Watch: ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Teaser Reveals USS Titan, TNG Characters, And More

Star Trek Day kicked off with a bang with news for the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard. The first official teaser trailer was revealed and it shows footage of our Next Gen crew, along with the main ship for the season. We also finally have a release date.

“We need to find a ship”

The big news for this new teaser was a first look at the new starship, the U.S.S. Titan. The teaser was introduced by series star Patrick Stewart onstage during today’s global live-streamed Star Trek Day celebration. Today’s Picard panel featured series stars Patrick Stewart, Jeri Ryan, and Michelle Hurd.

Check out the trailer featuring the return of the Star Trek: The Next Generation main cast…

For international viewers the trailer can be viewed on

Season 3 details

Here is the latest official synopsis for season 3:

Star Trek: Picard features Patrick Stewart reprising his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard, which he played for seven seasons on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and follows this iconic character into the next chapter of his life. LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Jeri Ryan, and Michelle Hurd star alongside Patrick Stewart in the third and final season of the hit Paramount+ original series.

February 2023

Also announced today was that season three will debut on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. Following its premiere, new episodes of the 10-episode long final season will be available to stream weekly on Thursdays. Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. and is distributed concurrently by Paramount Global Content Distribution on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

More Star Trek Day

This is the first big announcement coming out of the Star Trek Day event, but there are more panels with more expected reveals to come so keep your eye on TrekMovie all Thursday for more big news. We will have more coverage and analysis of all the Star Trek Day reveals, including exclusive red carpet interviews, in the coming days.

The “Star Trek Day” celebration is available for fans to live-stream worldwide for free at and on YouTube (Paramount+ and Star Trek Official pages), Facebook (@StarTrek), Twitter (@StarTrekonPPlus) and TikTok (@ParamountPlus). It is available to stream for free in the U.S. only on Paramount+’s Twitch page. After the initial airing, the conversation portions of the event will be available on-demand on Paramount+.

Keep up with news for the Star Trek Universe at

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I feel like if this had been the first season teaser, I would be more excited. As it sits now, I am apprehensive based on what has come before in this series. Still gonna watch. Still hoping its good and works as a good send off for Picard and company.

I think many feel the same way as you do, me included. I still liked this trailer a lot but IMAGINE if we gotten the exact same thing in season one?? OMG! The entire TNG gang back together AND Seven of Nine showing up again but this time a Starfleet commander? People wouldn’t know what to do with themselves lol. It would probably be the greatest thing for me since Voyager went off the air easily. I mean Picard as a show already was…until I watched it unfortunately.

After two lackluster seasons (IMO), they HAVE to get this one right. Not only for being the last season but for bringing the band back together. This is suppose to undo the horrible ending Nemesis gave us, it would be a slap in the face if it was bad as that or as the first two seasons of Picard has done, even worst.

A new Titan, eh? I like the idea of a retro look, it helps a little with the notion that some classes of TMP era ships would still be around 80 years later. If it still works and looks good, why change it?

But I’m so looking forward to Beverly getting something meaty to do.

That ship is ugly as hell

It is. And to that I say GOOD! They’ve been trying a little too hard to make every ship design sleek and “cool” looking in recent years. Nice to see a frumpy one again.

I wouldn’t call it “frumpy.”

A lot of recent designs look like they are just meant to spin slowly on aLazy Susan; to be looked at but never inhabited.

This looks like it’s built to do a job, like it’s meant to work.

Yeah, meant to work. Frumpy. Dumpy. Like a Jeep. Like a Con Edison helmet. A workhorse. Frumpy ain’t a criticism. Frumpy is good. Frumpy is right.


Okay then. :)

It looks like a love child of Koerners proposed Kelvin-Enterprise and the USS Vengeance.

Honestly the ugliest ship I’ve ever seen in canon Star Trek. Really busts my enthusiasm for the ship-side of this show.

I don’t love the two hulls; the primary looks TMP-era refit, and the rest looks like a kitbash. That said, I can let it slide; it’s fine.

The JJ ship is the worst kitbash, with the refit primary dish and then everything going sideways and south after that.

Two hulls?

Don’t forget we might be getting certain 1701’s showing up

I disagree… the ugliest ship in any Trek has been and will always be the Enterprise-D. Never did like that design from the start.

As awful as the -D is, it at least looks okay from one angle. The Disco will only ever look good while cloaked.

Since millions of people of several decades will disagree with what you are saying you can’t argue “it HAS BEEN the ugliest ship”. That’s simply wrong.
You just can say “I FIND it’s the ugliest ship”.

I wouldn’t say “millions,” would disagree… but many people would definitely agree that the cruise ship in space was far from the best-looking ship.

Forced to agree. That D was just gawd awful. Fortunately the ship on that show was never quite as important as the one on TOS. The way Kirk spoke about her made her feel like an actual character.

Still waaaaay better looking than the Discovery to me.

No, Discovery is a super model compared to that ship.

Still think Discovery is coming back to the 23rd century after season one lol.

It’s still funny to me that Discovery is actually based on the first design of the 1701 refit. In other words, a rejected design!

It is a great disservice to Ken Adam to say that. But I do think McQuarrie trashed Adam’s design, so the damage was already done decades before these folks decided to seize on the old concept.

the ship was designed by bill krause who designed the radiant class uss stargazer model for season 2 of picard this is one of his ship designed based on his tmp era uss shangri la

Holy cow… Folks in this thread taking overly critical to a whole new level.

It looks as if a Constitution-class starship and Miranda had sex, and the result was a methamphetamine class starship.

So would you watch them have sex?

Don’t be puerile.

But, yes.

uh oh. rule 34.

My only complaint is that it seems they couldn’t make up their mind whether they want angular look or smooth and went for something in-between that just doesn’t feel right.

I find it quite handsome from this angle. I do agree the impulse is overkill, but otherwise great. I do hope that it is an old ship refitted and renamed. I’m fine with Terry’s inclination towards the movie-era designs, but hope there is some in-universe explanation.

tHe NAceLLEs aRE All WroNG

Engage!! 😍

Wasn’t it established in Lower Decks and other beta-canon sources that the Titan was a Luna-class? This ship is clearly not Luna class.

I suppose this could be the Titan-A, but why?

Would love some more live-action Boimler here via his transporter double. Make it so.

Edit: I originally said Titan-B

That was actually one of my first thoughts too. Is Lower Decks suddenly noncanon again?

This isn’t Riker’s Titan, it’s the next one.

Titan should be a Luna Class ship. Disappointing. There is nothing wrong with going back to the Enterprise E, either.
I did not like seasons 1 & 2. Bad writing. I’ll give this a whirl, but we shall see.

“I suppose this could be the Titan-A, but why?”

Cause they just won’t give it to us straight lol

If it was the 99th ship called Titan and you used roman numerals, it would be the Titan-ic.

You won’t believe just how pleased with myself I am over that one.

I would believe it, sad as that is. :-)

Actually, thinking about it, maybe we’re looking at this wrong. Maybe this isn’t Riker’s Titan, maybe it is an older Titan. There were rumors there would be a visit to the Fleet Museum this season.

Nevermind. Other sites are saying Matalas has confirmed this as the Titan-A.

That visit to the museum will likely be to see the Enterprise as it’s supposed to have multiple of them in this season

I’m still hoping the museum ship will be the rescued saucer of the Enterprise D. Or *GASP* the Enterprise A?

It’s amazing how much ‘dishing’ is being done over this primary hull …

A museum ship would’ve made way more sense. Seems like they’re not even trying to have a coherent design lineage anymore.

To be fair design lineage was thrown out with the Defiant.

This is 20 years after Lower Decks. It makes sense they’re up to a new Titan.

“…but why?”

Because engineers love to change things.

or the Risks and Tensions of Worlds did not timefreeze over the Years and they need to refit their Ships to new Technologie without building every years a Fresh new Starship out of their Docks. So Refiting the existing ones is perhaps to compensate it

So the Titan is basically the Enterprise-F? Or the Discoprise on steroids? The scenes have some vibes from Star Trel III.

I would say that the Titan is Constitution Mark II class….a bit like the Excelsior Mark II class we have seen.

Connie Mark II is always just Enterprise-class to me, maybe this one should be called Enterprise-class, just to make up to Probert the slight made by the Okudas on the refit nomenclature.

the titan-a is a constitution lll class per the showrunner and the designer of the ship

Star Trek Picard III

Whoever thought we would ever see one Titan, much less two of them in canon?

This tease was super cool. Beverly looks like she’s ready to be a badass, Picard and Riker together and just seeing glimpses of the rest of the TNG crew warms my fanboy heart. It’s crazy they are all back but I CAN’T wait! And I don’t think Matalas was lying about the ship porn!

Hopefully this will be season that will excite all of us fans!

Agreed! Too bad we did not see more of the TNG cast in action, but Crusher looked great! The only downside: Too bad we have to wait until next Feb haha!

Yeah, kind of a long wait! But I think we’ll get another trailer at NYCC next month and probably the main one. They dole little by little which is pretty funny. On First Contact day, we got their voice overs and names. For SDCC we got images of them a few seconds each with more voice over. Now on Star Trek day we got them all in actual footage. So by the next one I think we’ll get them altogether in one place in a few scenes….minus Spiner of course lol.

It’s about time Gates McFadden got her chance to shine.

That ship shown is not the Titan. The trailer is deliberately misleading.
I am genuinely excited though after what 2 people who have seen leaks have said.

It says Titan on the back.

Yeah I didn’t realise that till later… urgh, shame.

Umm thats not the Luna class Titan. Is that a constitution saucer?

it is the second starship to bear the name titan this is the uss titan ncc-80102-a

Is that the Breen at the start of the trailer?

That’s what I was going to ask!

But… what if they are other genetically enhanced people from Ceti Alpha V? And they have been stuck there for another 100 years – since Wrath of Khan. Strategically, Kahn left them there, and the Federation either chose to leave them there – or didn’t know – before now these people exist.

Beverly goes on a mission to find out what happened. Spiner is one of the Khan-related superhumans left on the planet.

Eventually this does still somehow relate to Data – and the ending of Picard Season 2.

And the woman antagonist … What if she is Khan’s direct daughter – or granddaughter?

Perhaps, somehow, when Kirk killed Kahn, he didn’t know Khan hid some people on the planet.

And… everyone knows by now that Picard… is robot. He has to prove his humanity.

I know that’s not it! But… just trying to extrapolate from those tidbits Terry Matalas shared in the interview! (Thank you Trekmovie!) And maybe explain a little more about why they decided to change the dates of the Eugenics Wars?

I thought the trailer was cool – and I like the ship!

Oh wow, and now the other story about Nicholas Meyer’s podcast. … is it a tie-in and not an alternative universe?

@Trek in a Cafe that sounds great. and quite logical

Could very well be. Now that we’ve seen PIC S2 we know that Khan and Data are of similar origins. Finally the whole “noonian/noonien” “Singh/Soong” thing makes a bit of sense.

Wow! What this show should have been in Season 1.

Yep! My guess if Kurtzman and CBS had their way we would’ve gotten a TNG revival show in season one. But Stewart wanted something completely different, so….

Wrong guess.

Nope, pretty certain. They would’ve done TNG revival because they know it would’ve attracted even more fans. It’s a no-brainer, hence why we are getting it now.

Totally. But that’s not what Sir Patrick wanted. He wanted a Star Trek version of Logan.

Third time’s hopefully the charm. It’s a damn shame they bungled 2 seasons to finally get to this – the whole cast back together for one last adventure.

I had no issues with season 2. It was actually quite good.

It was too long. They could have easily done the same story in 5 eps and erased all the filler. Personally I was not a fan of the Picard family backstory. And Q made no sense. The only reason he was interfering with history is so Picard could get a life? And what’s with him dying? One minute he loses all his powers and has to trick Soong into helping him and at the last minute he gets is powers back and everything goes back to the way it was at literally the snap of his fingers. The story of that season really didn’t feel like it came from the same guy who did the 12 monkeys series.

I mostly like Season 2 but it definitely dragged in the middle. It’s too bad they didn’t use more of that space to actually give closure to characters they knew wouldn’t be returning. Rios is the only departed character who, in my opinion, got a proper send-off. We know from Terry Matalas that there was a scene cut from the finale script that gave some more detailed explanation on Borgati’s alternate collective, which would have made that make much more sense. If Q had brought everyone back to the “present,” say at the end of episode 8, then we could have spent the last two episodes seeing the Borgati Collective help the Federation identify and deal with whatever threat the anomaly posed. Elnor would have been resurrected sooner and could have been heavily featured in those last two episodes. We could have said goodbye to Kore and Adam Soong much sooner.

They should’ve known. It takes a lot of Trek 3 years to get good…

The excuse for pretty much all Trek since TNG has been, ‘takes years to get good.’ That has always seemed absurd to me, almost like you had the line at the start of GENERATIONS that keeps being repeated read as “it’s coming two years from next Tuesday.’

Cautiously optimistic.

This looks exciting…but I really dislike the new Titan A…too retro and not TNG.

So Brent Spiner’s character is still nowhere to be seen. I am really beginning to wonder what is going on and why all the secrecy with his character?

My guess is they’ll reveal that character – or release a second official trailer – in October. IIRC when they were teasing PIC S1 back in fall 2019 it was the second or third official trailer where they dropped that Frakes and Sirtis would be appearing in the show. So it makes sense we’ll at least get a glimpse of Spiner in the next trailer, even if they don’t name his character. Hopefully he does not have as large a role as he had the last two seasons. I’d be totally okay with just an episode or two featuring whoever this character is supposed to be.

Paramount+ is calling this the Final Trailer.

Interesting. I hadn’t seen that. Personally I’m okay with that, I had just assumed that like previous seasons there would be more than one official trailer. The first two teasers don’t really count as trailers to me.

Nah. They are going to save that one right up to his actual reveal on the show IMO

Has TREK ever managed to keep a major secret from leaking? Despite security measures on the TOS features, everything leaked out ahead of time. Shows like TWIN PEAKS were able to keep their surprises as surprises, but nothing ever really surprises me in TREK anymore (except that I actually liked the first part of BEYOND, which had nothing to do with spoilers.)

Where’s that music from at the end? I feel like I can hum it from one of the movies but I can’t put my finger on it

Sounded like Back to the Future.

Yes. It does sound a bit like the very end of the end titles.


I’m liking the new ship — although a new take on the Galaxy Class rather than Constitution would have made more sense.

We haven’t seen the Enterprise F yet. That may be a new Galaxy class ship!

The new Titan seemed to have hints of the ambassador class to me

After season 1 and 2 … i have no expectations anymore.. probably a lot of lame writing, no logical story…

Spoilers: Beverly is kidnapped, while working in a refugee camp giving medical aid. Since starfleet cannot interfere without risking diplomatic consequences the team has to go get her !

cool story bro …….

I am sure there were many who said the same after TNG seasons 1 and 2

I wonder if Picard’s “Hello beautiful” comment is a reaction to seeing the Enterprise-D…

Something is definitely being hidden there because they made a very quick cut as the camera was about to pan towards the ship in spacedock. They did not want us to see it, which makes me think it’s something special.

Ok a new Titan, that’s cool, but seeing Earth Space dock was the highlight for me

Me too. It’s been literally decades since Undiscovered Country.

Well we have gotten them in Lower Decks too. I always smile when I see it there. But I assume you mean in live action.

I hope Seven gets a spin off series! I fell in love with the original series. Can’t get enough now. It’s a shame Picard is only 3 seasons.

I’m very excited! I’m happy for Terry too. I feel this is going to be an extraordinary story with lots of surprises. This cast deserves a great ending to their story.

Riker: “Wherever you go, we go”

🎶 If I could, then I would
I’ll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I’ll go wherever you will go🎶

Wait a minute — that’s Archer theme.

Enterprise revival confirmed? 🙃

This feels like proper Star Trek.

Why is the lighting always dark? It’s like modern producers have a fetish for it. ALL THE TIME. Is there an energy shortage or something happening on Federation starships now?

It’s like, cinematic, man. As on DISCO, it makes it more suspenseful when they’re doing science or navigation and they can’t see what they’re doing.

Well, there’s dark and then there’s dim. The opening aboard the SARATOGA in TVH, that’s seriously dim. In the first-run Century theater, it played like we were seeing it at a drive-in, it was that murky.

TREK has shown the extremes, with that and with the 09 ‘Target Cosmetics aisle’ ship interiors, which are so bright you’d need sunglasses to do your work. The thing I think all these newer series need to keep in mind is that what makes the dark work is having contrast, which gives the image snap. Take a look at DAY OF THE DOVE after the power was cut on the bridge — you’ve got darkness, but you’ve got light as well. Near the end of JOURNEY TO BABEL when Kirk orders half the power to be cut (and I guess it cuts out all on the same side), a similar contrasty dramatic look is achieved that isn’t just mush and murk.

There seems to be a preoccupation with seeing fleeting detail in underlit shadow sides of an image this century, I guess owing to how digital cameras resolve, when it seems to me the more appealing image would let the black side of the image stay black, so the visible elements appear more ‘sculpted.’ It’s a long way from Jerry Finnerman to this IMO.

This trailer was obviously the biggest hit of the event but it’s funny reading other boards and people are almost down right angry over the new Titan ship. I guess most just wanted to see the original ship in live action form and not just on LDS. And then others just seem to think the new ship itself is ugly. I think its fine but maybe they should’ve gave it a different name because it seems almost distracting now.

I’m just happy to see Seven in command of it though. And sitting with Picard AND Riker too! That’s really cool!

It’s multiple things with the new Titan. I myself don’t like it, for different reasons:

  • The design: it’s blocky, the shape of the secondary hull, the motion picture era saucer. It’s so out of place. I was confused when I saw it.
  • The fact it looks like a kitbash (different classes/eras thrown together but not matching).
  • The name Titan-A. What did the original Titan do to deserve a legacy letter? We don’t really know.

But bottom line, it’s just my opinion, nothing more. Sometimes you like a thing, sometimes you don’t. I was excited for several things, mostly hyped online, and I wasn’t getting that pay-off when I saw that ship. I feel season 3 is getting so hyped, we need to temper our expectations so not to get disappointed when it airs. Things like all the Enterprises ‘supposedly’ appearing, talk of people like Sisko appearing, people have been talking about the Titan (the Riker one). It’s becoming an 8 tier cake when it might just be 3.

Like I said, it’s just my opinion. I commented on the pics in a tweet from another Trek site and got blocked by Terry because of it. I wasn’t disrespectful. I only gave my opinion (which numerous other people seem to share because they liked the tweet). That was disappointing because I think he’s doing an amazing job on this series/season.

I totally agree with you on the Titan, Remco. After the season 1 ship debacle and the fix in season 2, they’ve been hyping the fact that we’re going to get even more ships this season and that they brought back as much of the TNG design crew as they could to keep things going.

What we were presented with in the trailer reminded me of things I used to sketch as a kid. Like you said, it was blocky and the design was totally inconsistent. I’m all for updating legacy classes, but if they really did want to do a 25th-century Constitution Class, they had plenty of inspiration from the JJ movies, STO and even Discovery. Honestly, they could have gone totally classic and just pulled a refit Constitution out of mothballs and lit up the nacelles like they did with the Miranda class in DS9. I’d have been much happier with that.

I really hope there’s a good explanation for the design choice. It doesn’t make sense that they did such a beautiful job on Spacedock, then turned in this…thing. We’ve only seen a trailer with a few short seconds of ship shots, so I don’t want to draw too many conclusions yet, but it was a WTF moment for sure.

That’s very unfortunate. There’s nothing wrong with your opinion, or the way you expressed it.

I actually don’t disagree with any of that. Especially the part we might be over hyping this season considering how so many of us (me especially) did the first two just to feel very disappointed by the end. If this was season one and not season three I think people would be losing their minds even more right now.

And it’s too bad Matalas blocked you. I’m not on Twitter, never had an account but I know how bad things can get on there, especially all things surrounding NuTrek. Makes this place look and sound quite civil lol. Just reading or listening to his thoughts about social media, he seems to take it pretty personal but that is the risk you take when you work in entertainment. So its really unfortunate he can’t take some criticism even when it’s civil and/or valid.

It wasn’t actually that bad on Twitter. People weren’t particularly nasty. There were just more people disliking the ship than liking it. The threat I was on was from Trekcore. They posted screen grabs of the ship from the trailer.

About producers reading stuff online: If you play (not so) undercover boss, you have to be able to take what is out there. That is an incredibly hard thing to do. They would be better off having an intern read through all that and summarize it for the producers, so the won’t get all the colorful bits.

People are gonna have opinions no matter what, and they’re allowed to. Producers probably also read these pages, but if we – as viewers – can’t give honest opinions, that would make this forum really awkward. Besides that, we’re not attacking him, or the designer of that ship. People shouldn’t take criticism as personal attacks (although I know from personal experience that’s a hard thing to do).

I’m extremely looking forward to Picard season 3 and absolutely LOVED the trailer. Just not that one ship. What’s the big deal. LOL

I signed up for Twitter at the start of the pandemic, figuring it was the only way to get in touch with some professional people, especially since linkedin seems to have largely died out and many editors don’t list their email contact info for writers to send their pitches. But then once I saw what it was like, I couldn’t bring myself to use it at all. I was up for a remote F/T writing job recently and it seemed like they were more interested in tweet volume and social media presence than actual content.

I saw the whole first season of 12 MONKEYS so I must have liked it (though I can’t remember a thing), but have to say that this showrunner exhibiting such a thin skin over a legitimate, well-expressed dissenting opinion makes me think much less of him.

Finally seeing Seven in a Starfleet uniform was fantastic. Although, I would rather see her in the sciences and not command, but still. I mean, I thought this was a great teaser-trailer, but I think it should have ended with the TNG music cues as opposed to the new music.

But I get the story so far, and Beverly finally has something to do! And lots of starships! The star base that doesn’t make sense is back! But man, oh man, WORF!

Definitely agree. I like the new music but it should’ve been TNG inspired like the flute used in the season one trailers.

But it definitely looks good (but they ALL looked good lol) and its nice it’s more Star Trek/TNG than the first two seasons. This is basically what I (and my guess many others) been wanting since Nemesis so hopefully it will surprise us. It’s just so great to see the cast back together and sounds like they are really going to be used.

The Titan miffed my enthusiasm for the new season. For one, it’s hideous. Two, it makes no sense. If this is the “Titan-A” why does it look like something from the 23rd century? If it were an older Titan coming out of mothballs, or in the fleet museum, it would make more sense. The CGI also looks terrible. There are people on YouTube doing a better job at home. For Heaven’s sake, just give the fans what they want. Give us the Enterprise or at least the Luna Class Titan!

The CGI is likely not final at this stage. It’s still 5 months away.

Actually, Matalas mentioned recently that he’s close to finishing season 3.

Anyone else notice the “space radar” beeps from the Kelvin-verse echoing on the Titan bridge? I always liked that sound effect.

I did!

It’s nice to know someone remembers those movies still exist.

Ikr. Yesterday no mention of any kelvinverse :(

Yet just 10 years ago the primeverse was dead and the kelvinverse was (not your fathers) Trek. .similar to TOS being dead after 1991/94 with Berman Trek flying the flag from then on..(then TOS was back in 2009)

I think we got a shot of the Kelvin movies in 1 or 2 of the montages at least but sadly that was the extent of it. I mean it would’ve been nice (and hugely appropriate) to include Zoe Saldana in the Nichelle Nichols video with the others since she was the first new actor to play Uhura and also met Nichols when making the first film. But I doubt anyone even considered it oddly.

And I don’t know if TOS was considered dead after Generations because they were still crossing over TOS characters in the other shows and especially for the 30th anniversary with episodes like Flashback and Trials and Tribbe-lations. Last season of Enterprise was the closest you can get to TOS at the time considering it was still 100 years in the future.

With the Kelvin stuff, the only thing they did so far was of course the Romulus explosion in Picard which doesn’t reference anything about the films themselves and the episode where Dr. Kovich mentioned the Kelvin universe with the Nero’s ship going through the black hole.

I think if the next movie is ultimately cancelled it would still be nice to do a crossover story of some kind on TV with that universe and SNW or one of the animated shows. Not holding my breath of course.

Really? I’m still trying to forget. :-)


Well, technically those beeps are from the original universe (they were on the Kelvin which was created before the incursion)

Unless you buy into Simon Pegg’s twaddle about temporal changes rippling both forward and back in time from the incursion, which I guess is supposed to explain why Chekov isn’t about 9 years old in the 09.

I am disappointed the show doesn’t seem to have design consistency with the TNG era, which has such a rich and evolved language at this point. For me this has really deflated my enthusiasm for the season, I can only hope the story makes up for it.

Its more the JJ aesthetic, which when you think about it kind of makes sense ..

Putting the words ‘JJ’ and ‘aesthetic’ together … it is a difficult concept.

Sorry, I don’t get the negativity about the new Titan. I love the retro design… a lot. A lot more beauty than that Luna-class original on LDS. I can’t say if it makes sense to have a Conny class saucer on an early 25th century ship but aesthetically I LOVE it…

If they’d only switched on the lights on that beautiful bridge of hers… too dark, deliberately…

Agreed with everything you wrote. I really dig that retro design, we don’t always need “sleek” or “sexy.”

Plot Twist:
This ship is the renamed NCC-1701-A re-re-refit with spare parts from other ships (and warp-nacelles from Phase II), after being stolen from the museum. Only the saucer section survived.
Haven’t they said we would see THREE Enterprises? Well, this is one of it. ;-)
Have we ever seen the NCC-1701-A being destroyed?
No. Therefore it still could exist the the post-TNG-era.

I’ve always assumed that it does, but I wouldn’t expect they’d cannibalize a historical artifact.

Perhaps A is the ship Riker is appreciating when they go into Spacedock.

I guess it’s a reflection of current storytelling on the ‘Mount service that half of the comments here are about whether a ship is Lutum class or Foetor class.

What else do you expect posters to comment about? Did the trailer feature anything about the story or performances?

Ignoring the ‘nuanced’ acting from Frakes and how Beverly seems to have found her FC carcoat.

Still, it is a different thing to complain about than we had in the 90s, when the trailers and commercials would include old VFX footage from other movies and elements out of past TV eps to fill out the promo (I remember that VOYAGER turned up in the FC trailer.)

I read your comment three times, trying to understand what Anson Mount had to do these posts before I noticed the ‘ before the Mount. I nearly always shorted the name to Par, as in ‘Par for the coarse’ (pun intended.)

Nice to see Earth Spacedock back. She’s had a little work done. Lookin’ fine.

THAT was my biggest thrill from that trailer! So good.

Dang. They got me again! Wow wow wow

Can’t be a rip off since they hired Bill Krause to design it ;-)

Not seeing any references in the trailer to it being Titan-A, as some have suggested. I’m with those who think it’s an older iteration rather than a newer one. The profile hints at the evolution from Constitution class to Excelsior class, in the same way the Ambassador class represented the transition between Excelsior and Galaxy. The saucer, nacelles, deflector, and shuttle bay are all very Enterprise-A. I can’t see this being a modern vessel. More likely a retrofitted hull. Didn’t they need to mobilise a large fleet for the Romulan rescue mission?

It’s called that by showrunner Terry Metalas.

Then I’d rather not have known! I wouldn’t say it represents a step forward in ship design by any stretch. It has some awkwardness about it, and it doesn’t make sense in-universe to go retro.

This is an interesting choice to me. I feel like no one in the audience has a real emotional connection to the Titan that would warrant an -A suffix, and we don’t really know the Titan beyond what little of it was on LD. I feel giving us the real Titan and having Riker have a real history with the crew might be more impactful, but I guess we’ll see. Maybe it’s a time-travel, universe hopping kit-bash situation.

Also, the ship reminds me of a pic I saw of someone’s version of a Kelvin Excelsior. Not a bad thing, but an observation.

I’m guessing there might be some in-universe reason this Titan looks retro. Because all the other ships we see in the trailer look to be in line with the design aesthetics of the late 24th/early 25th-century era, more or less. So, why is this one different? Beats me. But color me intrigued.

Yeah, that ship gives even the Ambassador Class and the JJ-Prise a run for their
money as being on the butt-ugly end of the Starfleet design scale. It is, as the producers called it, an “underdog,” in every sense of the term. And how it reconciles with previous iterations of the Titan is a good question.

I will watch and will enjoy it but I’m not sure why we need to bring all the old characters back. What’s wrong with moving forward?

Well Discovery has moved forward in a big way since season 3. ;)

But to answer your question, it brings more hype (and more importantly subscriptions) to a show versus one with a completely new cast. Same thing with the Pike show.

But I don’t disagree with you either. I’m really excited to have all these characters back but I would love a show to go forward again with all new characters. Maybe put a show 50 years after Picard or something, but that probably won’t happen seeing all the shows so far has all been based around the 23rd and 24th century which seems to be designed to bring in as many legacy characters as possible. But they were willing to push Discovery to a far off future, maybe they will do it again with another.

I would say make the spin off 25th century show from Picard with whatever TNG era characters they want to lead it to keep fans happy. But I’m hoping the show AFTER that one will go more forward in the future with new characters and new stories completely.

They are still getting mileage out of that SFS space station model, I see.

When you’ve got a lot of big objects in the same frame, the overall effect can sometimes be less than grandeur-inducing — this trailer shot reads more like clutter (remember the nice Atreides ships approaching the Guild tootsie roll in orbit in the Lynch DUNE?)

Not sure why, but it felt like these CG objects weren’t even rendered and comped in a way that had any respect for (virtuall) focal length. That’s based on two trailer views, not any scrutiny or freezeframing, but at this point after years of the Kurtzman-era space and spaceship ____ery, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. A shame, as the VFX vendors on these series have all demonstrated they are capable of superb work — on other shows and features.

I don’t know which Titan that is, but it’s not Riker’s Titan. That Titan was a Luna-class ship.

This is the Titan-A

Very excited about this. Please…PLEASE, may the writing be good.

Seven as Captain. JAY!
But, ugh, ugliest Ship ever seen in Trek. What a Zombie. Maybe to set a contrast to the new 1701??

It’s funny how they point out he’s iconic twice. I’d wager the first two seasons of Picard have lowered the icon level just a bit. Sure hope they go out on a high note.

The only complaint i have is the same since season 1 of Disco. Too darkly lit, and no detail on the ship exterior. I kind of like the ship, wish it was more like the refit/Enterprise A. Its more like the cousin of the Discoprise than a new Mark III Constitution class ship. But yeah i would have liked to have seen the actual Titan, and the Enterprise E.

Wow… love the starship design which is surprising!!! Not a fan of the bridge though.
It’s the USS Shangri-La! Should be a TOS movie continuation series!