Watch: Armin Shimerman, Nana Visitor, And ‘Lower Decks’ Cast Celebrate The Return To ‘Deep Space Nine’

Before moving on to the next episode of Lower Decks, we’re taking one more look back at last week’s visit to Deep Space 9 in “Hear All, Trust Nothing.”

Docking at Deep Space 9

In a video feature released by Paramount+, Deep Space Nine actors Armin Shimerman and Nana Visitor talk up how happy they were to see the way their characters were portrayed in Lower Decks. The video also features Tawny Newsome, Jack Quaid, and Fred Tatasciore talking about what it was like for them to bring their characters into DS9 and interact with Quark and Kira. (Video also available at

Listen to Tendi’s log after the visit to DS9

Noël Wells wasn’t part of the video, but she did record this week’s Star Trek Log as Tendi, recalling her adventures on the station and talking about the impact they’ve had on her relationship with Rutherford.


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I don’t get why the ep is called ‘Hear All, Trust Nothing’

In the DS9 S5 finale, “A Call to Arms,” Sisko reminds Nog about the 190th Rule of Acquisition – “Hear All, Trust Nothing” – when Nog informs him he overheard in Quark’s the night before that the Romulans signed a non-aggression pact with the Dominion. If you look at the major plots of this Lower Decks episode, that rule could be applied.

Wow, nice, I totally forgot that!

I can’t stop watching this episode. I love it so much!

I’ve watched this episode 5 times already, it never gets old!

You know how much of an impact an episode made on people when TM is still making threads about it a week after it aired! I think this episode really brought out the feels for most fans and to see classic Trek honored in this way.

It’s great to listen to Visitor and Shimerman speak so highly about both being brought back and this episode specifically. And I have a feeling we will be seeing both of them in the future and probably live action. I really want to see Kira in Picard now.

But I can’t say enough about this episode, it just hit all the right beats and proves whey LDS is such an amazing show and in this case we got to see two amazing shows together. The last time we saw a crossover as good as this one was Trials and Tribble-alations IMO. That one will probably stay the all time high for me for many reasons UNLESS we get something great with the LDS and SNW crossover. But if that one is great too then LDS should just do a major crossover with a different show every season lol. Why not?

Always fun to hear Shimerman talk about his character, my favourite from DS9. However, the series itself doesn’t top my Star Trek lists, so the station and most of its characters don’t evoke the kind of nostalgia from me, as many people here report.

That is also why this Lower Decks episode fails. It again feels like Mariner, Boimler & co. have actually been WATCHING the DS9 show, which doesn’t make in-universe sense. Sure, maybe “Quark’s” is a big brand now, but knowing things more intimately about the station and its (past?) residents is information they shouldn’t have. This was previously a problem specifically on LD’s first season, where it seemed like the characters had religiously watched TNG, because they knew stuff like Beverly’s ghost candle.

I hope we continue to see some “legacy characters” pop up every now and again, but they need to show restraint with it, and make it believable in-universe too.

I dunno, it’s always worked for me. It’s like Sisko’s hero worship of Kirk in Trials and Tribbleations – he knew plenty of facts about him right off the bat, but he was keeping that at bay, as he was a seasoned captain. These are young, gung-ho officers who love Starfleet, demonstrate how much they study and absorb info, take excessive pride in their jobs (with Mariner’s being expressed through a warped perspective) and have a tendency to idolize people. While I assume there are entertainment celebrities still, to these characters the exploits of the Enterprises, DS9 and Voyager would be legendary heroes. There would be books about them, holonovels, academy classes. And for a crew on a ship which ostensibly isn’t supposed to get into a lot of high stakes hijinks and action, they’d be salivating over every detail of the crews that do. It’s just like many of us know famous historical events and celebrity gossip.

Maybe it’s a little peculiar that they know Beverly f*cked a ghost, but I certainly believe Quark would have gotten some DS9 holoprograms into the market.