Podcast: All Access Celebrates All The Star Trek Day News And Mines The Latest ‘Lower Decks’ Episode

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 107 - TrekMovie

[Review starts at 42:37]

Fresh from Star Trek Day, Anthony and Laurie round up all the reveals about Star Trek: Picard season 3, Discovery season 5, and Lower Decks, plus casting news and clips from Prodigy and Strange New Worlds, and the announcement of a new scripted podcast, Star Trek: Khan – Ceti Alpha V from Nicholas Meyer. And we finally have a few premiere dates! After they cover all the news, they review the latest episode of Lower Decks, “Mining The Mind’s Mines.” They wrap up with some amusing Chris Pine memes from the Venice Film Festival and a slew of podcasts Laurie has been guesting on.


Watch: ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Teaser Reveals USS Titan, TNG Characters, And More

See ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 Set Tour Video, Confirming Return Of Mary Wiseman’s Tilly

Watch: Sneak Peek At ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Upcoming Episode “Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus”

Watch: Billy Campbell Returns As Okona In ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Mid-Season First-Look Clip

Jonathan Frakes talks about Billy Campbell [at The Companion]

Nicholas Meyer’s ‘Star Trek: Khan – Ceti Alpha V’ Launching As Scripted Podcast

Interview: Kirsten Beyer And Mike Johnson Talk Canon And Inspiration For ‘Star Trek: Picard: No Man’s Land’

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Adds Carol Kane To The Cast As New Engineer, Plus Season 2 Clip

Nerf ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Phasers Revealed, Pre-Order Available Now


Anthony: Chris Pine memes

Laurie: Laurie on Dice in Mind, debunking Kirk myths with The Shuttle Pod, and talking “Day of the Dove” on Enterprise Incidents

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Thanks once again Laurie and Tony for this great podcast. Always informative and entertaining… Are we really getting an Ortegas episode? People seem to think so and it certainly seems that way at first, but then her away mission gets hijacked when she needs to stay on the ship… So how do we know really that this wasn’t just a tease from the writers, because they surely know that the fanbase has been expressing a desire to see more of Ortegas…

The clip was a tease for sure. But Melissa Navia has said there’s an Ortegas focused episode in season 2.

Glad you enjoyed it! (Tony had to record less than a half hour after getting home from Star Trek Day!) Matt’s right, Melissa Navia has already told us she’s getting featured in an episode in season 2—given that she’s recording her personal log, I’m guessing that’s the one.

i talked to her, it is from Ortegas episode

Well thanks guys, that certainly clears that up! Can’t wait to see that episode.

I look forward to hearing what y’all thought of Star Trek Day. I thought it dripped with flopsweat, personally. From the awful DJ stuff to the lame standup routine to the … well, to the whole thing, really. I enjoyed seeing the previews and listening to the guests, but I’ve rarely seen so desperate an attempt to convince the world that something is relevant. Which Star Trek is! There’s no real need to convince everyone of it, and even if there was, this ain’t the way to do it.

Yeah it’s funny no one is talking about the event itself, it was pretty bad lol. Started out OK but just got worse and worse. It look like they had a lot of technical difficulties and some of the segments just seem so unnecessary. The whole merchandise bit was painful. And the DJ, wow, just awful. Last years was sooo much better and that wasn’t great either but a better produced show for sure. And the orchestra was 100 times better than having a DJ. I hope they bring them back next year.

I will say when they actually got to the stuff people cared about, talking to the actors and the shows, it was good. But it was a little disappointing we didn’t get any real announcements either. We knew we wasn’t going to hear anything about the next movie, especially now lol. But it would’ve been nice to hear about any of the new shows they were working or even what would be next since Picard is done next season, but maybe they are still working that out. The only ‘announcement’ we got was the Khan podcast thing which A. was already announced months ago and B. I don’t think many people cared about outside of knowing Nicholas Myers wrote it. It’s probably more out of curiosity than outright excitement.

Overall, I rate the event a ‘C’.

The podcast announcement was so embarrassing I almost had to get up and leave the room. Meyer looked like he was there only out of contractual obligation, and that he didn’t mind people knowing it. He looked like he was having to restrain himself from launching into a rant about the thing not having been made live-action.

“I will say when they actually got to the stuff people cared about, talking to the actors and the shows, it was good.” — Agreed. And that’s what people care about. How is it possible that the people pulling the strings on this stuff don’t realize that? I just don’t understand. I felt bad for Newsome and Tompkins having to be the faces of this thing.

I was letdown by ST Day… and this isn’t the first time. It seems like it is way too close to SDCC and STLV. I really thing they should just work with Creation and get STLV moved to September 8th and have that be the celebration.

It also wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they just made Star Trek Day be First Contact Day. I know it wouldn’t be the anniversary of The Man Trap, but First Contract is better known, and in many ways, that is when Star Trek actually 1) began in the Trek universe, and 2) grew in the more current generation pop culture.

How can they hype this and then be the only announcement be just the Khan podcast. Even the Newsome/Tomkins podcast announcement of season 3 was a letdown because it won’t be until 2023!

While #mortegas is always good… I cannot get enough of the character or Melissa…. I think they missed an opportunity to not have either a sneak peak of the Lower Decks crossover, or a pic of animated Pike, or 2260 Kirk. Also the Ortegas clip included Chrissy Chong back on the Enterprise, so that’s a bit of a spoiler I think – or it is to me.

I am kinda hoping that one of the next announcements is a Kirk series with La’an, where we get Bones too. Prime Kirk pre-Enterprise with his first command, either of the Farragut or a smaller ship excites me, to run parallel to SNW.

I was let down by ST day as well. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the panels, but didn’t we just have those in Las Vegas? They should’ve paired up with them and just have shown the trailers/clips there. I mean, there were only a few that were really ‘announcy’. There was not enough material to warrant a red carpet or big event tbh.

Jacky and Mary were awesome. They had great chemistry. And the stage hosts as well. I loved them going off script and having fun. But Paramount is trying to make it this big thing (some online stores even chimed in by having ‘special discounts for Star Trek day’), but it really wasn’t. Please don’t try to make this into some kind of commercial Cyber Monday bull LOL

Most jarring was the ‘music’, which just was really really bad. Amateurish at best but mostly out of place. That and the blackouts made it awkward to watch unfold.

My advice would be: either team up with a big event like the one in Las Vegas, or move around the schedule of the shows so there are more trailers to show and content to put out.

I’m fascinated by the whole thing with the music (Reggie Watts). For those of us watching the livestream, those were dead moments, just weird and awkward and wtf-ish. For the people who were there live, it brought up the energy and was really fun. Last year’s orchestra was probably the better call to serve both.

The biggest difference for me this year was having fun, smart hosts who know Star Trek. Those people on the carpet last year drove me insane, they couldn’t pronounce anybody’s name, they didn’t know what any of the shows were, they kept desperately looking at their phones for guidance and (if I recall correctly) reading tweets. Glad that all went away and we had smart, fun hosts who know Trek, who do improv, and who can read the room.

‘Fascinated’ is right. He was a whole mood… even if I don’t actually know what mood. LOL

Reggie Watts with his ‘DJing’ made me cringe so much I almost dropped the whole thing, it was so lame I was embarrassed to watch.

This pic on top of this article is us during the YouTube live ;)