Podcast: All Access Star Trek Gets Animated Over The ‘Lower Decks’ Season Finale And The Return Of ‘Prodigy’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 14 - TrekMovie

[Lower Decks review starts at 3:04 / Prodigy review starts at 36:14]

Anthony and Laurie have two episodes of Star Trek to review, so they keep the news short, focusing on the departure of the TOS and TNG Star Trek movies from Paramount+ and their impending arrival on HBO, plus Strange New Worlds‘ win for Best Streaming Sci-Fi Series at the Saturn Awards. They chat briefly about new comics and games, then dig into the exciting Lower Decks season 3 finale, “The Stars At Night,” and the mid-season return of Star Trek: Prodigy, “Asylum.” No time for bits this week!


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I totally got Picard season 1 finale vibes when Mariner showed up with all those Cali class ships. Although here it made more sense than with Riker’s clone fleet.

And that scene with Shax walking down the corridor with the crew cheering hem on was a nod to Neelix leaving Voyager.

Agree 100% on both.

So, I haven’t listed to the second half of this podcast as I haven’t gotten to watch this week’s Prodigy yet, but I would like to comment on the money in the Federation question.

As for how Picard (or Joseph Sisko) pay for their workers…they don’t. Just like no one in Starfleet gets paid, no one anywhere else in the Federation gets paid. Everyone does a job for the benefits of the job: the work itself, or the results, or the prestige, or learning from their heroes, etc. There are no expenses in the Federation because everything is provided for free (because the Fed is post-scarcity), so there is no need for wages.

As for how Picard can “sponsor” the work of the Archeologists Guild mission? This part is my own invention: when the Federation/Starfleet/individuals need to spend money, which they otherwise wouldn’t have or need, like when they are working with non-Federation groups, they simply petition the Federation for a grant for the work. The Federation reviews it (and I would assume okays like 99% of all requests, because the Federation is generous – outside of PIC – and everyone is an evolved human, so they always have good intentions) and provides the gold-pressed latinum. So, Picard requested the Federation fund this artifact recovery operation because the Guild can do these low-level missions that Starfleet can’t or won’t do. And thus Picard is listed as the sponsor for the project. They probably also report progress to Picard. So, I made this up, but it works for me.

Glad you guys liked the finale as much as I did. I’m sad this season is over, but I can’t wait to see more T’Linn (and everyone else) in season 4!

This is such a good podcast! That’s all.

Thank you!

I always catch new things from your reviews. And I agree with you, Laurie, that it’s better to sit back and enjoy ‘Lower Decks’ rather than over-analyze it and get undies in a bunch over plot points. It’s just a thoroughly enjoyable show. One issue I’d like to see you and Anthony discuss is: What is going on at Paramount? Since the latest regime took power there, Trek 4 has been shelved and there have been no renewal announcements for any of the streaming Trek shows nor announcements of new (replacement) shows. Am I wrong?

Re: Zero’s legs. The space suits the kids wore in Prodigy had to be “mag-locked” to the outer hull so they didn’t float away, as evident in First Contact. The station was already spinning before the explosions and just got worse, so Zero had to use their legs to mag lock so they would also not float away. But I agree that the kids could have used Zero’s thrusters to get to the ship, but that would have slow lol.

The money part is confusing and I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure this out. Best head canon I can some up with is that only the Federation itself is moneyless and the finance part comes from either outside of the federation or that there is a secondary economy that uses some type of currency for ‘luxury’ or ‘real’ items. Sure replicators are great, but surely there are many, many people who want “the genuine article”. Even further, perhaps there is some type of energy or technological compensation from the Federation for those who produce things but honor the moneyless system. Geez! So many possibilities. It was great to meet some of the Trek Movie team in Vegas! Thanks for the daily articles and weekly podcasts!

I was jazzed when I heard Boimler say “the Vacaville”! You have viewers from Vacaville. :)