Watch: Robert Picardo As President Of Earth Officiates Marriage Of Doctor Chaotica!

Robert Picardo likes to post fun videos on his YouTube channel and his latest brings back a classic from his time on Star Trek: Voyager.

The Doctor and Doctor Chaotica and his bride

Picardo’s new video comes from his visit to the Destination Star Trek Germany convention in September, where he gave a couple of fans a special treat. The fans were in excellent cosplay as Doctor Chaotica and Queen Arachnia from the Voyager episode “Bride of Chaotica,” and Picardo reprised his role from that episode as the President of Earth to officiate their “wedding.”

In the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Bride of Chaotica!,” inter-dimensional aliens arrived inside one of Tom Paris’ black-and-white Captain Proton holodeck simulations, kicking off all sorts of problems. The solution required members of the crew to play characters within the program to sort things out. This included Robert Picardo’s  Doctor playing the President of Earth.

Picardo as President of Earth in “Bride of Chaotica!”

More Technobabble al Fresco

Back in 2020, Picardo started a series of videos on his YouTube channel called “Technobabble al Fresco,” where he would recite some of the Doctor’s lines while out on nature walks. He has now released his 31st from the series. Here are the latest two, both released within the last month; #31 has a bit of a twist.

Star Trek: Voyager streams exclusively in the USA along with every other Star Trek television series on Paramount+.

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Picardo might be my favorite character actor of all time. He’s so much fun to watch.

The black and white costumes are impressive. I didn’t even notice at first.

Wow this is awesome! Star Trek fans are the best and wish them the best!

And we new Picardo back on Star Trek ASAP!!!! Love the Doctor and miss him.

LOL that should be we NEED Picardo back on Star Trek!

I like to think there was a clerical error and it was meant to be Star Trek: Picardo all along.

AAA!!!!!! I love it. Star Trek can be SO MUCH FUN, and that episode of Voyager was one of the zaniest ones, which in the long-run of the saga that is ‘Trek, was a welcome break from the serious stories that are par for the course when deep space exploration is the mission.

Bravo, Doctor, and congratulations to the …. uh, couple. (LOL) I needed that laugh, as these days we don’t laugh enough.

I would LOVE to watch Kate Mulgrew watch this little piece and react to it……

Yeah, Robert was right – that WAS cool.