See Commander Seven Put To The Test in In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Picard – Stargazer’ #1

This week IDW launches a brand new mini-series tied to Star Trek: Picard. Written by Mike Johnson and Picard writer/producer Kirsten Beyer, Star Trek: Picard – Stargazer is set between the second season and the upcoming third season of the television series. Angel Hernandez is doing the art, including the main covers. And we have a five-page preview for the issue that arrives tomorrow.

Star Trek: Picard – Stargazer #1 (of 3)


Embark on a never-before-seen journey set between seasons two and three of the Paramount+ hit series Star Trek: Picard! After a tantalizing offer to return among the stars arises, Captain Jean Luc-Picard takes to the bridge of the U.S.S. Stargazer. But when trouble rears its head on a once peaceful, pre-warp planet from his past, Picard enlists the help of an old friend.

Cover A:

NOTE: There are three additional covers: B cover by Megan Levens, a retail incentive variant cover by Liana Kangas, and a final variant available only in the IDW store.

Five-page preview: 

Stargazer launches Wednesday

Star Trek: Picard – Stargazer #1 is available on August 31. You can order and pre-order individual copies at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

The entire collection will be published as a trade paperback next April, and you can pre-order that now at Amazon.

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The art really isn’t working for me – that sort if “lineless” technique almost always just looks poorly defined, and the colors aren’t doing the heavy lifting to make up for it. Hopefully the story is better.

Am I the only one who thinks that dialogue and artwork don’t quite work for those characters?

No, no you’re not…. (sigh)

I think the Picard dialog rings true but the Seven dialog def does not. Not a fan of the artwork either.

With Beyer writing, will this be considered at least semi-canon?

Trek screenwriters come and go, Star Trek Countdown was touted as “official” even on the cover, with screenwriters of the time Orci and Kurtzman marketed as having contributed to the story. Countdown was the first out the window when Picard launched, even though Kurtzman was also involved in Picard.

Ah, I see we said the same thing. :) Yeah, pretty much everything post-Nemesis went out the window with Picard.

The comics and novels are not canon. Even when they’re deemed canon, Countdown for instance, later films or episodes inevitably contradict and nullify them eventually.

Wait, a diplomatic Kobayashi Maru? A command simulation where diplomacy always fails?? It doesn’t much more Picardy then that…

Why is she in operations uniform when she is command?

I was wondering that, too, but too afraid to look stupid by asking. :P

This doesn’t look nor read like Picard and Seven. I’m sorry, but it’s a ‘no’ for me.

Mike Johnson has never had a good grasp of writing Picard’s dialogue, unfortunately. He’s good with the Kelvin timeline, but his prime timeline stuff is not very good.

Reads like a 90s video game cut scene…

It really does.

Please excuse my ignorance, but is this considered “official” to the Picard canon?

Technically nothing outside of the TV shows is canon. The comics and books are done in cooperation with the producers of the TV shows, making it kind of “soft canon”, but they can be invalidated at any time by the writers/producers of the shows.

I just read it. Minor spoilers –

Nice that they used some of the crew they used in the original novels they had about the Stargazer for the flashbacks. My nitpick is that the guy’s last name was Ben Zoma, not Zoma as it’s presented in the issue. His first name was Gilaad.

The art got even sketchier toward the end, but the rougher it gets, the more I like it. At least it looks less smeared and more energetic. Don’t know that I like where the story is headed – smells like they’re going to have Seven resolve her trepidation about Starfleet here so they don’t have to bother with it in S3, which is just…ugh. I know it’s Picard’s show, but I really don’t like it when media sets characters up for arcs in the primary canon, then resolves them in conditional canon.