Watch Things Get Too Hot For Boimler In Clip From Season 3 Premiere Of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

The third season of Star Trek: Lower Decks arrives on Thursday with the premiere episode “Grounded.” In addition to the preview images released earlier this week, there are some more tidbits to get you ready to return to the animated hijinks on the USS Cerritos.

Clip from “Grounded”

The following clip (originally posted on Collider) from the season premiere features the four lower deck ensigns planning how they are going to exonerate the captain, who was falsely accused of blowing up Pakled Planet in the season two finale. During all this, Boimler has some issues with a hot sauce with a familiar name.

Cast preview season three

And another video released today features Lower Decks creator Mike McMahan along with the cast to catch you up on where the crew of the USS Cerritos finds themselves at the start of season three, along with offering some hints for what is to come. (video also available at

Another clip

On Tuesday Paramount+ released a brief clip on social media that appears to come from episode 2, “The Least Dangerous Game,” when he meets K’ranch the hunter.

New episodes of Star Trek: Lower Decks stream Thursdays in the USA on Paramount+ and CTV Sci-Fi in Canada (where it’s also available to stream on Crave). It streams on Fridays on Amazon Prime Video in international territories around the world. In Latin America, Lower Decks debuts (both seasons 1 and 2) in September.

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I’m looking forward to this!

Me, too!

Interesting choice to name a hot sauce after a dangerously addictive narcotic used to help force a slave race into fighting in wars.

Not only that… it is using the same font as many star trek movies

Maybe the Jem’Hadars are fine with it and can laugh about it?

Why would there be a gas operated chainsaw on a starship in the 24th century? Makes no sense? In that century you won’t need fossil fuel operated lawn equipment, plus you’re not going to need a chainsaw to cut anything given you have so many better options?

Some of the choices they make for this canon-approved series where comedy and/or shock value is prioritized over canon and Star Trek timeline common sense just make me shake my head and shout, “WTF???”

“Computer… replicate a 20th century gas-operated chainsaw.”

There… conundrum solved.

I doubt the safeguards, both for the ship’s air quality, and for crew safety, would allow that, plus I doubt the template would even be in the ship’s computer. Nope.

Aah, but with the right authoization codes, the replicator can create anything. Including Tribbles (see: Star Trek: Short Treks – “The Trouble With Edward”)

I freely admit this stretches your air quality concern, but while the Enterprise-D computer did shut down Dannl O’Dell’s camp fire in “Up the Long Ladder,” somehow Worf (both on the Enterprise-D and on DS9), Crusher (“Dunna light that cannle!”) and Riker & Troi (that infamous bubble bath in “Insurrection”) have the ability to override the computer and have open flames in their quarters.

I’m afraid, my friend, that there’s always a way around any nay-say with “Trek”!

Sure, there is always a strawman, outlier example for most everything in Star Trek. The problem with this series is that you have multiple occurrences of these bizarre things show up nearly every week. It makes these exceptions that need the “well, but what about what happened in Ep 217 of Voyager” excuse the well that you must go to all the freaking time to convince yourself that this is not lazy, comedic BS that doesn’t care if it fits in the Star Trek universe or not.

It is what it is.

Voyager episode 2×17 was “Dreadnought,” a rather solid episode.

Production #217 was season 5’s “11:59”, which I can’t find fault with either…

As to your strawman…. keep him away from Beverly’s candle!


You are much more funny than a typical LDS ep!

I believe you’re correct about gas-powered stuff not normally being on a starship, but I’d think the ship’s computer would have data on an unimaginable number of historical gadgets and whatnot, including chainsaws (though I don’t think this particular one was replicated anyway but is merely a piece of standard if little-used medical equipment).

Didn’t Archer have a chainsaw?

Thank you, Damar! You’d be surprised at what old $hit people keep in the back of a closet.

Lol, that’s only like 130 years from now, not 360

Like how many of us have stream/water powered lumber saws from the 1600’s in our back yards, plus would even have a clue how to use one? That’s what this would be equivalent to.

Apparently you never saw my grandfather’s barn! LOL


You’re good people, Lion…. :D

I know this will only make it worse for you, but FWIW, that’s not an antique Dr. T’Ana is using in the trailer, at least not to us. There’s a Starfleet delta on it; apparently it’s period-appropriate medical equipment.

At the end of the day, this is a half-hour comedy cartoon that takes place in the Trek universe. The whole notion that this show, with all the silliness and sight gags, could ever be considered “canon” pushes the very concept behind that word to the breaking point. None of which means that you can’t enjoy “Lower Decks” for what it is. But what it isn’t is serious Trek, or Trek that can be taken seriously.

Free your mind of the idea of “canon,” young Padawan, and you will be much happier and ulcer-free.

The whole notion that this show, with all the silliness and sight gags, could ever be considered “canon” pushes the very concept behind that word to the breaking point.

Well said. That’s been my #1 issue with this show since Day 1. CBS should retract their statement that this series is canon. It’s both laughable and nonsensical.

I doubt that is going to happen with the upcoming crossover with Strange New Worlds.

I take a middle ground, the events etc are roughly canonical, but the EXACT specifics may not be.


One day, we’ll find out that these stories come from highly corrupted log entries damaged by the effects of the Burn and later discovered by the crew of the Discovery. Zora had to extrapolate significantly to fill in all the gaps, and she used her newly discovered sense of humor to do so. Because of the damage, the entries are only 55% accurate.

The crew gets to watch these log entries for entertainment in their time off. Smiles all around.

That’s my headcanon, and I’m sticking to it.

That’s actually pretty cool. That kind of explanation might even be a fitting end to the show, since it not only helps it to better fit in with everything else (albeit ambiguously), but is also funny in and of itself.

Not bad!

But that’s precisely my point. You shouldn’t allow a statement about canonicity to alter your enjoyment about anything, one way or the other.

Believe me, I’m trying to get there. I am like Captain Terrell in the Genesis cave right now on this issue.

Wait, were you trying to tell us you had a deadly ear worm controlling your mind and needed our help?! If so, we have failed you!

“Canon” is a pointless concept anyway. I miss the days when fans didn’t use that word more than oxygen.

I starting to come around to your way of thinking on this given the alternative of needing to accept a lot of the stuff I am seeing in Lower Decks as part of Star Trek’s future history is no longer much fun or all that meaningful to me given CBS’s watering down of what once was a fun and kind of serious science of canon on Star Trek. They’ve made it a joke, and essentially this is just another entertainment franchise now.

Star Trek has always had a dubious canon, so I think you’ve got the right idea. Canon shouldn’t restrict a writer’s creativity

There are lots of ways to run with it when you recognize it’s a problem, but the longer a franchise runs, the more it risks contradicting itself. For sci-fi a problem that’s unique to Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who after so many decades. Sometimes addressing a continuity issue could stop the action dead before you can move on.

There are plenty of things which we’ve had to explain away like water from the holodeck being real, Romulan and Trill makeup, Cardassian costumes, or Data’s contractions. In the end sometimes you have to roll with it and just be happy the franchise has lasted this long. I’m actually pretty proud of myself for not being overly anal about details in Lower Decks. I can appreciate the callbacks and allow it to just exist on its own outsized cartoon terms.

Maybe you’re just over thinking things?

Maybe I missed something, but where was it stated that the chainsaw is gas powered? Are you basing that purely on using the pull cord to start it?

+ the 2-cycle gas engine obvious sound.

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, it’s most probably a duck.

I get that, but I think it was just put there to help sell the chainsaw idea, not to suggest it’s actually gas-powered. We don’t see anything like exhaust from it.

LDS is, by far, the greatest Trek show ever. I love it!