Podcast: All Access Checks In With Sources On ‘Star Trek 4’ And The Latest ‘Lower Decks’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 113 - TrekMovie

[Review starts at 20:19]

Anthony and Laurie cover the recent reveal of the storyline that would’ve brought Chris Hemsworth back into Star Trek movies (but it didn’t happen), with more details from the screenwriters.  They talk about the Next Generation cast’s interest in Picard spin-offs, Anson Mount’s latest description of the upcoming wildness on Strange New Worlds season 2, and the Prodigy producers’ thoughts on character growth, legacy characters, and toys from TrekMovie’s interview with them at New York Comic Con. They cover the latest in games (Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova is out while Resurgence is delayed), celebrate Outfest’s Visionary Award for the Star Trek franchise, and go over the latest in international launches for Paramount Plus.

Then it’s time for their review of Lower Decks‘ “Trusted Sources,” which is something of a mixed bag. They wrap things up with a canon-affirming tweet from Jack Quaid with George Takei, and a cute-affirming Instagram post from Anson Mount with his irresistible baby.


Plot Details Of Abandoned ‘Star Trek 4’ Project With Chris Hemsworth Revealed By Writers

Chris Pratt (as Andy) explains his new buff body on Parks and Recreation

Chris Hemsworth Ready For More Trek (in 2022)

‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Stars Hope For ‘Picard’ Spin-offs With Their TNG Characters

Anson Mount Says ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 2 Pushes The Limits Of The Genre

Interview: ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Producers On Seeing The Characters Grow Up To Become Starfleet Officers

‘Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova’ Game Launches; ‘Resurgence’ Delayed To 2023

“Runaway” vehicle from Prodigy

Star Trek Franchise To Be Honored With Visionary Award At Outfest Legacy Awards

Paramount+ Announces December Launch Dates For France, Germany, Switzerland And Austria

Lt. Steve Levy (conspiracy theorist on Cerritos)


Tony: Jack Quaid posts pic with Takei From RCCC with caption “canon”

Laurie: Anson Mount and his cute baby

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My first thought was that the automated ship(s) would somehow be taken over by Peanut Hamper and Agimus.

No! By Badgey! I want the Wrath of Badgey…

Ooh, I like that guess!

Although I absolutely detest Peanut Hamper and hope to never see her again, that’s an excellent guess and would make for a decent episode!

There is an opportunity to give extra meaning to the word “Buffer.” :)

Yes, we missed the most obvious explanation for the new Hemsworth

My wild card for the finale: Reg Barclay

Tony and Laurie,

At first I disagreed with your analysis, but after two viewings, I see your pov. I still think its a strong episode, but maybe not the best.

I thought it was funny to see Starbase 80 using a roladex.

I hope we get Capt. Bateson as the wild card. I’m a big Kelsey Grammer fan.

It didn’t ruin the episode for me, that’s for sure. I just thought they could’ve still done what they wanted to do with Mariner, just in a smarter way (and fine-tuned Ransom a little).