Anthony Montgomery Laments To Garrett Wang About Becoming The Harry Kim Of ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’

On Thursday at the 56-Year Mission Las Vegas convention Star Trek: Enterprise fans were entertained by a lively panel featuring John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox), Connor Trinneer (Charles “Trip” Tucker), Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed), and Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather). This was the same group that assembled for a panel at the Star Trek Mission: Chicago convention earlier this year, and they covered much of the same ground, but one difference this time was the panel was moderated by actor Garret Wang, Star Trek: Voyager’s Harry Kim. This gave Montgomery a unique opportunity to talk to Wang about (unhappily) following in his footsteps.

 Montgomery got Harry Kimmed

During a light discussion about episodes or scenes the actors didn’t enjoy filming, Montgomery got a bit more serious, saying:

If have to be honest, I didn’t like the fact that I didn’t have much to do. Because I’m actually pretty damn talented, if I do say so myself. Because I worked hard at it. That’s not me looking for kudos. But I work hard at my craft. And I just felt like I was underutilized. So there’s not one particular one. There were many scenes where I just literally go in for a day and “Oh, this is all I have to say?, ‘Captain, there’s an ion storm, should we go around it?’ Okay, cut. I’ll see you guys next week.” So it was like that and having a bunch of those is probably what I didn’t like. I just wish I could have been able to contribute more.

After spending seven years on the USS Voyager with his Harry Kim famously never being promoted past ensign, Wang had to chime in, saying:

Wang: Anthony, I just want to say, I feel your pain. “Shields at thirty percent, captain.” “You’re wrapped Harry, thank you.”

This prompted Anthony to reveal how he was warned early on that he and his about playing Ensign Mayweather may face the same fate as the Wang’s Ensign Kim:

How about when I got on the show and they said, “We hope they don’t Harry Kim you.” And I didn’t know what that was… Because they started telling me what was going on. They weren’t using me. And I didn’t even know what that was. Harry Kim, and they said, “Well, he was a part, but he didn’t really do much. And I was like, “Oh wow.” I didn’t realize Garrett’s character was a verb. They Harry Kimmed me.

Connor Trinneer, Anthony Montgomery, Dominic Keating, and John Billingsley at 56-Year Mission Star Trek convention (Photo:

Commander Mayweather?

Later in a discussion about which other character they might have liked to play, Montgomery returned to the idea of just getting more to do with his own, including a different rank:

I think would have had fun being Commander Mayweather. That’s got a nice ring to it. Commander Travis Mayweather.

The actor went on to reveal how he was told there would be a more significant connection between his character and Commander Trip Tucker:

I don’t know if you guys [the audience] know this because you guys know far more about this franchise and series than we do. But Travis and Tripp were supposed to be–I was told they were going to be like best friends or really close when I first got the job. And that didn’t end up happening. I don’t know. There was a left at Albuquerque but that’s what I was told.

The series premiere of Enterprise may have shown the beginnings of this intended connection when Trip found Travis hanging out in the ship’s “sweet spot” where the gravity gets reversed.

From “Broken Bow”

More to come from STLV

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Oh, boo-hoo. If you are not the lead, you are supporting cast.

Yea, another bit player in Star Trek whining and wanting an imaginary promotion as well. This dude and Wang are perfect for each other. Lol

Racist much?

Literally zero to do with race. But I’ll throw in another absolute prima-donna buzzkill who thought WAY too much of his part in the universe: George Takei.

Supporting cast doesn’t mean you’re a token bench warmer who just so happens to be a minority. Every single main cast member of TNG got stories and solid character development. So did DS9. There’s no excuse for what they did with Wang on VOY and Montgomery on ENT.

Wang was an embittered employee who (reportedly) was frequently late to work, was a dick to many of the cast and producers, and had delusions of grandeur. So yeah, there is an excuse, and it’s a good one that is verifiable if you care to spend some time and look into it.

Montgomery I am a bit more sympathetic towards on this, but the entire cast only got four seasons, so we missed the chance to see what would’ve happened to his character with a full seven seasons. Plus that was horrible Star Trek, badly written and executed all-around, and it deserved to be cancelled — all of the actors on that series were done a disservice to by the writers.

To each their own, but I don’t base who and who I don’t feel sorry for based on unconfirmed reports. You went there. I wasn’t there. Both characters were woefully written for regardless if the actors were “nice” employees or not.

I’ll just say that I did the research and I am comfortable with my INFORMED opinion, so I don’t find your sort of moral high-ground response to me here all that compelling. We just disagree on this, and that’s fine.

I will certainly agree with you that writing for all of the supporting characters, as well as many of the primary characters, was an issue on Voyager, and even more so on Enterprise. The Berman Team was running out of gas in the latter part of that era — and so Voyager was not as strong as DS9 and TNG, and Enterprise was just awful…and this flowed down to missed opportunities for many of the characters.

Care to post links of where you read about Garrett Wang being an embittered employee? (This is a genuine question as I hadn’t heard of that before).

I have a response with an example link, but it went to mods here for approval (I’m guessing because it’s an internet link). So stay tuned.

PS: If it doesn’t get posted, most of the info is on old Trek BBS links from between 2003 and 2012, and supported as well by old interviews with cast and crew, and there used to be some quotes from Wang himself that were pretty myopic concerning this.

Yes, please do share links for all of us to read. I also have never heard of this about Mr. Wang.

I’ve read it here and there, and there’s probably enough out in the ether to piece together a pretty reasonable argument to support the idea that Wang wasn’t a model employee. That seemed to turn into a feedback loop where he would get upset that he wasn’t being supported by TPTB (he seems to be the only cast member who was dead set on attending the informal Star Trek School for Directors, but was denied). He got on Rick Berman’s bad side, and once that happens we’ve seen how petty he could be.


Exactly. It’s not like we left 4 years later knowing anything more about Hoshi or Reed either.

Garrett Wang was also, apparently, nearly impossible to work with (chronically late and unprepared, didn’t know even his handful of lines each week), and was nearly fired instead of Jennifer Lien to make room for T&A Seven of Nine. It was only because People magazine named him one of the 50 Most Beautiful People during the summer hiatus that his job got spared.

I’m sorry, Mr. Montgomery, but you were bland and wooden, and it was a good idea to put the focus on better actors.

Focus on BETTER actors? Geez, the whole cast was terrible, except maybe Billingsley (and Combs of course.) Bakula was shockingly bad, but the guy playing Trip was like s1 Riker he was so not credible, and T’Vulcan simply was godawful.

Billingsley was great. I also thought Keating, Trinneer, and Park were okay.

I thought Bakula was not so much bad as miscast. He’s great at the “affable everyman” sort of role, which isn’t what a starship captain is supposed to be. He was the wrong actor for the role. Of course, it was a shockingly badly written role, which would have made it a challenge to play for any actor. I felt deeply sorry for Mr. Bakula during “A Night in Sickbay;” I can’t imagine how terrible it must have been to try to carry such an awful script.

I know, crazy, but I always loved A Night in Sickbay. I’ve seen it about ten times. But I also love Move Along Home and The Naked Now so I am definitely an outlier. ;)

I guess it’s good that SOMEBODY liked it. :-)

Logical response… and humorous!


Y’know, I have seen maybe four episodes or so of Enterprise. At the time, I just couldn’t get into it, as it seemed to be Berman and Braga repeating TNG v3 and, as much as I loved TNG and liked VOY, I was looking forward to some of the energy of the original show with ENT set in the past. So what I’m saying is that I really can’t offer an opinion on Bakula and the rest based on ENT.

I will say though, that Bakula was absolutely wonderful on Quantum Leap. I’ve been rewatching the reruns with my twins and he and the late Dean Stockwell were just wonderful and had such great chemistry. I think you might be referring to Bakula’s everyman quality based on his Quantum Leap character? So, based on that, I’m actually interested in watching ENT. Was it really that bad? I’ve heard very mixed reviews.


All I got from the guy is lukewarm Bush the Second.

I have been waiting 20 years for someone else to say Archer had a Dubya vibe. I didn’t hold it against him, though. Just thought it was part of the Zeitgeist.

Trinneer was fantastic in my book. He managed to naturalize a ton of stylized dialogue, and his reactions to everything he experienced felt so genuine to me. He’s the breakout star of that show.

I agree.

Yeah love Trinneer! One of the best Star Trek actors around!

I completely agree. It was cringey watching Bakula overact and chew the scenery like a dime-store version of Shatner for 4 years. Trip was decent, Phlox was fun, Shran was the best guest star, and T’Pol was hot. The rest of the show is utterly forgettable.

Is that you, Mr. Shatner?

Acting is more than just playing a part. As a JOB, it’s also about building up a resume. I feel this guy. I went into the restaurant industry to help me get through college, but it took me YEARS to shake off the perception that I was JUST a restaurant industry guy. Being pigeon-holed in any field sucks, especially when trying to move up the professional ladder, within and outside one’s field of endeavor.

The wonderful Darren Mooney talks in depth about how Trip and Travis were intended to be the original BFFs, and then it was supposed to be Reed and Travis, and then eventually natural chemistry led to pairing Trip and Reed. It was hardly fair to Anthony Montgomery, but it did give ENT an early genuine classic with “Shuttlepod One”.

Yeah, he’s got a lot to complain about. He’s only worth about 2 million dollars. My sympathies.

With both Kim and Mayweather I struggled a bit to see the potential that was being left on the table. They are nice guys and amiable performers. I thought Wang acquitted himself fairly well in The Chute and Timeless, but I don’t really rewatch the likes of Fortunate Son, Nightingale or The Disease and lament we didn’t get more Mayweather and Kim for reasons other than a supporting cast should be better utilized in principle and it’s a particularly bad look to sideline diverse talent.

Not every role is a lead role. Period. That’s the gig. As for whether the TNG cast all got their moments to shine – sure, eventually. But TNG was a hit that Enterprise wasn’t, so it was in the series’ interest to play up all of the characters. When you’re trying to become big like Enterprise was, you have to focus on your main characters. With success comes the opportunity to play and widen the field of stories and character focus. Voyager falls into the same category – it was never the hit that TNG was.

Hey, it was a paying gig. It obviously doesn’t bother you too much, you keep showing up at cons. Could be worse, you could be the guy on the rubber Gorn suit.

At least Harry occasionally had an episode focused on him, and got to do stuff. If Travis had just disappeared after season 2, I’m not sure if anyone would have noticed.

That’s been the reality of Trek being an ensemble cast from the beginning. In any of the series you can likely think of a character or two that no one would have missed if they just dissapeared. Folks have agonized here what to do with Chekov since Yelchin’s passing, but the realiy of his supporting role was maybe twenty minutes of dialogue over three movies. If ST 14 ever gets made, no one watching is going to be wondering where Chekov is.

Yeah any series… Except DS9. Proof that solid writing can “turn rocks into replicators.”

I never understood the the conflict over how to deal with Chekhov after Yelchin’s sad passing. As you said the character had maybe twenty minutes of real screen time in all three films and was the least developed. He had no story arc whatsoever and was basically there to read off bridge lines pretty much like the old Chekhov. And if we’re being very honest with ourselves, the character was still too young to even be there at all but I understand wanting to include him obviously. They could’ve said he got a promotion to another ship and moved on. There was no reason for it to be complicated because he had no real story that even kept him there.

I liked the character but if anyone should’ve been complaining about a lack of things to do in the franchise, it should’ve bee Yelchin.

Harry had tons of episodes focused on him. That’s why I never understand why Wang feels so short changed. Yes he could’ve gotten a bigger arc but the character had several episodes focused solely on him every single season. And a lot of times his ides is what helped saved the ship even when he wasn’t the star. He even got one of the iconic Star Trek lines/speeches people still remember long after the show or movie ended: “Maybe it’s not about the destinations that matter, but the journey.” It’s one of those very ‘Trek-y’ lines that sums up the franchise well, especially Voyager.

As for Travis, he was focused in maybe 2-3 episodes at best and yeah never saved the ship outside of his piloting duties. To me he’s much more a Chekhov or Sulu than he was Kim.

The lack of development for the likes of Kim and Mayweather punctuate how superior DS9 was when it came to character development. It says something when SECONDARY characters like, Garak, Dukat, Dumar, Nog (insert numerous others here), have more depth and are better written than some of the REGULARS of other Trek shows.

100% agree!

That’s what made DS9 stand out beyond all the shows. Even the new shows, certain characters are not developed much like most of the bridge crew characters on Discovery. They didn’t even know what to do with characters like Soji and Elnor after its first season. But on DS9, even the secondary characters got full arcs and there were over 20 of them. That’s why that show remains my favorite among all of them bar none.

One could make an argument for them not knowing what to do with Elnor (or, to an extent, Soji) *during* the first season. 😜

But yeah, DS9 is still far and away the best Trek for fleshing out its cast.

Even Morn was more interesting – lol

YES to this entire sub-thread!

DS9 for the win!!! 👏😁

Silik. Sharan. Daniels. T’Pau. Hernandez. Forrest. ENT had very well developed secondary characters, probably more so than even TNG.

The same could be said about SNW vs. Discovery. We’ve learned more about the entire bridge crew of SNW in their first year, than in the 4 years we got of Discovery.

Of lot is down to writing. But… with Montgomery, it was equal parts writing and ability.

Not sure about the acting chops of the Disco bridge crew (we haven’t seen them stretch really) but I DO know the SNW cast are solid actors, all of them.

Again, the bridge crew of DIS are *not* the focus of the series. They are recurring characters- not main roles or supporting roles. And even then we’ve learnt a fair amount about them.

This was a consequence of Enterprise emulating the style of The Original Series with a focus on the three principal characters rather than the ensemble.

Mayweather was no different from Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, and Scotty, which is a bad thing.

Nah, Scotty was a tweener who got much more screen time than the others.

I guess, mostly because he got to captain the ship. And he was a bad ass at it.

True! :-)

I’m going to be honest here, Mayweather was neither an interesting enough character nor Montgomery a compelling enough actor for me to be particularly upset over the way he ended up being used. ENT was strategic misfire after misfire so I’m not completely unsympathetic, but as a fan I’m definitely not regretting how much Travis we got.


On point.

I’m hard pressed to remember all of the names of the bridge crew on Discovery, so there’s that ….😜

Unless I’m mistaken, Anthony Montgomery was billed as main cast. Most of the Discovery brdige crew are billed as co-stars, so basically behind the guest star of the week.

I don’t know if these actors understand what it means to be a supporting actor. In the Original series, I would say that Scotty or Chekov were my two favorite characters but I don’t think they would have been my favorite characters necessarily if they were given equal time share as Kirk, Spock and McCoy. They shone because they were secondary. The same with Harry Kim and Paris (who was also one my favorites on Voyager)

Actually Paris got a great arc on Voyager. He started out as the ‘bad boy’ and ladies man who ultimately matured and became a family man. Again, I guess people just see things differently but I thought Paris had plenty to do. Could there have been more, sure but he was very integral to the cast and we learned quite a bit about him, especially issues he had with his dad, who we also saw.

As you said in an ensemble show, everyone is not going to be Data, Seven of Nine, Picard or T’Pol and have a major story line and character developments every few episodes; but as supporting characters most of them still got a few stories focused on them every season at least.

I agree, and even in the original series, there were those episodes. There was the one where Scotty was accused of murder so I don’t deny your point but that’s still different than being the main star of the series or demanding that every bridge officer get equal air time.

Yeah we totally agree. As I said I don’t think it’s realistic to expect major story lines every week unless you are the Captain or a bigger supporting character. I think most of them got decent development in all the shows, but I’m not the actor working on them either. And to be fair, they probably took the job being told they would get a bigger role but things can change on a TV show like trying to raise falling ratings, more emphasis on characters who become instant fan favorites etc, etc.

And in TOS, Scotty got at least a few storylines about him away from the troika. Not much, but something at least.

I understand Montgomery may have felt slighted but its been said, pretty much every Trek show, some characters don’t get as much as others. TOS was obviously infamous for it but all the later spin off shows that was more ensemble focused some characters got more to do because they were simply more interesting and/or better actors.

And frankly I thought Montgomery was the worst actor on the show and I loved pretty much the entire cast. Maybe it was just how he was written, IDK, but he just didn’t feel very compelling with the little he was given to do. But I think comparing himself to Kim isn’t really accurate. As much as Wang whined, the reality is the character got his own stories every season and was highly involved in most of the stories even when he wasn’t the focus. In fact I’m listening to the Delta Flyer’s podcast with Wang and McNeill reviewing every episode of the show (which is really good if you’re a huge Voyager fan) and the guy seems to talk about all the things he got to do in practically every episode. At least through season 3 where I’m currently at.

That wasn’t the same for Mayweather. I would compare him closer to Sulu, Uhura or Chekhov who got a little to do here and there but didn’t have any major focus throughout the show minus 2 or 3 episodes. The only episode I can recall that was specifically about him was Horizons. Kim had dozens of episodes where he was the lead in the A or B story.

Newsflash: Matt Shakman now directing MCU Fantastic 4

and what of Trek 4?…

Not surprised at all.

Maybe Justin Lin will come back since he also left another big gig too recently. ;)

Im thinking JJ will be announced as coming back, TRoS style

LOL who knows? I doubt Paramount remotely does. I can’t blame Shakman for bouncing if he did. I think we will be seeing Fantastic 4 long before another Trek film at this point. Anyway this is getting way off topic so I’ll just leave it there.

Marvel Studios gave him a contact. Paramount never got past a letter of intent. Or worse, a verbal commitment.
What would you do?

This movie has probably been nothing but smoke and mirrors from the start. On Reddit, it’s funny how no one seems bothered or surprised by the news. I think most of us kind of saw this coming as the months ticked by and not a whiff of the production was starting anywhere. And no, can’t blame Shakman at all. The guy signed on over a year ago and he’s probably been waiting for a call like the cast on when and if they were going to start production and finally got frustrated. Fantastic 4 will actually get made.

So I guess the hunt is now on for the fifth director lol. And will change the date again that won’t mean anything. And people still have to wonder why so many of us are cynical about it? Um…hello?

Quentin Tarentino!


What are we gonna do, Spock? We got no director, no script, no cast..
We’ll do what we always do, Jim, find a new release date

Phil, I would like to be having a drink in a bar with you tonight, with you telling me I TOLD YOU SO over and over. lol

Just saw this on the Trekmovie twitter feed:

“Walter compares his character in #StarTrek to coitus interruptus. Says his character was never fully realized. #stlv #56YearMission

This is more proof on every show at least 1 or 2 actors felt slighted. And I definitely agree with Walter Koenig moreso than Montgomery because he was involved with the character for nearly 25 years when you include the movies and yet he was barely given anything. The show I somewhat understood because it was the 60s and most shows were star driven at the time. But by the movies, they could’ve given him and the others more to do. But it’s more proof you will probably find at least one actor not happy with their roles but its a job so they stay.

Also saw a tweet saying he had a scene for STXI but was cut.. Surely it can’t mean ST09?? Can it??

Yeah I saw that one too. That’s pretty surprising if true. And if so how did that go unreported all this time when we heard dozens of stories about Shatner being involved on that movie over and over again. I hope we hear more about this.

I’d argue he had plenty to do in the movies. In TMP he had a few choices scenes when he was injured. In TWOK he was a major player. Not much in III (never remember the acronym for III), in Voyage Home he had the whole Aircraft Carrier/Hospital bit. Not much in V but no one really shone in that one, and in Undiscovered Country he led the whole investigation. I’d say for a secondary character, he had plenty of good bits written for him. He even got a whole series of moments in Generations (even if the part was written for McCoy).

But we never learned anything new about the character in those movies either. Not one piece of background or character development. Yeah he got a little more to do in TWOK and TVH in terms of the plot, but character wise you could’ve replaced him with anybody and you lose nothing. I think that’s what he’s talking about. Chekhov is just there to move the plot along and say bridge lines, he’s never been given a chance to make the character himself shine or develop more in his own scene.

Montgomery is complaining about Travis and yet the irony is we at least learn more about who that character is on ENT than a so called ‘iconic’ character like Chekhov who never got to speak one line about himself in 2 seasons and 6 films.

Re: Chekov in the movies – you don’t have the time to give a bunch of backstory to a supporting character. They get 90 minutes to get from Point A to Point B with a baddie thrown in to boot.

To back up what I’m saying, I THINK that’s what all these actors are complaining about at the end of the day, there isn’t enough emphasis on character development or story arcs. Montgomery and Wang was in practically every episode in VOY and ENT. They all got things to do in all of them, but I guess the issue is for them is that’s more about just being part of the story in some way but their characters were not integral to the stories themselves that they are complaining about; including Koenig. And when you see Kirk, Spock and McCoy given at least some development in every episode or film I understand why he and others felt frustrated.

That’s really the only thing I think they are all saying because its not like they sat out for half the episodes or in Wang’s case not given more lines. His character dishes out a lot of the exposition in the episodes. And all of these characters made up the bridge crew, so they were always there since thats where most of the action happens on all these shows.

That said I’m sure there would be thousands of actors out there who would love to be in their places if they could, so it’s all relative.

So, I have this image of Kirk barking navigation commands on the bridge..
Pull out! Pull out! Damnit, Chekov, pull out!


And btw Phil, I saw on another thread you asked me where I lived in L.A.? It was on an Uhura thread. Sorry I didn’t answer you, never saw it until now. But I finally responded to you on it.

I meant Nicelle Nichols thread.

He was hired to be the token black guy, got treated like the token black guy, and got enough screen time as the token black guy.

At the end of the day, Enterprise was an absolute mess behind the scenes (when you read the 50yr Mission) thanks to Braga. It all culminated at the end with Bakula giving Braga an almighty verbal thrashing as a farewell gift.

No one should be a token anything in a ‘trek’ show

My post was meant as a criticism, so I completely agree with your point, but that’s how some people are treated by the industry, especially back then. FFS they didn’t even let Brooks (who was the lead!) have his trademark shaved and goatee look until the end of S3 because he looked too “street” (DS9 Doc). Pathetic.

A big part of the problem was that the whole “boomer” storyline sounded a lot more interesting on paper than in reality. Had “Favorite Son” been a breakout episode, we probably would have seen a lot more of Travis Mayweather.

Anthony is an incredibly nice guy in person. Friendly, charming and humble. But, well, he’s not the most gifted actor in the world. Same goes for Garret W. That’s why neither of them emerged as a big star. Talent counts for a lot.

Both Wang and Montgomery should be luck they had REGULAR JOBS!

Are we going to hear them Whine for decades like we have from Takei?

Wang got some good material through the 7 seasons, and don’t forget he actually took PR steps not to be let go from the show!

As for Montgomery, yeh, he could have had some more to do, but even he had a couple of good centric episodes over 4 seasons.

Jeez, the comments on this are so mean!

Mayweather was the most intriguing character on Enterprise, and his potential was mostly wasted, outside of a couple of episodes. The “boomer” angle was unique in the franchise, and the fact that ENT didn’t explore it further speaks to the essential weakness of the show—treading familiar ground rather than going where we haven’t before.
It’s totally fair that Montgomery is bummed, and he seems to talk about it in a thoroughly amicable way *when asked*.


Hubris deflated!

I’ve been laboring through a slow rewatch of Voyager and Harry has considerably more to do than Mayweather, who probably has the fewest lines per season of any main cast member in the Berman era.

Thank you! I’ve said this over and over again. Kim gets LOTS to do on Voyager, it’s not even a contest. Travis feels like he shouldn’t even be in the opening credits in some episodes.

Even the Ent showrunners knew that they risked ‘kiming’ this character.
And so it proved….

Trineer and Keating had more chemistry than Trineer and Montgomery (cf. “Shuttle pod One”); thus they developed the friendship between the former pair’s characters. What I did like was the mentorship relationship between Sr her and Mayweather (eg, that episode with the Suliban camp).

He’ll be blaming Shatner for scene stealing next 🙄

I get the frustration but he just wasn’t that good of an actor. He always came across like he was playing a child. The way he delivered his lines, the lack of chemistry with the rest. His character also didn’t seem that intelligent, but I can’t blame that on him. Frankly I never understood how he got though the auditions. I mean, what were they looking for? And who else was there?

Yeah it was his line delivery that always bothered me too. He doesn’t sound that way in real life so I always wondered if that just his choice or what the producers wanted? But it just didn’t really connect.

I am still pulling for another season of the show or something. IF it ever happens and he comes back, he can certainly redeem himself. And it’s been 20 years, he’s probably a much better actor today versus then.

I see his point, and Enterprise was just a pile of wasted opportunities and poor show direction. Ensign Ro got more plot development in 8 episodes over 3 seasons on TNG than Mayweather got in 4 seasons on STE

Valid point, but Michelle Forbes is a theatrical powerhouse compared to Montgomery. The writers and producers needed to know they could write powerful stuff for an actor who can deliver it on screen, and Mayweather always came across as the Opie of Star Trek.

There are no small roles, just small actors.