Watch: Trailer For ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Blu-Ray/DVD With First Look At Special Features

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 is coming home on October 4th. There will be a limited edition Steelbook Blu-ray release, along with the usual Blu-ray and DVD releases. It includes all 10 episodes of the second season, along with over 90 minutes of bonus features.

New Trailer

Today Paramount Home Entertainment released a trailer that offers a preview of some of the special features.

Release details


  • Episode 201: “The Star Gazer”
  • Episode 202: “Penance”
  • Episode 203: “Assimilation”
  • Episode 204: “Watcher”
  • Episode 205: “Fly Me to the Moon”
  • Episode 206: “Two of One”
  • Episode 207: “Monsters”
  • Episode 208: “Mercy”
  • Episode 209: “Hide and Seek”
  • Episode 210: “Farewell”

The standard Blu-ray cover.

And over one hour of special features, including:

  • THE U.S.S. STARGAZER – The featurette takes a deep dive into the creation of the U.S.S. Stargazer from conception to build out and features exclusive timelapse photography alongside Production Designer Dave Blass, who brought the original TNG art department onboard, including the famed Star Trek graphic artist Michael Okuda, and design artists Doug Drexler and John Eaves to create the latest U.S.S. Stargazer.
  • THE CHATEAU – Led by Production Designer Dave Blass and Prop Master Jeff Lombardi, the featurette explores the transition of Picard’s chateau following its redesign and conversion to the Dataverse in season one.
  • THE TRIAL IS OVER – The intimate, behind-the-scenes look connects fans with John de Lancie who reprises his role as Q, playing a significant part in the season two story arc.
  • REBUILDING THE BORG QUEEN – The featurette showcases actress Annie Wersching as she discusses stepping into the role of the Borg Queen. After 25 years, the iconic character returns through advanced design and production techniques, which are further discussed by Designer Neville Page, Prosthetics Master Vincent Van Dyke and Make-Up Department Head James MacKinnon.
  • PICARD PROPS – Property Master Jeff Lombardi takes fans on a tour that showcases the various props created for Star Trek: Picard – Season Two.
  • PICARD PASSAGES – Alongside cast and crew, fans will follow the heroes from Star Trek: Picard through time and space as they encounter old and new friends, as well as challenges, in the latest season.

A look at the Steelbook release.

Available for pre-order

Amazon has pre-order links up now: Blu-ray $42.99|  Blu-ray/Steelbook $48.67  | DVD $29.95

Coming soon to other regions too

According to, in addition to the October 4 USA/Canada release date, Star Trek: Picard Season 2 will also be released in the following regions:

  • United Kingdom — November 14
  • Nordics — November 14
  • Spain — November 15
  • France — November 16
  • Italy — November 17
  • Germany — November 17
  • Benelux — November 18
  • Japan — November 18
  • Australia — December 7

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It’s hard to understand why these new series still don’t have a 4K blu-ray/stream.

Perhaps the SFX are rendered in 2K? I have a 4K blu-ray set-up, and I am not buying the more expensive UHD BR’s without first checking this, plus also reading the review of the 4K disc. For some movies, the upgrade isn’t very noticeable or needed (like if the SFX is rendered at 2K), and in some case’s they’ve screwed up the HDR, or they’ve messed up the remaster, and scenes look too dark (HEAT 4K).

So I always check the reviews before I “upgrade” to the 4K disc from my existing 1080P BR disc. Because $30 a pop adds up quickly given my compulsive need on my home theater hobby. LOL

Yeah Matt, when the HDR is done right, it’s freaking awesome! Be careful on some of the older movies that are getting remastered though, as sometimes the result with the HDR is not optimized as well as it should have been. Again, that’s why I usually read the Bluray-dot-com review first on the 4K UHD releases (and I don’t see any reason why the corresponding 4K streaming would not look similar, if not quite as crisp).

Strange New Worlds is in 4k.
edit: oops missed Matt’s post

that was a rough season of TV……..Hope the next is a little better. Cheering for ’em…..

A little?

The whole show has been terrible. Let’s hope they find their footing in this final season.

I agree with your assessment. I can’t go so far as to say it was “terrible,” but it was definitely rough and highly disappointing. Hopefully, they will muster some tighter storytelling for the final season. My expectations are considerably lower sadly.

It’s hard to believe a professional is making these covers for Paramount…. Disco and Picard covers have been so uninspired… the PIC ssn2 bluray looks fan made…. do better!

Yeah, the Jurassic World Dominion movie we just watched last weekend on 4K UHD BR was about as good as Picard S2 (lol), but the freaking awesome dino artwork on the Steelbook case, and the insert make me happy that I didn’t get too ripped off buying it. ;-)

That is a had cover. Man, oh man.

It looks like someone spent a maximum of twenty minutes on Photoshop.

That cover artwork is pretty terrible, but I suspect they sell very few discs these days anyway so it’s likely an unimportant detail.

I don’t think they’d make a steel book edition if that was true.

The artwork looks fantastic to me. Much better than that boring artsy bw cover the stream, the steelbook and the soundtrack got.

Well, the eye pleasing bright blue artwork covers up what is a strangely done cast shot (for example Soji’s and Laris’s torsos completely disappear instead in fading away like the others?),and for the steelbook it’s two poorly lit heads in B&W, and the insert art is like an LA Chamber of Commerce website intro page photo.

I like the steelbooks. I’m getting the season 2 of Picard and Season 4 of Disco. It’s worth it to me to spend like 10 dollars more for a nice-looking case. Wouldn’t even mind deluxe editions that came with a soundtrack CD and poster. But i can see why that wouldn’t happen. The one i didn’t get the TOS Steelbook the price was absurd for a steelbook.


i want to buy this just to take out my frustration on the show and break each disc, burn everything then drive the remains across the state border and bury it in a shallow grave and throw some leaves over top

Mmm…nah. I think I’m fine pretending there was just one season.

This show has become such a waste. Even last season of Discovery was slightly more watchable. That’s not saying much because it’s still Discovery but yeah.

If they mess up the final season with the TNG family back together it’s going to be disheartening. They have to get that right at least.

Well, maybe a die-hard completist like me who doesn’t give a damn about people’s opinions and/or his own opinion about this particular season’s quality. Do you really think I’m just going to say… “Oh, I didn’t like it that much, so I’ll give it a pass and just settle for all other seasons of Trek ever released because StarMan tells me to, leaving a gaping hole in this series?”

Not gonna happen… It’s the worst season of Trek ever but it’s Trek and as long as I’m breathing, I will get every season of Trek on BD because it exists… I am primarily a collector!

Yet you just provided two examples of who?

I couldn’t stomach to watch even a trailer.

It pains me to spend money on this, but so be it. If nothing else, it’s a vote for physical releases.

You really are a champ, Bryant taking one for the team! ;)

I’ve had no desire to rewatch PIC, even though I actually enjoyed s1 quite a bit. This season was a slog. I’m wondering if it might be better on a second viewing? But I feel disinclined.

Kind of bummed because I like the cover of the regular Blu Ray over the Steelbook, which I have to get because I purchased the S1 Steelbook. The 90 minutes of bonus features look interesting.

Well. Honestly, I couldn’t even finish watching the season when it was streaming. I ended up just reading recaps of the last 3 or 4 episodes, because I just felt so let down for something that I looked forward to so much. But to each their own, I suppose. If you liked/loved it, then I’m happy for you. Fingers crossed for next season.

I get the “completist” thing – if you want to own this. I tend to be a completist in other areas (Beatles records, for instance) but for Star Trek, I’m happy that it’s all available to watch, streaming. No need for me to own one more thing.

I’m buying this purely as a collector. Now that I know the ending…maybe I can binge it and see through the gaping flaws from episode four onward.

…to purchase this, or anything I Absolutely Know I won’t watch when I get it home is…illogical. I blew off the last two episodes, this season turned out to be so bad.

If you’re a collector, more power to you, I guess.

I’ve come to terms with this being a minority opinion, at least in comments sections on the internet, but myself and the Trekkies I know in real-life as opposed to the internet loved season two of Picard start-to-finish and considered it a gift. So I’ll guess I’ll be the lone voice of dissent in these comments and say that I’m very much looking forward to this physical release.

Ah, if only one could purchase the special features disc only.

Or if streaming services would just add special features. Why doesn’t anyone offer commentary tracks on a streaming service?

So do I understand correctly that the streamer can watch it in HDR (or even dolby vision) and the blu ray watcher (because of technical limitations of a normal blu ray) can’t.. ?

While it’s not a large market, the 4K UHD BR disc market seems like a healthy market that is here to stay, and given the higher price point that they can get for these versus standard BR and DVD I don’t think it’s going anywhere soon. And once I stop seeing new releases of all disc formats at Wal-Mart (and they usually sell out without 48 hours), then I will start believing this sort of urban urban legend that discs are on the way out. And there are numerous companies remastering old movies in BR and 4K as well, and it looks to me like they are pretty successful. Case in point, I have pre-ordered TMP Directors Edition 4K collectors set for $85 on Amazon, and they must be getting a ton of pre-orders, because they’ve upped the price to $95.

I think it’s just a rather odd and weird decision that CBS didn’t do the 4K UHD on this one, at least for the Steelbook set. If you are really wanting to push weak material like Picard S2 to me (I loved S1 BTW), then if the Steelbook included the 4K UHD, plus had better artwork and some collectors inserts, they probably would have hooked me to make this purchase.

I would purchase a 4k blu ray right the way!

Though it saw wasted potential on the new characters, I’ll still get this.

Is there a chance that we get the final season on 4k blu ray at least?

I don’t stream so am waiting on this (just like s1) obviously I’ve picked up on various spoilers and seen the odd clip (despite muting the word “Picard” on twitter) and know about the overall disappointment, but damnit I’m still looking forward to watching this! The long lost Q movie we should’ve had in the late 90s/early 00s (and have forgotten most of the spoilers now anyway). The same disappointment and anger was levelled at s1 and I quite enjoyed that when finally got the blu (despite the finale, and some slow going on the ship with the supporting cast).

How could so much potential end up with so much disappointment? I doubt I will ever watch this season again outside of the first two episodes. I have not loved every season of every Star Trek show obviously but I think this one is truly the worst I’ve seen and yes it’s saying a lot.

Agreed, Tiger. I don’t see myself going back to any of PIC, save Nepenthe and perhaps the first two of S2, as you said. Hopefully S3 will actually be great. One can hope. And as you know, don’t even get me started on DSC…:)

Not to join the hate band-wagon myself.. and I don’t hate Picard as a show.. I am disappointed with it like many others for reasons similar. It didn’t seem to be successful in the way it should have been successful. The two seasons didn’t feel very well paced and the story is kind of convoluted and even boring at times.

It seems they should put out Season 3 before the end of the year, with it completed and ready to go, for the purpose of an apology for the disappointment that was Season 2.
Yeah, they won’t do that, I know.

The overwhelming consensus I’ve absorbed is that most of us were disappointed with S2 Picard, though it had some redeeming qualities and had a strong start. But the middle of the season was in particular universally criticised.

I still hope Season 3 is going to be a surprise. They may just produce something really exciting. I still worry though that it will end up being too clunky and messy.

The idea of bringing back all TNG cast is a selling point designed to draw a exclusive audience of older TNG fans. That’s fine. They need to go for a different tone though and just embrace the 90s tone of the show with a bit of cinematic TNG. Combine the best elements of the show and movies (yes, they have elements that I think work, in terms of pacing), but just make it fun and make it crazy and more ‘trekkie’. I’d hope they stop with the melodrama and go all out for a fun ride. The season needs to really hit 5th gear and go for it.

Bringing back TNG for s3 for a full on nostalgia fest brings back memories of the original intention for ST3, bringing back Shatner as Kirk . Of course that was far too Trekkie for mainstream audiences who obviously wanted Trek to be more Marvel and Fast Furious

Historically, the third season of Star Trek shows is when they finally pick up steam….. sadly if they get their act together for season 3 it will fall flat when the show ends.