman.


So Picard’s long lost daughter is the villain of the season?

Daughter by Vash? Maybe the season opens at Vash’s funeral.

Maybe. Or Anij. Seems a bit lame, plot-wise, but I suppose we’d have to see how it plays out before judging.

Jesus please no Anij again. That romance was so boring and awkward

Gates McFadden does a very good job at playing it coy about Wesley. I still say Wil Wheaton’s gonna show up in the finale and do one last scene with Sir Patrick Stewart. Just because she didn’t see him, doesn’t mean he wasn’t there and her comments even make it sound like that too. My guess on the TNG character who has not been helpful or doing good is probably Geordi.

I can see Geordi’s attitude changing because he has a family now. After the Synth attack, maybe Geordi just became more concerned with protecting his family then fighting for the better good with Starfleet? It’s either him or Worf. We already know about what Riker and Troi were up to so it’s not them.

That leaves Geordi and Worf, unless it’s one of the secondary characters from TNG that’s being hinted at by Sir Patrick. That’s a possibility too. Picard season 3 is definitely sounding good 🙂. I’m still dying to know who the villain is.

It sounds more and more like this villain has a personal connection to Picard. Terry Matalas mentioned major mind games are coming and Sir Patrick has said in numerous interviews that this season is going to be extremely personal for Picard and that there are some pretty big shocks coming into Jean-Luc Picard’s world. I think Picard is going to find out that he has a daughter that he never knew of. I don’t know from who, though.

Maybe Vash got pregnant and never told Jean-Luc? Or it could even be from his Stargazer days when he was much younger? I’m not sure. But I am sure of one thing, when the main star of the show says that there are big shocks coming to the world of Jean-Luc Picard and the main show runner says that this season is “canon breakin’ “, then that probably means that there is a major retcon coming to Jean-Luc Picard.

I’m also dying to know what these intense conversations about family are about that Picard and Beverly are having. Hopefully, we’ll get some answers in a few weeks at Star Trek: Las Vegas 🙂.

Live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖

My big fear, at this point, would be to be told that Jean-Luc and Beverly actually got it in in “The Naked Now” and the reason she left for S2 of TNG was to have the child in secret.

I don’t think they would try to tell that story; there would still be a record of Beverly being pregnant and giving birth while at Starfleet Medical. She wouldn’t really be having the child in secret.

that´d be turning our beloved carachters into sth like the disfunctional skywalker family…. i´ll pass

I don’t believe that’s the direction that they’re gonna go in, John Ruschmeyer. Either it’s Vash got pregnant after her and Jean-Luc slept together on Risa ( because she disappeared after Captain’s Holiday and we didn’t see her until Qpid, which I believe is a year later. So that would give Vash the time to give birth to a child and leave the child with someone else because she knew that she couldn’t raise the baby on her own back then. There are ways to make this story work, if they went in this direction) or it’s somebody from Jean-Luc Picard’s Stargazer days. The retcon that I mentioned would come from Picard having a child that he didn’t know about in his past. Sir Patrick mentioned that a “big shock” was coming to Picard’s world.

If they wanted to go down the road of Beverly having a child with Jean-Luc, then all they would have to do is say that they slept together after Nemesis and Beverly gave birth while Jean-Luc was captaining the U.S.S.Verity and she left Starfleet to raise their child. Is that what they’re gonna do? I don’t think so. This season of Picard is also about Picard and Crusher rediscovering each other and that comes from Sir Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden. So, I think, if Picard does have a daughter, she will come from somewhere in Picard’s past, especially since Terry Matalas has said that season 3 of Picard is “canon breaking”.

Live long and prosper, John Ruschmeyer 🖖

I dunno, I hope the actual (or at least primary) villain has no personal connection to Jean-Luc Picard. S1 of PIC showed Picard having a personal connection with Dahj, Soji, and Altan Soong via their shared connection to Data, and S2 gave us Renee Picard and another Soong connection. Then there’s Nemesis.

I think it’s possible to still provide an epic story and send-off for the character without the villain having a personal/shared connection..

True, iMike. But some of the best TNG stories have been personal to Jean-Luc Picard. The Best Of Both Worlds, Chains Of Command, Family, First Light, First Contact (the movie) etc etc. Those have all been personal to Picard. You brought up Nemesis.

That was only one story told in the history of a show that lasted 7 years, 178 episodes, and 4 movies. There are quite a few personal stories for Jean-Luc Picard besides Nemesis. So what they want to do is not something new. Picard season 1 had Jean-Luc dying and having his mind downloaded into a Golem body, essentially making him a cyborg.

Season 2 of Picard dealt with Picard’s fear and loneliness so that he can move past what was holding him back and finally know love. Those were personal stories for Picard. Obviously, this season is going to be personal again because Sir Patrick Stewart said that there is a “big shock” coming to Jean-Luc Picard’s world. I highly recommend that you go watch Sir Patrick’s and Gates’ interview with EW from ComicCon last month. It’s on YouTube.

Sir Patrick says during the interview that there are some “big shocks” coming to the world of Picard. In other words, season 3 will be another personal story for Picard. We’re not getting a TNG reunion where they go planet to planet for season 3. They’re all way too old for that 🙂.

The TNG crew are reuniting because there is a threat that is coming for them. The name of the show is still Picard. So whatever happens next season is going to be personal to Jean-Luc Picard because it’s his show, not anybody else’s.

Live long and prosper, iMike 🖖

I just hope they finally have a good story to tell. Season one had a lot of potential but fell apart in the end. Season two was a messy disaster other than two or three decent episodes. The fact that they’re ditching most of the good characters from seasons one and two but keeping Raffi, the show’s worst character, does not give me high hopes for season three.

We mostly agree on this one — good post!

Raffi is the most disposable of any Trek character ever.

Does Picard have a son or daughter. And robot Picard finds out. That would be weird. I mean its science fiction but that would be soap opera.

Does. Not. Compute….

I really have no idea who could be the new villain. My mind is completely blank in regards to Season 3.

TG47 and Tiger2…please give us a hint. You both have good instincts :D

The well famous Klingon’s Sisters? of course some of their family

You mean… the Klingon sisters who are dead?

someone from her house, some kind of niece or something. To bring back the Glory into their House mumbo Jumbo

I’m at a bit of a loss Jay, especially as there is so much stress on family.

The Borg and Cardassians were the big villains of TNG to my mind, but Voyager, First Contact and Picard were Borg focused, DS9, Nemesis and Picard Romulan focused.

Klingon melodrama also seems unlikely.

Someone mentioned Tom Riker, he’s certainly a guy with a chip on his shoulder, but he’s less important to Picard.

So, I end up with awkward musings along the lines of Jack Crusher isn’t dead and is a villain hating Picard for a clandestine affair with Beverly way back when. I certainly hope not.

The thing is that if we take as writ that the villain will be female, it brings us back to the Borg and Romulans.

The only other validish idea that comes to mind is a female Founder. We have been told that it follows up from the Dominion War. I didn’t find the female Founder who represented them and interacted with Odo as the most compelling villain at an individual level, but its the best fit. Having a Founders related story with no DS9 characters would seem odd, but I’ll let others comment on that.

Perhaps Tiger2 has some better ideas.

I really have no idea who could be the new villain.

Me neither. Matalas confirming it’s a “she” obviously leaves a lot of options. However, I have some thoughts on the identity of the actor involved. Matalas said she’s not a huge megastar but still someone we’ve already seen many times (so a recognisable face/name), apparently her villainous performance in PIC is impressive (so a good actor), and aspects of her character’s psychological chessplaying are reminiscent of Khan. So here are my suggestions:

Morena Baccarin.
Priyanka Chopra.
Tricia Helfer.
Christine Baranski.
Katee Sackhoff.
Gina Torres.
Eliza Dushku.
Julianna Margulies.
Lucy Lawless.

Interesting list.

Christie Baranski has just wrapped the Good Fight, so I don’t know if the scheduling would have worked, but no one would have blinked to see her at Paramount.

Trisha Hefler would be compelling in a Trek outing.

gillian anderson- happy birthday by the way- so wants to play a baddie

As much as I appreciate that, I’m just as stumped as every one else lol. Really no idea. But I do think it will be a new villain (and why I have no idea). Matalas already ruled out Sela which would’ve been a lot of fun but he made it clear long ago it was a new actor to Trek.

The thing about TNG is it never relied on a single villain the way the later shows did. That’s what I liked about it. We had the Duras sisters, Sela and Tomalak but they were used very sporadically. They never drove the show the way the Female Founder or Gul Dukat did. There is the Borg Queen but we just did an entire season with her so I don’t think we’ll get another version of her. So I don’t think it’s going to be a Khan situation and someone they dealt with before shows up from the past seeking VENGEANCE!!!!

Maybe it will be a familiar species like the Cardassians, Romulans, etc. It would be exciting if the Jem Hadar/Founders would be trying to reclaim the Alpha Quadrant but whoever is pulling all the strings probably will be a new character. That’s my best guess and it’s not a great one. ;)

hope it makes up for how crusher was wasted in the TNG movies

First Contact was really the only one that gave her anything to do.

Weird how in the countdown comic Geordi designs Spock’s Jellyfish. Then, he is “lost.” What if the person coming for revenge is actually Michael Burnham who blames Geordi and Picard for the loss of her brother?

Picard Season 3 is actually Discovery Season 6 and the upcoming Discovery Season 5 is just “Countdown to” Picard 3.


Angels and ministers of grace defend us

Must… Think… Outside… of the… The Box!


Wouldn’t she then have also come for Kirk after TWOK?

Haha. She should come for revenge in all universes!

LOL… lets hope they´re not making georgiou the villain

That could easily be the case, right?

One character is not held in high regard…I wonder who the writers are going to character assassinate?

My first thought is Worf, based solely on his dialogue in the teaser promo. What we don’t know is the state of current Federation/Klingon relations in 2401-2402. That hasn’t been revealed yet. Maybe the Empire found it insulting that Picard and the Federation wanted to help the Romulans, and that was perhaps the first in a few perceived slights. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume Martok is still alive and still chancellor of the high council. Maybe Martok called Worf back to the empire, and that’s why Worf has the rank of Starfleet Captain but isn’t currently serving as one when we meet him (as Matalas has said).

My first thought is Worf, based solely on his dialogue in the teaser promo. What we don’t know is the state of current Federation/Klingon relations in 2401-2402. That hasn’t been revealed yet. Maybe the Empire found it insulting that Picard and the Federation wanted to help the Romulans, and that was perhaps the first in a few perceived slights. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume Martok is still alive and still chancellor of the high council. Maybe Martok called Worf back to the empire, and that’s why Worf has the rank of Starfleet Captain but isn’t currently serving as one when we meet him (as Matalas has said).

Didn’t they character assassinate Picard himself already in S1 – the doddering old man being interviewed attacking the Federation

How about Orla Brady? No mention of her. That’s too bad her and Picard looked to be a nice pairing…lousy writing if they don’t expand on their final scene in S2. Hopefully they will surprise me…not betting on it though.

I think it has been confirmed that she appears in season 3, but apparently only in the (very) early episodes.

You know this is the type of interviews we hear before every new season starts…”it’s going to be amazing, can’t wait for you to see it” etc

Always a disappointment afterwards

Judging by the last two seasons: episode one will be brilliant, things will quickly go south in episode two, they’ll crash and burn by episode three, then we’ll have five episodes of yawn inducing, pace-killing, messy, plot-hole ridden padding, followed by a surprisingly above average episode nine where things suddenly pick up enough for us to expect maybe a thrilling finale, then we’ll have another bitterly disappointing gut-punching rug-pull of a final episode. And most of us will be bitching about it for at least six months afterwards.
It’s been like, rinse and repeat, the last couple of years.

1) Everyone involved with this show is going to play up the season because that’s their job for the studio. I’ve worked in Hollywood and know to always take what industry people say with a grain of salt.

2) Either “Nepenthe” is a good omen for what season 3 will be like, or the whole of seasons 1-2 are a bad omen of what it will be like.

3) If they’re breaking Star Trek canon for the sake of plot this season, that’s reason to be skeptical that they’re not going to dismantle the memory of TNG.

4) It’s pretty obvious Picard has an unknown kid, and maybe grandkids by now. God forbid if they try to pass off Wesley as his son, or Beverly keeping a pregnancy from him. Neither of those sound plausible, but who knows with this show.

5) Wesley will show up. Gates being coy about it is all but confirmation. I mean – how can they have Wil Wheaton hosting all the after-shows and not allow him to rejoin his cast mates on screen?

All true. They are being paid to promote. This is the greatest TV series since breaking bad by the way they talk it up, as they have to. Let’s be honest, 4 seasons of discovery with 2 seasons of Picard….6 seasons of mediocrity with the occasional good episode, 20% hit rate. Not looking too great if I’m honest with you, especially if they have rushed straight in to make it after season 2. No break to rethink and re-strategise..

A missed opportunity. Sad. Let’s hope for those few moments in season three we’ve wanted this whole show to be. With all due respect, sir Patrick, nobody cares about Picard the old and incapable man, constantly doubting himself and not doing much in his own show. This is the problem with continuing old legacies nowadays. They either do boring, meaningless rehashes that make no sense at all and even succeed at making previous meaningful stories pointless (most of the SW sequel trilogy) or they deconstruct a well-established universe, re-imagine it badly or outright turn it upside down in order to subvert our expectations with stories full of silly plot conveniences, illogical contrivances and canon-breaking stuff (The Last Jedi, Discovery, Picard). All these people need to do is to continue where the last story ended. And I don’t mean specifically the next day after the last story ended but more in terms of staying within the realm of what has already been well-established and proven to work AND has been loved by so many people for decades now. Maintain a great degree of integrity of the fictional universe, its established internal laws, rules and lore. Sure, bring in new ideas, new concepts, but in a way that makes sense within the known, well-established universe, the one which fans feel the most comfortable with. Do not almost completely dismiss what has come before in order to sell some deep psychological drama that barely takes place in space and is conveyed by some terrible writing, directing and production qualities. It’s not that kind of show and you won’t find much support for it among the old fans as well as newer audiences.

This is an excellent post, Vlad.

Oh we don’t need this. With the exception of Stewart, Spinner, and Dorn, I always found most of the supporting cast not to be great actors.

Who else is getting that Professor Farnsworth & Mom’s vibe from this news?
Lets just hope we don’t have to watch them bang in the mess hall.

Now that you mention it…..