Analysis: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 NYCC Trailer Reveals New Characters, Alien Puzzles, And A Quest

Even though production was (and still is) underway on the fifth season of Star Trek: Discovery, Paramount+ released a first-look teaser at New York Comic Con earlier this month. While short and without much dialogue, it quickly gets across the message that this new season is part of a pivot to more adventure for the show. The trailer is mostly quick cuts, but by putting our analysis caps on and taking what we can see in the context of what has been previously revealed and said about season 5, we can put some of the pieces together.

Kovich the quest giver

Officially, season 5 of Discovery is about a quest that will send Captain Burnham and the crew of the USS Discovery “on an epic adventure across the galaxy to find an ancient power whose very existence has been deliberately hidden for centuries.” The teaser kicks off with an establishing shot of the mysterious Kovich (David Cronenberg) with Michael Burnham on an alien planet.

We hear Kovich lay out what is at stake for Burnham as we cut to another scene between the two and he says, “The greatest treasure in the known galaxy is out there… what are you waiting for?”

Cut to Burnham replying with her catchphrase, “Let’s fly.”

These early quick shots also show Kovich on the bridge of the USS Discovery, so he may be joining the crew for some of this quest.

Forest tomb raiding

There are a number of shots of an alien forest featuring ruins and an ancient statue.

Captains Burnam and Saru can be seen approaching this ruin.

During this away mission, Saru takes a tumble roll.

And Michael takes a leap onto the statute.

New characters on a new world

Wilson Cruz has hyped how this season will take the show “to places we’ve never seen before,” and that shows in the trailer. A key location that keeps coming up is an alien marketplace, possibly on a primitive planet.

Captain Burnham can be seen going through the market, wearing local garb.

Also spotted in the market is the new character Captain Rayner, also in local garb.  This Vulcan (or Romulan) Starfleet captain played by Callum Keith Rennie has been described as “gruff.”

Also in the market are new characters Moll (Eve Harlow) and L’ak (Elias Toufexis), former couriers who come into conflict with the crew. They have been described as a Bonnie and Clyde-like duo and are likely after the same treasure.

The pair gets into a barfight.

Let’s bike!

Adding to the sense of adventure, there are a few shots of an alien speeder bike.

These cool bikes get used for a phaser-firing chase scene featuring both Captains Burnham and Rayner, so it’s likely on the same alien planet. Rayner seems to be having a good time, so maybe he isn’t a Vulcan and comes from the Romulan part of Ni’Var.

Let’s heist?

Another location peppered throughout the trailer is a landing party in tactical gear working their way through some alien corridors. The party includes Burnham, Owosekun, and Rhys.

DETAIL: Burnham’s programmable matter weapon can also be seen configured as a phaser rifle in the same location.  

The group runs into Moll and L’ok.

They may also be the same two who are wearing red glowing helmets, or that might be guards.

And at some point during this sequence, a door gets blown up.

Solve the puzzle

Throughout the trailer, there are shots of someone trying to solve what looks like an old puzzle box. The designs on the box are similar to the above “heist” sequence, so this may be what both groups were after.

Book is back… but on his own?

At the end of season 4, Cleveland Booker’s ship was destroyed and he was taken into custody for his crimes against the Federation and sentenced to help DMA refugees, but he can be seen on board the USS Discovery in the trailer. According to Sonequa Martin-Green, things are “complicated” between Book and Burnham, possibly explaining why he appears to be alone and not in the captain’s quarters.

Tilly’s back too

Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) left the USS Discovery early in season 4 to teach at Starfleet Academy, but she appears to be back for season 5, and again assigned to the USS Discovery.

The prez is keeping watch

Season 4 introduced Chelah Horsdal’s Federation President Rillak, who is also back. Rillak appears to be addressing Burnham at a council table along with three Starfleet admirals, including Vance (Oded Fehr).

Character moments

Season 5 may be about a big quest adventure but this is still Star Trek: Discovery, so expect plenty of emotional moments with our familiar characters. There were some glimpses of this in the trailer, like this group toast.

A moment with Dr. Culber, Stamets, and their adopted child Adira.

Michael and Saru also do some bonding.

Speaking of Saru and bonding, the Kelpien keeps things hot with President T’Rina.

Riding the ship

The trailer wraps up with Michael Burnham in a spacesuit riding the USS Discovery

The captain exclaims, “Never a dull moment!” as we see her atop the ship while it’s at warp.

Watch it again

Check out the trailer…  [international version at]

The 10-episode fifth season should be wrapping up production by the end of this year but there are no details yet on when it will debut.

Discovery seasons 1 through 4 are currently streaming exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. Internationally, the series is available on Paramount+ in Australia, Italy, Latin America, the U.K. and South Korea, as well as on Pluto TV in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland on the Pluto TV Sci-Fi channel. It will also stream exclusively on Paramount+ in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria later this year. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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I…I just don’t care. I really want to like everything Star Trek and for it to be a success. Or al least tolerate it so I can enjoy it a little. But Discovery… I just don’t care anymore. This trailer does nothing for me at all. I don’t care about the characters and if this trailer is anything to go by, it’s going to be another generic pointless season with questionable descision making. I quit after season 3 and season 5 is not going to get be invested again unfortunately. Still surprised this show is still going. But for those who like it: I hope you’ll enjoy season 5!

Exactly my feelings

You clearly do care, given that you are commenting.

Well, like me he may care for Trek, but not this version

Looks great. S1-4 were some of the best Trek since DS9 and really looking forward to S5 which is my most anticipated season of new Trek seasons out of all the current shows.

Well that’s just … like … your opinion man!

I’m just curious. Why the need to be so defensive in reaction to someone who just shares a positive opinion here, given you’ve got like 90% of the opinions this thread supporting your negative view on this show?

Why so insecure about letting a couple fans share a positive opinion?

Maybe I was hungry, but right after watching the old puzzle box scene, I grabbed one of those fancy Whole Foods’ chocolate bar. :D

Yeah, it really looks chocolate-ish :-)

If they make a chocolate treat, who knows, could be a hit for Discovery, like the magic turtle from Harry Potter.

I’m feeling pretty ‘meh’ on this this season as I felt last season. I’m really hoping this show just gets better.

I gotta admit tho, the statue does look… interesting. Like in an Indiana Jones kinda way.

A show shouldn’t take 6 Seasons to get good …

Well we still haven’t seen season 5 yet, so cross your fingers! And cross them hard. ;)

I enjoy DSC and I can’t wait!!! Season 5 looks like a lot of fun.


Discovery is the only one that is trying to be original, trying to say something, trying new things. I’m looking forward to it more than the remake of TWOK in February.

remake of “TWOK”?

No remake of TWOK is coming in February, so that was nonsensical.

KevinB means Picard

Hmm, thats strange cause I would have called it TSFS more than anything.

He means PIC, S3, and it very much looks like that’s what it will be to me, too.

They already did that with Nemesis. I really hope that trailer wasn’t at all representative of season 3 of Picard because if it is then i will feel let down by the people who claimed it was a misdirection.

I agree as well. I am soooo tired of this plotline. We got it in Nemesis and literally every Kelvin movie. We don’t need it on the shows now.

You’re probably right, in that the other live action shows feel pretty empty in terms of a message. One that feels honest that is. But I don’t feel, Discoverys “friendship is magic” approach to storytelling, is that much deeper than the rest of the bunch.

Everytime I watch some of the new Trek stuff i’m reminded of Patrick Swazys character in Donnie Darko, who preached a philosophy where every human interaction can be categorized as either love or hate and the solution to hate is love. It was supposed to be a satire but I feel like all of the live action Trek writers do follow that infantile world view to a tee :-D

Yeah, good point there.

Discovery is the most original Star Trek series on the air right now — and by a long shot! 

That is actually its one biggest benefit and it’s trying to be original. It’s why I love that it’s in the 32nd century now. They can’t just rely on legacy characters (at least not anymore ;)) like the other new shows. And putting them in a new setting and so far in the future forces them to do different things and be more creative. Again, a HUGE reason why fans want these shows and movies to go forward in the first place. So I agree, it’s a huge plus even with my issues with the show. I wish it started in the 32nd century on day one.

Honestly, this doesn’t look very good. I wish I could get excited about Discovery again, like I was during seasons one and two. But it just gets more and more ridiculous ever year, and that trailer just doesn’t say “Star Trek.” Why would a starship crew be going on a treasure hunt?

Picard went on a treasure hunt once.

…and it was one of the show’s weaker episodes. :)

Well to be fair, Picard did it, in a race against the Cardassians and the Klingons (and eventually Romulans too).

Funny. I’ve had the opposite reaction: Season 1 and 2 were very wobbly for me and each season has gotten progressively better! Last season was my favorite so far.

I’m reading this analysis while watching a review of Andor episode 7. Man, it’s like night and day. I’m practically getting whiplash dividing my attention between the two, they’re just so beyond comparison.

When Picard ends, I imagine the powers that be will be looking to make a new “adult” Star Trek show to fill the void left in its wake. *Let Tony Gilroy make that show.*

Andor? Is that some kind of Shran show?

A Shran show, now there’s an idea!

I always wanted to see Shran fighting in the Romulan War.

You get a spin-off! And you get a spin-off! And you get a spin-off!

To each their own. While I’ve enjoyed some Andor plot points I have found it incredibly predictable so far, even more than Discovery has become.

Agreed, Discovery is superior to Andor.

That’s clearly not what he said.

When Picard ends, I imagine the powers that be will be looking to make a new “adult” Star Trek show to fill the void left in its wake. *Let Tony Gilroy make that show.*

Given Tony Gilroy’s involvement in the first four Bourne movies, he could be a great choice to run the proposed Star Trek show about Section 31.

Personally, I’d prefer to see him tackle the Romulan war.

Andor is silly, uneven and tries to hard to pretend it’s dark. Kenobi was marginally better, but that’s not saying much.

Discovery is a notch above both Andor and Kenobi.

Hard disagree there. Your description of Andor was Discovery season one for me. For a lot of people. And I like Andor a lot more, no contest. At least no one on that show is masquerading as a spy but doesn’t even know they are a spy like the ridiculous Voq/Tyler story line.. (sigh)

I will agree Discovery is better than Kenobi but yeah, not saying a lot.

Well I will agree that Andor LOOKS better than Kenobi and has a better ensemble cast. That being said, Kenobi was fun, while Andor is a combination of boring and depressing…my opinion anyway.

She actually whispers her catchphrase in the trailer after so many comments about how she whispers her lines. It looks like it is going to be yet another season of superhero Michael Burnham. This time riding starships at warp on the outside. Still waiting to see her outfitted with a cape.

Well, capes are super practical. They’re useful for rain worlds, sunny worlds, worlds that need towels etc.

Edna Mode would like a word.

Yep, instant turn-off in the first 5 seconds or so.

It’s true that this is a show where the lead character talks and does things. That is an observation.

Ignoring your cape remark, that’s the whole point of the show, and I like it for that and embrace it.

 “Never a dull moment!”
(I don’t think so)

It’s almost like the season of endlessly talking about talking to alien jellyfish while various supporting characters talk about their traumatic trauma didn’t set the viewership numbers ablaze?

If adventure has a name, it must be Michael Burnham. This Memorial Day, witness the greatest Discovery and set phasers to fun.

You’re probably trying to be sarcastic, but I actually love this line!

With the success of Strange New Worlds and the excitement and anticipation for Picard Seasons 3 (and its potential spin-off), Discovery now exists in a bit of a void. It was a prequel which didn’t quite work and is now a sequel which grasped onto a concept which may have been too little too late for a lot of fans.

Will Discovery get a sixth season? Probably, Will the announcement of a sixth season generate as much excitement or interest as an announcement of a Picard spinoff set in the 25th Century? Probably not.

I agree. And I’m hoping the new 25th century show goes the direction of Lower Decks and SNW and be more episodic like those shows. Maybe season 3 of Picard will surprise us but after 2 seasons of that and 4 seasons of Discovery it confirms these people just can’t write a really exciting and satisfying serialized story, even with just 10-13 episodes. There are rumors season 5 of Discovery will do a little less of it next season too. I really really hope so. But more so for the new 25th century since it can start fresh and on the right foot.

Star Trek just works better as standalone stories IMO and DS9 is my favorite show. But A. DS9 wasn’t as serialized as these new shows and B. It actually had incredible writers.

Soo if Tilly is in Season 5 I wonder if that means the rumored Starfleet academy show won’t be the 32nd century show some of us postulated after all.

Simp Trek Discovery – inspiring young kids to have impossible heroes like Burnham, or just be dull and pathetic like Tilly and Grey.

You know, could get more enjoyment from this space fantasy program if they just called it Discovery and not Star Trek: Discovery.

warning for trolling/gatekeeping

Just can’t get excited for this. Good for those who can, but I’ll miss.

I’m not feeling it anymore with Discovery. That said, I wish everyone involved with the show nothing but success.

I’m really excited for this season. I feel like it’s time for more of a quest and less of an epic existential struggle. I’m eager to find out the nature of whatever it is and if its connected to anything from Trek’s ancient history that already exists like the Tkon, Iconians, etc. or a new concept altogether.

Me too!

I bagged on this show at the end of season 2, and have no plans on ever watching it again. Cheers to those who enjoy it, though.

And cheers to those of you who still insist on being part of the discussion here, yet who have no current informed opinion of the series to share because they don’t even bother to watch the show,

Well, to be fair, Discovery S1 and S2 were actually quite good. They lost we with the idiotic Burn in S3 and all the melodrama in S4.

I don’t comment on these threads as much as I did years ago because of the continual negativity. Mostly I applaud the current incarnations of Trek. The effort the producers put into Discovery, Picard, and SNW has been genuine and the stories are engaging to me. I look forward to each new season! I like the fact that the show (Original Trek) I loved so much as a kid back in the late 1960’s is still inspiring viewers and continuing to grow with new shows and characters.
Are there things I dislike in the current Trekverse? Yup.
Do you see me posting about them all the time? Nope.
If there is a particular show I don’t like, I pass over the threads. I’m not hear to be a troll or to rain on the animated parade! There are genuine fans of Prodigy and Lower Decks and they don’t give a hoot what I think.
People are free to dislike or like whatever they want and I welcome honest criticism and opinions. But if the only comment one has to make is some variation on “I don’t like it” or “I don’t care”, then why not please do us all a favor and move on after you post it instead of telling everyone over and over on thread after thread. It’s tiresome.
Okay, end of my old man rant.
Thanks for the story and analysis. I for one am enthusiastically looking forward to another season of the amazing Trek incarnation known as Discovery!

Couldn’t agree more.

That’s unfortunate, since it’s not a good stance.

It’s a helluva stance, that’s easily defendable. A good majority of the trash talk is repetitive and seems driven by no reason other than the show’s star is the wrong color and has ovaries. There’s hardly a peep that both Shatner and Stewart channeled Zap Brannagan on their respective shows, frequently, yet SMG gets dissected on her every utterance. If one does not like her particular style, that’s fair. Just look at the comments here, despite having a decent CV, several dismiss her outright as just being a sh**ty affirmative action actor.
So, yeah, the incessant piling on casts the fan base in a really bad light. Deal with it.

Phil, you’re 100% right on this one. We’ll said!

“why not please do us all a favor and move on after you post it instead of telling everyone over and over on thread after thread. It’s tiresome”

No. Everyone is entitled to say it however often they want to. That is how discussion boards work. Positive or negative, I hope people keep posting their opinions, and as often as they like, because otherwise these boards would be boring to read. “I love the show!” “I love it, too!” “Yeah, me too!” “Love it!”–that’s a dull discussion. But people explaining what they feel could work better is interesting to read since it involves actual analysis.

It is not trolling to say you hate a show, even if you say it 12 times. You’re free not to read the comments, but you don’t get to be the arbiter of what comment people can or should make. You might choose not to air what you don’t like about the shows, but that has absolutely ZERO bearing on whether or not others should also refrain from doing so. Don’t like reading negative comments? That’s cool. Don’t read negative comments. But people are still going to keep voicing their opinions. That’s the whole point of the boards. These comment sections aren’t for blind “Ra ra ra” cheerleading. They’re for discussion, and that includes people expressing frustration at the various shows’ failings. You are free not to read them.

There is a point where it’s reasonable to ask why someone is spending so much time discussing a show they clearly hate. It’s not the sign of a healthy mind.

No. Everyone is entitled to say it however often they want

This is a private website. Nobody here is entitled to anything

Yep, my brief comment on misogyny rubbed someone the wrong way, and it got yanked. Moderators gotta moderate.

Entitlement has nothing to do with it. The good people who run this site welcome criticism and complaints since they’re reasonable adults. TrekMovie’s boards are not cheerleading boards, and that’s what makes them far more interesting than boards that stop people from airing their complaints.

Lorna, I am NOT advocating for a board full of “cheerleaders”!
I don’t have an issue with people stating opinions, even negative ones like yours. As I said above:

“I welcome honest criticism and opinions. But if the only comment one has to make is some variation on “I don’t like it” or “I don’t care”, then why not please do us all a favor and move on after you post it instead of telling everyone over and over on thread after thread.”

I’m not telling people NOT to post, I’m asking people with basically nothing new to add to an actual critical discussion to not repeat their same post… I’ve seen it a lot lately. And it seems to be from the same handful of posters.

Please understand that I want people to state their opinions and thoughts. I welcome that!
I am just tired of the people who post the same thing over and over and over without any elaboration… just variations of the same simple negative trolling of “I don’t like it.”

I actually agree completely with your statement:

“Positive or negative, I hope people keep posting their opinions, and as often as they like, because otherwise these boards would be boring to read. “I love the show!” “I love it, too!” “Yeah, me too!” “Love it!”–that’s a dull discussion.”

The discussion you describe is just as awful as the continual negative posts I am talking about. Generally I’m of the school that says “Say it and move on”.

Fair enough. I’m glad to see you’re reasonable about this.

Meh. Another season of a Starfleet Captain that attempted mutiny, whispers too much and cry’s a lot.

I’ve tried really hard to like Discovery, but I can honestly say this is the first Star Trek that I have zero interest in.

I can say exactly the same thing about Lower Decks. It’s sort of strange to come across something in a franchise that you’ve loved for so long that you can’t bring yourself to like.

I can say exactly the same thing about Lower Decks. It’s sort of strange to come across something in a franchise that you’ve loved for so long that you can’t bring yourself to like.

Thank You. It’s just hilarious how I see all these criticisms of discovery that can can equally be applied to lower decks, but the same fans love it when they see it on lower decks? Makes no sense? And they can’t even admit it?

WTF? It’s hypocritically nuts. Lol

It has nothing to do with hypocrisy. People like what they like and hate what they hate, and they have their own reasons. That’s what “there’s no accounting for taste” means. I love Lower Decks, you hate it. I hate Discovery, you love it. People are different and need to stop being offended with differing opinions.

That may be true, but when people point out “stupid things” like this that bother them about DSC, an objective person can easily (in many cases) point out similar “stupid things” that happen on Lower Decks. And yeah, that’s hypocrisy, even if the reason is like you said (i.e. they love what the love and hate what they hate).

Hypocrisy is hypocrisy, even if the source of the hypocrisy is personal preferences or differing opinions.

No. The same thing in Lower Decks can be acceptable for that show yet not for Discovery, and the reverse. You can’t use absolutes. Context matters. LD is a satire/parody/comedy. Discovery is a drama. Anyway we’re not going to agree here, so IDIC.

No. CBS has stipulated that Lower Decks is canon, period! As such, everything we see, including comedic situation, parody, etc., is part of the Star Trek’s defined future history and must be taken equally seriously as anything that occurs in the live action series.

There is nothing that you and I need to agree or disagree on here — CBS has already determined this for us, and based on that, your point is moot.

I mean, its your right to ignore this I guess, but it doesn’t change the reality of the situation where CBS has already decided this for us.

You take everything too literally. Yes it’s canon, but that doesn’t mean every little insignificant detail is canon. If you don’t understand that I can’t help you.

Dude, your problem is with CBS not me. I don’t make up the rules. And you know that I’m not talking about insignificant details — I am talking about relatively key plot items and events that fans have made on both series, which led to this discussion we are having.

But hey, I have no issue with you having some personal head-canon that allows you to give Lower Decks free passes on some of their crap while holding Discovery much more accountable. It’s you brain, so think what you will on this.

I’m going to play by the rules though regarding my comparisons between the shows, and those rules certainly allow hypocritical comparisons to be made between two series that are both part of Trek canon as stipulated by CBS.

So I’m not giving out the free passes for Lower Decks from fans who make complaints about DSC when I see similar issues all the time on Lower Decks…that’s not going to happen as long as CBS maintains that Lower Decks is canon. Direct comparisons can certainly be made between these two Star Trek series which define events, characters and plot points within Trek’s future history under canon.

I therefore will correctly continue to call out hypocrisy like this when I see it. Feel free to dismiss it as part of an alternative personal head-canon if you want to — that’s fine. IDIC.

Fair enough. The only issue I have with your post is your usage of “correctly” at the end… Like you’re saying you’re right. And don’t quote CBS statements either. That’s the way you interpret it, yet I happen to read it differently. Neither of us are right or wrong. You have your opinion and in some cases it differs from mine. That doesn’t make you right (or wrong). That’s not how IDIC works.

The show really had a good angle about being a commander instead of a Captain as the main character, and a character who is a maverick. Problem is they had to make her Spock’s sister. And they almost immediately dispensed with the section 31 and Lorca story. I like Captain Burnham but the story could have gone in a different direction with Bryan Fuller.

Yeah, except, historically, the biggest problem with any show run by Bryan Fuller is Bryan Fuller.

It starts off fine, and he starts off fine, then he self-destructs.

Sadly, that is true, yes. Bryan Fuller is an amazing idea man. But had he stayed with Discovery, it might have been canceled by now.

Bryan Fuller is a freaking tv creator disaster

I have been a fan of Discovery from the beginning. Except for some bumps – like each of the season finales, I have enjoyed their efforts to create a “new” take on Trek. They simply cannot do the same show over and over again. So while I have enjoyed the series I understand that it’s not for every Trek fan.Now I have absolutely loved Strange New Worlds, but the speculation that this “lighter more adventure oriented season” is them morphing Disco into the SNW template has me concerned. The only reason to have multiple shows is so that each one can have it’s own voice. As the producers have stated many times. It would be a huge letdown and a betrayal to the show to drastically change it at this point. The shot of Burnham “riding” the ship looks cringe worthy. Add that stupid comment and I’m not looking forward to that episode. Can you imagine any other captain in any other show in that position and saying that? I’m hoping that the speculation is wrong, because there is nothing I hate more than producers with no vision who just jump on whatever bandwagon seems like it could be popular.

Honestly, nothing about that trailer says SNW to me. I think the two shows are going to remain very different.

Also, yeah, Burnham is a very cringey character. Bad writing, weak acting, just ill-conceived all around, with the wrong actor playing her. I met SMG once, and she’s a lovely, warm and friendly person. I have nothing against her whatsoever, and I’d gladly spend the evening talking to her. But I find her portrayal of Burnham the Whisperer grating, and after four seasons of it I unfortunately don’t think that’s going to change.

You know it’s funny, but you just described how I feel about the Mariner character.


Hence my post to you above. I do admit the first time I saw Mariner she royally got on my nerves. I think they toned her down since, or I got used to her. Yes IDIC.

Yet on Lower Decks, the entire starship is shown physically shaking just because of a crew lounge band group — and even the Klingon ships nearby can even hear it through the vacuum of space, yet I am expected to drink the Kool-Aid and says how clever all those types of scenes on Lower Decks are? Seriously? Lol

I see a lot more questionable stuff happening on Lower Decks than I do on Discovery. — and remember, both shows are canon and the events we see happen in the Star Trek future history (with even crossovers now). But Lower Decks always gets the free pass for that crap Discovery keeps getting crapped on? So disingenuous!


Clearly showrunner needs to read the room, been given way to much power to let this trash continue.

That’s exactly how I feel about lower decks

There was no reason to slap the Star Trek IP on this show in the first place but it makes less and less sense as the seaons – for some inexplicable reason – keep on coming …

Huh? Dude, perhaps lay off that crack pipe before you post next time. Lol


Hum… rocky doors and chocolate puzzles… interesting…
And, above all, dang it! They have Conember on the cast again !!!! wow!!

I was hoping for more. This trailer did nothing for me either. Another crap season is on the way, (the only one that was watchable from beginning to end was with Capt Pike).

This is my issue too. I have basically given up on Discovery when the trailer makes me feel more exhausted watching it than excited over it. Hopefully next season will surprise us but I’m not holding my breath either. I really want to like this show a lot more than I do.

It’s strange to see people reacting to criticism by saying, in essence, “Lower Decks sucks too but how come you don’t complain about that?”

Some people are bothered that some fans don’t like this show but likes Lower Decks. I think it just bothers them that LDS is more popular in the fanbase overall because they are not fond of it themselves. But it is funny how often its brought here.

I think Discovery is OK, but the biggest issue is it’s just badly written IMO above all else. I like LDS because it’s well written and I think very funny (most of the time ;)), but it’s not for everyone either. And they are two fundamentally different shows.

Perhaps it’s inconvenient to some to have to address a bit of hypocrisy in their comments. For example, I have seen some of the same fans who incessantly complain about Michaels insubordination behavior fawn over and love Mariner’s insubordination behavior. I see that as strange.

Mariner is still an ensign and Michael is now a captain. It’s not really the same thing and probably why Michael gets it more (although I never had a big issue with it personally). And NO ONE wants Mariner as a captain lol. People understand her limits as well. And I love Mariner.

We both “know” that in a future series she will be a Captain, right?

I feel like it’s only a matter of time, and it might even be a live action series.

Well we don’t know but if she does then hopefully she will be more captain material. Now Tendi, definitely can be a captain. I loved she openly said that’s what she wanted. Tendi exemplifies Starfleet in every way! She’s like an anti-Mariner lol.

Be great to see Mariner in a live action show though. That would be fun.

Yeah, but Tawny Newsome is a great campaigner.

If she ends up being captain, it’s fine. It’s just a TV show, they can do what they want. I’m only saying no one in fandom is pushing for her to be one either. And the show is called Lower Decks for a reason.

And she’s an ensign, it probably won’t happen anytime soon….unless she was a character in the Kelvin universe. There you can break the rules and go from cadet to captain in a week. Sigh