Playmobil Follows Up Giant Enterprise With Giant Klingon Bird Of Prey Star Trek Playset

Last year toy company Playmobil made a literal big move by revealing a supersized USS Enterprise playset (with a supersized price of $500). This year they are following that up by giving that Enterprise something to take on with a big Klingon playset (at a less supersized price).

Playmobil goes big on Klingons

Playmobil’s Star Trek Bird of Prey playest features the classic Klingon Bird of Prey introduced in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. It also features lights and original sounds from the movie.

And like the Enterprise, the ship opens up to allow you to play with the included figures and accessories. And of course the wings of the ship swing up and down.

Included with the playset are six figures (Kruge, Maltz, Targ, Klingon Gunner, Adm. Kirk, Mr. Spock) along with a variety of accessories. There is also a special base to allow you to reenact scenes on the Genesis planet.

The set is priced at $299.99 and will be available by January. You can pre-order it now at Entertainment Earth.

And if you want your BoP to have something to shoot at, you can pick up the USS Enterprise now at Entertainment Earth, discounted to $424.99.


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I just don’t get it. Are these for little kids or collectors or both?

For rich little kids excited to play out scenes from the hit blockbuster film Star Trek III: The Search for Spock!!! :D


Maltz included plus Kirk in his dippy 80s civilian attire and bits of the unforgettable and highly-convincing exploding Genesis soundstage? You had me at hello. Now for old man Deng to give me that raise I’ve been angling for…

One of my favorite lines out of all the Star Trek films and series is when Kruge says to Kirk “Admiral Kirk, this is your opponent speaking…”

“Because you wish it!” is one of my favorites. Use it on the kids a lot.

“I give two minutes for you” to get in the car

…that’s hilarious, Bamasi!

I (boot to the head)…have had (boot to the head)…ENOUGH OF YOU!!! (final boot to the head).

I love ST III!

it’s a shame these are priced out of the actual toy market. They are beautiful, but it’s just too much.
You can get the entire equally awesome Ghostbusters playmobil collection for this single ship, and twice over for what the Enterprise cost. Hopefully one day Trek will be popular enough again to enjoy reasonably priced toys.

My littles got into Trek via the animated series by playing w/ the 2009 bridge and enterprise playset that I bought for me them.

this gives me hope we’ll get a Enterprise-D soon-ish….ie a toy i like the idea of considering buying but will ultimately never buy one cause i don’t have the space for it

Strange to see them release mega-priced toys for an almost 40-year-old movie What kids are they aiming at?.

I’d say they are aiming at adult kids like Sheldon Cooper. 😉

That lava & rock base is in the shape of the Klingon symbol. That alone is cool. I’m very intrigued in this. Maybe?

Looks like Playmobile has joined the high cost of living. Heaven forbid that we should enjoy our hobbies too.
Hate to say that.🥺

This thing is great and I’ll find a way to buy it to match my Enterprise!