See Mariner Playing It Very Cool In Clip From ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 3 Finale

The third season of Star Trek: Lower Decks comes to an end on Thursday with a season finale that promises to be “big.” And you can now check out a clip to get started.

Mariner goes tomb raiding

In the new clip (via IGN) from the episode “The Stars at Night,” we can see how Mariner is settling into her new life out of Starfleet and working with archeologist Petra Aberdeen.

Mariner’s badass log

The latest Star Trek log comes from Mariner (voiced by Tawny Newsome) and she talks about her new gig as a xenoarcheologist.


The season finale arrives on Paramount+ on Thursday, October 27. For more details, check out our earlier preview.

New episodes of Star Trek: Lower Decks stream Thursdays in the USA on Paramount+ and CTV Sci-Fi in Canada (where it’s also available to stream on Crave). It streams on Fridays on Amazon Prime Video in international territories around the world. In Latin America, Lower Decks debuts (both seasons 1 and 2) in September.

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