Watch: Kate Mulgrew Visits The Captain Janeway Monument In Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington, Indiana is the future birthplace of Captain Kathryn Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager, and the city recently erected a monument in Janeway’s honor. Today Kate Mulgrew visited Janeway,  and you can watch video of the visit plus a Q&A session she held later.

Mulgrew visits Janeway

The Janeway monument is located on the B-Line Trail next to the WonderLab Museum in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. It was established in Star Trek: Voyager that Kathryn Janeway will be born in Bloomington, Indiana on May 20, 2336. In 2019 the Captain Janeway Collective fan group launched a successful campaign to fund the construction of a monument, and when it was unveiled in October 2020, Kate Mulgrew beamed in via video (due to the pandemic). For the second anniversary, the Voyager (and Prodigy) star arrived in person.

Watch visit and Q&A event

The Janeway Collective streamed the visit live where Mulgrew spoke. You can watch that below.

They also held a Q&A at a different venue later in the day, which you can watch on Facebook (Mulgrew Q&A starts at 49 minute mark).

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Cool event, but the statue looks nothing like her, from the face, to the upper body, to the expression she is making.

Not meaning to be a buz-kill here, but that is a really poor likeness of here. I can’t place it, but the statue looks much more like another actress from past TV or movies.

Mrs Colombo?

That would have been a nice wisecrack if you had bothered to spell it correctly. Lol

And your initial remark would have been a worthwhile critique if you had bothered to spell “buzz kill” correctly.

Lol, you win!

Mulgrew/Janeway is having their biggest resurgence in the franchise in the last few years since Voyager went off the air. Janeway is probably more popular today than when the show originally aired as well. It’s great to see all the classic shows still relevant for both old and new fans and shows just how well Star Trek endures! I would love to visit the statue one day for myself.

It’s Kirk and Picard in the top two captain spots for me, with Janeway a not-too-distant third … and everyone else so far behind the three of them that it ceased being a race a long time ago.

Picard is first for me (TNG Picard, Picard Picard) and Janeway is a close second. The Sisko is my third. But Janeway will always be my first captain since Voyager was my first Star Trek show 20 years ago! 😀

That’ll do it!

Oh yeah I love love Janeway but she is my third favorite as well. It’s Picard, Kirk and then Janeway for me, so similar to yours. The irony is I originally hated Picard because he wasn’t like Kirk lol (I was a kiid when TNG was on and at the time I wanted every captain like Kirk). But by the end of first season Picard grew on me a lot. But I always loved Janeway from the start and Mulgrew just captured that character so well. I’m glad she’s back on Star Trek and can’t wait to see her in live action again too.

I was 13 when TNG began, and I have no recollections of ever doing anything but love it, Picard included. I thought it sounded like a terrible idea when I first heard the announcement, but I was onboard (so to speak) from the opening scene of “Encounter at Farpoint.”

I didn’t see Voyager until years after the fact because there was no UPN affiliate in my area. When I finally did, though, I loved it; and Janeway, too, obviously. Rewatches have only deepened it.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved TNG in its first season too even with its flaws but it just took awhile to really like Picard. I mean Spock was more fun than that guy lol. But I was onboard with the show from the start. And it just got better, better and better obviously. As far as Picard by third season I truly loved him by that point.

As for Voyager loved it in the first season too and actually was the best first season show for me since TOS at the time. And I did a grand rewatch of the entire franchise last year and it was the first time I rewatched Voyager from beginning to end since the show ended. I watch random episodes for decades but first time I rewatched it completely and dude there were around 30 episodes I didn’t even remember lol. Just plain forgot and some of those became my favorites. But like you, the rewatch really made me appreciate it even more today! It’s weird how Star Trek ages like a fine wine!

in order:

Dal Ra’EL

Why are you putting Captain Freeman last? You put all then MEN first. It’s no coincidence that you’re putting the black woman last (and the other black woman in the middle). This is a great example of toxic masculinity.



Janeway and Burnham are men? Who knew…

Opinions will vary (legacy characters), Benjamin Sisko tops my list. Kirk, Picard and Janeway are interchangeable. Archer is dead last. Archer is still dead last even adding Pike, Freeman and Burnham to the list.

I used to hate Archer too and used to also be dead last. But I really grew to love him after awhile. Not my favorite but like him.

My dead last captain is Burnham without a doubt. Before that it was fratboy Kirk from JJ verse. I never liked him but was better in Beyond.

Funny Kelvin Kirk was my least favorite captain as well. I think Chris Pine is great as an actor I just really really hated the direction they took his Kirk in from the beginning. I know they wanted the bad boy rebel makes good trope but I just did not like him. He came off too cocky and honestly while I liked the first Kelvin movie he was actually the big negative for me. And I still, STILL hate that they made him a captain by the end of the movie. Yes he made one right decision so let’s hand this 20 something kid on academic probation and been in space for a total of 5 days the keys to our shiny new state of the art flagship instead of 20-30 year veteran captains NOT on academic probation. Thirteen years on and it STILL bothers me lol. But yes I did like him more in STID and STB but still should not be anywhere close to the captain chair even now seeing his actions in the sequels.

But if we are just talking Prime universe, my least favorite would have to be Freeman without a doubt. Just soooo many head scratching decisions lol. And last week broke the camel’s back over what she did with Mariner because she didn’t even spend ten minutes to find out what she actually said. But I love pretty much all the captains. Burnham give or take but I actually like the character more since she became captain (seriously seriously need to stop all the crying though). Always loved Archer even when I didn’t love Enterprise. He’s always been a good character for me.

The visage on that statue looks more like Genevieve Bujold than Kate Mulgrew!

Thank you — I could not place the face, but that’s it. It looks a lot like Bujold, with a touch of Sean Young.

And that is weird given Bujold was originally cast as the Voyager captain…WTF…LOL :-)

Star Trek: Janeway, when?

Hopefully sooner than we think!

No coffee in hand? Awesome, to have this in Indiana. Kate is my favorite actress.. and she’s the best!

Beautiful statue! Mulgrew more than deserves it. Classy woman!

Now let’s get a Star Trek Janeway show happening Kurtzman!!!! 🖖

Here’s my dream scenario:

Admiral Janeway is put in charge of a task force dedicated to __________, which will involve her stationing herself aboard Deep Space Nine, which is still under the command of Kira Nerys. The missions are largely conducted by the starship __________, which is captained by Annika Hansen with a crew consisting of Raffi, some of the new faces the next season of “Picard” will be introducing, and whatever other legacy characters fit in. Occasional appearances by Admiral Shelby. Somebody non sequiturs a mention of whales on Earth, because somebody for f–k’s sake ought to.

Here’s mine.

The two hour premier begins with Janeway on the stand in her Starfleet court martial that’s been brought about based on charges brought from some recent refugees from the Delta Quadrant who are charging that she sold out their races/planets to the Borg she’s in that infamous deal that she cut. The balance of the episode focuses on those events, plus flashbacks to all of the great things she did during the series – basically balancing all the good she did against this battlefield compromise the she had to make with the Borg, but which had horrible consequences for some worlds.

The episode ends with Janeway being busted back to Captain, on the Voyager refit, with a mix of the old crew and some new. Reference is made to this being the best possible outcome (similar to the end of Star Trek 4) — being the captain of the Voyager is her first, best destiny.

Lol nice one!

Would be up for anything they did with her. And definitely want to see her and Seven reunite.! Would love to see them on another show together. Be cool if she shows up on Picard next season too. 👍😀

And definitely want to see Shelby again!! Her, Seven, Janeway,, Kira and a few new characters from Picard would be awesome to watch!

Oh and I missed a word in my OP. (TNG Picard, NOT Picard Picard). That show is just so bad and turned Picard into some clueless grandpa a lot of the time. 🙄

I don’t really have a premise but I would love to see Janeway on the Voyager A (since we know they will make it to Voyager J by the 32nd century). She is still an admiral of course, it will be like an Admiral Kirk situation in the films.

I always assumed if they did a Janeway show she would have to go back to the Delta quadrant for some reason. But now they are literally doing that with her on Prodigy to find Chakotay you can’t do it a third time lol. But your idea sounds fun too! Would be up for that!

I just want Janeway back in live action again but it sounds like she will be. It’s just a question will it be her own show or just recurring in another. I’m OK with either one.

But as said Mulgrew and Janeway are having an amazing revival all things Star Trek last few years. Let’s keep it going!!

Would love to see Voyager Ar on a Janeway show. 👍

Well it’s a beautiful statue of someone. Lol

I loved Voyager. Certainly one of the best Star Trek episodes ever. However, I would think that people would find a better use for their time and money than stuff like this. Just my opinion.

I didn’t realize it was a single episode? Who knew? (-;

It is if you load up on coffee and biiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnge!

My third favourite Captain after Kirk and that Indian tennis player in TVH

She is an amazing person. It was a dream come true.

Bummer. It doesn’t look a thing like her. Too bad.

Agreed, they should have demanded the artist redo it and refused to pay until they got it right.

I was there at that event! Seeing Kate’s reaction to it was great. She truly deserves that special honor.

There’s coffee in that Statue.


Just think about it. This could have been a bust of Geneviève Bujold’s Janeway. 😄

The funny thing is that it looks more like Bujold than Mulgrew.

Reminded of that scene from Fanboys