‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Stars Hope For ‘Picard’ Spin-offs With Their TNG Characters

Since it first became known that Star Trek: Picard would wrap up after three seasons there has been talk about a potential spin-off. This includes the idea being openly advocated by showrunner Terry Matalas and supported by members of the cast including Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd. And members of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast who are joining the series in season three are getting in on the action as well.

Sirtis and McFadden look to fans to support spin-offs

On Friday Marina Sirtis responded to a fan on Twitter saying he wanted to see spin-offs from Star Trek: Picard saying the “legacy” actors would “love to continue,” but that it would take the support of fans to make it happen.

Her call for the fans to back more from the TNG cast was immediately backed up by co-star Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher), who said on Twitter “I’m in if the fans are in!”

And on Saturday she reinforced her message on how fans should let Paramount (and Picard showrunner Terry Matalas) know about their desires for a spin-off with the TNG cast.

And they are not alone, last weekend Jonathan Frakes shared the trailer for Picard, with a little correction to Paramount+ to say this season is “maybe not the final” voyage of the TNG crew.


And during the panel Frakes, Sirits, and McFadden supported Patrick Stewart’s call for another TNG movie, with Brent Spiner responding:

Brent Spiner: As long as Paramount+ are here, I wouldn’t mind having my own series.

While Paramount+ has yet to make any hints about any spin-offs, they continue to promote the reunion of the TNG crew in season three. Here is another video they just released showing some behind-the-scenes at New York Comic Con last weekend.

Season 3 is built for a spin-offs

Looking to fans to build support for a spin-off has strong precedent evidenced by the launch of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds earlier this year, even though before Anson Mount’s Captain Pike appeared in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery Paramount had already announced the development of a different “Section 31” spin-off with Michelle Yeoh, which has still not got a series commitment.

In a recent interview with TrekMovie, Picard showrunner Terry Matalas cited how the fans made Strange New Worlds happen, and he hopes that happens with Picard and he is ready to work on a spin-off if Paramount+ asks. He also revealed that even though season three is being built as a “sendoff” for the TNG crew, he has also made room for a potential continuation of their stories:

By the end of this, there are things you’re going to say, “Gosh, I really want to watch this legacy character.” I like an ending that promises more… It definitely could be a passing of the torch for more.

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So… so tired.

As long as people keep buying it, Paramount will keep churning it out.

Now there’s someone we haven’t seen in a long time!


my TNG movie 5 pitch. the crew of the Ent F must do battle with.. ALL previous revenge obsessed villains from the previous movies thanks to a malfunctioning Guardian of Forever. Star Trek Into The Vengeance-verse coming next summer (maybe)

Dude you know there is no way a movie would come next summer lol. They already cancelled the movie that was suppose to come next December. The earliest we will probably see another movie will be 2025 and that’s obviously no guarantee, but that would be the soonest at this point going on the timeline of the last 3 films.

You heard me say this but I think Paramount should just put them on the back burner until they come up with a new direction and a realistic budget. And aren’t you tired of vengeance movies after the last 3 Kelvin movies? And now you want to bring all the old ones back? C’mon!

I know I was just messing lol, but anyway I been thinking about the release dates and all, and as you say 24 is out as will most likely 25.. but 26 is the anniversary year, what if there are (secret) plans to do a movie for then. Bar the 40th there’s never been a notable Trekiversary without a movie (and the reason no 40th bc Trek was dead) especially when Trek is thriving once again, and this time the anniversary could be properly celebrated as Trek is all together now .(Bond is similar, although I guess the latest movie acts as the 60th anniversary film due to all the covid delays etc, they may well have had a 26th movie out this year had there been no pandemic and NTTD had come out in 2019)

Now if that is the plan there woukd be no announcement yet as 26 too far away (and Par already been burned announcing release dates). but I could still see the kelvin cast being used bc itd be a decade on with the actors all in the ‘movie age’ range now (like TOS-TMP, with the kelvin movies acting as their TOS s123 the 4th their TMP), why have a new ‘movie crew’ (or SNW) when the JJ cast are still recognised worldwide in the roles and their movies at least made over a billion combined .. and since multiverse films will still be a big deal in next few years (Avengers Secret Wars) it could easily be the fabled Kelvin/Primeverse film for the anniversary (maybe even with some TNG actors, after all its TNG era where the Kelvinverse originated from). Anyway we’ll see

That’s certainly possible. I mean if they don’t get a movie out in 2024, then it would make sense to just skip 2025 and then have a movie for the 60th. I don’t know if they want to wait a decade just to put out another movie, but yeah it’s going to already be 8 years minimum now, there is no way to get around it. So what’s 2 more years at this point?

Frankly I would like them to go with a whole new cast and start anew. But I been wanting that since 2018 lol. But yeah maybe the budget will be much more in their favor for another Kelvin movie and salaries should be lower by then unless they all turn into bigger stars in the next few years.

Or as your favorite topic, they may just do a big crossover and celebrate a movie with a range of characters from multiple shows, both the classic and the current ones. But let’s see if they get anything prepared in the next few years. They might decide to hold off until Star Trek’s 75th anniversary! Shatner will probably still be around to play Kirk again. That guy seems to be in incredible shape. ;D

lol, yeah with Shatner I’m really shocked at how good/energetic he looks for his age (well everyone is), he literally could pass 20y younger, he’ll be 95 for the 60 anniversary! But a kelvin/primeverse movie is likely to happen for the 60th imo, its just too tempting for Par (who must be feeling like the King Kong of the movie studios after Top Gun) . like a Star Trek ‘Secret Wars’ meets Generations on a 150m budget (max), with JJ cast (Pegg be finally finished with MI by then, probably same for Urban/Boys, Saldana still between Avatars, and Pine still on the verge of being huge), some TNG (whoever survives Pic s3), Seven/Janeway, maybe even some of SNW by then,and maybe Hemsworth will show up stored in the transporter lol, and obviously Shatner (deaged slightly). How they’d make a cohesive story with all that lot is something they probably working on right now (and if not they better hurry up!)

We really need to give the “once more with Shatner” ride a rest. The man himself is admitting he’s huffing and puffing through some of the activities of daily living now. Unless he’s offered a role where he sits in a chair and beeps one for yes and two for no, he doesn’t physically have a feature film left in him.

It was a joke.

Even 2025 is pushing it. Other than the TNG crew who would even headline it? At best it would be the TNG crew (which might be tough given Stewart’s age), The idea of Prodigy into the Federation-verse, or maybe a Strange new worlds movie.

Hopefully it would just be a new direction with new characters, but people keep saying new characters won’t work in a movie. I don’t believe that at all (they should at least try it first) but if that’s true that probably explains why the movie side is not exactly firing on all cylinders. ;)

A Prodigy or SNW movie is probably way too soon to be thinking that far ahead. Both shows are only one season in (and Prodigy still isn’t finished with theirs). They both have the potential to be films but they probably wouldn’t consider it until they finish their runs on TV and both could go at least 5 seasons.

2025 is doable if they have a real plan by next year but yeah who are we kidding lol. The last movie was announced I think around April or May of last year for a June 2023 release. That gave them over two years originally and if they had their act together it may have been fine. But once they pushed the date back and had made no progress that was the first real sign nothing was really happening. It’s really funny how all of that ended up being a complete waste of time even though they had a premiere date, announced all the Kelvin actors were coming back and everything. ;)

But in reality who knows if and when we will get another movie.

The only reason I have said in the past that new characters wouldn’t work is because Star Trek struggles at the box office even with it’s built in iconic characters. I’d be happy to be wrong but even if I am I just don’t see Paramount taking that leap.

Actually ‘All previous revenge obsessed villains’ would only mean about 5-6 villains: OG Khan, Shinzon, Nero, KelvinKhan, Krall…Rufafo maybe, (but probably not for being too lame )

‘Khanlike madman villain’ would bring through all the villains bar Vger, whale probe, borg

A 25th Century smorgasbord of “Legacy” characters doing one-off adventures, rotating around the galaxy from DS9, starships, etc. would be a glorious and expensive thing, but it sure would get fans excited. SNW works well because they do standalone stories. Season-long stories can be exhausting. Call it STAR TREK: BERMAN. I’m kidding about the name, but you get the idea.

Yes, love the middle child (DS9)!

Please No! I’m ready for new characters and new content. Can we stop with the member berries? I’m full!

LOL! And I really hope we get something brand new one day as well. But I think for that to happen, the next show just has to go farther in the future. I don’t mean the 33rd century or anything, but probably 50 years beyond Picard at least. They can’t help themselves other wise.

But no one should be surprised a Picard spin off will bring more legacy characters. But I don’t think it’s going to just be old characters, they may try to do with it what they did with Picard and Prodigy and bring in mostly new characters with a few old ones. But if season 3 of Picard is a big hit and fans are begging for these characters to stick around then just forget everything I wrote. ;)

Why do you think they call them member’berries’? Bc ppl love eating berries and keep going back for more and more!

True! Lol!

You know that you can always stop eating them?

I could still use some memberberries for DS9, VOY, (maybe ENT), and in that vein some more Seven+Raffi, and a Next Next Gen spinoff for TNG+. And LDS needs 10+ seasons.

But I also wouldn’t mind totally new series (except a Section 31 one, bleh). If I don’t like them, I can just watch them once, then go back to the good ones.

Star Trek: Spare Parts, starring Brent Spiner as Digital Afterglow Data/Lore/B4

….and a dozen different Soongs.

A dozen? Thats all?

You know there’s more.

Brent Spiner will be unavailable because there are going to be a lot of Roger Stone movies.

Nah, if the Russians…..er, Republicans seize control in January they’ve made it clear a bunch of us are going to wake up at Guantanamo…. indefinitely.

I still have faith in theatre! (joking) Actually, just finished the long interview with Fiona Hill in Politico… and I’d say the world is in a world of trouble.


Wow. Tough crowd.

I’m more than sure there will be TNG characters in whatever the spin off will be. Paramount clearly sees the huge fan fare these characters still bring. It’s the sole reason there is a Picard show in the first place.

I am very curious what will come next after Picard but there is no shortage of possibilities when you have so many legacy characters to pull from. It could be a Seven of Nine show but it could also be a Riker/Troi show. It could be a Janeway show. Or a mixture of various characters. Or it could be something completely new, but I just don’t see that happening. Not with this spin off at least.

It’s still crazy where we are today. A decade ago, the TNG cast seem to be completely done and it would be the Kelvin movies that would be the new face of Star Trek for what I thought would be 5-6 movies minimum and going through the 2020s maybe even creating other spin offs and shows. But now that table has completely flipped with the TNG era back in full force and the Kelvin movies basically on life support if not completely dead now after the latest movie cancelled. But I’m not counting them out just yet. And who knows, maybe a TNG/Kelvin crossover story can even happen one day.

It’s going to be interesting to see where this all goes the next few years.

The switcharoo from Kelvin dominance to the return of Prime/TNG will never cease to astound, amaze and amuse . If TNG can comeback after Nemesis, Patricks reluctance (and association with XMen), and the blockbuster success (in US anyway) of the return of TOS on the big screen then literally all bets are off Trekwise and anything could (and probably will) happen .. including a return of the Kelvin cast (and maybe TNG) on the big screen .

But really in this ‘nostalgia age’ its the same for most of the big SF franchises we grew up with. Whod ever have believed there’d be a SW sequel trilogy (starring Ford), or another Jurassic trilogy, or an Indy 4 and 5, or a Blade Runner 2 (with Ford), more Ridley Scott Alien, a Matrix 4, Mad Max 4, Tron 2, Keaton returning as Batman, and countless more sequels on film and stream tv. the past 10-15 years have been pretty wild for fans who grew up with all this stuff in the 80s/90s

Yeah it is like a boomerang, everything comes back at some point, especially in Hollywood. It still kills me I’m watching ‘new’ shows and movies today I was watching as a teenager or younger. And all that stuff you just named will probably be in another new carnation in 20-30 years assuming it goes away again anytime soon.

As for Star Trek, I said this in the past, if you asked me 5 years ago if I saw the TNG characters ever doing another show or movie again I would’ve said a hard no. It doesn’t mean we would never see them, I figure we could once a post-Nemesis project happened which I NEVER doubted. But to have their own direct project again, I thought that ship sailed. But the second Picard was announced then everything changed. I knew they were ALL coming back lol and I mean DS9 and VOY characters as well because I assumed that show would start to open the floodgates and it’s starting.

As far as the Kelvin characters, I have my doubts we will see them in another movie anytime soon but I don’t think that universe is going anywhere either. We’ll probably see a few of the actors turn up in other ways if the Kelvin movies are done (mind you I been saying that for about 4 years now lol).

I’m still waiting to see if there is going to be a Captain Seven show before there is a Troi or Crusher show. Not to mention we never got the Captain Worf series. There are so many possibilities.

This is just my assumption obviously but a Seven of Nine show is probably the main contender. The second they made Seven a Starfleet officer it was a sign to me they had long term plans for the character beyond just Picard.

But none of these characters are going anywhere. I’m sure a lot of the TNG cast will make appearances of whatever the new shows is or they can just make a show with 1 or 2 as part of the cast obviously. But yes there are so many possibilities. You have basically 3 shows to choose from DS9, VOY and TNG to use characters from for a spin off show. No one is really talking about DS9 right now but they already said they have plans to try and bring in more characters from that show too and I don’t think they just meant appearing on Lower Decks either.

Lots of possibilities!

Given the love and loyalty the audience has for legacy characters it would seem to make sense for Paramount +. There could be a group of miniseries, say 5 to 8 episodes long like Apple + has, involving TNG actors, as they are available. Also, favorite characters from Voyager, DS9 & Enterprise as it is appropriate to a plot. Cameos alone would be a waste and disappointment. These are experienced professional actors and deserve scripts to show their acting chops.

They could be under a general title such as “Star Trek Voyages”. Then a subtitle for each miniseries, something like “Demons of Fire & Air”. Personally, I always wanted to see more of the Iconian’s. I’ve enjoyed many of the paperback book stories involving Star Trek characters and I think that type of story would make for some good live action miniseries.

I would be into this idea, especially if we got a season reviving Enterprise. Out of all the classic shows, Enterprise is really the only show I want more stories with. A mini-series would sound perfect to do a story around the Romulan war.

the return of ‘Enterprise’ feels like it could be the next big Trek ‘shock’ . like a 5th mini season . Like I said above all bets are off now Trekwise :)

Honestly this is the only show I want a true revival for because there are still a lot of stories to tell that we didn’t get to. Obviously I am open to anyone coming back from all the shows, but I DON’T want a TOS, TNG, DS9 revival/reboot show. I would love to see any of those characters as long as we see them in new places in their life as we are seeing the TNG characters on Picard next season. But no reboots.

But Enterprise, I would be happy to see them all back on NX-01, but maybe the NX-01 A? Or the nearest equivalent. ;)

I’ve been a booster here for limited streaming series and made-for-streaming feature length one-off movies. (And I still want more Short Treks.)

Not everything needs to fit the multi season series or cinematic feature format.

The Litverse has demonstrated that thee is a huge appetite for more and diverse stories across the franchise. It just takes a firm hand on the overall storylines for each era. It even showed that there are audiences for original characters, new hero ships and anthologies focused on the Department of Temporal Investigations and the Starfleet Core of Engineers.

Hi TG –

*** Starfleet Core Of Engineers: Building Better Einstein-Rosen Bridges ***

I would watch that show in a heartbeat.

Although I still want:
Star Trek: CSI
Star Trek: Temporal CSI – the whole temporal Cold War is an area of Trek that has not been explored or explained nearly enough. The narrative of a TCW show – because it is time travel related investigations – allows you to tell stories that connect to any prior Trek series or Trek character. So it could be very interesting if done well.
The Federation — Star Trek version of “The West Wing”. Dedicated to politics and the game of diplomacy. A political show focused on the actions of Bad-admirals at The Fed.
MORE Good Short Treks — Calypso, to me, was simply brilliant. More brilliance.
Rules Of Acquisition
Starfleet Academy / Vulcan Science Academy — an intelligent show that is 60% The Paper Chase, 25% Friends, and 15% BH90210-DeGrassi High.
Daystrom — Drama surrounding research and the ethical (& political) ramifications of various aspects of advanced scientific research. Including issues like managing the Technological Singularity. I could see this show and Trek CSI having a lot of overlaps in terms of the CSI folks using Daystrom to dive deep into certain issues to help with certain investigations. Might be cool.

Not so hot on seeing rehashes of even more Legacy stuff with more Legacy Easter eggs from Legacy shows and characters.

Just don’t make it so so!

I honestly do not think spinoffs are needed. It’s time instead to revisit DS9, which was a far better show anyway, with a far better cast.

Agreed on the quality of the show, but I think DS9 is harder to revisit – the captain doesn’t want to come back without more challenging material, if he’s willing to come back at all (and I don’t know that current Paramount is capable of writing material Brooks would find genuinely interesting and/or challenging), most of the non-Starfleet characters are tied to fairly personal long-term goals and it would take more work to reunite them, several characters are unavailable due to actor/character deaths, DS9 didn’t do the streaming numbers that VOY allegedly did, so it’s probably not as high priority, etc. Not that I think they shouldn’t try – Drs Crusher and Bashir on a Starfleet Medical LS, anyone? – but it does seem to present more challenges than most of the TNG or VOY crew do.

Hear, hear. Let’s face it, Deanna and Beverly just aren’t particularly good characters. DS9 had probably the best cast of characters (and actors) from any Trek show; it’s a travesty that outside of a LDS episode, NuTrek hasn’t revisited a single one. I mean, would you rather watch a Troi spinoff or a Kira Nerys spinoff?

Troi. Troi and Riker together. Let’s face it, we all have our individual likes/dislikes. I like DS9 fine, but the TNG crew excites me more than anything else.

It’s a tried and true practice. Shows have been doing backdoor pilots for decades, and spin-offs with popular side characters are par the course. Star Wars is having decent success surrounding various characters with expensive new series and mini series, so no reason Trek can’t keep doing it if the income stream is steady. I certainly remember the clamoring for a Star Trek: Excelsior series or tv movie 20 years ago and calls for an Avengers-style proper team up of casts, but the economics were in doubt. That’s less the case now.


I’m most interested in PIC spin-off that gives some actual breathing room to the non-Picard La Sirena crew, but sure – so long as there’s an actual interesting pitch involved, the more, the merrier. Heck, get some more animated series in there to make it easier for the older crew – no relocation, no make-up and wardrobe to worry about, no worry about anyone breaking an ankle during action scenes.

Wow, give it a rest guys, egos through the roof, what is it with trek actors and their begging bowls?

“Help give me my own show plebs and keep harassing paramount until I get to sign my contract and make some millions…”

Picard S3 is your “final voyage”, let it have that ending. It’s like the Walking Dead, hey our 12 seasons are over but wait for all the character spinoffs so we can milk it dry.

Well, apparently an actor can’t live on Cameo alone.

I’m surprised Dorn isn’t still asking fans to push Captain Worf.

The fans are asking for it, it’s not the actors begging. Have a look around on Twitter and other sites. People really want more TNG crew, and I’m one of them.

You must be loathing Strange New Worlds, right?

I demand an animated Boothby series be made with Ray Walston voice-cloning technology, provided an agreement can reached with heirs. Could perhaps be replicant Boothby or maybe Boothby together with replicant Boothby.

With Kolrami as his sidekick.

I’d be down for a final TNG movie to cap off TNG and Picard. But that’s my 15 year old self talking. My 31 year old self tells me it’s time to say goodbye. It’s painful to realise we are near that moment. It’s like when a close friend or a family member passes.. it’s not pleasant to move on. These guys/ladies are not young stars anymore and not even middle age prime of their life stars. There’s only so much they can do with actors at their ages. IMO.

But they’re not dead, just in their 60s and 70s. So perhaps it’s not so much like grieving a deceased family member, but more like tricking them into giving up power of attorney, putting them in a home, and then acting like they are dead.

Yes, putting the cast through one more movie is not going to lead to the same box office as Indiana Jones 5, but people’s professional lives don’t stop at 59. Half the CBS lineup is headlined by stars over 60. The number one show on cable stars a 67 year-old Kevin Costner. The number one movie at the box office stars a 63 year-old Jamie Lee Curtis. You can adapt a script to account for an actor’s age. You can take advantage of the new creative possibilities that brings rather than just frame it in terms of losing the ability to do intense action sequences, which was never a huge component of what made TNG so engrossing anyway. You’re never too old to sit around a conference table and hash out a problem.

I think a balanced cast mixing beloved veterans and younger new actors can be very effective. Just because Picard’s newbies didn’t quite catch on doesn’t mean the approach isn’t a solid one for future shows or even movies. It’s all about the script, not an actor’s age.

I don’t know about that – watch The Old Man with Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow.

As much I love them, season 3 should really be TNG’s proper send-off (a movie wouldn’t do them justice, as it will always be more about the action than the characters). There’s an end for everything. If there will be spin-off’s, I’d very much prefer it to be with VOY/DS9 -and new- characters. Of course, TNG characters can always make an appearance as it’s one big Trek world.

I do agree a movie would not use them properly. I love the big screen experience, and do think the TNG veterans could have utility in a movie (and no doubt the cast loves the idea of getting paid a lot for just a month or two of work), but premium TV is the way forward for the “legacy” actors unless it’s cameos or a mixed cast. You are right about the priorities of the studio for what constitutes the movies and that will not change, despite films like The Voyage Home and The Undiscovered Country not having much in them that an older cast couldn’t do.

I get why so many people would want more of this after season 3, but sometimes you should be happy with what you got and live off of the beautiful memories of it all. I’m not saying I don’t want another season (or spin-off) but, like life, things are finite and at one point memories are all you get.

If done well I’m open to everything, but for me personally I’m first and foremost open to DS9 and Janeway, where revisits are concerned. As much as I love Seven and Raffi, for me they work best as part of an ensemble, not as leading characters tbh. Regarding Section 31, I would be interested if they moved it to current (post TNG) times. There’s room in the story for Michelle to show up. Maybe even including Bashir.

So far my wish list. :)

I want a show post TNG. Live action with a new crew. Not Disco something else. Like what TNG would have been in the 80s and 90s, or Deep Space Nine but with modern effects and filmmaking. Make it about the crew of the Enterprise F. Or is that too predictable and not enough shaking things up. Can we also get away from Dark Dystopian and have a sense of exploration and wonder again. A hopeful and optimistic future to strive towards.


As a lifelong TNG fan, just noooooo.

Girls trip!

The thing I do not understand is why Star Trek ever has to advance along it’s own timeline. What happens aboard any ship – Enterprise, Voyager, DS9 – is not “history.” It’s only a small part of what was going on in the galaxy at the same time.

TPTB could make a series concurrent to those timelines. There are ships out there – exploring. The science fictional opportunities of the galaxy will never be fully fleshed out.

But they did that before. It was TNG, DS9 and VOY lol. All of those shows existed in the same timeline and did their own thing. We would see a crossover now and then but they were all separate and independent of each other. I thought it was great and really expanded this era like no other due to it.

But some fans complained even at the time it was too many shows existing in the same period. Some wanted other time periods, mostly to keep going forward. And others complained they all looked too closely like each other.

I don’t think they want to go completely back to that and probably like the idea of different shows in completely different time periods because it make them more distinct and can make those periods their own. LDS and PRO are pretty close to each other but with PRO (currently) in the Delta Quadrant they both feel separated enough.

To me what they are doing now just makes it a lot of fun. We have shows currently in the 23rd, 24th, 25th and 32nd centuries. This is the kind of thing I always dreamed of.

Just goes to show what a colossal failure the new characters for Picard are. They’re only keeping Raffi around for the 7 angle.

I think they were potentially interesting characters – but the terrible Season 2 writing gave them nothing to do.

Matalas was showrunner for Season Two, wasn’t he? If so, I’m worried about Season Three.

Rios, jurati should of stayed on, Matalas the fool just wanted to shoehorn TNG cast in

Agreed about Rios and Jurati, but why are people throwing Terry under the bus when we’ve only seen two teasers and a trailer?

These two dont have a begging bowl as big as Michael Dorns….but they are getting there

I’m guilty of being a smart @$$ about this cast making a pitch for a gig. Digging a little deeper, they haven’t been hurting for work, and apparently have the means to pick and choose their projects. Unlike the TOS cast, the TNG cast seems to genuinely enjoy each others company and working together. So, if they are up for it, and there’s a good project or two on the table for them, why not make the pitch? Anson Mount and Ethan Peck did, and we got SNW.
I’ll extend my apology for being a smart @$$, and endevor to do better….

No….no more spin-offs please. I love TNG but this group of characters can’t carry a series on their own. Patrick Stewart has the celebrity power and acting chops to do it hence the Picard series. Just let this group go out hopefully on a high which they didn’t have with Nemesis and then move on.

Discovery is in its fifth season and Lower Decks already has four and will probably get a fifth season soon as well. I don’t remotely buy any characters from TNG can’t carry their own show. At this point they can make a Quark show and it will probably get 5 seasons lol.

As long as the show is good, they will have an audience. It may not be at the level of Picard himself but tons of people would be just as excited for a Riker or Worf show.

In my opinion you have to draw the line somewhere when milking a franchise or series for all it’s worth. I think a TNG character spin-off beyond Picard would just dilute the formula too much. Yes it would have a fan following and I would probably end up watching it but it would take some exceptional writing for it to work. Possibly Riker/Troi might carry a series on their own but the others probably not. Worf would need a strong supporting cast and some familiar faces to have a chance. Spiner is too old and Data has been explored to death anyway. Picard barely succeeded with some weak supporting characters and because Stewart’s presence virtually carried the show.

If it was up to me, the next show would have all new characters but we know that isn’t realistic at this point. If they think bringing back another character will increase subscriptions, of course they will do it. But that said I think it will be fine if like Picard and Prodigy they add a lot of new characters too and more importantly, its good!

And yes it’s the latter that’s always the bigger issue because that’s the difference between feeling like a show is ‘honoring’ a character or destroying it. And for people who hate Picard we know what they feel that show has done to that character. So we don’t disagree that much, but they are always going to roll that dice just the same if the fanfare is there.

While I’d prefer to see a new cast/crew, I would love for TNG cast to pop up on occasion as “special guest stars.” Same for the VOY and remaining DS9 casts. It’s too bad the Short Treks format seems to have been abandoned. That’s the perfect vehicle to tell more stories with legacy characters.

And if not Short Treks then perhaps one or two “mini-series” per year that tells new stories that are not connected to the current series. The recently-concluded novel-verse that existed post-Nemesis combined TNG, TITAN, DS9, and VOY characters in some pretty wonderful ways. They could even use a four or five episode mini-series as a jumping off point to introduce the next live-action series.

As Marina Sirtis described the TNG cast as “legacy”, I guess I’m a legacy fan as I am 70 years old. With age comes wisdom. So…I would love to see spin offs with the Picard cast. Keep the Trek comin’.

Data, Worf, and Picard were the only TNG characters who weren’t bland. Spiner rightly says he’s too old to play Data, and we’ve just done Picard. Time for a new crew with fresh stories … or more SNW. :-)

I disagree. I love them all. There is a reason 35 years later they are still popular enough that people are excited to see them all in a show again. But I know you’re just giving your opinion of course.

But I don’t disagree, it would be great just to see a completely new crew. But they probably have to go farther in the timeline. Otherwise fans will just be asking to see more legacy characters. That’s ironically why we have SNW now.

Why is Data too old but robot Picard isn’t.

No thanks.

Only if Terry Matalas has nothing to do with it.

I don’t get the hate for this guy. Terry appears to be trying to ‘right the ship’ so to speak. He could easily knock it out of the park. He should be given a chance to course correct.

If you hated season 2 which he was the co-show runner, that’s why some would still be in doubt for season 3. And it’s confirmed he was only involved in season 2 the first half of the season but not everyone knows that and for the people that do still doesn’t excuse it in their eyes since he still was responsible for the overall story.

But if you liked season 2 then it’s obviously different. And yes, either way he is being given another chance and he seems to know that. He doesn’t outright say it but he knows season 2 was mostly a dumpster fire and and why he makes it clear season 3 is almost a different show entirely. The irony is most people who didn’t like season 2 still seems to be a big fan of his and we know he’s capable of making good television.

Unless they ask you for input…..don’t watch it.
Problem solved.

We’ll have a Next-Next generation on the Enterprise F which will include Burton’s daughter.

Maybe a low budget TNG movie.

How about an Enterprise B. With Damora Sulu show. Maybe she became Captain after Harriman.

Nothing will ever compare to the original Star Trek The Next Generation….it was down to earth(excuse the pun)..sincere,uncomplicated, understandable plots and conclusions and interesting

Deepfake tech and AI should make it where these actors can let us watch all new episodes of TNG and the others. They can all be young again and use body actors.

Very disappointing that Spiner is playing Lore and not Data. The reason they killed off Data was because Spiner said he didn’t want to play an old Data, but an old Lore is fine?????????

Guess that means some of the cast survives the season…