Podcast: All Access Recaps Star Trek At NYCC And Goes To The Movies With ‘Lower Decks’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 112 - TrekMovie

[Review starts at 35:30]

Tony and Laurie dive right in to all the Star Trek Universe news from New York Comic Con, which includes trailers, panel recaps, and post-panel interviews for Picard (Amanda Plummer! Moriarty! Pacifist Worf!), Prodigy (Jellico!), and Discovery (Callum Keith Rennie!). They then jump into their review of Lower Decks’ epic “Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus,” with a lot of talk about how it honors (and even skewers) Star Trek movies. They wrap things up with a look at Trek the Vote and a sweet TNG reunion video.


Watch: ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 NYCC Trailer Reveals Amanda Plummer As Villain And Brent Spiner’s Role


The Narada from Star Trek

Star Trek: TNG Cast Discusses Their ‘Picard’ Season 3 Roles – And Their Desire To Do Another Movie

Jonathan Frakes’ tweet: “Maybe not final”

Daniel Davis Talks About His “Different” Moriarty In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3

Watch: Star Trek: TNG Cast Thanks The Fans Ahead Of “Satisfying Conclusion” In ‘Picard’ Season 3

Worf Leads An Era-Spanning Crew In Upcoming ‘Star Trek: Defiant’ Ongoing Comic Series

Ronny Cox Returns As Jellico In ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ – Watch Mid-Season Trailer

‘Prodigy’ Producers Talk Jellico’s Role And Promise More “Wild” Legacy Star Trek Characters And Races

Murf plush at NYCC

Alex Kurtzman Hints About “An Idea” To Bring Kate Mulgrew Back As Janeway In Live-Action Star Trek

Watch: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 First Look Trailer Shows Galaxy’s Greatest Treasure Hunt

Haz Mazaro (alien casino guy)

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunner Promises Shift In Tone For Season 5 With Action, Adventure, And Fun

The Delta Flyers podcast with Bryan Fuller talking about space litter


Tony: Star Trek Celebrities Reunite To ‘Trek The Vote’ For 2022 Midterms – Watch Starfleet Recruitment Video

Laurie: EW’s Star Trek: Picard interview with the TNG cast

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I´d rather have a spin-off with Worf than Data. And even though I love Janeway I don´t feel the need for her in live action again. Since we already have her in Prodigy, I´d rather they give the chance to someone else.

I´m with Tony on this one, I don´t want a musical episode where they sing and dance and do the whole thing.

I am likely in the minority on the musical episode issue. The heart wants what it wants.

I’d love it too. And a Q could probably make them act like that.

As it stands, taking a little creative expression detour won’t hurt the franchise. Robot Chicken did the WOK opera as a bit a few years back. Know what? It didn’t suck.

I’m not sure whether or not I want a musical episode, but if they do one they should go all in with singing and dancing and everything. A half-assed musical where the characters just sing a song or two would feel kind of disappointing.

OK Laurie, I’m going out on a big ledge here but A. I do think we’re getting a musical episode soon and B. I have a feeling it will be in season 2 of SNW next year.

I notice since comic con San Diego they keep teasing about a particular episode and that it’s something never done in Star Trek before. They keep saying how big it is and sound like more fantasy based. I’m going out on a limb and say it will be a musical. So pin this post and remember it come next season. I think like the cross over idea before they announced one happening, they keep hinting at a musical as well because my guess it’s already done. Prepared to be wrong as usual though.

Interesting theory! I’m not sure it’s done, but I do think they are more serious about it than they indicate. How could you resist with that talent sitting right there? My beloved Supergirl/Flash musical crossover had three stars from Glee and multiple Broadway vets, they made the most of it. Disco could totally do the same. Plus they deserve something FUN.

I actually watched that Supergirl/Flash musical too. It wasn’t bad!

I just have a strong feeling on SNW doing one. OK, if I turn out to be right, I would love a shout out on All Access that I was the one that made the prediction first! If I’m wrong, I will just give you $10 to erase all these posts. ;D

And sure it could happen on Discovery too. And you’re right that show needs some fun. That’s the other problem with that show, they don’t seem to have it within them to do fun offbeat episodes like all the other shows. When was the last time they did one? The only one I consider a fun offbeat story was waaaaaay back in season one with Magic Makes the Sanest Man go Mad. That was it lol. They haven’t attempted anything like that again. But yes it’s hard to something like that when every season you are SAVING THE GALAXY!!

Meanwhile, I would say SNW did about 3 of them in the first season but 2 for sure: Spock Amok and The Elysian Kingdom. I would also put the Serene Squall in there because it was pretty goofy lol. Not trippy like the others but offbeat in a lot of ways. But the first two for sure.

I wasn’t a fan of the Flash/Supergirl episode. I was hoping for more original songs, but we ended up only getting one.

That’s too bad. I love it a lot and my 15-year-old and I sometimes play the songs from it in the car.

I could imagine Lower Decks actually pulling off a music episode.

The other shows however…

Great pod today! I, too, noticed Kate M’s lukewarm reaction to Jameela and thought it was a bummer. Given her reverence for both Trek and acting in general, I imagine she took one look at Jameela’s kooky fun outfit and thought, “WTF?” lol

That’s what I was thinking too. I feel like if she’d check out Jameela’s Instagram and see how she’s used her platform, she might get a better sense of her. (Or maybe just watch The Good Place!) I want Kate to love her. They’re both smart, articulate women with a lot to say.

Well I thought Jameela, for a newcomer, was a bit much. So I kinda get it.

Knowing what I know of her, I felt like she was holding back! Ha.

LOL, that certainly is true. Loved her on Legendary too.

I’ll admit to being unfamiliar with Jameela Jamil’s work, so I looked her up. I’m actually pretty happy to see younger performers embracing Trek and making it their own. Us stodgy old guys who get infuriated when younger actors playing Kirk and Spock aren’t channeling Shatner and Nimoy need to take a seat and let the kids run with it. They’re doing okay with it.

Honestly I don’t know that much about her either but since she’s now on this show and She Hulk I been seeing a lot of articles about her lately and she is a say-what-is-on-her-mind type of person. She got into it with people on Twiter who doesn’t like She Hulk (there is a lot of them lol) and basically told them to stop watching if they hated it and that she doesn’t care what they think of the show because she still got paid for it, etc.

I can only imagine how it’s going to go with Star Trek if fans start complaining to her about Prodigy but it would to be fun to watch lol.

She’s just very expressive, direct and probably a bit eccentric. That’s how a lot of actors become actors, that’s part of their make-up as people.

Yeah, unfortunately, Trek’s (and some of the fan bases) misogynistic streak isn’t one of the franchises better attributes. Hopefully Ms. Jamil won’t have to deal with that, but if her personality is such that she shuts that down immediately, good for her.

She can handle it. She deals with that crap already, always has.

She’s also well known to viewers here in the UK being a former, regular presenter on the now defunct T4, which was a youth oriented arm of Channel 4 (UK). Her Trek credentials are genuine as T4 broadcast Enterprise during its original run on Sunday afternoons. She always had a great sense of humour tied with amazing energy and I’m glad to see her doing so well in the US.

Yes, that’s what I forgot to mention. She has a great sense of humor. I went to see her on some random talk show thing here in NY and she had me laughing SO hard. And she thinks on her feet.

Kudos to the TrekMovie graphic designer. Great job combining an awesome Lower Decks scene with the series logos. Very cool image to begin the weekend, to listen to the Podcast and begin streaming a couple of episodes!

Need to watch Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus again. I laughed so much in between and after watching the episode. Amazing, in 26 minutes, tell me how they (successfully) pack twice the amount of content than any other regular ST live-action show!?

They close each episode feeling great. I always get a positive (and fulfilling) preview for what is coming next. I welcome the Section 31 twist, can’t wait for next week. :D

Ooh, thank you! I made the image. Glad you liked it. And yes, it’s amazing how packed Lower Decks is, and this episode specifically. I feel like you could watch it five times and pick up something different on each viewing.

Thank you, once again, for a lot of exciting news. As for the review, I, too, loved this episode of Lower Decks. The references to STTMP, Star Trek V, and Generations were very obvious. Less apparent, however, was the reference to Gene Roddenberry’s story for Star Trek II in which the crew would have traveled back to the past and caused the Kennedy assassination. The writers know their Star Trek history very well.

Yes! Tony included that in his review.

Great podcast per usual! :)

And yes I agree with nearly everything said about Crisis Point 2. Just a well well done episode with a lot of good (and snarky) jokes about the Trek movies and just Trek in general. Lower Decks just does a superb job of understanding its universe exactly while poking a lot of fun at it. It hasn’t quite broken the fourth wall (yet) but it always feels on the urge of doing so; especially when they are doing a direct parody with these movie episodes.

And yes to answer the question for a split second I thought maybe Boimler was meeting Kirk (his name WAS on the mailbox). I thought, ‘nooo, this can’t be happening? Right?’ And sure enough it wasn’t lol. But Sulu was another great choice. Anyone from TOS would’ve been IMO although sadly it’s not many to choose from now.

I praise LDS on practically every thread here, I don’t know what to say I haven’t said many times before, but the show just always impresses me. Not just for all the easter eggs, just the level of detail everything is done. This show could ‘ve been made in the 90s with the other 24th century shows and it wouldn’t feel out of place in any way. It’s that attention I think why so many fans has embraced.

I never would’ve thought this would be one of my top shows and so quickly at that.

They shouldn’t have revealed the Enterprise-F in the Picard trailer. Her appearance would have had a much greater impact without us knowing in advance. I feel Matalas just can’t keep from talking too much. The reveal wasn’t necessary.

So. Here’s my speculation on the 7 of 9 spin-off: Captain Raffi and XO Seven. Helm is Geordi’s daughter. Admiral Janeway is her boss. Something happens to Raffi and Seven is field-promoted to captain. Lore is the Big Bad. Other Voyager crew pop up like the Doctor, Kim, Tuvok.


Great Podcast!

The S3 Pic trailer was ok. It didn’t blow me away. Underneath all the vengeance and villainy, I hope there is a sci-fi mystery or message to reflect modern times.

I loved the Disco trailer. I’ve never understood the hate towards the show by fans. I’ve always felt it has been the most original, innovative, and Roddenberry-esque. Michelle Paradise is always thinking about the themes and message of the season, which is Star Trek at its best.

I agree with Laurie. No Star Trek film is needed.

The LD episode was a complete joy. My favorite moment was Rutherford speaking Cajun. Eugene Cordero is an amazing and funny voice actor.

Have a great week!

I don’t really see how firing bodies into space is a problem. Space is huge, and those things don’t travel at warp speeds. The odds of them hitting a planet or anything are pretty low.

How about if a capsule lands on a planet that doesn’t have technology? Or thinks it’s been sent by some divine being? I don’t know… I still think it’s irresponsible.

Unless they’re in a star system when they fire the thing, it would take centuries for it to even have an off chance of landing on a planet.