All 10 TOS And TNG Era Star Trek Movies Have Exited Paramount+ USA (Again)

Paramount+ promotes itself as the home of Star Trek television, touting “every series, every episode,” but it can’t say the same when it comes to the Star Trek feature films which come and go with regularity. And this month saw the biggest exodus in over a year.

Paramount+ home to a couple of Star Trek movies

Last November, the Paramount+ streaming service in the USA had finally become home to all thirteen Star Trek feature films. But over the last year, movies came and went from the service, sometimes appearing on other streaming services and sometimes not. By September of this year, all but Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek Beyond were still available. However, today the service is down to just two: the 2009 Star Trek film and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness.

Today, ten Star Trek movie titles were removed, which included both the theatrical and the new Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. As of now, none of the six TOS-era or four TNG-era films are available to stream in the USA. And to make matters even worse, Galaxy Quest, the 1999 loving homage and parody of Star Trek, also exited Paramount+ this weekend. (Galaxy Quest is available to stream on Peacock)

Star Trek movie exodus for October 2022

This removal appears to be specific to Paramount Plus in the USA. The number of Star Trek films available in each market varies, but there are no indications of similar large exits for the various international versions of Paramount Plus. For example, in the UK the service launched earlier this year with the first 11 films, all of which are still available as of today.

Paramount+ is part of Paramount Global which is the sole owner of the Star Trek franchise on both film and television, and that includes the distribution rights. While Paramount+ USA did not provide any details on the removal, movies coming and going generally are related to licensing deals cut with other services, often years in the past. Of the eleven Trek films not on Paramount+, only Star Trek Beyond is currently available to stream in the USA (on AMC+). The remaining films could show up on AMC or another service, and they will likely also return at some point to Paramount+. For example, last year all the TOS and TNG movies exited Paramount+ for AMC only to return a few months later.

This kind of licensing is common; however, other media companies have been able to take fuller control over their own franchises by clawing back these deals. Disney pulled back streaming licensing deals for their Marvel and Star Wars movies, which have consistently been part of their Disney+ service since it launched in 2019. And earlier this year Disney even brought in all the Marvel original Netflix shows like Daredevil and Luke Cage.

Every series. Every episode… And sometimes movies.

Paramount Global has made prioritizing its own streaming service a corporate policy in recent years, which has cut into the corporation’s third-party licensing revenue, a strategy witnessed with the Star Trek television shows. With the exit of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from Netflix in July of this year, Paramount+ became the exclusive USA streaming home of all of the legacy Star Trek television series after it let long-standing licenses with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon lapse. And of course, Paramount+ is home to five exclusive original Star Trek television series.

This video promo released in July touts Paramount+ as the exclusive home of “Every series. Every episode.” of Star Trek.

It’s unclear if or when Paramount+ will be able to make the feature films part of its pitch as the (consistent) home of “every” Star Trek.

They can’t take away your discs

If you want to be sure to have access to the Star Trek movies, you can pick them up on DVD, Blu-ray and even 4K UHD Blu-ray. The 2020 collection of the first 10 movies is available on Blu-ray at Amazon for $45.00. Recently Paramount released a six-movie collection of the TOS films on 4K UHD Blu-ray, available on Amazon for $95.89.

The three Kelvin movies are available on Blu-ray for $12.96 and 4K UHD Blu-ray for $35.19.

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The lack of consistency seems absurd, but I’m sure TPtB know fully well what they’re doing with the movie franchise 🙄

I’m under the impression that no, they have no idea what they’re doing, and we see that in so many different ways.

Actually I bet the financial department knows exactly what they were doing on this. No one is going to join or drop P+ because of the movies, yet I’m sure they’re always getting offers from the other streaming services for some of the movies — and so they are maximizing that revenue whenever they can.

It’s hard to understand. Paramount stock (PARA) is trading at a P/E less than 4!

Well there’s a lot of that going around on the stock market right now,

Agree absolutely that the strategic management on the cinematic feature side of the franchise is most generously described as ‘deeply lacking.’

However, Paramount Global’s overall brand management has been cited favourably by the investment community in comparison to say WBDiscovery’s management of DC IP.

Besides, citing as weak/poor a measure as a P/E ratio makes it difficult to take your comment seriously.

The incredibly low P/E is a clear sign that the investment community has little faith in Paramount.

P/E without context and additional stats and info is not a good measure that the investment community has confidence in.

Except I literally did just that.

This lack of consistency is why I own my faves on disc.

I have all of them on physical media anyway just for this very reason, but what a slap in the face to fans who have no other way to see them. As*holes. Just my opinion.

That’s why exclusive streaming is horrible… Once its gone, you cannot access it anymore. I’m glad Trek has got physical media for all properties, but thinking of Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, all those series may one day disappear into oblivion…

I work in a library and have customers come in all the time looking for shows like Ted Lasso, For All Mankind, The Mandalorian, The Man in the High Castle and movies like Greyhound. Never made available on home media. at least not in the US. These are the kinds of shows/movies that could just vanish, like those old ’40s and ’50s movies that never made it to the Late Night Movie on TV circuit.

We should be grateful Paramount still believes in home media.

True Disney has never supported physical media. I’m still waiting for Castle and Alias on Blu-Ray. Mando, Boba Fett, Obi Wan, Clone Wars Season 7, Bad Batch, Andor are never going to be made available on Blu-Ray. Never mind the original cuts for the Star Wars trilogy which are only available in low quality DVD copies and out of print.

Not making your productions available on physical media is just awful. They think it will be a mechanism for forcing people to subscribe to their service. That might work with some but not me. There are things I wouldn’t mind seeing on some of these services but just refuse to get the service. There are some I’m willing to do but the line has to be drawn somewhere. So I have not seen anything on Apple and the only Amazon thing I have seen has made its way to disc.

Yeah i’m still waiting for Netflix to release the second and third season of Lost in Space remake on Blu, its likely never gonna happen. Sales of the first season must have been only so so. Its a disappointment because i really liked the first season.

Looks over at my 4k physical media, smiles. Maybe time to pop in the new DE of TMP and give it another watch.

Me too! Plus it looks and sounds a hell of a lot better than that fake 4K with inferior sound online streaming.

No 4th kelvin movie, now this. Paramount must care about Trek movies as much as Disney does about Star Wars movies

I mean, the only way to even get to the movies on the damned app is to type “Star Trek” into the search. I always thought it was absurd the series and films weren’t grouped together in one easy to find place, but if legacy licensing deals are still in place then that partially explains it.

It will take years for Paramount to bring all its IP back into the fold, and it’s risky to put all their eggs in that basket. Yes, having all of South Park and Yellowstone on P+ would be a boon, but they got $500 million from HBO Max for the former and look at how streaming growth for their competitors has slowed before most of them are even in the black yet.

I am happy to own discs or at least digital downloads of anything I’m sure I’ll want to watch again on a whim. Streaming is super convenient… until it isn’t.

At one point they were, then they took away the Star Trek menu and replaced it with Sci-Fi.

So silly. They have enough franchises that it’s sensible to do a Star Trek hub, one for CSI, Mission: Impossible, NCIS, Indiana Jones…

Does P+ have the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles in their library? Just curious. Not that I would watch it. If I recall there was only really one decent episode in that show.

There are digital versions i’m not sure on who has them. But they are the redone Lucas DVD edits. And only in SD. Not in 1080P. Basically you’d be better off just getting the DVD. Unless you want the original cuts with old Indy which aren’t on home video at all except in some rare Japan laserdisc set. Or fan made recordings.

This was always my fear about buying digital movies that’s locked to a specific service, or outright relying on streaming services to have access to my favorites.

Am so glad for my physical media and that Trek continues to be released on disc. In addition, a few years ago I began converting all my physical to digital, so I now have my own personal streaming service of sorts, filled with all my favorites.

Paramount is retroactively canceling the movie franchise too.

No. This is nothing more than preexisting deals. They will all be back.

I legitimately hate paramount plus so much, I think it’s by far the most inferior of streaming services, with the worst interface, and above all is the home of my least favorite star trek shows. But I would throw on the old movies all the time just as backdrop while I was doing something else. I was a big fan of letting Voyage Home play in the background in recent months. I’ve been subscribed ad free since the premiere of discovery, and I don’t even watch that show or really anything else on the app. I’ve supported them this far, but seriously think about how much money I’ve uselessly spent being subscribed to that service, for them to take it and produce terrible star trek that I don’t even watch. Maybe I’m ready to pull the plug on it, because I think the way they treat trek is shameful, these old licensing deals being a major part of that. But given the turmoil at HBO, and how this mentality of grow streaming at all costs isn’t sustainable, I wonder how long it’ll be before all these streamers start to make major cuts to their library. Movies will be going back into the Disney vault every few months. There’s no doubt that selling disks was a lot more profitable for these companies back in the day, and honestly maybe it’s time for me to fully invest in one again, hopefully for the very last time, since I can’t imagine ever needing a resolution higher than 4K.

I think the only interfaces which are worse are BritBox and Criterion, but they are such niche services it’s almost like supporting a small business so I tolerate it. Paramount Global may not be Disney, but it’s harder to begrudge them having such a crappy app after so many years.

I don’t really get the comment about the interface? My system is seamlessly integrated into my Apple TV 4K high end streaming device and the P+ interface works as good as Netflix and Amazon with zero issues with the Apple TV P+ app. If you are using one of those cheap sticks or your pc for streaming you should consider upgrading, because it sounds like that’s the issue here, not P+.

It’s not a great interface even on the AppleTV. It’s fairly in line with what we are all familiar with, but it’s behind the times in a lot of ways.

There’s more of a lag when loading shows than with Netflix and Amazon certainly.

The Continue Watching feature sends you straight into that episode instead of its place in the show’s episode list, which is not actually a great short cut for the way many of us skip around to watch Trek shows.

It’s impossible to turn off auto play, I always have to stop the countdown when I finish the last new episode of Trek or it will just send me straight into the next series on my Continue Watching list.

Most older shows still don’t have any sort of “Skip Recap/Intro” function.

There’s no comprehensive Star Trek hub, whereas Disney+ makes it easy to access Marvel and Star Wars movies and shows.

They were very late to the party when it came to having scrubbing with a thumbnail picker.

Scrolling through the A-Z library is slow as heck.

The web and mobile apps force you to watch unskippable ads for P+ shows regardless of what tier you pay for.

The usb stick apps may not be ideal, but they should be better supported – one friend started getting sexual health ads interrupting his premium subscription.

Hell, even the selection of avatars is paltry.

It’s still a good value I think, even after all that. The LiveTV aspect is helpful for sports and news, the library of films is decent (if unreliable as we are all finding) – lovely selection of old classics second only to Criterion. And it’s where all the Star Trek lives, after all.

They removed the unstoppable CBS ident from the start of all the legacy Trek shows too, that was a welcome gesture.

I agree with a lot of this. Paramount+ is improving and come a looong when it was All Access which felt like a joke, but it still has a way to go to catch up to the big boys.

Dude, I had the same issue with the Autoplay just yesterday. I was trying to rewatch the latest Lower Decks episode, but because in my last watch I ended it at the credits, it would jump to the last frame of the credits but then the box would shrink to autoplay Discovery next. What was annoying was I couldn’t get out of it. It would keep taking me to the same spot and tried to play Discovery. I couldn’t even rewind my way out of it.

And what was odd was it wouldn’t take me to the restart button which of course would take care of the problem. I figured it out, I just clicked on the episode prior to the one I wanted and fast forward it to get to the episode that way. Not the end of the world but a tad frustrating.

I prefer to always use the episode menu on all my streaming sites to navigate, but I totally get if you are not doing it that way that this issues would be a nuisance.

And yeah what is up with them taking the Star Trek link away???? It was bad enough it wasn’t a real hub since it only took you to the shows and not the movies but now it doesn’t even have a dedicated Star Trek section anymore. They removed it and now all of Star Trek is clumped in with other sci fi shows.

It’s so annoying. Star Trek is the biggest brand on there and they obviously know a lot of people have that site JUST to watch the old and new shows and films. You go to Disney+ and you see just how dedicated they have made their big IPs special like Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. They are all well categorized, gives you different options to watch the library, highlights certain show or movies, especially if a new one is there and has a special connection to a previous show or film. They even do character highlights and suggests specific episodes or films to watch them in it.

But with Paramount+ none of that lol. Star Trek should be highlighted in the same way, especially when you have so many shows and (well, at times anyway) films. And what frustrates me about it is if you’re trying to get NEW fans to watch these shows, then its really a way to benefit them. If a new fan just watched the last Lower Decks episode for example that featured DS9, then you can throw up ten DS9 episodes as a recommendation to watch to get to know the show or any episodes that is relevant to the story on Lower Decks which several actually were.

When Prodigy showed the episode Kobayashi and showed the various legacy characters from Spock to Odo, then you could’ve made a small selection of TOS, DS9 and TNG episodes that highlighted those specific characters that week since the show is suppose to be targeting kids or new fans. Or since Janeway is literally on the show, highlight some of the character’s best Voyager episodes for them to watch to get to know her better that way. Things like this!

But of course we don’t even have a link to just get to the shows anymore, so the rest of that is a pipe dream. P+ is a better service overall, but it still lacks so much and especially in terms of showcasing it’s library that other sites are doing wonderfully.

Yeah, they throw us a few bones like the Star Trek Day panels and some featurette-type stuff as extras, but for the tens of millions they throw into the shows themselves, the delivery vehicle’s got some rust on it.

Yeah and that’s ANOTHER thing! Where are the documentaries??? The TV specials? The Blu Ray extras and on and on and on! Yeah they throw The Ready Room on there and all the First Contact/Star Trek day panels on, but what about everything prior to 2019?

Again, you have to look at what Disney+ is doing with their big IPs. All the Star Wars and most of the MCU movies comes with the Blu Rays extras like director commentaries, making of documentaries, interviews, etc. And then they go one step farther and produce behind the scenes documentaries for all the Disney+ MCU and Star Wars shows. I watched the Obi-Wan Kenobi documentary the other day and it was good (probably better than the show itself ;)). They add a lot of special content for those properties along with everything else.

It’s that kind of effort and exclusivity why Disney+ has the subscriber base it has and why Paramount+ has the subscriber base it has.

It’s kind of par the course for them. It was a long road to even get value added materials on the DVDs in the first place. When the movies got released the first time we were well into the era of having lots of DVD extras, but they methodically put out skinflint vanilla releases knowing full well they could get fans to buy them again when the Directors/Collectors Editions came out. And to this day they’ve given rather more short shrift to films III-X with varying quality of extras and remasters.

And on the TV side, it’s telling that it took independent efforts to get new documentaries for anything now TNG. On P+ it’s only recently that they’ve even paid attention to the quality of the files used for DS9 and Voyager. Until they dropped that CBS ident at the start, the files were interlaced with the closed captions band up top still visible!

Disney has extras you can stream? I’ve seen their documentary shows but nothing about extras on shows and such. Wait… I have seen one thing for making of some show I didn’t care about. But the ones I have watched I have seen nothing regarding extras. How does one find them?

(This is yet another example of the crap user interface of streaming services)

Not being able to disable autoplay is the worst. I’m watching something, it ends and this little countdown clock starts. Now I have to grab my phone and wait for the page with the controls to appear and that almost ALWAYS takes longer than the countdown.

I hate auto play so very much! It comes from hell.

I agree on the autoplay, but I just exit out of there so it’s not really a big deal.

I have no delays/lags when loading. In fact, I have more of those types of delays on Amazon Prime than either P+ or Netflix.

Speaking of sexual health adds, what with all the “bent dick medicine” commercials on live sports streaming these days? I mean the possible side effects they mention on those gross me out and I have to hit mute…lol

Ha! Maybe fewer people are watching and they can’t be as choosy about who advertises with them?

This sounds like the issues we are having with Disney+ on our quite new QLED (in Canada).

No skip recap option, loading the next episode fails often enough that we’ve figured out the work around through the episode selection path.

The question is why aren’t the apps pre-loaded on devices? I just bought a new BD player for region free playing and the only streaming apps on it are still Netflix & YouTube. Nothing else. I was kinda hoping more would be on it so I’m still stuck with casting.

Yet another reason why I am not big on streaming.

This, is an excellent post.

Thank you, you and everyone above in this thread ^ get it.

I honestly don’t think any streaming service I have ever used has a decent user interface. Autoplay should NEVER be default. HBO doesn’t even allow you to disable it! And there are a lot of other problems I’m just not going to get into here. Just leave it with the interfaces on every service are crap.

If you want to watch any Star Trek series or film that’s been out for years and years you will own it. I have no time for streaming woes regarding tv/music that isn’t available…

The idea of putting all the content is to build the franchise.

There are new viewers coming to the franchise from Lower Decks, SNW, Discovery and even Picard who are then chewing through the rest of the Trek library. Often the Kelvin movies are what they are looking for.

The new audience isn’t going to order DVDs.

So, it would be great if Paramount+ had a franchise pathway from the top the way Disney+ has for Marvel and Star Wars. It could be broken down by television and movie eras, extras, documentaries etc.

What’s a Blue Ray? Is that like an 8-Track?

Yeah, it’s that ancient form of media that actually outputs BETTER 4k image & sound quality than 4k streaming


The supposed 4K of many streaming services looks like pig vomit.

Ask a 20 year old to identify the object knows as a dial up phone. ;)

Its a little silver disc containing a movie that once you buy it, it is yours to watch forever. You’re not hoping your streaming service doesn’t declare Chapter 11 (Flixster, anyone?) or the rights to some show you like doesn’t get caught up in some multi-year court fight over residuals, or the digital copy of a movie you like doesn’t get caught up in Hollywood Mergers & Acquisitions, where suddenly the movie you bought is now distributed by another studio, and oh, please sign up for that studio’s service to access you movie. $9.99/mo. please!

It’s a compact optical disc with data encoded on it, but that’s not important right now.

I have a friend who was watching Wrath of Khan when it was withdrawn! They stopped the stream… is that how you express it? It was stopped mid-steam? Oh, no, they pulled his stream!

But that happened!


This is even worse than crossing the streams!

You’d think these companies would have a “core” of content, so to speak — those unique movies and TV shows you associate with a specific studio/logo. And so, presumably, they would never leave their main platform. It’s a part of their brand and legacy.

Star Trek is totally you, Paramount.

Star Trek is the ONLY reason I have Paramount+ Original timeline, of course.

Too bad.

This makes me glad that I have the first 13 movies and TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VGR, and ENT on disc and digital.

Why in the world did paramount plus do this? Star Trek is the holy grail of science fiction tv as Star wars is to movies, to remove such a series
of movies like the Star trek leaves me to wonder what paramount plus wants itself to be

Pre-existing licensing agreements are now coming into effect.

Old Paramount CEO Bob Baklish still had the idea that this was the best way to make money from the IP when ViacomCBS was merged.

It took a vigorously negative reaction from investors (tanking the share price) after he announced that the merged firm would still licence content exclusively to others before there was a 180 degree turn to Paramount’s new policy of ‘no new exclusive licences.’

At least Baklish is enough of a survivor to back down and change the strategy, but all the agreements signed in the meantime are difficult to extract themselves from.

Ha. Time to download these in 4K, and put them on a stick

Or buy the physical discs, rip them to your computer, and save them.

One of these days I’ll buy a Blu Ray…

I bought all the movies on Apple long ago and they’ve continually upgraded the quality over the years. I think most started at 720p DVD rips, now they are up-to 4K with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. I would have had to purchase the discs repeatedly to keep up with those upgrades, I really don’t miss those days. A quality streaming service like Apple with high bitrates usually surpass physical media anyway.

I’m really chuffed with the way Apple has been upgrading to the latest transfers/masters free of cost.

1) Buy physical media.
2) Rip it to your PC.
3) Enjoy for yourself and your family (DO NOT DISTRIBUTE).

Don’t rely on any company or service to always have a copy of your favorite movies available forever.

I only watch new episodes of all the show I watch on paramount+ I will re watch a episode if I missed something the first time around due to something making me laugh and I missed the following part mainly I do full rewatches later on blu-ray for Star Trek and dvd for other non sci-fi shows ncis Los Angeles and when the seasons finally comes out on dvd ncis Hawaii but other then that I only do full rewatches with Disney+ since they do not put new show seasons on blu-ray which sucks

The absurdity of this is if you want all of Star Trek you expect Paramount+ to be your source these days.

It would make no difference to a Star Trek fan if some of the movies or series occasionally pops up on another service; having movies and series show up from time to time on other services will help grow the franchise but removing Star Trek product from Paramount+ at the same time is ridiculous.

As others have said, the only reason I have Paramount+ is for Star Trek. As soon as I can’t find all my Star Trek in one place, it looks like it’s back to disc for me!

Well it’s actually been that way for years, at least in America. All the shows were on most of the biggest sites here: Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Same for the films, the TOS and TNG ones at least. They were spread out on several sites, mostly Hulu and Amazon. In fact, that’s probably why all the old shows have been having such a resurgence in the last decade, because they were on so many other sites and for both old and new fans to discover them. Practically everyone had Netflix and Amazon and Hulu wasn’t too far behind or you knew someone who had one of those too.

But unfortunately, it was an advantage to license the property to everyone who wanted it when Paramount didn’t have their own streaming site. Now it’s a disadvantage for them if you’re trying to get people on your site and you know a lot of them are only on it to watch Star Trek. And even if you have new shows to convince them to watch, I bet there is still a large contingent of fans out there that was happy to only watch the old shows and had no interest to sign up to watch the new stuff. Well now they don’t have a choice unless they buy the media directly.

Exclusivity does make sense. For the huge number of Star Wars fans they can only find the films on Disney+. Sure for the hardcore fans, they all the movies on DVD/Blu ray (and probably multiple versions lol) but there a lot of casual and new fans who just want to watch a movie or show occasionally. So for them, it draws them in. And I don’t even think Disney is selling the Star Wars shows on digital or Blu ray which tells you the state of Blu ray today if true.

Hopefully when they return, all the TOS movies will have the new 4k versions.

In September, Star Trek III on Paramount+ was the 4k Dolby Vision edition and never looked better.

TMP, First Contact and the Kelvin films were 4k as well on the service

That really upsets me…I was in the middle of watching Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home last night and was too tired to watch the whole thing. My plan was to watch the rest today…very angry that it’s gone…all the movies are gone…FURIOUS!!!

Maybe not everyone has the ability , but another alternative not mentioned in the Trek Movie article, is to purchase the movies as digital downloads. I have ALL the movies purchased on Apple TV 4k. Alot of them packed extras and commentaries. As long as I have internet access , those movies will never go away.

And even if they do (unlikely event Apple shuts down their itunes server) ,I also have the blurays. So I’m set either way.

Between the Crave app and itunes Movie library ( which itunes intergrates) I have ALL of Star Trek in my streaming fingertips .

iTunes is a fairly safe platform for that, I think. Technically, they could yank access at any time, but the likelihood is low, and as it has been mentioned, they do often upgrade the files as the studios upgrade them, for free.

The one thing the streaming age undercut was the market for extra features – people seemed to stop caring even about commentaries, all for the sake of convenience. So I agree it’s nice to be able to get a vestige of that while still having permanent digital copies of the films.

Thank you very much for that information. I didn’t know iTunes did that. It sounds like a great way to have the best viewing experience while not having to purchase upgrades.

I am probably a dummy on these streaming and exclusivity deals but what I can’t understand is why these movies have to disappear from Paramount+. Can’t Paramount share the movies with other parties without having them disappear from their own system if they own them? It’s a bit like I want to rent my house to someone but all of a sudden my house disappears and appears back when the rent is finished.

I think it’s more like you agreed to rent it out in a year, but in the meantime it was available so you let the family use it at a discount. Then when your first tenants said they were on their way, instead of refunding them or asking if they wouldn’t mind bunking with your folks, you hurriedly stuffed your family into an RV and told them to live off the grid for a few months until this next lease was over.

This is why I am not touching my DVD collection and why I actually still buy DVDs. People say why do you spend your money on “archaic” technology like that. Well because in the future when all of them disappear from streaming sites I may end up being one of the rare people who actually owns that film. It’s a bit like finding hidden gems or different cuts of films in old VHS and how sometimes that version becomes the only version available of a certain film.

Yep. Wanna see the theatrical cut of Amadeus? Gotta get the DVD, which is so old it’s a two-sided flipper.

(A good soul did edit an unofficial HD version together and put it online, but this was the best example I could think of outside of the Star Wars trilogy theatrical cuts which are technically still only on VHS and laserdisc).

The special longer version of TMP was made available in 4K only and in a limited time in a limited hundred dollar box set. Other wise i’d say yeah i have the Laserdisc in Standard Def. The tv cut of Khan has never been available except in home recordings. Up until 2009 the theatrical cut of Star Trek VI was completely unavailable on home video. It was only the extended home video cut. Now the directors cut is only in 4K and not on the Blu-Ray.

Really? The Director’s Cut isn’t on the blu ray in the 4K combo version?

Of VI no it isn’t. Just on the UHD disc. At least i have the 2 Disc DVD somewhere.

I see! I’ve not upgraded to a 4K system yet so that’s good to know.

Not that I love the Director’s Cut of VI, what with those cheesy sound effects during Valeris’ interrogation…

Wait that means only the Kelvin movies are on the site now? Eww! 🤮

Actually Beyond isn’t there either. Hasn’t been there for months now.

Man that’s the one I actually liked! 🙄

But I only seen it twice and the last time was five years ago, so not exactly on my radar much either. 😆

So they pulled First Contact, i thought they were the only people who had the newly remastered 4K version which isn’t on physical media yet. Makes no sense whatsoever. Especially removing the directors cut of The Motion Picture that was created exclusively for their service to only be released later on physical media.


-Forum poster, 2008

While I’m sure the truth is the first two Kelvin movies have different contracts that allow them to remain on Paramount’s own streaming service while they’re being rented out, I like to think that nobody even made an offer for Into Darkness.

So the starship is what now? Leaving without us? Got it.

Thank Goodness for physical home media, but do expect the first ten “Star Trek” movies to return to Paramount+ USA later on.

There’s always Piratemount Plus. And there’s no monthly fee 🤣

Rhetorical question: Why could Disney make sure all their licensing rights were in place when they launched Disney+? Every Star Wars and MCU content was locked down. But then Paramount can’t do the same with Star Trek for their streaming service?

Then again, I think that Paramount hires the people that were turned down from Disney. They don’t even know how to market to Star Trek fans with their ridiculous “The Enterprise in Landing” branding they started recently. The Enterprise does not land!

Anyway, I still love Star Trek, even though Paramount hires the worst.

As far as Star Wars on Disney, their new Star Wars shows are exclusive to streaming and are not available on physical media. Disney bought out Lucasfilm. Don’t remember the movies being available on any streamers before Disney Plus. They could be bought/rented but I can’t remember right before they were part of a streaming catalogue. The new shows will never leave Disney Plus as long as it exists or for many years. They are the reason people subscribe afterall and crucially they aren’t available on disc. Will new Stae Wars shows make it to disc? I think it may be possible, especially of Disney as a company needs money.. discs are still a money maker for collectors and will be for sometime into the future. Star Wars has made loads of money on video/disc format over the decades. There will come a time when those shows do hit home disc format, when Disney need some more profit.

Star Trek is probably complicated. Before Paramount Plus the movies tended to be all over the place. The TV shows seem to have been more easily pulled from Netflix though, thanks probably to them having their license already near the end. That’s my reading of the situation.

This is why physical media is important. Im glad I have everything on DVD/Blu ray from TOS/TAS/TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT and the first 10 movies. No one can remove your collection but you, and you always have access to your libraries and content. I purchased a few from iTunes just to have select favorite episodes on my iPhone and other Apple devices at all times. Most of the new 4k sets come with digital copies, and if you buy them, redeem the codes immediately and DOWNLOAD them to your device and or computer. I always do this and then back up the files to other hard drives, USB sticks, etc because there have been scenarios where things disappear from iTunes. For example, I bought select episodes of Gumby (50s series) on iTunes, downloaded them, and then recently just thought I’d look at a few more and the entire series is gone from iTunes. But the episodes I bought are still in my digital (and physical) libraries.

  1. buy physical media
  2. download purchased digital content and back up the files.

then the studios dont control what content you watch.

As long as this sort of thing continues actually owning the physical media will always be the superior option. I have all the films. Just got the new BD’s. Wondering if they are going to release the 4 Nex Gen features on BD again. Not that I need it. I have the previously released set which I think was a full transfer? Anyway, I would think I wouldn’t want to get them if they were released unless there were new features that I figured would be worth having.

Paramount+ is nearly as bad as Peacock. I have all the Star Trek I want on physical media as eventually Paramount corporate will lose interest in losing money on streaming and sell it off. Wells Fargo down graded them as their future is dimming quickly, Warner Brothers will likely beat them to bankruptcy but they won’t be far behind. Disney has wisely gone all in on Star Wars and that has paid off greatly, if Paramount did the same with Star Trek it would work at least as well but they don’t have the cash or the willingness to do it.

Looks I’ll be getting that old block buster set out and my VCR boy theirs a lot of dust on on this vcr! Cough cough!! The clock still says 12:00 am 🤓🤪🤓