Podcast: All Access Star Trek Gets “Grounded” With The ‘Lower Decks’ Season 3 Premiere

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 105 - TrekMovie

This week, the TrekMovie team is at The 56-Year Mission in Las Vegas (informally known as STLV), but we made sure to review the season 3 premiere of Lower Decks before we left. We were joined by Matt from the Shuttle Pod to talk about the lower deckers, Bozeman, and being a bit of a buffer buff.

Back next week with news, plus a review of the next episode!

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Thank you for taking the time to record this podcast, despite your busy week…

You’re very welcome! Hope you enjoyed it.

Didn’t James Cromwell also play Cochran in the mirror verse episode? I think he shot the Vulcans or something.

Great podcast as always!

He did indeed. He’s done a lot of Trek! Glad you enjoyed.

Wait, he reprised his role for the opening of In a Mirror, Darkly? I just thought that was reused footage from FC?

The premier was very enjoyable, but hardly “the best episode yet.” It actually felt like Beckett’s mom’s trial story arc was dumped in between seasons. After setting it up as a cliff hanger at the end of the season, and to have the resolution hang out there for the entire break, it sure resolved itself in a blink of an eye. I am fine with that, but the montage almost seemed like the old story outline the writers decided to not do.

Thanks for the podcast and great review. Being a UK resident it’s also nice to be back in sync with your reviews after lagging throughout the SNW. I thought it was a great episode overall and particularly loved the First Contact references (including movie score) which was very well done; the coffee shop “Thirst Contact” was lol funny. Thanks for mentioning the absence of deck plating which while good continuity with last seasons finale was a little odd in terms of heading off into space.

Laurie, knowing that you’re a big Voyager fan (me too) I thought you might have mentioned Tuvok. Do you think Tim Russ and other members of the cast might feature in more substantive cameos later this season?

I loved seeing Tuvok! (And Bateson too, although not Voyager-related.) I think it’s a total grab back in terms of who we’ll get to HEAR this season, but it’s a good bet we’re going to get a fair number of them.

Oh I hope so Laurie and I can’t wait for next week. This show has really grabbed me and kudos to everyone involved.

Yes we need Tim Russ to actually SPEAK on this show next time! :)