Comic And Novel Tie-ins Coming For ‘Star Trek: Resurgence’ And ‘Star Trek Prodigy’ Games

The extended Star Trek universe will be growing in coming months, with the announcement of new tie-ins to upcoming video games. Star Trek: Resurgence is getting a comic book, and Star Trek: Prodigy – Supernova is getting a novel.

Star Trek: Resurgence prequel comic

Today IDW Publishing announced Star Trek: Resurgence, a five-issue mini-series tied into the upcoming PC and console game of the same name. The series will tell the story of the catastrophic events that befalls the crew of the USS Resolute prior to the events of the game. The miniseries will be written by Andrew Grant and Dan Martin with art by Josh Hood (Avatar: The Next Shadow) and will debut in November.

Here is the official synopsis:

On a windswept planet bordering the notoriously hostile Talarian Republic, a scientist on the cusp of developing technology that will revolutionize warp goes missing. The crew of the U.S.S. Resolute is tasked with an urgent stealth mission to recover Dr. Leah Brahms and keep her research out of enemy hands!

Preview of Cover A for issue 1

“I can’t wait for fans to have a truly immersive game experience on the bridge of the U.S.S. Resolute and discover the formative events that indelibly shaped the ship and crew via the comic books,” says Grant in a statement. “I’m grateful to have worked on a franchise that is genuinely hopeful about the future, that takes into consideration the needs of the many, and views diversity as a singular source of strength.”

“I really wanted to spend more time with the crew of the U.S.S. Resolute, so I’m thrilled to take fans on another adventure in this prequel comic,” says Martin in the statement. “There are some familiar faces along for the ride and as a longtime Star Trek fan myself, it’s sometimes hard to believe that I actually get to bring life to characters which I first met on TV decades ago.”

Preview of Cover B for issue 1

Star Trek: Resurgence #1 will be available in November with three variant covers, including Cover A by series illustrator Hood, Cover B by Dramatic Labs, and a retailer incentive variant by Malachi Ward.

Preview of RI Cover for issue 1

Star Trek: Prodigy – Supernova novel

Another upcoming gaming release is Star Trek: Prodigy – Supernova. The game tied into the animated series Star Trek: Prodigy will arrive in October and it is getting its own tie-in novel from Simon & Schuster. The middle-grade adventure book also titled Star Trek: Prodigy – Supernova is being written by Robb Pearlman and is due to be released in January. Here is the official synopsis:

When the Protostar crash-lands in a peculiar star system, the crew ends up separated and Dal and Gwyn must work together to find their missing crewmates. They don’t have much time, though: the nearby star is destabilized and in danger of creating a supernova. Then Dal and Gwyn discover evil droids patrolling the area, and they look just like the Watchers back in Tars Lamora. How will Dal and Gwyn confront this nightmare from their past…and prevent an explosion in their near future?

There is no official cover art yet, but the book will be available on January 17, 2023, in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook and all three can be pre-ordered now at Amazon. And the game itself arrives on October 14, can also be pre-ordered at Amazon.

Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova box art

And another Prodigy novel is coming in 2023

Also coming in January is another middle-grade Prodigy tie-in novel titled A Dangerous Trade, written by Cassandra Rose Clark. Here is the official synopsis:

While traveling through the Delta Quadrant, the Protostar crew discovers a worn transporter coil on their ship. Despite Janeway’s misgivings, the crew decides to trade a Starfleet-issued battery for new transporter parts at a market on a distant planet. Little do they know that a group of rogue traders are intent on getting their hands on something much bigger: the Protostar! Will the crew be able to defend their ship and stay out of trouble? Star Trek fans will love this brand-new, original story featuring all the heart, humor, and action of the Prodigy series.

A Dangerous Trade is also set to be released on January 17th in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook and all three can be pre-ordered now at Amazon.

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I just love seeing 24th century Trek making a big come back on every platform these days, from TV shows to games!

Prodigy is definitely making a splash. It’s so cool there will be a novel specifically for kids and teenagers. Trek needs more of this in the future.

Hmm… So resurgence is comming later as I excpected. Damn.

This is cool news. That artwork is really good and the game also sounds fun. As long as IDW avoids the mistakes they’ve been making the past couple of years like making Gary 7 a villain, which makes no sense at all and shows the writers don’t know the character’s history in IDW’s comics, this has the potential to be great. Given the disappointing quality of IDW’s comics the past couple years (one redundant mirror universe tale after another to the point of tedium), IDW could really use a win right now. In terms of Star Trek, they’re a pale shadow of what they once were.